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March 14, 1940 - Image 8

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The Michigan Daily, 1940-03-14

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ing Fashions Feature Femininity In Suits And Blow



Plaids, Stripes And Pastel Color Combinations Are


Sheer Blouses,
Tailored Shirts
Vie For Honors

Pastel Colors Keynote Trend
In New Jewelry For Spring

h ff

Trimings With Eyelets,
Lace On Light Material
Add Softness To Outfit
Do you remember the days of your
infancy when the game of peek-a-
boo occupied a great deal of your
time? Well, springtime fashions dic-
tate a returr to the days of child-
hood what with sheer blouses trim-
med in eyelet material.
That new blouse for your spring
suit can be sheer batiste, chiffon or
silk, but it must have the feminine
touch of a lacy or eyelet collar and
'uffs, in order to soften the unavoid-
able harshness of any suit. One mod-
el has the entire front tucked in very
tiny gatherings of material, a tiny
Peter Pan collar and cuffs with lace
edges. The frillier, the more femin-
ine, the fussier your blouse, the
greater exponent you are of this
spring's fashion.
Sheer Blouses Take Lead
Jabots edged in lace, eyelet em-
broidery and rosebuds are part of
the embellishments on these sheer
batiste blouses. Entire yokes of lace
and embroidery are popular. Sleeves
are short and full on these blouses,
and the bottoms are finished finely
so that they may be worn either
inside or outside of your spring skirt.
Some of the sleeves have lace inser-
tions to match the bibs of lace in the
front of the bluse. Other numbers
have entire fronts of lace, with just
the sleeves and backs sheer silk or
chiffon. Swiss organdies provide the
starchy side of your costume but
these, too, are softened with innu-
merable feminine details.
On the other hand, for the more
tailored young woman, who, in spite
of the severity of her spring suit,
wishes to preserve the tailored as-
pect, those classic silk shirtwaists
continue to appear on the horizon.
They come in all the delcate pastel
shades one could wish-rose, light
blue, gold, and cool green.
Shfrwaists Are "Covered UV"
Short sleeves are the most popular
for warm weather, but the "cover-
up" idea has pervaded the fashion
sanctum so that eVen shirtwaists are
being shown with long full sleeves,
and 'tight cuffs.
ack to the sheer blouses again,
thes'e, too, apiear especially in chif-
fon, with xong, full, flowing sleeves,
to fiear out the "cover-up" slant on
sprilgtinie f hions. Tailored col-
lars A-4d c16sligs accompany the
distinctly frilly and feminine
sleeves to prdduc'e a compromise in
the spring blouse, a pleasing and
smart addition to any wardrobe.
Co*wed Laces Add
4ikhy_1' -Saddles
To add new ife to saddle shoes
now dull and slightly-worse-for-the-
wear looking, try using colored shoe
laces. These laces, which haye proved
especially popular on campuses of
Eastern colleges, can be obtained
either in solid colors, or in plaid
or checks.
Bright red laces, for example, will
brighten up a navy blue outfit, o
gayly complement a red plaid skirt

Miniature Spoon Engraved
With Wearer's Initials
Become Popular Here
Spring will blossom out this year in
a bevy of pastels - especially in
jewelry. Although simplicity is the
keynote, colors run rampant. For


your sweaters, the latest style is a
necklace of twisted ropes, either in
one color, or in a combination of two
colors. Of, if you prefer, wear a
dainty heart locket in simple gold or
ornamented with your school crest.
With suits, the c.crrect thing to
wear is a bright lapel pin - jeweled
for your dressy suits or carved wood-
en or ivory masks for the strictly
sport ensemble. Another tricky gad-
get is the sweater or lapel pin in a
miniature spoon with the wearer's
name engraved on it.
Charm Bracelets Fade
Charm bracelets are fading from
the fashion field, but they are being
replaced by seal bracelets and gold
chains. The same type of chain is
also being used as a necklace on
dressy frocks.
Speaking of dressy clothes! There's
a wealth of jewelry designed to add
a spring touch to date and evening
ensembles. Pastel pearls, for in-
stance, are very light weight and
quite inexpensive. Another unusual
combination of necklace and brace-
let representing a circus with minia-
ture cages, caliopes and elephants
hung from a white chain. This type
of thing can be worn for dress or
sport wear, but if you prefer it can
be obtained in carved ivory for dress
wear only.
Jewelry Fads Given
Among the loveliest of the current
jewelry fads are the painted china
pins, bracelets and pendants. The
bracelets are groups of buds and
flowers and in their pastel colors and
lend that special touch that livens
up the sombrest of outfits.
Formals jewelry consist of GWTW
necklaces for your Southern belle
gowns, or for the sophisticate, the
jewels may be rhinestone or of any of
the various stones, which match your
gown. Clips in flower pattern or
pearls are still good for all formal
Animals are taking their place in
the jewel field and are much in evi-
dence as, . for example, the silver
horses and dogs for blouse and lapel

