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March 12, 1941 - Image 12

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The Michigan Daily, 1941-03-12

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PA(+.TE TWO _,a.a. -~. 1 1 1J.

L, 1V1C1L4V AA 1Fil AU7*A

Slack Outfits,
Yet Feminine
Frocks Of White, Print, Pastels
Will Be Worn For Tennis, Golf
And Canoeing During Summer








________________________ 7-

1 'Thef Navy's In',

The promise of melting snow brings
with it the fading desire to ski and
toboggan, the hopeful look towards
canoing and tennis, and the inevi-
table wish for some enthusiastic
sports clothes.
Gone are the pink parasol and?
frothy dress combinations for a late
afternoon canoe party. Into the
wardrobe must go one servicable pair
of slacks that show the cooperative
spirit in working the boat up-stream.
Of gabardine are the latest ones, in
colors that rival chocolate creams to
make you look feminine and dainty,
despite the practicality of the gar-
Slacks Go Navy
Most noticeable of the new influ-
ence in slack combinations is the
navy craze, most suitable to these
trousered garments. Blouses have
gone back to grammar school days
with middie models to hang to the
hip, and navy-blue ties draped in a
loose knot at the throat. Emblems
adorn the sleeves of many of the
newer creations--emblems to take
mademoiselle through a whole season
of sailing or of picking shells at the
Tennis dresses this season havei
taken on some of the form of the
new winter skating outfits-in lighterI
fabrics and softer colors they con-
tinue the tradition of the slim prin-
cess line with skirts flaring from
waist to just-above the-knee. As th'
wintry red flannels were madedt c
look "dressed" underneath a ziv- IPn
skirt, so the new sleekfitting shorts
undeoneath the tennis skirts will keep
you 'vll clothed during a l:n
foreh' d.


Spring Fashions Demand Trim
Figures ... Exercise Will Help
By DOROTHY BRIDGEON Join hands and one of you lean back
Bend down, sister, bend down if as far as possible, then move the
you want to rid yourself of that n trunk of your body first to the left.
sightly buldge caused bylack of exer- and then bending forward to let your
partner do the same thing.
cise or over indulgence. The completed motion should be
Thanks to modern dance classes, such as to make a circular movement.
we have a few helpful suggestions The real value of such an exercise
for the bewildered woman. You may lies in the ability to pull back as far
be stiff for several days, but you will asyou can while holding your part-
ner's hand.
find that you have achieved the de- To Reduce Hips
sired results. To reduce the hip measurement,
One ,of the first exercises to pro- lie on your side on the floor and
lure a slender waistline is to lay flat swing the top leg horizontally back
on the floor on your back and slow- and forward as far as you can reach.
ly raise your two feet above your A simple exercise to accomplish the
head. Now comes the hard part, same thing is to sit on the floor and
lower your legs so slowly that the roll from right Lo left. If you're
strain is felt in your abdominal mus- not tired by this time, you should be.
dles. Repeating this exercise five As an added dose, however, for the
times will be sufficient if you want never-tiring woman. here is the final
to walk the next day. exercise. Stand with your back and
And now, ladies, turn over on your feet tight against the wall, slide
stomach, keeping your body in con. down to the floor holding your
tact with the floor, raise your legs shoulders against the wall and your
and arms as high as possible and then back erect. Then raise yourself in the
lower them gradually, same manner to a standing position
H Are Mo without the use of hands to help you
Hftere Adre doysetget the little shove-off that is often
one of the old standbys is toned.
touch the floor ten times with the eded
palm ofhyour hands. Another exer-
cise which will bring the desired re-
sults, is to stand with your feet TOrso-Length C
close together twisting the trunk of
your body from right to left. By this U
but we have just begun. ef lFo o
time doubtless you are quite tired,bu weh v j st eg n
Once again stand with your two By JEANNE CORDELL
feet firmly on the floor, and raise March, that herald Of spring, is evi-
your right arm over your head and dently coming in like a lamb instead
then bend the trunk of your boy of a lion, but .there's more than an
toward the left as far as you can go even chance that the tables will be
keeping your arm relaxed while you turned before the end of the month
move.' and in that case it's not a bad idea
Now Sit Down to be prepared, as the Boy Scuts say.
As you might be tired of standing New season, new clothes! Even the
up, sit down on the floor and spread sweater and skirt outfit undergoes
your legs far apart and bend your isow-e radical changes and we're here
body forward towards your right to tell just what's different this spring
leg, arms extended so your head is ii sweaters. The newest feature along
resting upon your knee and your this line is in the way of torso-length
hands are touching your toes. Now cardigans and pull-overs.
repeat the same process bending to- Torso Line Continues
ward the other knee. It looks as though almost all of the
It's always a lot of fun to have a latest sweaters have this torso line.
partner cooperate with you, not only and to say the least, it's flattering!
because it makes you realize that one short-sleeved model has two
you're not the only one that needs large patch-pockets at the hip-line
to reduce, but because the following and a three-inch band around the
exercise calls for a partner, iI is to waist to give that sylph-like appear-
be successful.{ ance which it undeniably does.
Work With A 'Partner Another sweater of the sametorso-
Get your partner to sit down on length, has long sleeves and is cardi-.
the floor with you and the two of gan style. It's deeply ribbed except
you spread your legs as far apart as for the sleeves, has the same banded
Dosible at the same time touchig waist -in e, and the adied at aeticn
the bottom of your partner's foot. of a tiny breast pocket which is em-

