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March 12, 1941 - Image 10

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The Michigan Daily, 1941-03-12

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WEDNESD$y, MARCH 12. 1941

._ a. _ _ , .,._

Tunic Effect,
Peplums Are
Latest Trends
Stylists Say Padded Shoulders
Are No Longer Fashionable;
Tropical Prints Are Favored




An d


Coeds Conscript Army 'n' Navy Lines

PastelPPsIai ds Td lowing Complexion Is Basic
Catch Fancy Factor For Road To
Of Designers Spring is showing sunny promises, pose admirablyif youar
so now is the time to start getting using it. Above all bes
Trouser Skirts With Inverted ready for the gay parade days. The color matches your ski
Trouser~~i Skirt kihIvre ed o tegyprd as h

e clever about
sure that the
n exactly-it
that Cth

The new formals and dinner dresses
are warranted to compel the mascu-
line glance and the approval of your
women friends, since they have been
created to compliment you.
One of the exciting innovations for
Easter is the now youthful dinner
dress. Fashion experts say padded
shoulders are definitely a thing of
the past. They have decided the best
policy to follow is to make a woman
more feminine by giving her a nar-
row-looking shoulderline.
The long tunic effect with fine
pleating at the edges adds classic
lovliness and is subtly flattering. Pe-
plums worn over neat straight skirts
are- very chic. Another new creation
is to combine dramatic white and
black. The top of such a dress is
especially smart if'nade of a flowered,
figured lace with a skirt of black dot-
ted swiss which is flounced and has
a hobble fringe around the bottom.
A. black snow fall of dotted veiling
may be worn on the head to complete
the outfit.j
Gowns Turn Demure
Another two-piece evening dress
combine has a silk lace blouse em-
broidered with chenille. The skirt for
the dinner dress is made of green and
white striped satin. A tailored cuff
and belt with a demure white collar
adds a new note to the otherwise
plain dinner dress.
There are many riotous tropical
colored prints for milady as well as
the usual flowered. One new idea for
a print is to feature headlights, musi-
cal notes, or jewelry print. Any of
these upon a background of white
jersey are "eyecatchers." For the the-
atre, a misty gray dress cut to the
knees in front and a cod-fish tail
touching the floor in the back is the
latest "must." A matching turban
completes the picture.
Selection To Suit You
Youthfulness and sophistication
are combined this season to create
the "just right" formal while they
dazzle the men with their daintiness,
they receive the "ah" and "ohs" of
the "glallure" woman. However, be
certain the formal that you select
suits you. Once upon a time a diagon-
al print dress with full bodice and
large sleeves was discovered by the
police. In trying to determine the
type of girl who had worn it, they
drew the following conclusions. The
woman must have been anemically
slender and quite tall, for certainly
no, short heavy-set woman would ever
attempt to wear such a dress. They
were mistaken, however, because the
unfortunate woman had never been
told that her clothes should be made
to flatter her good points and dimin-
ish the bad ones.
A navy and white formal with red
embroidery is one of the most flatter-
ing creations placed on the market.
To exemplify the national spirit, a
starred and striped formal of rayon
marquisette with a red jersey sash
will be quite the thing this spring.
A crisp rayon faille basque bodice
with a great swishing skirt is another
innovation. One of the smartest
dresses for the annual initiation
formals will be the candied celanese
rayon made demure with white round
collar and a red velvet bow (velvet
is to be used this spring for all trim-
And lastly, to get a feather in your
cap, a white chiffon with a grecian
skirt caught up with a pink rose at
the waist will do the trick in making
you an outstanding belle femme.
Lighter Is Hidden
Thinly elegant is a new cigarette
lighter in the shape of a compact.
When the comp.ct is opened a tiny
flame automatically snaps on. The
compact comes in several colors of

