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April 19, 1949 - Image 8

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The Michigan Daily, 1949-04-19

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Legislature Candidates

Answer Questions

(ContInued 1rom ageu )
stroy the representative nature of
the Student Legislature thus lim-
iting the Legislature's ability to
express accurately student opin-
ion which is its primary function.
Garth Kirkindall .. .
1. No; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. No
Opinion; 5. No; 6.(a) No; 6.(b)
No; 6.(c) No; 6.(d) No.
On question 6: I am very much
in favor of reestablishing the tra-
ditional school spirit at Michigan.
However, I do not believe that the
alternatives suggested would prove
adequate - certainly not beanies
for freshman recognition.
Lyn Marcus ...
1. Yes; 2. No; 3. Yes; 4. No;
5. Yes; 6 (a) No; 6.(b) Yes;
6.(c) Yes; 6.(d) Yes.
While favoring the continued
use of the Hare System, I believe
it should be modified so that the
students would be limited to vot-
ing for 3 to 5 candidates. I also
favor the inclusion of students
representatives in various Univer-
sity administrative boards.
*Paul E. McCracken, Jr.
1. Yes; 2. No; 3. Yes; 4. Yes;
5. Yes; 6.(a) Yes; 6.(b) Yes;
6.(c) Yes; 6.(d) Yes.
I favor a loose knit committee
from the various organizations for
co-ordinating activities. Having
members speaking at the legisla-
ture meetings will entail more in-
applicable remarks and take time.
Inclusion of these outside mem-
bers would also violate the prin-
ciple of public representation as
the members would not be elected
but appointed.

*Patricia McLean ..
1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. No;
5. No; 6.(a) No; 6.(b) Yes; 6.(c)
Yes; 6.(d) Yes.
(1)The Hare System is to be
preferred if students vote wisely
because it is a preference system.
More students seem to be taking
SL election seriously so the ef-
fectiveness of the Hare system
should increase. (2) These organi-
zations, because of the great num-
bers of students they influence,
deserve a direct voice.
*Charles Murray.. ..
1. Yes; 2. No; 3. Yes; 4. No;
5. No; 6.(a) No Opinion 6.(b)
Yes; 6.(c) Yes; 6.(d) Yes.
Districting the campus would
be harmful to the Legislature. By
limiting representatives from a
given area, excellent material can
be lost. Maybe we need a change
from the Hare system, but geo-
graphic or organization sectioning
isn't the answer. Prohibiting bi-
cycle riding on campus seems un-
necessary when limitations could
be made.
Tony Palermo .,..
1. Yes; 2. No; 3. Yes; 4. No;
5. Yes; 6.(a) Yes; 6.(b) Yes;
6.(c) No; 6.(d) Yes.
2. I oppose this plan for the
simple reason that I don't believe
that it will help coordinate cam-
pus activity. Rather, it will lead
to further disruption and compli-
cation of the legislating process.
Coordination through advisory
committees is the best method.
*Jay N. Pike..
1. Yes; 2. No; 3. Yes; 4. No;
5. No; 6.(a) Yes; 6.(b) Yes;
6.(c) Yes; 6.(d) Yes.
Despite its shortcomings, the
Hare System is better for our
campus than any alternative sys-
tem that I am aware of, for it
assures the minority representa-
tion, necessary to represent var-
ied student opinion and repre-
sentig student opinion-the most
important function of the Student
*Manard E. Pont.. ..
1. Yes; 2. No; 3. Yes; 4. Yes;
5. Yes; 6.(a) No; 6.(b) Yes;
6.(c) No; 6.(d) Yes.
Although I do not believe the
alternative to be practicable, I be-
lieve that the Hare system could
well be improved. I believe that
it might be well to ban bicycle
riding on campus sidewalks dur-
ing class change hours, but not
when there is almost no pedes-
trian traffic.
*Renee Pregulman...
1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. No;
5. No; 6.(a) Yes; 6.(b) No; 6.(c)
Yes; 6.(d) No.
On Question 1: Districting
would allow only voting for can-
didates in your own district.
On question 4: Bicycles should
be walked or prohibited on walks
during the rush between classes.
However, I think it's all right to
ride them when few people are
If you are touring Europe this
summer use a Whizzer Motor Bike.
All orders will be crated for ship-
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on campus. More bicycle racks at
the edges of campus would help.
*M yrnia Rees ..
1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. No;
5. No; 6.(a) Yes; 6.(b) Yes;
6.(c) Yes; 6.(d) Yes.
On question 3: In two semes-
ters, an actively interested Leg-
islator has had ample time to
serve the student body and if sat-
isfactory, to run for re-election.
I advocate intensive pre-election
"workshops" to thoroughly ac-
quaint candidates with the SL-
its policies and practices - and
prepare them for seats of leader-
Ed Reif el . . .
1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. No;
5. No; 6.(a) No Opinion; 6.(b)
Yes; 6.(c) Yes; 6.(d) Yes.
The Hare system isn't the best,
but until a better system is de-
finitely formulated I think it
should be continued. A district-
ing system is now too vague. I
think their first-handknowledge
would be extremely helpful, but
speaking privileges should include
only matters pertaining to their
individual organization.
* John Robertson .. .
1. Yes; 2. No; 3. Yes; 4. Yes;
5. No; 6.(a) No; 6.(b) No Opin-
ion; 6.(c) No; 6.(d) No Opinion.
The present trend toward more
intelligent voting will in time
minimize the defects in the Hare
System. A system based on geo-
Politicos Seek
Six Michigan
(Continued from Page 7)
and recreational center of Uni-
Robert H. Simmons .. .
To fulfill the duties of Vice
President I shall endeavor to ex-
pend reasonable efforts to ade-
quately represent the wishes and
desires of Law Students.
Hugh Cooper - - -
(No statement received)
Thadeus H. Joos ...
With experience on the Union
Board of Directors and three years
in Medical School, I feel capable
to represent my colleagues in Un-
ion affairs.
Merl Townley ...
Actively interested in Union
activities for four years. Especial-
ly interested in an annual finan-
cial report, television and a better
Campus understanding of the
flp p o
Can you qualify for this
Get the full details from the Aviation
Cadet Interviewing Team. It will be here:
Place: Michigan Union
Date: April 25-28
Time: 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

