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March 14, 1940 - Image 9

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The Michigan Daily, 1940-03-14

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Checks Are Favored

"In the spring a young girl's fancy-" not only "turns," but is prac-
tically revolutionized with sunny days arid balmy breezes indicatiig that
spring fashion, Fashion, FASHION should be uppermost in the minds of
all who would follow the trend of the times.
Personal satisfaction is involved. Ah, mie! what joys--what self-con-
fidence as one views one's self in that most delightful ;?) of creations--the
Easter bonnet with a little lace and little fluff and feathers and straw,
and lots of stuff.
Young Man's Pancy Also Turns
but there's soinething else involved. For who can forget that "in the

, f r -f3
'wA Ow

spring a young man's fancy" also "turns," and not to
thoughts of fashion, but who can tell what feminine
forethought will help his fancy turn in the right
And so we find our Susie -the heroine of this
account---attending style shows right and left and
armed with the latest fashion magazines under both
arms, proceeding to plan out her campaign.
"This year," says Susie, "things are going to be

different. I will choose the dominant color for my wardrobe first, thus,
avoiding the conglomeration I usually end up with when nothing matches
anything else."
"In fact," says Susie with her head in the closet as she peers wistfully
at last year's wardrobe, "I see nothing now that will go with anything else
so I will begin anew." So saying, she tosses discretion to the winds and her
old wardrobe to her mother's favorite rummage sale and begins to decide
And Susie Chooses A Ndvy Blue
Color, tone, hue. shade-a riotous assemblage from whence to pick
and choose. "I suppose it's unimportant whether I pronounce cyclamen
with A broad "i" if I want it for mny color, but I guess I'll stick to something
a little easier and possibly a little more becoming," says our Susie, who we
have just decided is a redhead. And so we come to navy blue as a basic
color which is practically inevitable when it's spring and
when the person has plain intelligence and a simple aes-
thetic sense as does our Susie.
This thinking, this pondering, this preparatory step
has taken our Susie well into March. Now comes the big "
important ste--the buying. Susie starts her first shop- °
pig tour armed with the prime requisite-a well-filled
pirse (that is, filled with money, dough, argent, pecuia-
and not junk).
First step in buying for Susie is "THE BASIC SUIT."
This garment requires alnost as much thought as the pre-
liiinaries, but with its color already chosen, it's only a matter of days before
Susie ends up with "a darling little number" which has two pieces, white
pique collar and cuffs, and is "quite tailored."
Shopping Becomes Mlore Difficult
From now on the way proves far from, smooth. Susie get through the
buying of a white chiffon blouse and cherry red accessories for the shit
without too muchi difficulty. But when it comes to buying "THE LITTLE
SILK DRESS" with "THE EXTRA LITTLE HAT" to match, she allows
herself to be swayed by a "darling little number" in an off-
shade of Kelly green which has no hopes of matching the
cherry red accessories and even mildly clashes with navy
And when she is overcome by a black check skirt she
throws caution to the winds, ending up Awith a congloihera-
"Next year," says Susie to herself, "Things are going to
be differeit. I will choose 'THE DOMINANT COLOR' for niy
wardrobe first, and after I have bouight 'TiE BASIC SUIT'
I will buy everything else to match, thus, avoiding the con-
glomeration I have now when nothing matches anything
Footnote to Susie's final statement: the only thing
positive about next year and Susie and spi'inl is that '"In the Spring a
young girl's fancy" will ttirn again to fashion, Fashion, and FASHION.

Checks add gaiety to this softly
draped gown whose molded waist-
line and shirred bodice mark it
Needs Formals
Extra telephone buzzing speaks for
the unusually active social season
that includes formals and formals
both professional men and fratern-
ity men.
To take the Odonto men's eyes
away from feminine teeth, just don
one of the numerous figure flatterers
that Ann Arbor shops' are now show-
ing. Blue and white checked taffeta
has a pert crisp effect that is height-
ened by a swishing red sash six inches
in Width. Klock red carnations to
adorn the hairline will counteract
the no-flower system of the Uni-
Crisp biack lace will make a dancer
look mysterious, especially if the ac-
companying mantle is draped grace-
fully about her head. A smoothly
fitting decolletage bodice accents the
tiny waistline and sweeps out into
an enormous yardage of skirt and
hemline. Wear jeweled bracelets or
hairclips with this model, although it
is startling and effective when re-
To gain confidence after having
been officially summoned by Ann
Arbor police to Crease Ball, try win-
ning the jury over with a feminine
Gone With The Wind model. Pink
tulle,, miles of it, can frame a face
of smiles to best advantage. Off the
shoulders, this model sets off to best
advantage that Christmas necklace
that has until now gone unused. Cam-
pus pearls gain glamour, too, when
added to this costume.

