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March 12, 1941 - Image 11

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The Michigan Daily, 1941-03-12

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PAGE V. -Two

Jewelery Designers Go

To Nature For

For A Date

Gadgets Are Novel


Shells, Cork,
Wood Offer
Colorful Ideas
Sporting World Contributes
Cues For Novelties In Fashion;
Flowers, Animals Are Popular
Gilding the lily will be delightful
work this Spring, for jewelry de-
signers have created some arresting
styles to don this season's wardrobe.
Jewelry will be fun to wear and clever
designers have conceived most of
their ideas from the sporting world.
Sailing is important recreationally,
and in fashion too. One necklace
boasts of natural wooden boats and
anchors alternately hung on a chain
of wooden rings. A breezy accessory
is a graceful sailboat made of a pa-
triotic red, white and blue plastic
material that promises to last longer
than one sailing.
Now you can make your strikes and
spares outside of bowling alleys by
wearing an intricate pin of a mipia-
ture bowling ball that always knocks
them down.
Jacks Provide Adornment
Returned to popularity is the game
of jacks for entertainment and adorn-
ment. One clever pin invites you to
a game by extending a wooden hand
full of gold, jacks and ball. You can
steer your own boat now by wearing
a unique silver captain's wheel en-
crusted with rhinestone and a syn-
thetic ruby center.
Back to nature is easily the theme
of jewelry makers, for they have-re-
turned to using nature's raw mater-
ials for some clever novelties. Whole
necklaces of square bits of bright
hued sponge are effective on sweat-
ers, and their ;brilliance and size are
reminiscent of Hawaiian leis. Cork,
jewelry dressed up in pastel lacquers
and assuming the shape of bottle
tops make cute sports bracelets and
Real unpolished shells combined
with rough leather compose necklaces
of a primitive charm. Unusual and
colorful is the jewelry made up of
bamboo sticks and red and green
Nuts Add Glamour
Man's ingenuity added to just the
common pecan1 produces some start-
ling results, for nuts are no longer
nuts when an artistic mind thinks
of glamorizing the ordinarily unat-
tractive shells. A real fashion terror
is the necklaces with hand painted
faces of cannibal witch doctors which
is strikingly like the larger coconut
heads of zombies. Then too, authen-
tic sea horses have been processed
for use as jewelry.
Evolved from the fad of wearing
footwear on or dresses are the gold
or silver Roman sandals which act
as clips to add a classic touch to
modern dresses. To be truly bewitch-
ing, yet feminine, add pins of rhine-
stone or brilliants to your costume.
Huge sprays of flowers, graceful bow
knots, lucky horse shoes, keys, and
question marks are popular patterns
for these dressier jewels.
Wood is as good as ever for casual
accents, and either plain or pointed
fruits or animals are fashion leaders.
Pins of carved wood are now made
to resemble floral pictures in frame-

4 . t-~

i'ea (e~r3J 4',.. ep Ca

' 1



Since Fashion Futures a few
months ago enough time has passed
to see what predictions have rung
true. "Fashion Loyalties," the color
green, straighter skirts, ruffles and
flowered hats were among them. All
have proven themselves.
The loyalties are the biggest fa-
vorites, and top
among them is
U. S. boosting
with military
trends, and best
of those are the
sailor outfits.
Navy blue, gold buttons, square
collars and anchors adorn feminine
raiment now. Gold chains and
mnilitary belts on suits give the
army full credit as do stripes and
eagle emblems. Even the air corps
does its part to decorate a white
crepe formal with spreading wings
below the neckline.
Next most acceptable of the loyal-
ties, is Chinese. Smoothest of cover-
up fo).mals under the oriental influ-
ence can be topped by large flowers,
~ LI

Tailored Suits
Take .Dictation
From Militia
The men of the country won't be
alone in uniform this spring, not with
the styles that designers have "draft-
ed" or created in women's suits.
Borrowing their ideas from the
army, the navy, the air force and
the military splendor of past cen-
turies, they have turned out trim
two and three piece outfits for sports-
wear and dressier occasions, tailored
very much like those of our fighting


