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April 19, 1949 - Image 7

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The Michigan Daily, 1949-04-19

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Engine Class
Posts To Be
To Choose Eight
From 22 in Race
Engineers will lay their slide
rules aside for a moment today
or tomorrow to elect officers for
next year's senior, Junior and
Sophomore classes.
Twenty-two candidates are in
the running for the eight open-
ings. Students will vote at either
the Engineering Arch or the
Alumni Memorial Hall.
Emmett I. Smith .. .
(No statement received)
Bill Upthegrove ...
I hope to be able to represent
the needs and desires of the en-
tire Engineering Senior Class ra-
ther than only those of the or-
ganized groups.
Herbert Van Burgel - -
Continue to work for a balanced
program of increased student in-
terest in extra-curricular activi-
ties and preservation of fine tra-
ditions of scholarship'of Engineer-
ing College.
Ken Bay . .
(No statement received)
Anthony Carnevale ...
I favor closer faculty-student
body relationship, greater class
spirit, programs for improvement
of faculty evaluation, honor sys-
tem and employment opportuni-
ties for future graduates.
Stan Wiggin...
A class should expect, and get,
real work and projects from its
class officers. If elected, I hope
to be able to show these results.
* * *
Bill Gripman
I have experience in SL and
Engineering Open House. I would
try to improve orientation, estab-
lish a power-tool craft shop, and
strengthen the honor system.
Bruce Paxton .. .
It is my plan to have the senior
class officers effect better co-
ordination between departments
of the Engineering School, for job
placement of graduating seniors.
* * *
Arnold Gowans . .
As secretary of your engineer-
ing class, I would work to es-
tablish a power machine shop.
Such a project has been success-
ful at other colleges.
Al Morris ...
I am .very much in favor of a;
faculty rating system in the en-
gine school, and if elected will
urge its adoption.
** *
Bob Brungraber ... r
I wish to represent the Junior
Engineering Class on the Engi-
neering Council. Support the
honor system and the engineering
open house.
Bill Dresser . . .
To do my best to carry out the
duties of the office I will attempt
to better acquaint the students
with the honor council.
Charles Froman .
If elected, I plan to energetically
work for the greater integration
of the Junior Class and for every
task involved in being president.
Bob Preston ... .
My background includes secre-

Take This Page to the Polls
On this page, The Daily presents a comprehensive
analysis of the campus election. Clip it out and vote
HOURS: 8 to 5 p.m., today and tomorrow.
PLACES: Engineering Arch; Diag, behind Haven
Hall, Alumni Memorial Hall, Union lobby and on the
steps of the Bus.Ad. Building. Also booth at University
Hospital today only.
* .i '6 *
REQUIREMENTS: Students must present I.D.
Cards and show scholastic transcript if class is not given
on card. Transcripts may be obtained at the offices of
Deans Bromage (for women) and Walter (for men).
Sixteen Students Seek
Union Vice Presidencies

Today will find 16 student cam-
paigners competing for six Michi-
gan Union vice-presidencies, rep-
resenting various scholastic areas
of the campus.
C. Richard Foote.. .
Past positions on the Executive
Council and staff of the Union,
interest, and other campus activi-
ties, I feel give me essential qual-
ifications for the office.
James O. Kistler ...
My experience on the Union
Executive Council for this past
year has given me an invaluable
understanding of Union activities,
essential to holding this office.
Lee W. Sunshine.. .
Male students of LS&A will be
adequately and conscientiously
represented on the Union Board
of Directors if I am elected.
Burton Shifman ...
The Union needs streamlining.
It must provide services and ac-
tivities for students and cease be-
ing a branch of Alumni office.
The Union is "for Michigan Men."
John Lindquist . .
Having served on the Union
Council for two years, I guaran-
tee to sincerely serve the student
body faithfully and diligently to-
wards a satisfactory end.
John Kistler . . .
I feel qualified for the office,
because of satisfactory past ex-