Spring Gowns
May Be Suited
To Many Roles
New Formals Are Saucy,
Feminine, Bewitching
Or Spectacular In Style
What is there about a spring even-
ing that is different from any other?
It could be the new spring formals
which can make you look an imp, an
angel, or a woman of the world. So
choose your role and the dress to
fit it.
Perhaps you would like to be saucy
and yet not impertinent. You feel
as fresh as a peppermint stick (and
look like one too) in a striped taf-
feta formal of lollypop red, candy
green, navy, or black.
Check Youxr Gown
Check and double check one of
the new checked taffeta formals,
especially good in black and white
accented by a scarlet midriff. If you
have some gypsy in your soul, try
a bold plaid taffeta skirt and, to be
paradoxical, top it off with a baby
blouse of ruffled organdy.
If, on the other hand, the stars put
you in a celestial mood, wear some-
thing very ethereal and utterly fem-
inine. Scarlet O'Hara has left the
same influence in fashions as she did
in the hearts of her admirers. Why
not borrow some of her style? A
printed gown with ruffled skirt, puff-
ed sleeves, and boquets and presto,
you become a southern belle! Starch-
ed chiffon strewn with daisies or
marquisette with inserts of biack
chantilly lace will make your date
hum, "I'm going to dance with a
"Sky Is The Limit"
But if you yearn to subtley play
the femme fatale, the sky is the limit
for your witchery. Wear a skirt
sheathlike as the Washington Monu-
ment or bouffant as the capitol
dome. With one, you will revel in
jet embroidered on pastel wool jack-
ets; with the latter, white quilted
satin and black faille or a white
lace mantilla and ruffled skirt mys-
teriously surrounding a black taffeta
bodice with the new lowered midriff
And to make an extra spectacular
entrance, cover your gownwith a
flambouyant cape of green and
fushia stripes.
Individualism Comes
Into Own In Pajamas
Candy stripes, crazy cottons, daffy
designs are all in their element in
the wee small hours when the most
reserved of campus queens can "let
go" on the matter of taste and let
their weirdest flights of fancy take
form in pajamas,
The day of Dr. Dentons leaves the
first breath of spring weather, and
in its place comes dainty dimity,
broadcloth if you like that smooth
feeling, and for the very, very hot
weather blister sheer.
As for line, that never changes.
The woman who likes her night
clothes tailored in the winter will
like them that way in the summer
and the nightie fiend can no more
be swayed in cold weather than in
warm: Still further to the left's the
individual who refuses to change
either line or material in any season.

Hats Tilt Forward

Easter Parade
Means Brand
New Bonntet
Bonnets to the right of us and
bonnets to the left of us. Big straws,
little straws, sailors, felts, turbans and
cartwheels, all ready to shine in the
Easter parade! There's a spring hat
for every mood and every occasion.
A blue felt hat with an enormous
white plume in the back will be suit-
able for every festive occasion. But a
little cap of white dove wings with
a chou of hydronaga ilowers and a
gossamer green veil is definitely for
only very special leap year occasior-.
On Easter day for church and dinner
a new narrow brimmed sailor in con-
fection pink straw with a gray veil,
or a head-hugging pique halo which
stands stiffly out at the sides, with
gardenias and a tiny veil to top it off,
will complete the holiday.
There is nothing like a fetching
bonnetfor leap year. A pale blue
rough straw bonnet with pink flowers
nestling under the brim is guaran-
teed to invoke a leap year declara-
tion. In the same category, too, is a
white pique hat with a high crown
and tiny brim. A black veil forms a
deep band around the crown of the
hat and comes to a bow in the back.
A black pill-box of black grosgrain
which follows the line of the head
down to the nape of the neck where
pink and crimson roses cluster is
appropriate for more prosaic occa-