America plans to show itself again
and again in spring fashions with
tierred skirts in both afternoon
and evening clothes. Mex-
ico donates miles and miles
of multi-colored beads to
twine around your neck,
and the South Sea islands
gives us lei-length flowered
Another suggestion by XI
Mexico Is an off-the-face I)"
sombrero with Dutch cap crown, and
the enormous brim is gathered at
the crown. But most applause in
-iats goes to the screwy little things
that are absolutely swamped with
flowers and veiling. They're often
perched on the forehead but when
they're back of the head, they're
really far back so that a pompadour
hair-do fits in. Flowers must be
built up even higher than the pom-
Four new points are combined
in this suit. It is
green tweed, and
it also has a
straight skirt. Or-
Bandy ruffles
come spilling out
of the neckline,
and the jacket is
very long. This
long torso fad
was not new last
January but will
none the less be
a powerful factor in spring styles.
Ruffles and all types of lingerie
collars are much in evidence,
and this too is a style for after-
noon and evening. Latest devel-
opment is to have flounces fall-
ing over the wrist.
California saddle leather is this
spring's most flat-
tering for shoes. .
It's a sandy col-
ored smooth lea-
ther, which is also
quite adaptable to
purses and gloves.o
Earrings are show-
ing themselves VIf,
I more nowadays in a host of varying
themes. A summer sports frock
which has yet to prove .itself but
should have a brilliant future is linen
and looks as if the sleeves have been
forgotten-quite on purpose. It
comes above the knees and has a
chiffon scarf knotted loosely around
the neck. Another important sum-
mer feature will be the broomstick
pleated skirt. From the looks ofI
things, it should be a gay spring.

v Teme
Sport Jackets
Reach To Hips
Mannish Influence Still Popular;
Open-Throat Models Fashioned
Of Soft Materials Are Shown
Women's fashions seem to have
been drafted into the army.
This impression is given by pre-
views of this spring's sport coats. The
influence of the army and navy upon
the new styles can't be overlooked.
The women, also, this year will have
gold stripes on their sleeves.
The gold buttons down the front
of the jacket are decorated with the
United States eagle, and some styles
even have epaulets on the shoulders.
For those who are strong for the
navy, there are jackets with nautical
designs on the sleeves.
Mannish Influence Noted
But this mannish influence is car-
ried even into the design of the spring
sport jackets. The new styles are very
tailored and generally masculine ap-
pearing. The long hip length, to-
gether with the straight liues of the
jacket, add to this appearance, and
also help emphasize. the long slim
f figure, which is going to be more pop-
ular than ever this spring.
The latest thing in jacket collars is
the open-throated style, made like the
silk shirts which dominate campus
this season. Most of the jackets this
spring will be continuing this new
Materials Are Soft

Long Wooden String
Of Baby's Beads
Gives New Necklace

or bouquets over each ear. Absolute-
ly cute is the Chinese No. 1'House Boy
jacket that has grosgrain edging its
high neck, down the front and ac-
centing the slits on the side.

Color Are Dull
Most of the suits are very tailored
and in navy or some dull color re-
sembling khaki, like the uniforms
of the present day, but many make I
use of lighter blues, reds and the
cape-like effects which added dash
to the garb of the officers of the 18th
and 19th centuries.

Greek wraps also follow this
trend. In earth brown they adapt
themselves to a wool jersey after-
soon dress, and in ice blue to a
silk jersey evening dress. South
Chic Hairdress

We take the baby's beads, not his Another new item.which the spring
rattle, for a whimsical new idea injackets will feature is bound braid.
costume jewelry. A long string of This braid is carried around the edge
these wooden beads spikes p sweat- of the collar, down the front of the
ers, and gives us something to cut jacket, and on the edges of the large
our wisdom teeth on. gt square pockets. It will be seen partic-
ularly in white, but also in red and
Animals of any species, size, or blue -- adding to the nautical influ-
color have always been favored. This ence on some of the jackets.
spring seems partial to the aquatic As to a hint on the, materials of
fmlfor the walrus in a silvery A oahn ntemtraso
pasicy ate adusonthesport coats, there is a wonderfully
plastic material and lion tusks is im- soft new cloth, called kitten's ear
portant. Lobsters of delicate pastel wool, which is threatening to be pre-
enamels and jeweled antennae, and dominant this spring. Then there is
long and many armed octopuses crawl British wool and, to continue with
out of their watery habitats to strike the masculine appearance, men's
a pretty pose on suit lapels. For more flannel - and not to forget rabbit's
weighty decoration, we name the hair wool, which is still showing its
necklace of white elephants as a popularity.
cute accessory. Beige is going to be very good
A really splendid sight is that of this year, in both separate jackets and
proud father duck decked out in complete suits. Also, plaids are still
derby, taking the lead in a stroll while way up in the foreground, with gor-
all the younger ducks bring up the geous pink, blue, and yellow designs
rear. being shown.

