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January 29, 1940 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1940-01-29

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.. ... .. .s u s.a a v 1-a a i.r t'> t L 2

rA« ' Yt


Gus Arnhelm 's Orchestra

To Play At Caduceus Ball Feb.21


Medical Men's
Annual Dance
To Be At Union
Committee Chairmen Of Affair
Are Named; Herbert Pederson
To Be In Charge Of Publicity
Gus Arnheim and his orchestra
have been signed to play at the
annual Caduceus ball to be heldtfrom
9 p.m. to 1 a.m. February 21 in the
Union ballroom.
The orchestra includes among its
fame notes a command performance
in London by the Duke of Windsor,
then Prince of Wales, a seven year
run at the Cocoanut Grove and manyj
radio programs.
It has recently played at the Bev-
erly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles,
The Congress Hotel in Chicago, the
Fox Theatre in Detroit, the Nicollet
Hotel in Minneapolis and the Mark
Hopkins Hotel in Los Angeles.
Gained Fame In West.
Vocalist with Gus Arnheim's or-
chestra is Katherine Joyce. Arnheim
has gained his greatest fame on the
West Coast where, besides hotel and
theatre performances, he has worked
in motion pictures.
Arnheim is also a song writer and
among his hits are "Sweet and Love-1
ly," "I Cried For You," "Good Night
My Love," and "I Surrender Dear."
Announcement that Gus Arnheim
and his orchestra would play for Ca-
duceus was made by Herbert Peder-
sen, '41M, publicity chairman. Head-
ing the event this year are Robert
Christensen, '41M, and John McNich-
olas, '41M. Assisting Pedersen is,
George Schaiberger, '42M.
Committee Is Announced
Others on the committee are How-
ard Lawrence, '41M, Donald Effler,
'41M, and Logan Hovis, '42M, decora-
tions; Mason Maynard, '41M, and
Charles Tolle, '42M, tickets; Robert
Medlar, '41M, and William Wright,
'42M, programs; and Wayne Stewart,
'41M, and William Purfield, '41M, are
in charge of patrons.
The ball, which is traditionally
held the evening before Washington's
birthday, is restricted to doctors and
medical students.



'Winter Carnival
Still To Be Held
Next Semester
All good things come if you wait,,
watch and pray long enough. You'll
get the toy trumpet you longed for as
a child when you have a long grey
beard, just as the Union staff got its
prayed-for snow when final exams
are just around the corner.
It's too late now, however, to do
anything about it. The much-herald-
ed Winter Carnival will take place at
the beginning of the new semester,
according to Don West, '43, and Don
Harness, '43, co-chairmen of publici-
ty for the carnival.
Carving Will Be Featured
One of the features of the carn-
ival will be the snow-carving con-
test. The fame of snow carvers from{
other schools has spread throughout
the collegiate world, but inasmuch as
it is Michigan's first chance at it,
works of great art will hardly be ex-
Anyone can try his hand at mod-
eling. The entries will be amateur
works, probably based on the inspira-
tion of the moment. Judging will.be
on the basis of originality and im-
pressiveness, and will take place the
Sunday following the Saturday on
whichthe outdoor eventsatake place.
Judges Are Announced
West and Harness specified that
each entry should have a sign placed
near the exhibit, telling just what
the entry is supposed to be (conces-
sion to amateurs).
Judges will be Prof. Walter J. Gores
of the decorative design department
of the School of Architecture, Miss
Catherine Helter, also of the decora-
tive design department, and Marga-
ret Whittemore, '41, member of the
League Council.
Play To Be.Given
Scenes from Hanilet will be given
by the class in Speech Interpretation
at 7:15 p.m. tomorrow in room 302
Mason Hall. A review of the princi-
pal scenes from the play will be given
and all persons interested are invited
to attend the program.'

