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March 13, 1955 - Image 10

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Michigan Daily, 1955-03-13

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SUNDAY, MARCH 13, 1959

Candidates Discuss Student. Government


Robert E. Bacon
Student Religious Association,
Academic Freedom Commission
of Student Legislature.
1. In my view it is the duty of
SGC to effectively meet the obli-
gations and functions of the two
groups it superceeds, insofar as
they have proved essential and
vital to the campus. These are
outlined in section three of the
Laing Committee Proposal.
A mature approach is essential
at this time in order to preserve
the respect such a group needs
and to begin to build a reputation
of effective and intelligent serv-
ice to the campus.
2. The first and most important
action I would seek to make the!
voting record of the Council mem-
bers public and available soon af-
ter each meeting.
2. The important jurisdictional
functions of SGC are outlined in
the Laing proposal. Equally im-
portant, the SGC should function
as an aid and source of informa-
tion and help to students wishing
to organize new groups and ac-
4. I do not see any very practi-
cal or constructive purpose which
student political parties could
play in campus elections. Such
organizations tend to limit a can-
didate's individuality and crea-
tiveness and lessen his ability to

The following questions were asked all Student Government
Council candidates on the ballot for the all-campus elections
Tuesday and Wednesday.
The answers are printed on this page and page 3.
1. What do you feel should be the general scope of SGC's
2. As a member of SGC is there any specific action you
would work to obtain? If so, what?
3. What jurisdiction do you think SGC should have over
the affairs of other campus organizations?
4. What role do you feel student political parties could play
in the new student government?
5. How do you propose to provide for such organizations as
SL Book Exchange, Cinema Guild and SL's executive wing in the
SGC structure?

Bill Hanks
1. SGC should promote and en-
courage maximum participation in
campus clubs, social activities, and
discussion forums. SGC will ex-
pect little administrative or fa-
culty interference in its juris-
diction of student affairs; there-
fore it should restrict its own
scope to issues affecting students
and not attempt to judge admin-
istration and faculty issues over
which it has no authority.
2. The number one issue of the
campus is the student driving ban.
Since the main deterring factor to
lifting the driving ban is the park-
ing problem, I would support lift-
ing the driving and substituting a
car registration system in which
registrationfees would be used to
purchase parking areas for stud-
ent cars.
3. Since one of the main aims of
campus activities is to develop
student leadership, t h e SGC
should minimize the use of its
authority over the independent
operations of student organiza-
4. The control of SGC by a
group of party candidates with
conforming opinions would defeat
SGC's purpose of representing a

Bill Adams
Student Legislature Treasurer,
Chairman of SL Finance Com-
mittee, SGC Steering Commit-
1. The general scope of the
Student Government is pretty
well outlined in the proposal and
the council itself will have to
adapt the functions of SGC to
situations as they arise. The ori-
ginal interpretation will be im-
portant as they will probably set
the precedent to be used.
2. Any ideas or specific actions
that I have in mind at this time
will I feel, have to be subordinated
for the present until the council
gets set up and feels that it is in
a position to do things for the
3. In theory the SGC is the all
powerful over all the other cam-
pus organizations. The question
of whether to use this power would
depend upon the nature of in-
dividual situations as they arose.
Whether SGC is successful or not
will depend upon the proper and
wise use of this power at the
proper time. *
4. I believe that all of these or-
ganizations would fit into the
structure of SGC and be definite
assets to it. The Book Exchange
and the Cinema Guild could be
autonomous boards under nom-
inal control of SGC, or in the case
of the Exchange, the Council could
set the policy, hire a manager and
be done with it. Both groups
would be good publicity for SGC
and help to increase its control.
The executive wind would also
be an asset as it would provide a
ready pool of willing workers and
could be a training group for fu-
ture Council members.
5. None as I see it. In an elect-
ed group of this small ste,,I be-
lieve it is-important that the
group be as representative as pos-
sible. Under a party system, I
don't believe there can be a wide
range of views.

conscientiously represent his vot-
Their function is chiefly psy-
chological and of a vote-getting
5. I feel the Cinema Guild has
been beneficial and well received
on the campus and should be
maintained. Perhaps it could be
managed by a responsible cam-
pus group, willing and able to
handle the job, or be a commis-
sion headed by an SGC member.
I feel the Book Exchange also
serves a useful function. I will
strive for its maintainence with
a look toward a full-fledged used
book store in the future.