Box Coat Tops All

} v
1 ?":': ?

' >
:, .

Soft Shetland, Cashmere Yarns
Remain Classic Favorites; Red
Cross Gives Instruction
Are you a knitter? Whether you
are experienced at the art or simply
a potential enthusiast, this article
is for you.
The Daily has received reports from
campuses all over the country about
the growing popularity of knitting.
Women are knitting everywhere for
themselves, for the Red, Cross, for
Bundles for Britain, and for the
countless other charities for war re-
The faculty of Wayne University
even considers it so important that
the gentle art has now achieved rec-
ognition and dignity as a new course
being offered to women this semes-
Don't Be Lazy!
Don't be lazy and say you don't
know how! Just hie yourself down
to the W.A.B. of a Saturday after-
noon and get some instruction from
our own Red Cross unit. They'll start
you on something simple like a child's
sweater. You can have it done in
no time at all, while having the satis-
faction of doing something really
You'll soon find that knitting has
its decided advantages: you can keep
your hands busy while conversing, at-
tending meetings, or lectures, and will
soon get the habit of picking up your
work in any odd moments.
You may even join the past mas,
ters of the art who concentrate on a
book while their needles fly. Some
women have been known to drag out"
the knitting while.at the movies with
a date, but we don't advise this un-
less you know the man won't object
-or else you don't care what hel
Here Are Ideas
Here are some ideas if you are'
temporarily tired of being patriotic
after knitting all winter for soldiers
and refugees. Pamper yourself witha
a creation of soft shetland or cash-

War Revives Knitting Epidemic;
Argyle Socks Are Fashion Pets

mere-the yarn, which is imported
from Scotland is rather expensive
on account of the war, but well worth
the money, though American yarn
can be just as good. We guarantee
that with a little patience and perser-
verence, you'll have a sweater to rival
your best friend's favorite Brooks.
If you can tear yourself away
from classic styles long enough to
consider novelty yarns, nubby and
rich-textured, you'll find infinite pos-
sibilities for unusual effects with rib-
bing and more difficult stitches.
If you don't want to tackle a
sweater, try some of those amazing
new spiral socks-just a matter of
knit and purl. They have no heels,
yet they fit your feet to a T. Very
simple, buy some sock needles or a
circular sleeve needle, and get busy
on that yarn.
Argyles Are Pets
Argyles are probably your pet pas-
sion right now-those diamond socks
women have stolen from the men.
They are not so dificult to make if
ypu have had some experience, and
they give you an opportunity to
dream up something original in the
way of color combinations.
Get your friends to donate left-
over skeins, and work out color pat-
terns to go with two or three of your
sweaters, such as beige, aqua, and
fyellow, or navy, peach, and white.
The number gf concoctions is unlim-
ited so just use your imagination.
You might knit a pair in red, gray,
and black for your big brother or the
man, and then a slightly smaller edi-
tion for yourself.
You have the fingers. Here is some-
thing in the way of inspiration (we
hope). So get on the bandwagon and
knit like mad!
Ciga rette Line Shown
One of spring's most popular sil-
houettes, judging from advance styles
now being introduced in New York,
will be the cigarette line, Frocks
gored from neckline to hem give a
long, lovely line that is vastly flat-

NavyEmbl ems
Decorate Heels,
OfNovel Shoes
At this time of complex patriotism
when the stars and stripes are being
imprinted on everything from ice
vream to carpet sweepers, the shoes
of the smart young women this spring
will pay tribute to the United States
Stylists have temporarily borrowed
the Navy's emblem, having decided
that it would add just the right de-
grce of brightness to a plain black

ardigans Prove
, Evening Wear
bellished with gold chevrons in keep-
ing with the navy element so fore-
most in fashions today.
Evening Sweater Described
For evening and dinner wear, there
is a ribbed boucle number, waist-coat
style. It has tiny buttons to the waist-
line and from there on it's cut away
just like a waist-coat. A beautiful
cable-stitched sweater with large
patch-pockets is elegant for informal
evening wear too!
Since suits of all descriptions are
going to be the thing this spring, lots
of sweaters and blouses will be needed
4o complete the effect, and there's
one sweater that will not only com-
plete it but definitely enhance it!
It's a two-toned, ribbed model and
comes in any combinations of colors
that could be desired, blue and white,
pink and white, and so on far into
the color prism.
Cashmeres ArerFavorites
When the weather gets a little
warmer, a cashmere slip-over will be
on the list of every sweater lover. It's
made on a fine-gauge machine and is
as thin, light and expensive looking
as anyone could want.