graphic districts would make it
difficult for minority groups to
obtain representation. The others
I believe are also not feasible for
reasons which I haven't space to
George Rouo mell . .
1. Yes; 2. No; 3. Yes; 4. No;
5. No; 6.(a) No; 6.(b) Yes; 6.(c)
No; 6.(d) Yes.
2. Non-voting delegates would!
not tend toward coordinating all
campus activities. These dele-
gates would represent such nar-
row interests that they would no
doubt try to monopolize SL meet-
ings and try to make the SL a
debating society rather than the
working group it is. An advisory
committee would be more effi-
%John S. Ryder . ..
1. Yes; 2. No; 3. Yes; 4. Yes;
5. No; 6.(a) No; 6.(b) Yes; 6.(c)
Yes; 6.(d) Yes.
1. I believe the Hare system of
voting is more representative than
others proposed though some ac-
tion must be taken to make it pos-
sible for the voters to become bet-
ter informed about candidates.
2. The principle of campus wide
SL representatives should not be
violated by inclusion of organiza-
tional representatives.
Dick Sanders .. .
1. No; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes;
5. Yes; 6.(a) No; 6.(b) Yes;
6. (c) Yes; 6.(d) Yes.
2. The SL at the present time
is greatly handicapped by very
little assistance from large or-
ganizations like the Union and
League. By asking these groups
to participate, I think the legis-
lature can be made into a much
more effective group in campus
*Harvey Schatz .. .
1. Yes; 2. No; 3. Yes; 4. No;
5. No; 6.(a) No; 6.(b) Yes; 6.(c)
No; 6.(d) Yes.
(No comment)
*Jean Schut .. .
1. Yes; 2. No; 3. Yes; 4. No;
5. Yes; 6.(a) No; 6.(b) Yes;
6.(c) Yes; 6.(d) Yes.
2. The agendas of the legisla-
ture meetings are already too