.Bill Diamond
J-Hop Committee, Engineer-
ing Honor Council, Gargoyle
1. The general scope of SGC
should be the formulation and
application of policy, including ex-
pression of student opinion, pro-
vision for student discussion of
campus issues, recognition of
student groups, and co-ordination
of student activities.
2. As a member of SGC I would
work towards the following ob-
a. Providing forums for stud-
ent discussion of campus issues.
At these forums several members
of SGC would be present to ob-
tain the opinions of- the student
body which they would report to
SGC. Also at the forums some
qualified students could be chos-
en to present the issue at an SGC
meeting and work with SGC on
the problems.
b. Obtaining action by the Re-
gents on the driving ban and
calendaring proposals that were
previously approved by the stud-
ent body and are now evidently
c. The writing of an SGC con-
stitution clearly defining respon-
sibilities of SGS so that these
areas cannot be infringed upon in
the future as might be the case
if they' weren't definitely written
3. To be effective SGC must
hold complete jurisdiction over
other campus organizations.
4. As yet there are not enough
clear cut issues which parties
could consistently and logically
take opposing views. If after SGC

broad cross section of student
opinion. Therefore, I feel that
campus political parties could
make no worthwhile contribution
to good student government.
5. The Book Exchange, Cinema
Guild, and SL's executive wing
should continue their present
functions with approximately the
same relationship to SGC that it
had to SL.


Bruce Boss
Michiganensian Busines Staff.
SGC should vigorously exercise
all the powers granted by the,
Board of Regents. In addition,
future areas may suggest them-
selves for SGC consideration as a
result of failure of other organi-
zations to take proper steps.
SGC should at all times be real-
istic concerning the natural limi-
tations of any student government
at a University. SGC should not
be a too idealistic debating so-
ciety but a constructive, delibera-
tive body of sound thinking stud-,
ents upholding and representing
student opinions and desires.
2. There are two areas which
warrant action. The driving ban
should be lifted with sufficient re-
strictions being placed upon stud-
ent drivers to inhibit excessive
use of automobiles in the campus
There should be an intensive
effort, in cooperation with city
officials to bring off-campus
housing up to standards.
3. Fully assuming the respon-
sibility of the present Student Af-
fairs Committee, SGC should be
the nerve center of all student
activities. SGC recognition of
student organizations on campus
Tom Cleveland
Junior Interfraternity Council
The University administration
has now sanctioned a student gov-
ernment in the form of SGC. It is
therefore my primary aim if I
am elected to prove to the Univer-
sity that a student government
can be an active and dynamic part
of its administration.
My program is:
1. Instigate a public informa-
tion branch - perhaps in the
form of a bi-monthly publication.
I should like to bring the students
in closer contact with their gov-
ernment and ultimately their ad-
2. Advocate the homecoming
dance to be a non-profit function
under the auspices of SGC.
tween the students and the city' of
3. A sensible integration be-
tween the students and the city
of Ann Arbor.
4. A thorough investigation of
the increase in residence hall fees
with aid of IHC.
5. It is feasible for SGC to pro-
vide a limited number of scholar-
ships to students participating in
6. A student participation or-
ganization that could utilize the

is organized and in operation
there develops two schools of
thought which could become a
sound basis for parties, then I
would be in favor of a party sys-
tem. However, if at anytime there
is one party which is successful
only because it is organized and:
not because of its principles there
should be another party.
5. SGC should appoint commit-'
tees to handle the book exchange
and Cinema Guild in the same
manner as SL since SGC does not
need financial aid, the Homecom-
ing Dance should either be operat-
ed to break even or the profits be
given to some deserving group.
SGC should incorporate an or-
ganization similiar to SL's ad-
ministrative wing made up of
committees headed by SGC mem-
bers with volunteers assisting.