pins. Incidentally, these accessories
are equipped with safety catches and
are fashioned to suit the most metic-
ulous of wearers.
Rope Strands Shown
Red, white, and blue is also very
popular and can be obtained in the
twisted ropes or in triple strands or
links. These, also, come in pastels
and will be worn well into the sum-
mer. For your spring prints or dark
sheers there is a spring necklace of
large white disks worked in delicate
filigree. A bracelet also goes with
All in all, spring jewelry shows dis-
tinct originality and is designed to
make its wearer a well-dressed wom-
en in any group.
kMay Do As Much,
As Clothes For Yu
New hair-dos each spring seem to
more or less naturally follow each
spring-struck women's new-clothes
mood-and they definitely do as
much as new clothes towards pick-
ing up one's snowed-under poise and
This year, neatness in hairdress
has the spotlight, and you may safe-
ly be seen in either a short, neat
coiffure or a longish neat coiffure.
Hair this year, however, is at its
best brushed up and back from the
ears in front, and in wide deep waves
in back. Four inches, they tell us,
is far enough for hair to extend down
the back of the neck.
Curls must be neat, too, with em-
phasis placed secondly on their soft-
ness. Soft bangs or a light pompa-
dour over the forehead are suggested
unless one has particularly delicate
Individual custom-made suits.
Remodeling of coats and suits
a specialty.
Phone 3468 506 E. Liberty


Masculine Wisdom Condemns
Feminne Fashion Weaknesses

'Coeds Choose
Saddle Shoes
For Wardrobe
n Two pairs of saddle shoes in every
closet and a pair of white mocassins
on every shelf: that is our program!
At least there are moccasins now
to relieve the monotony, or should it
be monopoly, that prevails over co-r
I ed feet. Even these may not last, for
they are difficult to keep on after
they've reached the sloppy stage. If
you remember last year, hurach'es
made a claim to lasting popularity,
but were soon run out for the same
reason that is being predicted for the
Indian's favorite shoe. If they do find
a permanent niche in the Michigan
wardrobe, it will probably be in the
i modified style that includes laces,
some support in the instep and a reg-
ulation low heel.
Wedges Are 'Popular
' Another style that Hollywood, New
York and blacked-out Paris seem to
think should be the boon of the
campus-ite is wedge heels, also
known as props. 'There's been no
sign of them ,here yet, and it doesnt'
look as if there will be. Perhaps the
long and the short of it is that Mich-
igan is conservative in its shoe favo-'
rites. Its only recent fling is in a
few pairs of brightly colored suede{
shoes, but they're not at all preva-
+lent. These, and moccasins, have',.
brought down the sale of saddles, but
have not threatened their leadership.
p Spectators Retain Vogue
High heeled "date shoes" are more
original, but spectators are still the
most popular. Any kind of pump,
with originality in the toes, is the
right thing to look for. Toes can
be cut out in many designs, or filled,
in with contrasting leather. Squared
toes are proving successful too.
But the truth of it is that saddles
are used as dates shoes too. So this
is the strange kind of style story that
doesn't predict anything, with the
p possible exception of modified Indian
moccasins, and upholds the banner.
of an old favorite. The saddle shoeI
R inarrhpq ,nn'

