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May 20, 1923 - Image 7

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THE STORY OF can be answered by one question: !1iil1111~I~11it111IIifhltill1t~1~i111t1III111~fiir
A PEOPLE'S SOUL "Who knows what is true and moral?"
Whtwuda"true" picture bre like?
SIXON OF CYRENE, By thonuis hall' I would be like nearly every ohr
ShastIu. George WoAhr, :inn Arbr.moinpcreacls
moian indcvireualscactuareproduci Invest in Good A ppearane
of a iniviual' acualexperiencei .
Rteviewedt by Ediwin C. Mack ! He who would discoser univesal Ioli"yu lte sl lae n rse sa netett
A few days ago I should have coin- truths is clasing chiomeras. Or agn-= KepgyorcthswlcendadpesdisnivsmntnC
teased, had I been questioned,. that I.swill soume excellent professor give m -= good appearance. You are repaid in dividensl of lpersonal pride and
would never again be able to enjoy a 'a sound moral philosophy? What isc sgloodipresions. Inest your Clothes Maintenance fund wi
story of thse "development of a race.i a noral picture? A moral pice =
After the series of startling short str- is one which has io immoediate, oli
ies and swift-nmoving novels that I s-vius, and extreme ill ef feos. Need-
have readt in the last few moths, I less to say, practically every pictr L Ie7'5 TT
believed no such lengthy tale, howe- coitplies D E j j ]7iLa I N '
er ronmantic or unscientific, migh ever
again hold joys for ue. Btut in "Smns We have arsuired hait hlsof Iv"h alls alr
of Cyrene' Thomas Hall Shastidt has ig yesterday rather than today. -"h alls alr
steered ui assuswervin-;corise giod thtiiig is that wvhicht was good = 121 S. UnIVCroIty C
hetwveesn the dangerous shoals of cc- for iiur fathers, soil we guess it wl
mnse sod science tial the voyagec le good for is. Maybe it wil; ayec
coulid te nothing tut intereting- it wiiiliiit. At soy rate, int-csny
When I first sass te title of this hoot, is tlosinis cl itiortacendsi is isv- 7Ill111l111 lIIII11h1lIIIIIIIIII1hl1l1lIIIII1iIIIIII 111111111III111IlIIiii
I couldItot itentify justaswto Siiiiscoi ig a i imoinaindiquit iict- -
of Cyreine ws, though I wa just ac- iticant fact. As Nietzsce sa-svise
sure that I shioultitnow. The follow- tis"Genfl cs soy ofi Morals". "AsS
log quotation cii le title page clatdis s re e pttowetiretful, the c ommnita
the question tip: trais iiitkse the offences of the i-
S. tartk: 'Andthlyscr i'-t l ls iacates--s srio'is'. his--cauwct-e
slit tpcsitigli, Smunsftyr-ne. cii-. aritnowregati dat-ti he cig le-s i',-
in, ft-i--nthe country, ae ta- hcier f lutio'ry actditcngeroius tic tiecr--
Aemmdicer atndtRufutio ligoc witicitic"', cc-.at exists-nc cc''We my n r uthI cci,
tihat ihe mighsitictirItis s-rcss.'"-- regard 'ctIllsgowing "'indtecenc-ofs- i
Aci the title Isis slo suiggtit-s nrite- iciis a ccsign of slci-atsoi-i
uarily tie scory of cot-ecmiii-c- aicty rathto- hiani siftd-cy. 1'f-
mans soul. As unifortuntcsly 0iscniot ciMoviehscaght lieosiciit ts--
lte iaesitsmsot alteories,' thIis !-ises candiItherefores-is aic- ess tioiden