Ensignia's, models copied from ev-
ery branch of the service, are used'Features Bangs
as designs for gold buttons, lapel dec-
orations or even on the sleeves of Side Curls At Temples Soften
the coat to add to the military air. S
Finally blouses, and other acces- New Stylish Pompadour
sories, such as hats and bags can be
added which will be in keeping with If you want your new hair-do to be
the note. 4bang up with chic this spring you
Ideas Are Aired will go for bangs.
True, this is not a completely new For bangs it is to be, whether a
fashion trend, for in every wartime, mere wisp of a short lock at the side
fashion usually assumes a martial of the forehead, or an out and out
air but the suit I am about to de- bang across the front. However, the
scribe is strictly new for it gets its all-across-the-forehead bang is only
inspiration from the newest unit of for the very young things and should#
warfare-the air force. be shunned by the late twenties and!
It is a three piece suit of natural after.
covert with a slim skirt and a strict- The arrival of the bang does not
ly tailored torso jacket. It has en- necessarily mean that the up hair-do
signia crested gold buttons, and a with the pompadour is out. The bang
brown belt that is a miniature of is being used in a number of ways
the kind army officers wear. to soften the latter a bit-a lock at
The top coat is a trench-coat of one of both temples, or, where an
wrap-around style and three-quarter unstudied pompadour arrangement is
length sleeves. The lapel of the jacket worn, a soft curl that seems merelyC
and coat sport tiny "wings." Any to have escaped.
women wearing this would feel per- One particularly charming version
fectly at ease on a shopping expedi- of the bang is with the hair parted
tion or an expedition into the clouds in the center and a few feathery
in her own plane. curls at e4ther side of the part.

P0 U
hankies to accent
new spring clothes
are found at the
Polhemus shop fo
an infinitesimal quarter. Un-
usual costume jewelry, much of
it inwood or brig tleterb-
evitable wardrobe leg basis, you
will find long-wearing Globe
and Larkwood hosiery in new-
est shades, begnig at 69c.
Corner-stone of
every sprng ward-
robe is a good coat.
Whether its belt-
yo'u want this
year, the Dillon shop promise
to fill your request. Covert cloth
Iis prominent and especially
practical in a military, blue
model cravenetted to shed
rain. /d forall-round weather
wear is "Cap'n Jack," new rain f7
hater by Printzess. Epaulets on
V1 houlder and army-inspired
b u t n i t f a s e n s w i t h a s a s h
blt. hIb beige, red, navy, or
lih Aluea nbd'just the thing
ornn A 's spring.
Housecoats to
relax in are a
prime necessity,
s~u so Jacobsons have2
been able to f indA
Isome combining glamour with
relaxability. Mexican colors In
silk jersey put a green and
yellow sash against a terra cot-
ta background. A Soth Amer-
ic lan print scatters big flowers
Iand pineapples in gay colors.
White pola dots on navy are
emphasizedl by white levers onV1
ยง,a trim, tailored, and full-skirted
style. Or you can be lucky as
well as 'practical in rd wash-
able silk printed with four-lea
clvrs 1

j To blend with
spring wardrobes j
is the scent of ,
Shulton's "Friendship Garden."
Violet, primrose, jasmine, pink
and heliotrope are subtly com-
bined in delightfully refresh-
ing toiletries-talcum, cologne
soap, sachets, or dusting pow-
der. At Calkins-Fetcher in 1.00
or 200 sets. 11
and competent
service is found at
the Vogue beauty
hP a7n Wetrwha







..- V
i t
Youth's in the SADDLE-t one .
Sp:gs:xiig:ntrL colo"a
leathers! New honey ,hue that's a
bright ray of sunshine with your>. >9
": " :r" :r



Lace Net



Mousseline de Soie

obtain their lustre and body during the manufacturing
process in which the pores of these materials are filled

with sizing.

This sizing comes out with wear and is

replaced during our finishing process.
for New Life and Lustre

beige-to-toast or sissy coLor
ed little woolens. Heels on
these Walk-Overs are low...toes
are round and roomy. So soft. ..so
flexible...your feet feel
as lively as a mustangl

;. s
"4'.a -.....
i:y" s
:::ii::. i.

"., NAVAJO n

9 qu 9 '-1 L



1 J'J3



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