Pleats Reflect Dominance
Of Military Influences
"In spring a young woman's fancy
turns from dark, drab colors and
heavy materials to the delectable
pastels and light-weight wools that
he has been dreaming about all
Maybe this statement is some-
what misquoted but the truth of the
matter is easy to understand after
seeing these pastels and wools. They
are not only delectable, they are
smart, comfortable, and any other
adjectives that can be used to des-
cribe the well-dressed individual.
Since skirts and -blouses or sweat-
ers are worn on campus all year
'round, designers have a definite
problem in producing something dif-
ferent each season to satisfy the
tastes of college women, and some
of theiskirts they have turned out
for this spring are really creations
to crow about.
Plaids Rate High
We might mention first that most
popular of plaids, namely, the Glen
plaid. It's been done over in all of
the favorite pastel shades and to say
it's exhilarating is to put it rather
mildly. There's one skirt, with a long
jacket to match, which has two nar-
row pleats under each pocket of the
jacket and an equal number in the
back to give that springy, fresh look.
Another casual, yet trim number
in the same plaid has box pleats all
the way around and comes in the
soft, dusky tones, corals, blues, and
heathers, that are in demand for
Trousers Influence Skirts
With the craze for military trim-
ness, comes a beautifully tailored
trouser skirt which has deep in-
verted pleats back and front. It also
has two stitched "creases" just the
way a man's trousers do. Plaids
again, and this time it's not so con-
servative It's a skirt for spring with
a white or beige background, upon
which is seen a huge plaid pattern in
the brightest colors this side of,
Hollywood. It's exciting and stun-
ning, but it's only for slim people.
From the more prosaic to the un-
usual Newestof the new fads in
skirts is one: taking its cue from
ancient harems. It is pulled on like
a pair of trousersnand when worn
with a short bolero and a fez-like
hat, it makes a startling and picture-
sque outfit.
Split Skirt Arrives
Another innuendo in skirt fashions
this season is the split skirt. Dinner
suits, afternoon and evening suits,
may be found with either narrow or
flared skirts which are split just a
little in front and possibly in back
There's one plain black wool, suit
with a long, fitted jacket, slightly
dipped in back, and with the bottom
corners of the jacket rounded in-
stead of square. The skirt for this
suit is narrow and has a rounded
split at the front hem which makes
for grace and simplicity of line in
the whole outfit.

basic factor to beauty is a glowing
complexion, that will shine above
all those new spring clothes to make
the picture perfectly complete.
First of all discard those used-up
lip sticks, battered old 'boxes of face
powder, grimy eye brow brushes that
are cluttering up the bureau drawers,
and start back from scratch. Soap and
water come first, as we all know, and
don't be afraid to use them to excess
-a little cold cream will soften the
rough edges if your skin is dry. Then
start with a good powder base that
does the job.
Give Skin Rules
If your skin does not have that vel-
vety texture we all love so well, use
one of the new heavier bases that
comes in all skin shades. Even the-
atrical make-up will serve the pur-

gle es a 1naurai oo mat is tie
secret of modern make-up.
Blending Is Necessar;
Rouge andl a touch of powder come
next, if you need them. But go light-
ly with both, so that they won't glare
of articiciality in the revealing day-
light. A- few expert strokes with an
eyebrow pencil and you are ready
for your lipstick. Here the modern
miss is offered an endless galaxy of
types and colors to match her every
whim. The standing rule for this step
is to have your lips blend With your
nails and your outfit.
Above all never forget the import-
ance of good grooming at all times.
The very day you don't bother to
take care with your make up you will
be sure to bumb into The Man, and
fidgit guiltily the whole time.

, . __ _.._., e _..... -- __ __ ___ .._.. __ _.. ,__ _______,


There's nothing to make one feel
nore like Spring than an addition to
a stagnant wardrobe. ,New pastel
dresses, sweaters and skirts are our
contribution. If you want to touch
up an outfit, we have new Spring
accessories that will brighten your
appearance and feelings.