Michigan's Venus Is Created
From "ProverbiaI Fifth' Co
Editor's Note: This is the second of
a series of articles designed to en- Myrna Loy, and the appealo
lighten the campus on subjects here- Sheridan."
tofore confined to bull sessions. Our Campus concensus is that t
next article will present the woman's man who dances well will fn
angle on the dutch treat situation the dances and that the
By FRANCES GOLDBERG abounding with vitality will b
Michigan's Venus of 1941 is quite a up as well as an all around cc
streamlined gal. She has shapely ion. Pep, however, should nev
limbs, a sparkling personality, un- ble over and register silly on th
conventional outlook, independence, mometer of oomph.
conversational talents and an under- And now campus fans, if y
standing soul. She need not be a sad at heart, because you jus
beauty queen, the only reqirement squeeze into the mold of Mic
is that she be pleasant, natural, and dream girl, don't lose hope. R
neatly put together. ber, this is an age of special
Specific physical requirements are iwhich there is someone to fi
irrelevant. Blonds, brunettes and red- mood.
heads are all good on the market, 'tradition has it that Michig
though the brunette has taken the is discontent with Co-ed. W
sales lead. Candid observation and just given him the chance to
the following self-commitals suggest from "the proverbial fifth" h
some solution to the eternal question, fect woman.
What women do men date?
Aggression sComplimented P rise t s
As for the "Aggression Policy,"T
there is still some controversy about
whether man should be the pursuer WR
or the pursued. Frank Talbott, '44, W ill R ate
says, "I like them slightly aggressive,
it saves work and I'm a lazy man." By RHODA LESHINE
Naivete is an obsolete quality giv- "When a new word has bee
ing way to clever strategy in social part of your daily speech or
sets. Bob Gribble, '43, comments. "I you have taken an old word an
like an unaffected girl who isn't too added a new meaning to it, the
regressive, too intelligent, and who for it must be found in the d
has read Freud." ary," says Charles Funk, dic
Dick Postmantur, '41, points out, editor, in a current article in
"Simplicity in dress and manner is Housekeeping Magazine.
essential, or else well planned and de- Editor Funk feels that iti
ceiving sophistication." people's language and that
Pep Is Important should determine how it is to b
Jim Wolf, '43, describes his ideal Dictionary editors simply reco
date as a mellow girl with the beauty common usage of the people,
of Hedy Lamarr, the personality of lates, ald may even resent the
ties that have been taken in th
age of new or old words.
WittyStudents ictionary Grows
A list of 50 new words that w
pear in this year's new diction
Descr ike Profs revealed by Funk. As to the o
these words, he points out tha
rise from many sources-s
'Killer', 'Card', Uh-Man trade. radio, aviation, war,i
'Spicy' Are Classified food, dress-anything whatsoevi
old phrase may be too cumbe
The Emory Wheel, newspaper o an old word forceless,,too long,
Emory University, declaring that highbrow."
"since the professors divide students In his list of newly "acc
into classes it is safe to assume that words that have been given th
all professors can also be divided into cial approval stamp that goe
classes," offers these groupings: tdtheprestige of dictionary m
1. he illr tpe Hewats t iEditor Funk includes such fa:
kill off the lower teird and thinks terms of World War II as Blit
killffthe owersy thrwr anmeaning lightning warfare, an
the best way is by overwork. waffe, referring to the air forc
2 The Card type. He is a card, A chatterbox is a synonym
but not an ace. He's a 3x5 card. machine gun and a conchie is
Outstanding is his index appeal. ;cientious objector. Swing mu
3. The spicy type. He has a lot of usual, deserves mention with it
cheek and plenty of tongue to put tribution to the world of words
in it. His lectures kick up intellec- gie-woogie is explained as "n
tual sarks out of the academic flint. more alarming than piano musi
4. The Skimmer type. The surfac- a fast, rolling bass."
ing in his courses is fine. But the In music, mugging is staccat
:oundation is weak.
5. The Fatherly type. He is the
unexpectant father, always giving
pop quizzes.
6. The Uh-Man type. He doesn't
know any punctuation except "uhs.'
Option-The Nomad type. Like
the Nomad of the desert he loves to
wander, and what he wanders over 0
is as dry as the desert.
-College Topics#

of Ann
he wo-
e lined
er bub-
e ther-
'ou are
t can't
t every
gan Ed
e have
is per-


! + 4 M

As Glory Of Man Takes Over


Dear lip-trembling, lily-fingered
angels of the earth, dear lovely un-
derstanding visions of delight, Dear
Smelling faintly of lavender and
old lace you will drape your bodies in
finery on St. Valentine's Eve and be
carried off on the arm of some gal-
lant young man to display your beau-
ties at the Junior Hop.
If nature has been kind to you,
saccharine mists of fine words will
be sprayed over you and sweet noth-
ings whispered in your delicate, pink
The whole business started some-
where back in the miasmal murk,
maybe when two sorts of amoeba
developed. Then the poets got hold of
you, thought it was all give and no
take and heaven at that. Creation
endowed you with enough grace and
intelligence to keep quiet about the
whole business, to lie softly on silken,
couches with perfume in your hair.
Lord only knows why the game has
always been yours-maybe because
of the card you have hidden away.

