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July 29, 1915 - Image 2

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The Wolverine, 1915-07-29

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Orpheum Theatre Teofca tdn esae o
The HoueofamussnscPlays by Famus Teofca tdntnwpprfr!
Players. the University of Michigan summer I - - -_____
session. Published by the students on I '' 'gtl eahrmnasl
filleee'eily Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday af-
f y 9-3o ceo a Frda Iaheed the "Please" signs on the eans-I
Claire in TIhe Wild GoeC hase ternoons. Twenty-five issues. pe e(adeadatntr vn
(teenedy) Paraoe unot'lraveis. ins, us to break the nloneoy, forl
tots 31 - -St.--Cecectney oeancd Subscription rates-By carrier, sev- we useually htave a fairly interesting
Gladys lesehoell in U fromc the enty-live cents for the suimmer; tille.~
Depths.mailed to any address for one dot-

Majestic Theatre
Th lrsdy.. dle 9 '"Pride o enr,
Fam-Plyr, ndChs. Capli
i"l olecBy tay"
Friday, tly,3o--Caite ves en
"Clothe" sed Patheews:o
Stoday, Jltl31Johice theeeoreoei
Temple Theatre
(eept Fiday and Studay
'tecs.., tele .ee "Sice Jekll coet
Mad,,e Hydeee' .-ee,'Helen eat' eree.
Fet, Jety 3e"'Il h eectaeieg," : eiee
Set., J ly 31c-"Fraueds," fEldnat .\ye.
Neot Week "Wt'erdel," Ca. Claclie.
Arcade Theatre
SOWS: AFTERNONS 400: EE. 6:15; 7:4; 9:15
llte'eelo, Jle e9q-'lhec, Jeffeso
aonelAdelaide T'urtoneetic"Tics
Sadows coeaIret City,",a grit'
pieg drame tc pelyt'niv e ptat.
Charlie CinetFereidy nigt.
(an mprovtttements :Nearly Finished;
lDe Vrieos and lrtwei Lost
in Swampj
Work at Camp Bogardus is now
nearly half completed. The contem-
plated improvements of the new mess-
hall, kitchen and sewage syten are
progressicng cicely, and are hoted to
be ready for use Augtst 1.
The canmp was cast into gloom last
Wednesday when it received news of
the death of W. A. Franklin, '16, who
died its the Uiversity hospital of
pneumonia, is the early part ot the
week Mtr. Franklin was already sick
when he left the camp, July 16, to go
to Atn Arbor to receive treatment,
and -c-hile walking to Cheboygac, he
was cought icc a drenching rain and
became chilled trough. When he ar-
rived in Ann Arboc, he was found to
have a severe case of peunonia, dy-
ing the followicg week.
F. E. De Vries and L. P. Browc were
lost in a swamp around_ Burt lake
last night, acd had to remaic all night
before they could find their way out.
Fine weather conditioccs prevail at
the camp, and twice a week the t-
dents hold their all-camp sicgs. Bute
print copies of all songs are made and
old at the rate of tet cents each.
The music of the camp orcestra is
also a feature of tics evening's enter-

lar.t'lpill 'Hints
Advertising rates- Furnished upon up- (letyuhseh ectn'c o-t
plicatiocn to tics business manager. e! osoedctfl t ctrgr
Subscriptions and ads taken at Quar- talk frornIter.
ry's, Cushing's and University Aye-
necePharmtacy. tglE~S'SOt IOOGE 'lAl~hKlt ON
Office Boors: Macnagincg editor, 2.00 LIFT IN 6EF2:7001WB C'
to 3:00 daily; business mcacager, -leesdlicte', 'elveritte'
1:00 to 2:00 daily. Phones 960 or cvectveoctietllir'cie
learnted genctlem'scc a'gole'
Address, The Wolverine, Press Build- fu toeyl 1lw ce c oo
ing, Maynard SC., Ann Arbor. stansrtroteomy sis laeakdeetecti-
'1 eeee'ac'he ' li t lltenedlilg thote. toI
Hloward RI. lMarsh-Mlanagintg Editor I lle' lectures.
Phocne-2414-1505 ___
Ferris RI. Fitcht-Business Manager c'c'alkntg Crt'ek
- Phone 960236 -'"ietdtesycr1cee'litytl
Coctributing Editors- tt;. LeekI"
-T''hc letuenft.ihalitsibhnille.'
F, F.BMctinctey
F. If. Churcsh 01c cltl ceytCeltl
eIferoueiw',aistoseeieour ce rloe he