large to include discussion by
members of other organizations
on topics with which their organi-
zations are concerned. Commit-
tee work is generally more effec-
tive and it would be better to em-
ploy their necessary participation
in committee work.
Barbara Seeger . ..
1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. No;
5. Yes; 6.(a) Yes; 6.(b) Yes;
6.(c) Yes; 6.(d) No.
5. I believe that a petition con-
taining 150 signatures is of little
value. The candidates should
have to meet certain qualifica-
tions set up by the legislature,
through the citizenship commit-
* Tom Sparrow .
1. No; 2. Yes; 3. No; 4. No
Opinion; 5. No; 6.(a) No; 6.(b)
No; 6.(c) No; 6.(d) No.
6. The effects of the war have
changed the condition of the cam-
pus so much that I don't think
it a good idea. The University is
too big; there is a predominance
of older men on the campus.
When the campus returns to its
post-war level I would approve
this plan.
Jangi Stephenson. . .
1. No; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. No;
5. No; 6.(a) No opinion; 6.(b)
Yes; 6.(c) Yes; 6.(d) Yes.
Dividing the campus into dis-
tricts is not the solution to our
election problem. It would em-
phasize block voting and require
more representatives, making SL
more unwieldy. I favor campus-
wide voting for three to five can-
didates, feeling that students
know the qualifications of a few
but not the abilities of ten.
* * *
:Joe Stone
1. o; 2. No opinion; '. Yes;
4. No; 5. No; 6. (a) No; 6 (b)
Yes; 6 (c) No; 6. (d) Yes.
The Hare System fosters block
voting and allows all other evils
of an election to take place. To
eliminate it would be beneficial to
all concerned. The candidates
would then be forced on their
merits, not those of conniving po-
litical bosses. The district sys-1
tem will be a start.

SJim Storrie *. *
1. No; 2. Yes; 3. No; 4. Yes;
5. No; 6. (a) No; 6 (b) Yes; 6.
(c) Yes; 6. (d) Yes.
Having served on the Citizen-
ship Study Committee of the SL I
have found that the SL Constitu-
tion and many of its procedures
must be revised if student govern-
ment is to continue to improve the
position of all Michigan students.
My main objective is to work for
passage of these revisions.
*Jo Strain . .
1. Yes;, 2. No; 3. Yes; 4. Yes;
5. No; 6. (a) No; 6 (b) No Opin-
ion; 6. (c) No; 6. (d) No Opin-
Inclusion of non-voting dele-
gates on the Legislature would
serve no purpose that an advisory
committee could not serve better.
The Legislature is boo unwieldy
now without adding representa-
tives of special groups. SL is rep-
resentative enough to present all
views brought up to aid the Legis-
*Inia Sussman*...
1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. No;
5. No; 6. (a) No; 6. (b) Yes; 6.
(c) No; 6. (d) Yes.
1, A districting plan would be
far too complicated, and probably
could not be apportioned perfect-
ly fairly. 2. Voice, but not vote, at
the meetings for representatives
of those organizations would be a
fine thing. 3. A two semester term
is very adequate. 4. Bicycles are a
necessary mode of transportation
for many students.
*Dave Tennent.. .
1. No; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. No;
5. No; 6. (a) Yes; 6. (b) Yes;
6. (c) Yes; 6. (d) Yes..
(No comment)
*Sarah Thrush . ..
1. No; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes;
45. Yes; 6. (a) No; 6. (b) Yes;
6. (e) No Opinion; 6. (d) Yes.
1. Under the districting system
the students would be aware of
who their representative in the
SL is and the legislator would feel
a more direct responsibility to the
students. 2. The delegates could
voice their opinion before the en-
tire student body; they would be

present when policy action was
taking place.
*Lyle Thumme .. .
1. No; 2. No; 3. Yes; 4. Yes;
45. No; 6. (a) Yes; 6. (b) Yes;
6. (c) Yes; 6. (d) Yes.
2) SL is partly composed of
organization leaders seems inad-
visable to add more potential de-
baters which might make the body
more cumbersome.
3) The present term allows more
activity and less security for leg-
4) Proper use of petitions pro-
vides good campaign material.
5) A well-managed freshman-
soph week contributes to construc-
tive college spirit.
Ed Ulvestad . . .
1. Yes; 2. No; 3. No; 4. No;
5. No; 6. (a) Yes; 6. (b) Yes;
6. (C) Yes; 6. (d) Yes.
1. The Hare system of voting
can be made to work effectively if
an intelligent plan for the educa-
tion of voters concerning SL is
carried through. 3. By the tirrs) a
Legislator gets to be efficient at
his task, his two terms are nearly
*Robert S. Vogt,...
1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. No;
5. No Opinion; 6. (a) No; 6. (b)
Yes; 6. (c) Yes; 6. )d) No.
6. I would like to see a big dance
sponsored by the two classes work-
ing together, rather than a tal-
ent show which might just con-
tinue the rivalry between the two
classes. A greater spirit is needed
on the campus, and a Freshman-
Sophomore Weeks seems like one
of the best ways.
*Leonard A. Wilcox .. .
1. Yes;. 2. No; 3. Yes; 4. No;
5. No; 6. (a) No; 6. (b) Yes;
6. (c) No; 6. (d) No.
I am absolutely in favor of re-
taining the present two-semester
term for SL members. The stu-
dents must have the opportunity
to elect a Legislature that will
carry out their desires and the
most effective way to assure this
action is to have one-half of the
SL stand election each semester.
*Allen K. Wildman ...
1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. No