perience. I will strive to make
our Union a "better hangout" for
Michigan Men.
Ray Okonski . . .
A vote for me is for UNION
service, especially the return of
5 cent coffee, to equal the price at
the Women's League.
Leo Romzick . . .
I seek re-election to continue
the work of a vice president, which
is to serve as liaison between
members of the Union and its ad-
Frank Drake . . .
My intention is to inform stu-
dents of Union activities and poli-
cies; and of greater importance
to see that their opinions and
complaints are acted upon.
Morgan Ramsey . . .
Experience on the Michigan
Uion staff, and knowledge .of poli-
cies of the Combined Schools
qualify me to aid the growth of
Union activities.
William L. Wise . . .
I fel qualified to represent com-
bined schools as Union vice presi-
dent, being on the Union Junior
Executive Council as Social Chair-
man and other activities.
H. Gilbert Jones .. .
If elected, I will maintain and
further the position of the Michi-
gan Union as the men's social

Sees Clear
Voting Days
Sixty-One in Race
For SL Positions
(Continued from Page 1)
odds for victory on each stu-
dent are an unhealthy 2.69-to-1
against winning.
Meanwhile, election officials
unscrambled the last details of
the voting last night.
* * *
PLANS CALL for booths from
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. today and tomor-
row. They will be located in the
lobby of the Michigan Union,
Alumni Memorial Hall, behind
Haven Hall, on the Diag, at the
Engine Arch, and the BusAd
Building. In case of rain, the Diag
booth will duck into the Library.
An additional booth will be
located in front of University
hospital today only.
Engineers will pick up their bal-
lots at either the Engine Arch or
Alumni Memorial Hall.
* * *
teemen were busy last night com-
pleting a special Diag display on
the Student Legislature candi-
dates. Included will be pictures,
qualifications and statements of
each politico.
And on another front, SL of-
ficials red-facedly admitted that
women would not be allowed to
vote for Union vice presidents
-no matter what the ballot in-
structions say.
All students in a given school
may vote for that school's candi-
dates," the ballot reads.
"All men-that is," they ex-
* * *
tomorrow will be carefully check-
ed by Mens Judiciary, SL elec-
tions committeemen and repre-
sentatives of The Daily, election
chairman Duane Nuechterlein,
'50 BAd, said.
They will watch for possible
ballot-box stuffing, duplicate
voting, ineligible voting and
violations of campaigning rules.
No candidate may campaign
within 50 feet of voting booths or
allow any of his signs or vocal-
supporters within that radius.
** *

a a
BLOC VOTING-Daily cartoonist Bill Hampton's characterization of bloc voting on campus has be-
come a classic. However, the bloc-voting machine, being cranked by the politician, is beginning
to get rusty around the corners. Student leaders even predict that it will break down completely
if voters use their ballots intelligently and not vote solely on social-group interests.


Voters To Tangle With Referendum


Names won't be all that stare didate's petitions, which are de-
voters in the face today. leted. Many SL members say peti-
They will be called upon to ex- tions would be included in the
press their opinions on ten ques- election rules. Others feel that a
tions. constitutional guarantee is needed
* * * on petitions.

FIRST will be an amendment to
the Student Legislature Constitu-
tion, which must be supported by
;wo-thirds of those voting in order
to go into effect.
The amendment changes Sec-
tion Three of Article One: "Any
eligible student who wishes to
run for the Student Legislature
may appear on the election bal-
lot if he or she presents to the
Election Committee, before the
established deadline, a petition
signed by at least one-hundred-
and-fifty students. The Legisla-
ture is authorized to require an
Election Fee of all candidates
not to exceed one dollar."
The proposal would change the
paragraph to read: "Any eligible
student who wishes to be a candi-
date for the Student Legislature
may appear on the election ballot
by filing application with the Cit-
izenship Committee before the es-
tablished deadline; and by com-
plying with the election rules. The
Legislature is authorized to require
an Election Fee of all candidates
not to exceed one dollar."
* * *
CONTROVERSY on the amend-
ment rests on the status of can-

