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July 24, 1915 - Image 3

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The Wolverine, 1915-07-24

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We charge you Amateur Photographers' Headquarters for Kodnks, Films and FinishingI
[nothing for devel-A in Ann Arbor is at A eu PRINTS ON
you can find a L YND oNS 719 North UniVrsiyOAenu
Sigl defctTwo doors from Hill Auditorium (he best paper made)
single defect Etalished 195, and growing bigger every dayII
Madeto ourmeaure"Mike," Students' Friend, Takes
Maet ou esreNtr' Chemical Remedies
Palm Beach _ aur' 1tcrcoiegiate
The Summer Comfort Cloth _ ledlaL is toolCooli, other wise know to, or forty-three years. He is 6 years
In a f hads j ss 1s Itoi-so ready Irish swi ad inexaust- A suuat o1 65 eswomidhipe is
vaieyt 1Ictasses itt the themitslibhilding, t upeo trishv ee oprctcing football twce a seek under
J.K. M alcolm _______C m i utgo ohr'~rothofoeevsh~sdOe th ie gitdttce o Luet. J. It. trahao,
604 E. Liberty Street I Eaminiaions for fthe(nrcoutrse to mtitteral baths at Ypsilanti. of the ceistry bsildig. His strong- head coach at Asnapolis, adth iere is
the_____summer________session______ theinssor tehiest tlawi d-tie- scktt ntlsoiitmeha Itrsytemctsingoic aemfaitotisewhissoeonosiiohmteiads.huTheTh
___________________were__eld__esterday__andto- sas insa o eisonetdcoditio so are-! Michigan 5studets attendedl chapel; chief hnd of the suas is A. C. Gimna,
u 7 T 1 B O a caysutfloitng contfinemienttitsthe labura- tuapaticulart- of that pro hncr h lydtackle at torCol asten later
H I STON B )S da tories. litsindividuals furnssieud early-norn- wtio playedt cnd at fotan td
Tht Finestseiliirrrianomtintthe Slate'Tit)anything shoulssd happist to c- ituig visitors for the eiicatiosn of te rowed on te varsity crew at Cone.
Mrs Fnne gvearinorml o acitd the oltmsisus services is re- rot ot the stusetitbody, ithie form The practice will itcrase its intesity
CIGARS and CANDY Thusrsay f(rno to te library grstl as 'Mike" is a f'ixture. He f a cost sr a munue. Frost wichs we withi the coming of cooler weter.
"We Try to Treat You Right" faculty' atd the students of litrry'asitsheIt distisctioni of beitg the olest say leant to our satisfactiotn that
______________m____________settodss, it iin the service of fleunitivrsityI Michigan was atmotg those ideal atd il Wast, te fatous Wite Sx
THE ANN ARBOR SAVINGS BANK I -BartonsC. iludi, 1'5E, liss as(lttloaut r!lits seenstuets sone atd go picuresque universities of the past. pithler, is to retrts to Yale usives-
Capitat ....... . .....800000 a position ini the sates detaritet o sity seta seasori as coachs of te Eli
sutpuns andtUdiied Proft. ....i5,w0-o0 i the Packsard Motor companytotif De' OVEtRll1s0 tttEStNT'AT'tAST' P1RO)'. E. I). JONEStPEEPARING pitchers. Walsh servd in that u'.-
Reoesources oo roi...............'t.t.t..... ' 14)K PON"O(IAtZ't'ON pait .6vuralsesosoIsudr he auol
Transacts a General Banking Business!iIBĀ°L3Ii1TCOA tROP OKUO O RAI AIN arysvrlsaosudrteLs
per cent inters pai ass savitugs Depositi. ' -Benjamin Stepard, 'I las, woi is - ~coac'hing rgimue, bit following the it-
vato urlsri~es oitited. soicconnsected sitsft'Dimei'Sac-- r-"_ii 100tlt)turnedsoutuiTusday Profi. E. U. Jones of ftseecosomics augurafioss of tu'graduate syten,
Chat. . 5'itiosk, Sco., Michael JAit. Ci'st ssowii aa
as,Wm. . atsstc.carts cts usaviuguDeptg f's.,heofeekerdltth P i ammat vesing for fle last prelimnaury re-.Ddepartment, opesudingru, v n'sBulin C.,o Dtriti sen-Walsh's series were dispessedwitihi.
Cast r wts t itA otC tr a utg s H sit fl' wo sit or(lie'li floistioiolustiniNew Hampshire ott thesores Old Yale stuethae bentissistisg that
iteltti hosuse. iersat of fle sussmmse chotral usosn.
Dela hustto Wititipesaukee, asd is gathering Walsh's return would ueasn a nore
DETROIT UNITED LINES tt uresent the fnion sninplsoiienf Director itiueth N. Westermnsssslcd material for a (ook which he hopsa to dependable twirlisug staff' thasn the Eli's
fuuis abe tO5usobh' esuppstuy work for a stresuous practice, asd cossiderisng publis soon. The ook will be en- had in the past season. The sew ath-
ANN ARBOR TIMES TABLE sit those wrhotre apiplyisig. To that butest rehearsals have beesi had titled, "The Principles of Organia- etiss comnmitee closed a deal with
(EastnItandasd Time)t eso ik ago there wsrpesty to io t Wsh hkesoutfar, te is well pleased with ftssay tion." Prof. Jones, its his trip, went W~t otk charge of the pitching
Limited asd Saprots Carts oDtrnotpuiiit-7olie i a uats. tGotuod's "Gathia" is being interpreted. by the way of the Great Lakes andi squad whets the indoor practice starts
u.sin.d hourtly i uto i in.'so 8i0s---i- Miss Auto Grace Johnsos, Choal Mostrea in order to tudy the eco- asd to renais with the mess 00 late
Latal Cars on Dstroit-54oa ,.:)5a r.Lcl a .lmniiiu sirris at Adtiis, N.F. tUsilostsoprasuo soluist, was presentof nonic cosditions of the French (ana- i the spring aspossible,
atu nderyto hust , p. ., 705s p r A. K. Hat, a graduate of flete rehearsal, and practiced the solo hiss, whirls wilt e inorpratsd in---
Topilaionly:i,5i5p00ii1 i tUsiversity of Michigas, as married pats which sie wilt have in the ial iiss bok. Professor Poid tRersto'eah Etuiuty
11:0 55a. in,., 5:55Pii. sit.1isp" i1nt, 1-5usto Mrs. lHarriet . hrnis, of Adams, recital to be ieldl itsHill Audtiorium - ----- Professorc'Rosoe Pounsd, of lHar-
LissitsdCoa. noe, Joosos.040,. ii ' ~ ,at that city onl June 29. Utlitott August 11. ('tiittt-etst Issues for HmnTotday ard, aries itsAtn Arbor today. SHe
eccrtwohs to 48 p. i. eenty, r. Hale was one of the di- All wits were present wilt receive Geo. V. Labadie, captaiss of sealtsilt teachu eqity in the law scoo
Local Cars or Jasos5:1 :5 .In. rectors of fle Anti Arbor Wafer pernianesn seat numsubes front the di- year's Vsasity snie, leaves this een- here the latter hatt of the summer
ou rnd ry w huto6is5o tp ,n.,ais, Works. ructourattic setatrehearsal, ig for hs home its (arney, Kansas. session.
9:5 Pi. sm., i : 5p. i.