opinion; 5. No. 6 (a) No opinion;
6. (b) Yes; 6. (c) No opinion; 6
(d) Yes.;
1) There may be modifications
in the counting under the Hare
system that would be fairer but in
general I think it is good.
6) I think get acquainted pro-
grams forifreshment " are good.
Other possibilities should be ex-
*Joan Willens . .
1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. No;
5. No; 6.(a) No; 6.(b) Yes; 6.(c)
No; 6.(d) Yes.
I believe the Hare system per-
mits fairer and more impartial
representation of student inter-
ests. Candidates' petitions shoul
be retained because they can be
effectively used for personal can-
didate-voter contact. The Uni-
versity sadly lacks school spirit,.
Any constructive suggestions for
remedying this situation are worth
*Louis Wirbel . .
1. No. 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. No
opinion; 5. Yes; 6.(a) No opin-
ion; 6.(b) Yes; 6.(c) Yes; 6.(d)
I do not favor the Hare Sys-
tem for I believe there are too
many possible abuses under this
system. Very few voters are ac-
quainted with more than a single
candidate, leaving preferences up
to guesswork. Extra complications
incurred in the voting process may
discourage some voters from ex-
ercising theri privilege.
*Edward S. Yanne..
1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. No
opinion; 5. No; 6.(a) Yes; 6 (b)
Yes; 6.(c) Yes; 6.(d) Yes.
(No comment)
*Dorianne Zip perstein
1. Yes; 2. No; 3. Yes; 4. No;
5. No; 6.(a) No; 6.(b) Yes; 6.(e)
No; 6.(d) Yes.
On Question 2: I favor an ad-
visory committee working with
the SL to coordinate campus pro-
jects, give full organizational sup-
port to such projects, and prevent
duplication of effortti The SL rep-
resents the students at large, and
adding non-voting members would
hamper procedure.


(Continued from Page 4)
resume casting for Maxwell An-
derson's "Winterset," 7:30 p.m.,
Michigan League.
Polonia Club: Meeting, 7:30
p.m., International Center. Plans
for coming dinner and Polish rec-
ord concert. All members asked to
U. of M. Dames Handicraft
Group: Meet at 8 p.m. at the home
of Mrs. Edward qrippen, 1614
Packard. Program: Discussion and
formation of ideas and plans for
decorations for the Annual May
Christian Science Organization:
Testimonial meeting, 7:30 p.m.,
Upper Room, Lane Hall.
Canterbury Club: 7:30 p.m.,
Seminar on "The Meaning of the
Christian Faith"; topic this week,
"Anglicanism and the Orthodox
Coming Events
Research Club: Wed., April 20,
8 p.m., Rackham Amphitheatre.
Annual memorial meeting, cele-
brating the two hundredth anni-
versary of the birth of Johann
Wolfgang von Goethe. Papers:
Prof. Henry W. Nordmeyer, "Goe-
the and Human Values." Prof.
Harley H. Bartlett: "Goethe as a
Scientist." Members of the Sci-
ence Research Club are invited.
A.S.M.E. field trip to the Ford
River Rouge plant: Wed., and
Thurs., April 20 and 21. Busses
will leave E. Engineering Building,
12:30 p.m. All those wishing to go
must sign the list on the A.S.M.E.
bulletin board. Cost to members,
50c; non-members, 75c.
Ullr Ski Club: Special Meeting,
7:30 p.m., Wed., April 20, 35 Angell
Hall. Official elections to be held.
All members are urged to attend.
U. of M. Sailing Club: Meeting
of all regular and probationary
members, 7 p.m., Wed., April 20,
311 W. Engineering.
Modern Poetry Club: Meeting,
Wed., April 20, 7:30 p.m., E. Room,
League. Marsh Campbell will lead
a discussion of Hart Crane's
Coed Folk Dance Square Dan-
cing: Wed., April 20, 7:30 p.m.,
W.A.B. Bring dues.



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M dS
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