store hasv vcttiei'-ul inte-sesit icit sl t:cccl. ti.cast-set itheills-cctxt - 1cc
tcc c lii jat i sre.csiictc tie iiook.- - lnt ii s t it!cienituryi cit, ioi' t'nny oflthei
the story ccci ociycft c ssc--c ill ere ti-tcis aie-i-lil trying o nt ih5cil
itas fac ~t ccon15511;o-ucc In. etict t-ii- i i n slv'es f-om tr'cdiiin. Potis-Ir 5{}5
prccr ofth:outciiilit--ocCacc 'ogie'silt ticcsccithiihc ieali iof 14.50; C rl w th a
the ac-uhiiati-c iic - trnicl c-viol-t piitii t cc't ll is revoclutioncs hs ni
haas, ecec ilatlfulltyc-yadel is-iciccr- cr clsrcsc-te pric e nscil; ad sc-itt- Electric " Iron
they Iaaebelsnunecessccry Io1tchcsitits ur-Ast'obcblynetic-ilc-las-itc-Ifreei
derstaisding of their s cs'tiitcgiccclrefrmcciii lt s-IAnge-loc cind tsICc-c' s-
actiosn f the tows. The first stitat fThc sios-ic i.sliii- ic-ic iiuitictia i cl, Its easie, qulmser
the bootcdescribccs therecticonc tf te cciiIetrays te essencers-fcthei- o neeti
Jewishsnatusre to Egytiast ico ta cy. -_ITHanele__rITcringmacirons
ini the Ieti'cn portionta, insalie part I THE1LIFE O(F C'HRIIST" f-uchcsctitte beomes a matter
descibin theexpoureof te Je (C'onarue~ frelsag swoarrter tisse and effort. No
tleo-riliss thei'xti'-itc-- sa 1 d' -tictl 5cc-l cccii agi''tivt Itroubttle cci'fuss. Thi'ross sacnaisit
to Plelstiiaiiviia' istionst.theic -c'tion'c 'lie wok itis ac(c--'rcic-st ilccis c-rrctemertre as long as it's in
to theaSyriniacas-sr shipi, cnd s0ccas. nacrrcativea'-clmsaittanimouac t- lit c s.
Throcusghs ll tis' c'scaof soiiiiii's-l- 'ici I situstty hecsitac't I-Iforetp- -
opmnctie sisgilies-eson ;eidts forenoiain g -o cavese anclopiiont-css$"75 $- -
the- sculctof assc-st ire natian. SiltiII aithoghfulliy-sensibltce c-c theifaciltichit 6
cccii''-s-clie isses-feelings adc listt' tm, ascii. stitt cc ciihcnetclacfvc-sgetya
cc ci ltic-oreni-iall w ia y ioliii liiithesciimof stlir'senertgis. I wccc -
ecffiatihcat c-sexpe'i-c- citiiii~'ttlyarsti-aiili leanst cit psr The finest that are mrae
5acuitht letieings cf his tcisis-cr'cute. tlton isi se ftic se l'cilical s''c
liii c iscHilill Shasctcciid -orcc-cdit iy- I ct en itirccaaipofoundtexc-sts
tht- aegrico acb~sitr of Ar ts cd oatftic ccisiclrc-tlis lbe:.tli( ft F in T efLa atMcin niersyinitaPaecterw ite.T i'tor rT e D t ot E i o
and 0'c,lua ecnifticsomcc scar - so iss not Ie sills' 1ccant; or 'cc uni h:
hoatscryhrasf-nors' ofCthe A ieii'j' Ol cccnolii i-iscit}c icc sti i Md lCllg fS.Lus ehs-mto fatak Weifs'- adi tim pas
cuittensainim'erof tbotokcs, mstaty dc ton lsu -por il tction:i h soo air tecC om pan
mediclitsubjects, cnch rcccrlatlaifeeCitiing ti cnciicutr ic Nt. taso-cie's ittnionMain at Wi111am Telephone 230
othetrs. I conisfess that I wacicsullrsedIc--t ecclii cc ii tics'followsaig worstin
t disfccvei tt o cc nce c-io tdied th 11c n-I(Ivesits eu-s iens t: l i is schi cIi c ,
a ccc 11ccth de~ittrageiand'eli -tcf cthlin cc IciiutaItioetailcc i on
le tit i I l s'himiself. I icc-rtic" stia c k ---i-c-._-- __--iti--ii tll I ic