You girls have sought everywhere
for your fashions. You've borrowed
from Bali, stolen from Spain and
robbed from Robin Hood. You've
gone into dithers over South-Sea
sarongs a Lamour, you've swiped the
turban of the Whirling Dervish and
you've copied from Cleopatra. Now
why in hell don't you come home for
a change?
I wouldn't have you do this simply
as a jingoistic, Martin Dies-y form of
Americanism. But in the first place
I, for one, am strangely nauseated by
the sight of an Anerican girl paracd,-
ing as the Queen of Sheba or the
rUnion Jack. And in the second place,
I think I've got reason on my side.
Enlance Your Advantages
For instance, one of the things that
dress is supposed to do, as I under-
stand it, is to enhance your natural
advantages and to make less obvious
your shortcomings. If you are broad
you wear stripes up and down, not
around like -convicts.
Well now, suppose you are at that
stage when the facial contours begin
to sag, when wrinkles appear, when,
to be Romantic about it, the Worm:
of Age is consuming the Rose of
Youth. What does the average, irra-
tional fem-inanity do? She imports
something from Asia or Africa or
Timbuctoo and hopes that the exotic-
ness will smother the senility. The
result is that she usually resembles
a Voodoo idol.
Look Youthful Again
But if she would just capitalize on
the principle of American men's hats,
I say, she could look youthful again.
For all a man has to do is flip up the

brim of his hat all around and he
can pass anywhere as a high-school
adolescent. Just that upward flair of
a fedora melts away the years like
water from the Fountain of Youth.
Another reason why girls empha-
size fashions, I presume, is to add to
their chances of catching men. Again
I say that American women are look-
ing afar when the real gold is in
their backyards.
For none of you coeds would ever
descend to the plebian clothing of
Kentucky mountain women. Never
would you wear ginghams or linsey-
wool-seys or Daisy-Mae skirts. Never
would you stoop to this, although you
know full well that Kentucky is the
White And Frilly Are
Spring Handkerchiefs
Part of your laundry lost in the
shuffle? More birthdays coming up
with nary an idea for a gift? New
touches needed for an old formal
that still has life? Try stocking up
on handkerchiefs.
White and frothy to match the
new spring blouses are a collection of
lacy squares that lend a finishing
touch to black and navy suits, or to
a sleek new pocketbook. Naive and
peppy are the huge colored squares
that go with new prints, silk or
cotton, or around the, head for rum-
ble-seat riding.
Gift handkerchiefs are lovely in
delicate white with appliqued ini-
tials in bold or subtle colors. One
particular model i sof soft imported
linen with rounded lettering worked
into the materials at one corner.

land of child-marriage, where the
girls have reached their zenith in the
art of man-catching.
Flour-Sacks Are Useful
one of your chief fashion quests,
apparently, is for foreign fabrics and
strange colors. I see in Vogute that
Matelasse crepe and melusine an'd
Gauguin pink are in for a revival.
Again you pass up a sure-fire bet.
For if there is any fabric that has
more creative popsibilities than the
flour-sacks of the sharecroppers I
have yet to see it. The sharecropper
uses the flour-sack for every purpose
from diapers to evening gowns, al-
ways with that distinctive decora-
tion, "Dorsel's Seal of Kentucky" or
"Harvest - Maid Brand" that no
amount of bleaching will quite re-

S p rin g H a rvest o f R e t t n i a at~ .,.
E +. {.
NEW ~~\
f~. ~4it

I r

Pretty i'n Our
Head Sizes to 24


There's a magic to this wonderful Apple Blossom
Fragrance of Helena Rubinstein. It's not nectar
or ambrosia, but just the most heavenly sweet
scent you have ever experienced. Fresh as the
morning, gay as the song of a lark, warm as a
maiden's first blush, it will captivate you and
"him" sure as anything.
You should try the refreshing lilt of the Cologne (1.00), 'the
more lingering essence of the Eau de Toilette (1.75), or the
gentle mist of the Dusting Powder (1.00-now also availabla
in a handy shaker-top box at only .50), or the exhilarating
coolness of the Bath Oil (1.00, 2.00). Whichever you try,
you'll want the whole sequence, and you'll be back for more
again and again. It's lmagic, we repeat.

.:a _. ~,
Y:.;; "j
\-:, :!

i _: '

More charm, more chic in these Easter Straws
and Felts . . gay with flowers, feathers and




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