In the spring (and almost any oth-
er time) a young man lightly turns to
thoughts "de l'amour," while the
object of the results of his thinking,
the female of the species, lightly,
turns to thoughts and purchases of
clothes, usually reliable sources re-
ported late yesterday.
Semi-official bulletins indicated
recently that spring was at our very
door, knocking for admittance with a
gentle hand. Therefore (to proceed
quite logically), the local lads and
lasses should begin to prepare for
serious concentration on the subjects
of the Arboretum and wardrobes.
Advice To Lovelorn
Advice to lovelorn (prospectively),
males can best be given by well
meaning friends - yes, the best one
will tell you - and fraternity broth-
ers. But the clothes-lorn women -
ah, the women - they should be ad-
vised not necessarily by one who
knows, but certainly by one who sees
and suffers.
Firstly, girls, don't buy any more
of these horrid, horrid bandanas you
dote on. And you might ditch those
you already own. Or, as a compro-
mise between your own desires and
what doesn't look too disalluring,
keep away from color combinations
like orange-and-red head - covers
worn with baby-pink sweaters.
Clean Saddle Shoes
Secondly, you saddle-shoe addicts,
why not get two pairs of the old re-
liable? Then you could be persuaded
to keep one set clean for extra-
special, peachy, keen, formal dress-
up occasions, maybe. Sure, saddle-
shoes of the dirty type are nifty for
the well known sloppy weather of
Ann Arbor (keen climate here, by the
way); but nobody, regardless of his
broadminded attitude, could say they
are "purty" and still claim sanity.
Thirdly, sweaters are nifty, too.
BUT - ah, yes, but - they often
look distinctly like the place of which
the name is banned from these col-"
umns: climate fabulously hot, popu-
lation reportedly horned and bearing
pointed tails. Oversize torso-cover-
ings are all right, but this sort of
thing can be, and has been, carried
much too far. One or two or even;
three sizes too large may be par-
doned, but anything in excess of this
Corduroy Shoes Are New
Newest in shoe styles for spring
are corduroy shoes in natural or
bright color. The shoes match three-
quarter length coats and make a
smart rainy day costume as the cord-
uroy is water-proof. The shoes are
made of flexible corduroy, have thick
rubber soles, and tie at the ankle.

is sort of lily-gildingish. Besidi he
swell Ann Arbor men don'tMit.
Silk Hose Has Uses
Fourthly, wenches, ybu might put
in a supply of silk stockings -- okay,
hose. Bare legs are tolrbe V
to be encouraged if theye a
That is, they are tolerable, if they
aren't muddy. Muddy legs are ugly,
regardless of shapeliness. Ala dA6&-
ings do help camouflage the iud.
Fifthly, many, many, many, many
of you might do well to invest in
some safety pins. Yeah, and use thdi
to take tucks in slip straps.,The
way co-eds' slips dangle belowdr* a
hems (they are hems, aren't they?)
leads a guy to think there isn't W in
in town - the kind that is luag
Sixthly - aw, heck, gals,. think
back on "Four Out of Five." Mostof
the remarks made therein are tru Y
applicable to your attire and hatof
the rest of your gender spaq, rW
about the American collegiate se,
the night communique reported pa-
New Fabrics
WilBe Made
OfAir, Water
In 20 years, we will be wearing
clothing made from coal, air, RAd
water. For the first time laboatdy
technicians have been successfui in
making a cloth of purely mineral pro-
A new fabric has been develod
made from just these things: kil,
air and water. The new cloth re-
sembles silk, but is even better, 4
texture and appearance. F-ohi the
practical aspect it is pi'ctictl*
wrinkle proof, easily washaleid
very fast drying and its wearing C11 A*
ties are amazing.
At present, the new material1"
ing used for such widely varied
modities as hosiery (the new , r
stockings which have been sow
advertised oflate) to th b
and fishing lines. But the
industry will start using it it
production of pajamas, lingeried
bathing suits probably this year.
Other original fabrics are in e
process of development. One Q ale
from glass is already being ;r
curtains and upholsteryCor s
So far it has not been employed tuc-
cessfully in the clothing industry.
Another fabric is made fromi 004
in and is similar to wool in textd.
It is already being used widely ix
Germany and Italy.

Male Authority Gives Advice
On Correct Campus Clo


Spring and Easter - the tw
most importon.t .dates in th
fashion world - make their a#
pearance on almost identicc
days this year - Spring on t
21st and Easter on the 24th c
March! We've been plannin
for this double event for week
- with results we know you a
anxious to see.

ofI I
y~ \?

41 ;R:114
' ' 004 'y f


ad with iteoWmes
a multitude of new
styles .."

Our windows are bright with
the sparkling new rmerchan-
dise. Our stocks are crammed
with suits that hug your hips
- dresses that were never
more flattering - coats that
swing straight and full or
button tightly in smart 1940
versions of the fitted reefer
- and oodles and oodles of

You may rely on us and our clean-
sing processes to protect and pro-
long the wear of your new,. fash-
ionable clothes.


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