Grinding Onii Bloc Votes

Seventeen in
Historic Race
For '50 Posts
Will Name Four
Officers for Class
For the first time in University
history, officers for the Literary
College Senior Class of 1950 will
be elected in the spring elections
instead of the fall.
Seventeen candidates are com-
peting for the four openings, and
unlike last year. the top posts are
being heavily contested by a host
of politicos.
** *

Second question on the ballot
will be a referendum proposed
by The Daily to sample opinion
on h bill recently introduced in-
to the Michigan Legislature, af-
fecting institutions financially
supported by the state:
"No past or present member of
the Communist Party shall be em-
ployed as a teacher in any school,
college or university in the State
of Michigan." Yes, No.
a Legislature questionnaire.
The first question, which is sim-
ilar to question six asked of SL
candidates, will decide whether
the Legislature will act on revival
of campus spirit.
If voters are favorable to the
plan, it will be taken by Legis-
lator Bill Gripman to the Stu-
dent Affairs Committee for ap-
The campus will also vote on
two alternative "orientation pro-
grams to integrate Freshmen in-
to the University as a whole."
Students may either vote for up-
perclass coordinators in dorms to

work with small groups of Fresh-
men, or a dramatization of extra-
curricular activities at a Fresh-
man assembly at the end of the
first semester.
* * *
to determine to what extent stu-
dents will attempt to influence
Legislature decisions on policies
which directly affect themselves,
and find out what methods they
would use.
The final question is open
ended-leaving the voter ample
room to express himself on the
policies of the Legislature.
It mentions SL sponsorship of
football pep rallies, cooperation
with the University on faculty
grading, work to have the political
speakers ban removed and intro-
duction of NSA Purchase Card
System on campus.
It then asks the point-blank
question, "What new projects, if
any, do you feel the SL should
* * *
LEGISLATURE officers hope
students will propose alternatives
to any projects on the question-
naire which they may oppose, and
add suggestions for programs al-
together new.
In all, the ballot will be one of
the largest in the history of cam-
pus elections.

IPaul Anderson .
I am thoroughly familiar with
he duties and responsibilities of
he Senior President. I believe my
interest and past experience qual-
ify me for the job.
Bob Fancett . . .
I shall strive to achieve an af-
fair in honor of February grad-
uates, a free Senior activities cal-
,ndar, better student government,
and more closely coordinated sen-
ior activities.
Norm Gottlieb ...
My primary qualification is that
I am a Senior. My secondary qual-
ifications are even less spectacu-
lar, but I feel I can do the job.
Jack Hayward ...
Believing the job functional, not
honorary, I will perpetuate the
Senior Board and with my J-Hop
experience, give you evidence of
class activities and organization.
Don McNeil . . .
Your president is your president
for life! He will work in the
Alumni Council-he CAN work for
you here for scholarships-jobs-
social functions.
Wally Teninga .. .
With help and suggestions from
the Senior Class, it is my sincere
desire to continue the good work
of the present Senior Class offi-
* * *
John B. Baum ...
I would make the vice presi-
dent's position more than an hon-
or-I would make it functional.
I believe I have the experience
and the desire for the job.
Virginia Campbell
I would like to see the senior
class more united through class
projects and reunions. I think
graduation should be less imper-
Gordon Ironside ...
(No statement received.
Howard "Steve" Stephenson ..
Better organization and public-
ity for a bigger and better Senior
Ball, Senior Outing and Senior
Hayride are some of my plans if
Joe Stone ... .
Seniors should act together-as
a class-to aid the school, not the
factions within. Better class "rep-
resentation through referendum"
is my goal.
Fredrica "Fredi" Winters ...
I will unify and extend the scope
of Senior activities-better reun-
ions and methods by which stu-
dents keep ties with one another
and the University.
* * *
Jo Henderson ...
I have a sincere interest in
working for the students. If elec-
ted I will do my best to fulfill my
position capably.
Dolores "Deah" Palanker-...
I advocate better relations among
senior class members and suggest
a beer picnic in the arboretum to
get acquainted.