Bob Leacock
Student Legislature, Culture
and Education Committee, In-
ter-House Council.
In the student government elec-
tion I campaigned for the ratifi-
cation of the Student Government
Council. I felt and still feel that
the factors of change, reorganiza-
tion and recognition make the
SGC, at this moment, superior to
the SL.
I feel that SGC's scope is ex-
pressed adequately in the SGC
proposal, however, I might add
that the SGC should and probably
will consider issues of a type sim-
ilar to those the SL has handled.
In addition the SGC will assume
SAC responsibilities.
The SGC should be the supreme
body over the affairs of all campus
activities. The one outstanding
limitation of its jurisdiction might
be the finances of such organiza-
tions as the League, Union and
I do not feel the SGC will need
political parties to the extent the
SL did, however a party could be
of service in requesting and de-
manding consideration of issues'
of real significance.
The Cinema Guild Board will
be controlled by the SGC. The
Student Book Exchange might well

should be contingent upon the ef-
fective management of. these ac-
4. I see no role for student
political parties.
5. Operations such as the Stud-
ent Book Exchange should be
handled by separate boards re-
sponsible to SGC. Considering the
small size of SGC a method should
be- devised to provide the essen-
tial activity now carried on by
the SL committee system.

Paul Dormont
Student L e g is l a t u r e (two
years), SL anti-discrimination
Board, Inter-cooperative Coun-
cil, Students for Democratic
Action, Civil Liberties Commit-
tee, National Association for the.
Advancement of Colored People.
I would like to do as much as
possible to guarantee SGC starts
out on the right foot immediately,
by using a representative demo-
cratic organization, attuned to the
needs and desires of the student
body. In line with this, I think
that an increase in the number of,
elected representatives on SGC
is necessary.
The SGC's scope should extend
to any area in which:j
1. Student's rights are threat-
ened, either directly or indirect-
ly ;
2. Students, or a segment of
them are subjected to discrim-
3. Students have financial or
cultural needs and interests.
Student political parties can
play a very important role in
SGC by assuring that competent
people are elected, who are forth-
right in their 'views and actions.
This role can be fulfilled if these
political parties delineate issues,
and become a vital part of the
campus scene.
If elected I would also work
1. The end of discrimination on

be delegated to a campus organi-
zation. The SGC may or may
not need an executive wing de-
pending upon its chosen functions
and methodology.
I would like to work in the In-
ternational area and in the area
of student representation. A com-
plete list of the areas of student
representation should be drawn
up and a committee should be es-
tablished to appoint representa-

Jesse Meyers
Taylor House Judiciary
1. I believe the Student Govern-
ment Council should function in
the arena of student activities for
the betterment and welfare of the
student community. The guiding
principle of this government
should be true representation of
student opinion.
2. Any government which has
as its intention the betterment
and welfare of the student com-
munity, must have the proper
means to arrive at this objective.
The greatest deficiency of Michi-
gan student government, as the
records of the past have proven, is
the basic lack of an elected stud-
ent body which represents the
true opinion of every sector of
this campus. As the present elec-
torate system stands it is possible
that an all campus election could
bring with it, an elected govern-
ment containing a majority of
members coming from one single
house unit.
That is not all campus repre-
I will work with SGC toward
improvement of the present sys-
tem of representation, in order
that student needs may be more
nearly met and dealt with.
3. It is my intention that the
SGC should, in accordance with
established policies, have the pow-
er recommended to it in the SGC
proposal relating to the following
A. To recognize, and to with-
draw recognition, as well as to
reactivate, campus organizations.
B. To coordinate and originate
student activities and projects.
C. To express student opinion
and provide the orderly means for
the dissemination of such opin-
D. To appoint student repre-
sentatives to the Joint-Judiciary
Council, and certain committees
and organizations.
E. To administer finances and
adopt operating procedures.
4. A political party can be an
active and important force in
student government where issues
are clearly defined and of a con-
tinuing nature. With the forma-
tion of Student Government Coun-
cil such issues may arise and
should provide a solid basis for
political parties.
5. I propose that the continua-
tion of student-benefiting organ-
izations, such as Cinema Guild and
the Book Exchange, be effected
through a standing committee
system, which would obtain its
power from SGC.



2. The expansion of cultural
and student exchanges with other
nations, especially the Soviet Un-
ion,' China, and those of Eastern
Europe. (This is definitely a feas-
ible plan. As an example, the
present policy of many Eastern
European countries is that they
will grant visas to any American
students who can obtain an Amer-
ican passport. Further these
countries are anxious to extend
their present exchange student
program to include the United
3. The expansion and develop-
ment of money-saving projects
such as Student Book Exchange.