This model is going tropical in
a big way as she wears this strik-
ing gown of cocoa brawn and yel-
low cotton. The skirt is inserted
with a band of yellow from which
a wide flounce of the rich brown
material falls. Wooden beads of
the same hues complete the cos-


305 South State


fill, --il


Watch Posture, Make-up, Hair,
To Be Your Photographic Best
By JEFF GRANT before the picture is taken, moisten
If you follow the advice of the wo- your lips.k
men's staff in choosing your new I don't know anything about hair
spring outfit, I'll be after you soon. of course, but just keep it combed,
From a purely professional point don't let it hang limply. And get an
of view, of course-you see, every even amount on each side of your
week Jeanne Crump and I hide be- head . . . symmetry always counts.
hind telephone poles and spend hours It's light colors that photograph
lounging in coke shops-all this in best, and you can get even more con-
search of a good-looking, well-dressed 1 trast by choosing a number with
girl for the Daily's "Feather in Her white collar and cuffs. When you are
Hat" column. planning contrast, remember that
Take These Tips green, deep red, brown, black, blue
So in case we find you, take a and deep gray will-always photograph
few tips on how to look your best for practically black.
the Daily photographer. Stand up straight but not stilted
Your make-up is important. You so. Relax, swing your hands, toss your
can hardly use too much lipstick as head until you feel natural, but above
far as I am concerned. (I am the all, don't stare at the camera with
photographer, not your date). Make an open-mouth adnoid expression.
up heavily enough so as to form a Girls should keep their mouths shut,
contrast. Normal make-up often pho- even when posing for photographs.
tographs an insipid white-and just unless they're laughing or eating.
Men Seek The Face

It takes a clo~et full of fashions like these
coats, suits, millinery, dresses, purses, gloves,
and costume jewelry to swing you into spring.
If you've pre-determined exactly the kind of
clothes you wont to wear this spring, you'll
find them here. And if you're slightly be-
wildered, in need of fashion counsel, you
will find that here, too. We do a job for
you, rounding out your wardrobe, and


Slippers And Mules
In Bright Striped
Linen Are Attractive
A comfortable addition to your
spring wardrobe will be a cool, gayly,
colored pair of mules or slippers. A
famous California stylist who has
supplied you, heretofore, with play-
shoes and the "teddy bear scuffy"
has covered the classic mule, which
has cross straps over the toes, with
brightly striped linen.
If you are more conservative, you
may get the same shoe in a natural
shade. Slippers also have been mod-
eled along these spring lines for
those who prefer them rather than
heelless mules.
Wishbone Fad Begins
Equally smart for the girl who
likes tailored blouses and frocks or
for her boy friend is the new wishbone
jewelry, being shown in cuff links.
tie chains, clips and collar pins.

Try to look happy even though you
don't like the photographer because
the girls may look at your dress, but
the fellows want to see your face, so

tapering down your budget to
perfect proportions all-round!


remember the expression.-
Watch your hands .. . improperly ZrA
posed hands easily spoil a picture.
Carry a purse, a book, but don't let A smart new bag being shown for
the hands hang by your side. wear with spring suits has three zip-
And if the photographer asks you pered comnartments, all opening on
to cross your legs for the picture the outside and placed one beneath
(cheese-cake, they call it) don't do the other so that they are an inte-
it, 'cause the Dean won't let us gral part of the bag's decorative
print it. motif.

1.95 to 6.50

t -
f 44
7 t f t t, t 1
k { .E. ya yo-: t

10.95 to 25.00

. .\,
: >
vl, ,i
.: 6t :_,, r:j:a
t Z } .
a:, :.r.
:%:'..:. v..
.;; . v
3 K
' y
,, 1
j: j

Your oece
Refresh your wardrobe with a
robe from our lovely selection.
You'll like them and wear them
to relax in. See, too, our foun-
dations, girdles, spring pajamas,
gowns, ensembles, slips and
Kayser hose.



i) ° A4
wso ,
_. .,,, ,.......,.... .. . w w..,.

1.00 and up


{ 4;+

~AfvA V

i A


-~' NW" ~ U


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