Candidates for Student Legislature Answer Questions



tary of the freshman class, pres-
ident of the sophomore class,
member of the engineering andl
honor councils.
Roger Vogel . . .
(No statement received)
* * *
Ned Hess.. .
(No statement received)
Thomas J. McCann . . .
I make no promises other than
executing the office to the best of
my ability. My wants are those of
the average student engineer.
Chuck Walli . . . "
If elected, I will strive to have a
more efficient and visible engi-
neering council, more social ac-
tivities sponsored by the council,
and better class organization.
Chuck Good .. .
I propose to introduce a nu-
merical grading system because it
offers a more accurate means of
grading which operates to the
students benefit.
Bill Loveless . . .
I advocate an engineering coun-
cil composed of representatives,


*Gene Adams.. .
1. Yes; 2. No opinion; 3. No;
4. Yes; 5. No; 6.(a) No; 6.(b)
No; 6.(c) No; 6.(d) No.
I don't believe that establish-
ment of the so-called "rah-rah"
program would prove successful.
With the extremely large enroll-
ment and the present attitude of
the administration, there isn't the
proper atmosphere to foster such
a plan. Beanies and tug-of-wars
are now relics of the "hip-flask"
*Dave Babson . .
1. No; 2. No; 3. Yes; 4 Yes; 5.
Yes; 6. (a)N o; 6. (b) No; 6.
(c) No; 6. (d) No.
On question 6: School spirit, if
ie is to survive at all, must come
from the student body as a whole
and cannot be imposed from above
by the establishment of a "class
warfare" week or any other meth-
od. Beanies.and other such juve-
nile paraphenalia, are out of place
at a mature university.
*Pris Ball*..
1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. No;
5. No; 6. (a) No; 6. (b) Yes;
6. (c) Yes; 6. (d) Yes.
1. Under a districting system,
students couldn't vote for a can-
didate they know is good in an-
other district. Most students' con-
acts aren't limited to certain
'districts." 5. I favor the contin-
ued use of the petition as optional
because ' it brings the candidate
who uses it well into closer con-
act with the students.
C. L. Baxter, Jr. . .
1. Yes; 2. No; 3. Yes; 4. No; 5.
No; 6. (a) No; 6. (b) No; 6. (c)
No; 6. (d) No.
1. I prefer the Hare System to
any district proposal, because- I
eel the latter would encourage
loc voting, thereby defeating its
own purpose. 2. I prefer the SL ad-
vistory, representative committee
lan. 6. In my opinion, improve-
mont. ro f+t h nrC nrientntinn

dence - unit representation and
delegates at large from geographi-
cal districts representing students
living in private residences.
*"Dutch" Boerma ...
1. No; 2. Yes; 3. No; 4. Yes; 5.
No; 6. (a) No; 6. (b) Yes; 6. (c)
No; 6. (d) No.
(No comment)
*Bob Bourne ...
1. Yes; 2. No; 3. Yes; 4. No; 5.
Yes; 6. (a) No; 6. (b) No; 6. (c)
No; 6. (d) No.
(2) By including the above
named groups or others it would
decrease the effectiveness of the
Legislature body by making it too
large. Also some of these groups,
have only limited purposes and it
would therefore be better for th
Student Legislature to coordinate
the mutual activities of the vari-
ous groups.
Jim Bremer . ..
1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4.
Yes; 5. No; 6.(a) No; 6.(b)
Yes; 6.(c) Yes; 6.(d) No.
On Question 2: I believe that
limiting the non-voting delegates
in the SL to only significant
groups like the League, Union,
IFC, etc., represent an efficient
cross-section of student opinion,
and I think that any attempt at
coordination by an advisory com-
mittee of the SL will only be met
by non-interest and complication.
*Betty Bridges . .
1. No; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. No;
5. No.; 6.(a) Yes; 6.(b) Yes;
6.(c) Yes; 6.(d) Yes.
SL terms should continue on a
two semester basis because under
this plan members are more re-
sponsible to the students. Inter-
ested SL members can run for re-
election. This gives the students
an opportunity to see how mem-
bers stand on campus issues and
to approve or disapprove of legis-
lative activities.
*Paul B. Campbell . ..
1. Yes; 2. No; 3. Yes; 4. Yes;
T (.1. P . a. 0 l% l.