-aao' s ''Itlijc sWhs-s-iwoiin-. toc-iseinti cs-sifciir ' ccie ofIii']saiaui
Tic t- ciri wori s wrc- it'cteS ii cin 'ccii, l isoltil , ii , ii' a i cc- l :.5
scli'e c, l iftshst' losct fit itothis ,,sits jdgnas'-Icc icitisin ti-iccr,-
Bilost tc-c'cc i lesleto fw rs ii( hnar ntefhri iIh-d p c s-:r~ies f iii',iciniictiiisitu-cr ; I hathici in cg ' -i st'ilt innc is
-tscmarlt<cirit iiiar'Ifie 'As iir thicals-cit iiqiue~stintehitor'i-i-'citoth
araic'gs-dcc' olfluhe ci'siacl, the i- fGospel-s. I, howeaser, Choy'muI
tries incsresesc icas cthe tde p .ciccaicastc-itesn 'cciisi ad Mir l tiii
up-c-es cuntil isfcliax isvreacheItfIeest suret hiey silt coini the c-tis
sati--tiwoutld jcst-iymaniy pag citofealby St. BryacnItshoting. ut, "hi' Icul'he=
luineleat readinchg as-iI-c-thec se- i'. atill goodctenougcihtfoc- r I~ - -".-
cessary for its attainmient. y cat-
vice to those ahoisetk c bookh ttrethe H M R S U
misndtasci heart is to read "Sinson of H M R S U
Cyrene": firal foe the' -heer isterest cit (Continued from Page One)
the story itself, fur is gcllery oh hi- iappes ini amsost svery transcrviton
man portaits, (and 1-set of tltliceo itsutosible. A-c referresd to before, it muay-
allegorical interest. behe tcard on viuoliss solo with tiaino am-
eonchaninet. Asoi arranged for oters
C'ItiNA .ART lhh instrumsents it rams Ie correspondinglyv
(Continued from Page Pont) heard as flute, oboe, clarinet, and even
trumupt stuo. t is udoe repeatedly by
-rhythms hi-ase it satisfies ourvas- tieare orchestras antI it may i-en e N
ity Thus veen uslicn i etarc eaIt~rdh in church on the orgas. One -
in a poem, the poetic techaniquse calls tanscaription I ave hearth of is essg- ~ . xcing H b r a h r
attention to the self thus teeckisg arrcanged for is the sting qartette -
tie flood,, soi the effet is tempuered.IBut a thesceli known "D~rinki to me in S
In themnovie hoswever, te picture-cOnuly with TIhine Ees" is sften accoird- =F n hirts

are sic near to the actual, thceir iap-'ecu splendid pertormsances by no less -
pest is so direct. that the egtiitic u',tbody thans the Filosalaey qulartette' Foulard and Bow Ties
+ck is lar-gely i'liitdi, ccs' we'get iis wvulditnttbe at allh surprisfingt
-anaost thetfl m oaiunttof niervo~i usrar as-thy ccfthe t5'1Dvrakifece tieiing "S NeT Crush fat
energy transferred. Asirttill' cai-isimuiatly tperforme.eetwl aeu epa o xm har rhsra, priual
tile is "Over the Hiltl;" or it wsil theiicciinuctions picture houses, sore-_ ____
sare usc icc is-eith s i "litili-tat' --'111' ccic _'lih":' tcltiii'I siilY cc ____________ ::.....______"_
tast."' Whttt woulahtihatipen thout1,ii Ii sniaturillitctiescIocinosciclci pr- h M
if cr cialimo tiin aere 1iiistrcsyi-i? 1cc i, fn ti-i 555c Iti'5 K hi acsi thot disc
Ncsciccsc cvc' -teltitn' overii- olst- h1 culs c' tll 5'' sdc ~l -ilds t~7
1110 tiuciliclss tic-i usc-a is 1 its-i liii's' -'11.1 is It liii ccli' Iditl11111111-sic usl1 '-is-cc
untrtthf~ul citnd ttimmorl . lt D ii C'i-tl.1id 'i n dc rtlc- c- ) F ci ,I,%

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