Carl Luckenbach
Harvard Crimson, Young Re-
publicans. .
1. The general scope of SGC's
activities, as outlined in the Laing
Committee's report on student
government, will be mainly judic-
ial. SGC will assume SAC's pow-
ers of granting and withdrawing
recognition of student organiza-
tions, approving student-sponsor-
ed activities, and determining
student eligibility for participa-
tion in extra-curricular activities.
In addition, an important func-
tion will be the expression of stud-
ent opinion, which, because of
its ex-officio membership, SGC
will be able to do more accurately
than did SL.
2. SGC's work will be main-
ly judicial and administrative.
With the sole power of manage-
ment of University affairs lying
with the Regents, SGC will be able
to do little in a legislative way.
With such a tired old subject as
the driving ban, library hours and
womens' hours the Council will
only be able to express student
opinion to the Regents, who are
already quite aware of student
feelings in these matters. Further-
more, SGC will be busy enough
without having to look for pro-
jects to initiate or issues on which
to take a stand.
3. Campus organizations should
be encouraged to be as auton-
omous as possible. However, when
disputes or problems are brought


W illiam Brzmm
Young Republicans, Tennis
1. The scope of SGC will be to
coordinate student activities and
represent student opinion on mat-
ters directly concerning the stud-
2. As a member of SGC I would
work to obtain more hours of
service from the University sub-
sidiary libraries and also set up a
campus date bureau.
3. SGC should have as little
control over other student organi-
zations as possible. It should try
to cooperate with them rather
than dominate them.
4. Campus political parties
could be helpful if there was more
than one. However, if one party
such as the left wing Common
Sense Party is allowed to domin-
ate the scene, then it does more
harm than good.
5. Competent and interested
persons should be appointed to
administrate the Cinema Guild
etc. while keening a watchful eye
on their finances and troubles.
I would also work for a day of
vacation the day after Easter so
those who travel long distances
may spend Easter at home instead
of travelling.
Last but not least I would try
to put a stop to the left wing
propaganda and hogwash that has

services of persons interested in
student government. Recognition
and interest would be heightened
by publicity in the Daily and pro-
posed SGC bulletin.
7. Another method to provide
the organization with dependable
members would be to make partici-
pation for a minimum of a half
year a prerequisite for prospective
SGC candidates. This would ac-
quaint them with student govern-

Don Craft
1. SGC should be the voice of
the students that it represents and
should be quick to instigate any
and all ideas that are proposed to}
the body by students. With the- - - -
larger membership it will be cap-
able to do this quite well. Thus E
the Council's activities will never
become shallow or non-represent-
ative of the student body.

Dick Good
Interfraternity Council,Hector-
I feel SGC is closer to the ideal
type of student government that
Michigan students have desired.
With the greater power of our
new student government, there
will be a higher premium on the
experience and responsibilities of
its members. Having been on the
Michigan campus as an under-
graduate for four years and parti-
cipated in its activities, I feel that
I have acquired the necessary ex-
perience and proper perspective ofC
the responsibilities that are en-
Specifically it is my feeling that
Michigan students are interested
in the following:
1. A closer contact between
members of SGC, the student body,
administration and faculty.
2. The drawing in of as many
students as possible to partici-
pate in the activities of the SGC.
3. SGC should set the general


Janet Neary NOMMM

Student Legislature
As provided in the SGC plan,
the functions of SGC will combine
those of the Student Affairs Com-
mittee and the Student Legisla-
ture. With all these duties, the
Council itself should spend its
time making decisions of a general
policy nature. As many projects
as possible must be delegated to
groups directly responsible to the
There is much for student gov-
ernment to do in helping foreign
students. There must be some
kind of committee set up under
SGC to work with the Interna-
tional Students Association to con-

2. Although President Hatcher
has flatly announced the driving
ban will not be lifted, I would
seriously consider having more
talks on the matter. The high rate
of violations of the ban show
there is more apathy to the rule'
than is publicly admitted by Uni-

ties on campus, and respect the
capabilities of campus organiza-
tions to deal most closely with
their own affairs.
I shall endeavor to obtain these
goals and to represent the stud-
ent body with sincereity and re-

SGC is a new concept of stud-
ent government which places a
great deal of work on the individ-
ual member. Therefore, it is
essential to elect members who
have pr ved that they can handle
individual responsibility.
Because SGC will be operat-

I _-


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