Six questions were asked of the 61 Student Legislature candi-
dates by the SL elections committee. Each student was given fifty
words in which to amplify any of his answers:
* * * *
1. DO YOU FAVOR the continued use of the Hare System over
a districting plan based on geographic districts, residence units, cam-
pus organizations, or college and school units? Yes, No, No Opinion.
* * * *
2. WOULD YOU FAVOR the inclusion on the SL of non-voting
delegates from the League, Union, SRA, Aim, IFC, Pan Hel, and
Assembly rather than 'having the SL coordinate campus activities
through an advisory committee containing representatives of all
,ampus organizations? Yes, No, No Opinion.
Editor's Note: The Daily feels that this is "loaded", in that neither
plan is part of the present SL set-up. Readers are warned that the answers
do not necessarily reveal favorableness to either plan.)
3. DO YOU FAVOR the two semester Legislature term over a
three semester term? Yes, No, No Opinion.
4. DO YOU FAVOR the prohibition of bicycle riding on campus
sidewalks? Yes, No, No Opinion.
5. DO YOU FAVOR discontinuing the use of candidates' peti-
tions? Yes, No, No Opinion.
6. DO YOU FAVOR the establishment of a Freshman-Soph
Week including the following projects:
A. Beanies for Freshmen recognition? Yes, No, No Opinion.
B. Get-acquainted pep rallies? Yes, No, No Opinion.
C. Freshman-Sophomore tug-of-war? Yes, No, No Opinion.
D. Talent show to climax the week? Yes. No, No Opinion.
* * * * .
STARRED CANDIDATES are those who have been credited by
the Elections Committee with having participated in the highly-
recommended SL training program.
To qualify, candidates must have attended at least two of the
four training sessions and have worked actively on a Legislature
committee during the tryout period.

popular candidate. Bikes on cam-
pus sidewalks during change of
classes may lead to serious in-
jury. Because of the amount of
traffic between classes, there
can't be too much gained in rid-
ing anyway.
*Robert L. Granacher. .
1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. No; 4. Yes;
5. No; 6.(a) Yes; 6.(b) Yes;
6.(c) Yes; 6.(d) Yes.
The Hare system is more ad-
vantageous to the student if the
block system of voting is abolish-
ed, and I believe that this could
be done. The Hare system entitles
a voter to support more than one
candidate and to get an individu-
al in office who supports his ideas.
*Hugh Greenberg ...
1. Yes; 2. No; 3. Yes; 4. Yes;
5. Yes; 6.(a) No; 6.(b) Yes;
6.(c) No; 6.(d) Yes.
2. When the SL was formed
there were two possibilities for its
make-up. There could be repre-
sentation of students or of groups.
In the interests of closer represen-
tation and campus unity, the pres-
ent plan was adopted. Putting the
proposed members into the Leg-
islature would divide the group
into partisan segments.
Ray Guerin...
1. No; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. No;
5. No; 6.(a) No Opinion; 6.(b)
Yes; 6.(c) No Opinion; 6.(d)
No Opinion.
Like many other students I am
tire dof splitting Hare's under the
present electoral system. I would
like to devote time and energy in
an effort to establish a better
As for Freshman-Soph week, I
think the electorate should decide
for themselves in a referendum.
Adele Hager ...
1. No; 2. No Opinion; 3. Yes;
4. No; 5. No; 6.(a) No; 6.(b)
Yes; 6.(c) No; 6.(d) Yes.
No. 6-The spirit of introduc-
ing the Freshmen to the campus
is admirable-but can be over-
2 -- +1- m :_._ _ of - .-

