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May 20, 1923 - Image 6

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NEW BOOK TiHE OD)YSSEY OF A 'ORPED)OEID Let us remodel your old fashioned yellow gold wrist watch
lrude Stein. 'TeFour Sarom-' rasltet byi Grace-Falow Moro. and make a birand new white gold wrist watch of it at
trosy.. .i t leglien 3iffli and Co. $1.7)
Reviewed by Warren E. Btower lei-,esed by Dtoohy S nd-,cs "
Fot' seversl years etthusast( read -r- tthOiv ey of aut 'Inpt-s1t'in-
ers at Gertrude Stein have ad ts be isi h. omo lte5vrie
content uith separate 1ieces irintedt be a ounttttitcerit itt 1st' riteb h'sr
at long intervals, ad ctiefly in the.cassnt test' to is our tinre tODAt
not easily secessible 'Littte iteview" 1i-st n offcr oila lrench Aia-of-
The p oblf ta comptlete boot R~as.I There is a ittg of simsple sin- SCH.iiAi\i E EL\ & SEY IFiED
by her is5 sonmething of a literary'<itL rl
event, at least amionig the too fewe in- rit} abouttIhetnt shich sakes me
dividuals who knose her work. Thus I quite willing to believe them authten- JWLR
when 'Geography and Plays, a cut-j ic.
letion of sketeches, stories, and plays, 1Y (for it is only s we know tle ° South Main St.
appeared this slsing it received a de- I thor) served tiry amonths intey
lighted welcome fraot her alsreciat- Great War, going cown with his ship, ____________________________________
ors.Thevolmeon te wole isthe merchant Panir, when it was tor--
very msuchs in tse Steins tradition, a- pesloed by the Germsuans, in 1917. l'n--
though it represents a distinct ad- armsed, without even a wireless
vance upon her earlier het lrnown aboard, loaded io apacity.Isilers
wor, Tnsie lsitans.' o toserustedl and a leaky hos, the Pamir
who tre tunfamitiar stwillh ltcheork or; wanerdliketai ss neless qlss, back
this artist. tie Iraetnt volume will and forth. New Orleans, Mlorocco, i jl y u ils b
undoubtesly sere.s a more rads1sc Arelange, Rome, Res' York, Atcxan-' a l o r bls b
andl retetling istic tlucion is the r- dia .-,throughs12,000 msles o
tiniiaon's. T'f.losoak is petac'enelflyil s-ested valerher Adventsure"'check and the stujbsof
hy anarile, "'lbh Work o etruste geat and smallbefell he .asse ca-I
Sin," be Shrwooessd Ander'sn. a're-ried her cargo of coal, or niutes or
prit fromaIstiearcs spting nmber she llbor ase'owhere ever te xige-!your check book wvill
o° the I itle iscyiew." ,cis of war demuandet whie 1always
A brief notice of this oak is flu in the bckgrounid o1 very eperienctl th en ie to y f
place to ene into a dsicu son osomd the certain fate to which lioe
the significance of Miss Stein's sorb. icii the Pamir steamed with such
it should be tufficient to note that h,rfjattnty nonehalance every expendiure.
experiments have been probably users I'iimake no pretense at tine wit-
mot profound influence upon the, lug. le loes life, every day is a.-
work of the younger French and new' page to him, and his eagerness to
Amsercsnwriters. She lia created a sare all be sea and feels and hears-
new feel r f'r tlb v.ltoof wors,.witllhisbitatnt ftiend, lends to tite
tid eisialy tar thos ewordswhichs penO ensOCCa'nit cr, ie writes
se regard ak small and uniiportant,?wit avividness horn of reli. HIll
She has rebutilt life anew in terussit, loved satealn, F'srgue iives e-
wards.. She. seeks to.-expross thu .ore as, frowning and fumin 51' p-
rhythm at the stpoken personaliy as ing a1,00' the bridge chucklinug to,
diretly-s possible, and to that end hint Itl munching fitscarsons, rgue- STATE
tases every nmsans at and 'ir that sh0 ing over hi. pipe, belowng at fr'ght-
ran invent, The effeciveness she oh- ened officuts, or "leaning against thec
lains is astmundiuh A quotaio rin05rail with his field glassaatch ingthe' SAV'IN 'VBAN
the first sketch, Sisie Aeado'wilt shots as- sappy as a god .