At any rate you have never lost. You
made them give away kingdoms and
heads for your smile, you raised your
soft hand and they fell on their
But, dear ladies, sweet ladies, you
are only the minor half of humanity.
In terms of your conduct you are
parasites on the dignity of man. Let
me chide you gently, mild creatures.
The Don Juan who holds you in his
arms on St. Valentine's Eve is your
(Editor's Note: we cut three thous-
and more words of this, for it all leads
up to a commercial plug for the J-Hop
edition of The Daily to be published
Feb. 14, an edition in which the males
are supposed to prove the idea of
Prof. Hammet To Speak
Prof. Ralph Hammett will speak
on Mexico at today's meeting of the
Michigan Dames in the amphitheatre
of the Rackham Building. He will
illustrate his talk with colored slides.

Jacket Tops Al

Possessing an air of nonchalance
and warm comfort, this brief pock-
eted jacket proves a smart acces-
sory over sport sweaters and dresses.
Its boxy lines and trim length make
it adaptable for all occasions.

Temple Of Woman Will Totter


Uf College Slang
Space In Dictionary

come a
d have
n space
is the
e used.
rd the
he re-
e coin-
Hill ap-
ary are
'igin of
t "they
ver. An
or too
le offi-
s with
d Luft-
for a
a con-
[sic, as
is con-
. Boo-
ic with
o swing


and schmaltz is defined as sweet and
aentimental. Being eight-balled, Edi-
tor Funk tells non-collegiates, is noth-
ing more than a failure.
To gander is to look, and oomph
doesn't refer to Ann Sheridan but to
anyone with "great personal magnet-
ism." Funk discloses that doodling
is "absent-minded scrolling or draw-
Thus, we see the American lan-
guage as a dynamic tongue ever gath-
ering momentum as it collects the
present coloring and international in-
fluences in its growth-and we can't
help wondering if a Rip Van Winkle
would be able to converse with us.
Would he know that when we men-
tioned harlequins, we referred to our
new pixie glasses rather than to com-
edy actors in a play which is the dle-
finition last year's dictionary gives?
Gilbert Movie
To Be Shown'
' The late John Gilbert will star in
the Art Cinema League's third film
of their current series, "The Big
Parade," to be shown 8:15 p.m. Sun-
day in the Lydia Mendelssohn The-
No tickets will be sold for this
showing, since only holders of series
tickets will be admitted, Albert Stutz,
Grad., manager of the cinema league,
announced yesterday. "The Big Par-
ade" is one of the "famous films of
the past" group, and features the
famous comedian Slim Summerville,
as well as Gilbert and a cast con-
sidered "all-star" in the 1930's.


on a classical theme


Boots March
Into Fashion
With Winter
"Tramp, tramp, tramp the boots
are marching down the diagonal eve-
ry stormy day," could well be the
new theme song of the Michigan
coed for she has at last accepted
the dictates of dame fashion and
dionned the boot as official footgear.
Last year on many campuses, the
women immediately took a liking to
this novel way of keeping their feet
dry, but the conservative dressers at
Michigan steered clear of this new
There were very few who had the
courage to put on these boots and
appear in public. Yes, they were
different from the ordinary overshoe,
but were they going to be a passing
fancy, and how would the men take
The last question was soon an-
swered for no serious objections
seemed to be forthcoming from the
male element. The boot was prac-
tical and not too hard on the eyes.
And so, reluctantly at first, and then
with wholeheartedness, the boot ap-
peared. They were worn by the
BWOC as well as the hope-to-be
But there are many more pleasing
features about the finally accepted
boot. Lately new and smart ideas
have been incorporated. Colors
pleasing to all tastes instead of the
plain black or white have been
Boots can now be had in a fiery
red, tans, green, and blues. There
are three main types of boots. Oise
of these is the fireman boot which,
as its name implies, is quite similar
to those worn by our fire eating

L .r-
"l R)
f a
.. '
,.r---- ;

After a long class.
Dause andaZ

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