Calins' Pharmacy
324 S. State St.
* Candy anSoda Water

Both Shoots 115 Ass Arbor,,MHch,

Put-In-Bay-Cedar Point -
Cleveland -Sandusky
Every Day Excursions to Put-ln-Bay 0
Round Trip Fare Roundl Trip
Sane Day asn 60C Sundays or- 75C
Week Days - ~Holidays
Cedar Point Excursions--$1.00 Round Trip
On Susday, Mosuday, Wedssesday and Fisday
Cleveland One Way Fare - Every Day -W$1.50
Big Steel Steamer "Pus-Itt-Bay" leaves Detroit evsry day at
8: 00 a, mn.Centnal Stanidard Tins
Steel Suds Whseel Steanmer "Frasuk E. Kinby" leavs Detroit week
days as ti:00 p. to'Central Tsme
FREE DANCING--Finzet's Orchestra on Str. Put-In-Bay
Whole afternoon at Pus-Is-Bay. Write for Felders "-
Three and one half hours as Cedar A hey ltl
Pon.Visit er 10000Mmra. Th~e Caves, Casitsno.sDanse P- Steamer Line
vlon. BigtotlstBthtin~g Bas, Aquasti
Sldsor a. Mittsy, Laoon,, Detroit, Michigan

Liberty and Main Sts. Open all summer
Banking S STATE ST. J
Sitiiis'Scthool StutdenttsOcetipy 'New
-- The New Catalogue
I ttlof4S'I EN t'Olt NtiX't' YEA:R
of the
Nesw(srry Re'sidenice, the inst of thi'e y
serin's nut dormuitories whuichsis tbeiing Uoi
troeseofatlMichuigan for womnstut- f.D Ive
nwbeinmg ocupied by sumsmser school IS NO'\W READY
tttIdicative o1 the great sired of reli- Complete information concerning the eight Colleges
dence halts for stomtest studients at the and Schools:
uniiverity is theo fact that not only
aini alt the rooimus occupied flits soss- LITERATURE, SCIENCE AND THE ARTS,
uter bitt every' roots is takenm for neat ENGINEERING, MEDICINE, LAW, PHAR-
year, Time dormitories liars been MACY, HOMEOPATHY, D EN T I S T R Y,
lhanned primarily as hmnes for fresh- GRADUATE, AND THE SUMMER SESSION
smmit ucomnibiut test girls front each
of the' upperrlasses still be admitted
eery year. Sirce flue dormitory sc- Special Courses in Forestry, Newspaper Work,
cossmmodates 683, the maujority of thek Landscape Design, Higher Commercial Education,
girls uivn int Newberry Residenuce including Railway Administration and Insurance,
stilt be freshmnit. Architecture, Conservation Engineering, Education
MINearly alt of the hed-urosoms out the (affiliated with Ann Arbor Schools for Observation
seconud and third floors are single Study), and a course for those preparing for the
rsooms, completely fornishued in browno scientific administr~tion of departments of sanitation
toaut. Features of particular interest and public health.
o. re the kitchesnettes asndresuinug roonms
sins e'achu of there floors. For Copy of Catalogue, Special Announcement, or
Newcbcrry Rfesidenuce is flue gift of Individual Information, address
the Newrberry fanmily of Detroit, to the
unuierity. It ir goy crused by the tot- the Dean of the School or College in which interested, or
Issuing board of directors who are ap-
pintedt by theuensthfle usurer-
sity': M1cs. Henry Josy, of Detroit; AMrs. SHIRLEY W . SM ITH
A. I). Angell, of Detroilt,;lits Smuosd- Secretary University Ann Arbor, Mich.
ins, ofiDetroit; Sirs. hi. W. Douglas,
of Mutt .Arbor, amid HootsMyrsoBH

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