show, evenittfagh it is dan rou to,-Tuena my byv,t I one's toon ehutt
quote- from Miss Stein, herhisma-Thtb'sa too Iog! They'll never get .M j5-tW hito
able :sense of rhythm: "hI . at stl. air!" "urgue' name t1
pleas this is a please there are .the on every page, first an d last ie is an;
,aida to jelly. These are the~ wets idol to the boy who urites of him
these say the sets to leave a auo Toward the last tere is laid ae!
to Incy." I is rather. vociferous enthusiasm a
The plays, of which thure arc quite sudden huab. a more mature tranqul-
a number in the volume. aresventuceo ily wchichi comes to inswitub the spir-
in a new form tr Aiss Stein. ever- stlut exerience of marriage."Iam
theesa, abe is distinctly succeseful ~i longer the same," he confides to! Il
carrying ot her purpose through the his friend. "If it were otherwise 11
dranmi. Particularly effective is tlie should tell you -. To have a II j )a o g n
dialogue, "Evey Afternoon," uisllich yung girl alh fr yourself, to listen toprosreelteslvscm ohe hnssesas htn oe S tsypltl nte oreo'Tei oxr ' see erdbfr. ndteTog
sation. "Turkey Bones andt Eating," aw ay to sea-itos something that can'ti
a longer play divided into two acts ,be described . . . no man knows! Fo r s m t ig dfee t somethin
and seventeen scenes, is asa not - I what te as in him till e gets'a wing difeete, om thn
earthy tor ltse terseness of its talk' a* real one, and leaves her." And wlhen '
and the range of :interest it arouses,'he is separated team Miarguerite, fort extra special-and come dowxn and let
Among the sketches, the best are those the only time in all those precarious
entitled "American," and "Englanid," months he cries out to his friend, -'I! us serve you a
fom which, wits two others, "France" am afraid-afraid," - -
and "Italians," the "Geography" of Unobel'TeOysyfaTr-
the title is desived. Alogether tsepdobedlnso"TheidsseomeThigri-
voumone is one that the Stein enthtu- '- * *rnpot ssoehngdf D ELICIO U S"
ferent in the way of a war-hook: andj
siast will read eagerly, and the unini- itwohredn.O teohr-
fisted find interesting, diverting, andqbidite isrthedi. in plae-,othere ;A ( D ~
evnausn.is a deal of repetitioss and a t times
the personal element is atmo.t-I in
"The argunment about the hull at the statistics and estinmaes 'Too, the
ship disappearing flust is not convhoc- - gnli nbIecada sgn j
ing since it wsotd equall weel prove erally the ase when a ook is nmade 1 ou'll agreewih-sw en esa e'y
that the surface of the earth was, for over'inaawitheuslawhenewethsayatheo'
example, corugated ona large scale.'the transtor is much in evidence, are dinferent
If the commson sense o the readerthere Grace Fallow Norton shows-her
were suppoused to disnmis the posal' toutch in a feminine whimscaity-
blity of waler linging to the corru- wholly incngruous with the. tuss-j
gation It oight equally be suppaned to !phere of the setting,- The letters areI
disnmiss the possibility of water chung- gtirher hampered by a most excellentL
Og to a spherical eart-t." !introduction by William. MFee which
Phhillip E. B. Jourdaln.. is ac highly iu erpretative that it

leaves them °just a trifle riddled.
'Besponssible motherhood is always-i
sacred with or withoust marriage." -~--
--Ellu, Ky. ' Diogentes .Lacurtius -writes .of' Soe ra-
-Eln e.tea: "teused to recommsend oungB s m r I3.1A~I
"If whatex'er trees are in the earth men-to be Constanstly looking is. theI
were pens, and Hte should after that glass, in at-dec, thaf, if they v-crcbaost- W. St. ros - ri.a
swell op the -sea--into seven seas of some, they, might. be worthy of theit- I k ?t : e l f ac an S iics
ink, the words of God would not boe beauty ; and if they were ugly, they a
exhausted;. for God ia mighty and. might conceal their unsightly appear-
Wise." ance by tehir accomplishnseuts."

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