.wecoiid Hand
Summer School TextlBook i
Woodrtifs Quasi-Contracts
Beale's Crimmntal Pleading and Practice
Mickell's Cases in Criminal Pro~ediire
Hall's Cases Constitutional Law
Wigmore's Casts in Evidence
Ame's Cases on Equity
'he Mirror Will Reliect
~' a erfect it aI ccerycenent tif 30 ir cotties
t I Ic4 a e lad ecre 'dliat we geco , ntee No
mttcr c-itat yuccrcbulil my b t e' c-c acn
I' 1 tasure youc elparel liedt oci 1lityoct
c re'andi you owill see 1apcrflc Ily well-
dressed one
C _-- 4 I lv yuoreedyarfanetrue


For Table Supplies--Wholesale and Retail
1 14-1 16 E. Washington St. Phone 326

Assistant to Business Macager-
Williame H. Hogan
Isstue Editor
D~wiglht W. Jennincgs
Phil Pack
Ward Peterson
Nathaniel Thompson
Bruce Swaney
David Rosenthal
C. Wcc. Lecmmon
Karl Wehmeyer
Jerome Zeigler
Issut-Etditoir-Philipt(' Prck
Two unive'rsity studencts are at pres-
ent suffericcg the consequences of hav-
ing cashed checks recently without
having funds in the banks to cover
them. There is no excuse for such
acts in themselves, butt tics condition
whieh makes it so easy tor studtents te
casic large'cecks wtithouttmcany safe-
'uards thrtcswc aroucnd till tracnsactionc,
makesuchkuncfortuntate occterencees
icneitable, as the history of e'very ta-
denet gecneratio shows.
State street merchoants icc thcelast
have cashed cheeks for compltaratively
large anmounts wtith the utmcost free-
docm. Usually the frautdutent cecks
are for suchbsmcali acuonts thcat ccc
decisive actioct is taklen, hot occasioct-
atly a student, findincg the process so
easy, goes a step too far, ancc then
falls into the hands o1 the lass.
If this soorce of tenmptationowsa re-
mcoved, the student comcounity would
be so mcuch tics better; asnd those icc-
terested icc the welfare of the ucniver-
ity are therefore pleased that two
branch bantcs are to be established ont
State street this falt.
Studecnts will then have cno excttse
for asking merchants to cash eheetks,
and the latter swill not be foreed to
ecngage inc the dangerous practice
which competition for studectt-goo d
sill and patroccage has forced thecc to
engage in during the cost.


tcsertt'toc, rr-i g llll ttt thle sis
to clove.: "CThe fectiots, '-I sae, for-
jutec cst lsocvthsatt'halpl eteuis, landc
I ca'tilr'etdtthis scritntg.''


Ourc' Itll] oiMalatat
hit -tesee ills Stellet'

No, 5.

citavorite Sonigs
No. ,;.--Ssubmasrine sisitoc 'v--"Tlsre's
it tote itttho Bottontofte 1cSect."
BYI tcpt' (ctKainit
Broeoklyns, N. VY.,Juty'28.-Thse'
Dlodgers wsorkedthetcsold hitdtese halt
trick oc thlst Wolve's today in the
thirty-se, et dinniing, and tthe ltter-
ing Nfichigandtes drottpeditt'eist
cutiet'o1 the tratinling trite series by it
1tie S score.
"Nap" Rtulcer, Ike vetnerabte pitch-
issg cripple of th' Sutperbas, cmanaged
to stagger throucgh the entire roatse
although ho only struck sat 46 men.
'The W-overines tooc hs~l hit up for
3f its, btnotoo 0001tisem camce iu
Ilhe c-cle' ittiel, ostly I18tos themtebe-
it, extra tase smaeshles.
\Silhmis nltIon teybastes,lsoecve, 1st
ti~ist 'eced cli':antIoen'ste b flamosee
hi olve e wt'ecolitt crewc was uablhe
to it hime. Ptersonc, genserally good
foe at least a tritple 015 'acs trip, ss'as
utterly' baffled by Roclieec,esnsd fansseed
onc each 01flis1:; aleaeaecaees.
Atthoet misthe come'vtar'tedcit 3:0
o'tcec, it was still lighlt at thee hisish,
as Brosoklyc,tiletDe teoit, less P'sternl
timetaced ''"eore deylielsl'' ThsePoets-
ers sad solly misade flee scratchlt hits ttp
to tisc'finsal rontd, ansdltise blingles
werie kepv ellsi scattered ver the 31
early' rounssls hartpfietdietgaidinsg
'Churechsinll osniy thesaoc eltot aggcre-
With t'wso m x e nitsthe l3snd
routed, atmcl "eecle" t f it eeltot, lice
Suee ecsworkedthecirehiidenceboll
trick. CbIurel thsewsshilyfemouss "Iis"
halt, ased Whts, ill dodeilS, acciteent-
ly bued'Sitoncfait territory.-
AlottgceIRobinsons sawthsle' opecor-
tunttyl at a glonce, aced quiekly re-
leashed "tarrie," Ike let carrier pigeon