4hite Rules Te;mis uede pump. Accurate copies of this'
tis s;i l_ the avori P ' !blem done in gold braid or thread
the n >:courts l ot , , en be seen adorning the plainest
Jlh h 12f .re s shoe.
I tettab o totl-r+,,;Heels Arc Decorated
m an be purchased in tz " Middl collars boasting small starsI
pastel hues, and mmng ;m and anchors trimmed with the stripes
UnL~ht the sun gis"e C are being adapted both to the low
the ^'lf Inks in th-w latesu rnrn j ieeled sport shoe and the medium or
iwsly an:3. log sPrw'1 : s;Ighheel dress shoe.
upon the course. Action back re Not to be outdone by the blueboys
are most essential for tnat fonllo. >f our Navy, western cow-punchers
throagn swing. tiX.e sent waves of inspiration to
Simple sport lins are emasi;'-- .=st1ern stylists. The cowboy heel
ed in the new models of veiry lght :1al aeteristic of western boots are
weighi gabardino and soft 1,l1,t wols. sed on treet pumps and oxfords
W all the freedom n-e, u r- for :f saddle leather or calfskin.
the :olfer, these styles are suita ble Brand markings, decorative fringe,
for ,he classrcom from now until saddle stitching, scalloped edges,
June. brass buttons and nailheads are
among the numerous motifs hailing
Chesterfield Raincoat from the rough and rugged west.
Ras Stitchings and perforations on the
To Domina te Ra iny tongue, sole and heel of the shoes
add that certain oomph to an other-
W eather On Campus wise simple sport shoe.
Shoes Go Western


Salute to- Spi






New Little
Head-turners for Spring
. . boxy and dressmaker
coats in solid pastels, navy
and colorful pastel plaids.
$16.95 to $39.95

... . ......


Springtime in Ann Arbor being
syncinymous with rain, it will soon
again be time for slickers, rubber
boots, and umbrellas to dominate our
Our usual standbys, reversible cam-
el's hair and wool plaid coats, will
convert themselves into protectors
from seasonal showers. The knee
length Chesterfield coat in pastel
shades of rain proof gabardine wil
be natty and convenient with its
huge zippered pockets and guaran-
teed protection.-
We steal the smart lines of the
regulation army trench coat, make it
up in dazzling white gabardine, and
then challenge you to get wet in it.
This coat can be had in the swagger-
ing double breasted type, or the fitted
to the waist, and full skirt style.
The outstanding feature of this fash-
ion headliner is the rounded army
flaps coming over the shoulders and
the buttons that trim it.

flew Co/leclion ,4

srin J

Brand markings are also found on
heels, tongues and vamps of casuals,
and combinations of navy kid and
7an calf in keeping with western tra-
dition seem to be Ideal for spring
Brought back by popular demand
are the Mexican Coolee sport sandal
with flat rubber heels, and heel straps
merging into the woven body of the
shoe. Hurraches "The shoe that
made Mexico famous" are due for
an external existence as once again
men and women alike vote them
back into popularity. Made of steer-
hide, these shoes are comfortable and
flexible enough to please those school
girls who enjoy scuffing about and
to answer other demands for the
all purpose play shoe.
Contributions from the Indians to
our preview of oddities in shoes come
in the form of feathered tongues held
in place by bows and nail heads stud-
ding the outline of the wedge heel.





Zero Hour for
Perennial favorites
. . . tweeds, plaids,
shetlands, 10-20.
$10.95 to $29.95

E S~
y ao you.
ivies, gay prints
0-40, 9-17.
P6.50 to ,$29.95
" r
wes, Hosiery, N
d around $100 |






?, t
3' S






Our new colle"
dresses is ready
white frosted n,
and pastels. 11



AND $2.99
In All Brown
Saddle Color
Brown and whit-
Igo, Sandt
Sand other now

You'll need a variety of new frocks for the Easter
Parade. A dress for every occasion. Look strikingly
lovely this Spring, have all eyes on the "new you" in
some of the favoritesof our refreshing collection.
1f- Kn k


-Jewelry, Glo
Blouses, Ne




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