experienced legislation. Candi-
dates petitions serve to keep down
number of candidates. Soph-
Frosh week provides for more
school spirit which University
badly needs.
*Polly Hodges.. .
1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes;
5. Yes; 6.(a) No; 6.(b) Yes;
6.(c) No; 6.(d) Yes.
Although I do not favor block
voting which is prevalent under
the Hare system, district voting
would be unfair because; 1. there
is no fair method of apportioning
delegates; 2. good material would
be cut out when from two excel-
lent candidates in one district
only one could be elected.
*Mary Lou Hook ...
1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. No;
5. Yes; 6.(a) No; 6.(b) Yes;
6.(c) No; 6.(d) Yes.
4. Menace is not enough to pro-
hibit. The type of riding should
be controlled. 5. The manner of
passing them around campus hin-
ders their value. Use optional.
6. Many events already take place
during the year and too many
would be injurious to campus co-
ordination. Only the best campus
traditions should be held.
William E. Huff...
' 1. Yes; 2. No; 3. Yes; 4. No
Opinion; 5. No; 6.(a) Yes; 6.(b)
Yes; 6.(c) Yes; 6.(d) Yes.
The Hare system represents the
popularity of candidates on the
campus in general.
Including non-voting delegates
on the legislature would bring
confusion, whereas a committee
could do a more efficient job.
The University definitely needs
a revival of undergraduate life as
in the pre-war days.
Jack Hulburd,. .
1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes;
5. Yes; 6.(a) Yes; 6.(b) No
Opinion; 6.(c) Yes; 6.(d) Yes.
Through the use of a "ripe" fer-
tilizer the campus sidewalk situa-
tion is unbearable, and also criti-
na1 ci ofh - inErnlo n"-nf nl

ordinate campus activities. Inclu-
sion of non-voting groups would
weaken SL's position as a repre-
sentative of the whole student
body. Do not discontinue candi-
dates petitions. If used with the
proposed application blank, they
can be valuable for securing
votes through personal contact.
*Caryl Daly ...
1. No; 2. No; 3. Yes; 4. No;
5. No; 6.(a) No; 6.(b) Yes; 6.(c)
No; 6.(d) Yes.
1. Voting should be by units of
the University so each school is
fairly represented. 2. An advisory.

Representatives of organizations
can always be called before SL
when it is deemed necessary. 5.
Six months participation on an
SL committee is a better criterion
for candidacy.
*Richard Freeman ...
1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. No;
5. No.; 6.(a) No; 6.(b) No; 6.(c)
Yes; 6.(d) Yes.
(No comment)
Martin E. Gluckstein ...
1. Yes; 2. No; 3. Yes; 4. Yes;
5. No; 6.(a) No; 6.(b) No; 6.(c)
No; 6.(d) Yes.
1 rr -In - cn , 1^ ..IA 1- -tr-

Donna DeHarde ..'.
A Senior Class, indoctrinated
with spirit and cooperation, will
leave to the school lasting mem-
ories of practical value. I shall
work toward this end.
Dick Entenmann ...
I should like to increase the du-
ties of treasurer for a more active
Senior Class on campus and a
more unified Alumni Class of '50.
Harold K. (Jake) Jacobson .. .
I will concentrate on three pro-
jects: using my experience for a
good Senior Ball, giving a lasting
gift to the University, and having
terrific reunions.
SLight Errors
Made in Ballot
Ina Sussman Given
Ai a C' .

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