Fine Watch, Jewelry and Eyeglass
Lenses Ground to Order
1Os~ \~e Alarm Clocks 75c. to $3.00
U. S. Postal Station 3 TELEPHONE 534
o1 tite Brooklytn club. 'The infucrate'd hece constinedcI:
bird of prey rushseedlossnItotntics halt. lclnnings ..20 211,22 23 24 25 311 17
whlicht htad fallenl a feowfeett nfeotWolves .....II0S 0 i0 0 l0(o S _0
of thec tlate,.ansSseined it beefore either Ilodgers ..... 0 0 1)0 5d0 0 t0I0
of 1110 Wolf battery could tick it utp. Score contictoed:
Rtisintg 05 ratpidly 15 0 Zepplit, 'leer- Inncintgs -....28 29 -0S.3132--t ItI1+
rie" carried thte boll straight as a Wolves ..... 0 0 0te 0---0.1 It
strinsg over centerfielder Thoucyot's ilodgers ..... 0l 0 0 0 1-1 6 22
head, as he stood oct the toil of the Batteries: Wolves - Chuechc and
Ebbett Park fence, in a vain effort to Marsh; Brooklyn-Ruckt'er actSConl-
stop the ball. oats. U'mpires--Bigler ant ihart.
W~heat hcored, and the runc was at-
loewedl to otacnd only leter at riot. 'fllhe -
Wolves decelareod itwa000fol a telelI, do
Ite pigeon hod ticket it up. tempirt.
ttivler, howevee, retied it was5 a ftyr
hall, as thse birdl had flown immeodiate- itevrcollecjiat c
ly after pickineg it upe. Umpiire Haort
susetainced thsedeceisiou, otnd the flukee
went for a homse edut, as "Carrie" __________________
brosught lice boll book to hser cage. "Every htde'ntscsehotauates fromc
"Stals" .lohse, o1fcthegoyle hleg'.,iPricetons aniversivy metst ite an 110-
antd "tBeateh" C'arpentfer, aniother pitce- cnmplishtedlswinimter andlihfe-saver,"
erwho hurled for thle'Daity inth ie is thse edict just preonounccedl by the
Putblicationt league cast heason, will authorities of Old Nassau. Beginnting
report to lianager Alaiesi at Salitte withe the class of 1910, every studeict
Thusdtay. Fridaly tile Solve'o coks before he eon gradutate, must be able
tile lottg jutmp front Saline' Cs Ypsilanti to pass te test icc life-saving that is
Inc te lost ganme of lice training e-vetnoes eifficeult tsancthCie exansina-
seatont, ocening the hoenateason1tioCln givene Co a professional life guardl
algalihstthe Sohotl Etbaitnees hStr- at nmanyo elf11cbig uwaterinegilaces.
layon seFerry fheld.
hece: Stanfored's coast e'haetspioces, wvho
Innngs... 2 4 ti7 89 1) escme in secontd at I eoughleepsie, will
Wiolve-...t.S0h01)0 0 0 'S I0 0row against XWashinsgtoa Uciversity
Rodgrs .... 0 0 00 00 0 0cn Seattle betweens Say 15 tnd June
Sece coentittaed: 15, 1916. The exaet date will he de-
Intnings ...12 53 14 15 16 17 IS191tidede upons when Stacnford determines
WVolves-..... 0 50 0 0 0 0S0t0 whether leer Iroww ill gee InPoucgh--
Dodgers - h....S0h0 S 0 S0S0t0 0 eepsie 1nex1 year.

- All Spring Suits 1-4 off All Furnishings 2O1y( off
Service a la carte J.a "F. WUERTHu O

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