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January 08, 1938 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1938-01-08

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3_kS 0.".[I..L A f .1 SN. Cat 955


University 'Tests
h otSchoolsIn
15,000: First-Year Pupils
Take Psychological .Aia
Silent Reading Exams
During the past week 150 Michigan
high schools, which have been accred-
Rted by the Universty, have adminis-'
tered the fourth annual testing pro-
gram to 15,000 first year students in
their schools using the American
Council on Education psychological
examiation and the Traxer silent
reading test.
The tests will be scored by te high
schools and tabulation of the results
will be done by the Bureau of Educa-
tional Reference and Research here
under the direction of Prof. Clifford
'Woody of the education school Re-
s. ults of the central tendencies which
_ date fsts show will be sent to the
-; schools April 20.
The purpose of the test program is
to aid in the educational guidance of
the pupil, to help diagnose strengths
and weaknesses of pupils in various
learning situations and to provide
data whzich 41,11d be helpful in aiding
'thle pupil tio mak his vocational
t A student inquiry blank was givenj
to each student to help the Bureau I
' analyze th results which the tests
show, In selected schools, about 300
pupils will be given an additional test
devised by Dr. Paul P. Brainard who
received his doctor's degree in the
...........University's psychology department
'to discover what the students like to
a xdo best. It is thus aimed at helping
"K them determine their choice of vo-
TPests will be tabulated in light of
;,the 'subjects they like best, choice of
vocationh, whether they are planning
to go to 'college, type of high school
' which they attend, the courses they
tke and their interests in light of
vocational guidance.
' Members of the committee for state
testing programs are: ClarenceWht
Wi-ney-of Wyandotte, chairman; Claude
_ J Dykhouse, Plymouth; Clemens P.
Steimle, Ypsilanti; Lawrence E. Vred-
evoogd, Ann Arbor; Robert L. Wil-
~liams Ann Arbor; and Prof essor
Woody. .
The term Euphuism, denoting a
xstyle of writing with excessive figures
of speech, was derived from John
' Lyly's "Euphues" published in 1579.
' roommate in small, quiet house.
Call 4489. 248
" TYPING-Carefully and accurately
done, L. M, -Heywood, 803 E. King-
sley St. Phone 8344. 106
TYPING, neatly and accurately done
Mrs. Howard, 613 Hill St. Phone
5244. 3x
VIOLA STEIN, 706 Oakland. Phone
6327, Experienced typist. Reason-
' able rates. 232
old and new suits, overcoats, at $3,
$8:,$25. Ladies :fur coats, t ypewrit -
ers, old gold and musical instru-
ments. Ready cash waiting for you.
Phone Sam 6304. 2x

LAUNDR-Y, 2-1044. Sox darned.
' Careful work at low pricea.
Phone c '194 607 E. Hoover
Call For nd Deliver--Free of Charge

I fl'itI

Get J)(ubI ,"IPeckers

1-2 iioesr
Atieiid (iea'
}Lai1lg, z ge AMee
iTwelve members of the Department
of IRomnance Laun ia ges attended t he1
anual meing1ofrIlie Modern Langu-
agce Associatlion of America, in the
DrakIe tel: , Chicago, December 28-1
Prof. Cha rles P. Wainer presided at
t he me^, ;u of the resear(ch group inI
Medic--l SpanishleTiterature and
Iuiiw ysof whic'h he has beenI
(')i: 1 afor the paast year'. Prof. Rene
Tahoron read a paper on "Corneille
'01 le Tcmp.Y' before the group on
French Liter. ar; of the Sixteenth
and SevC.enenthcot uries.
Prof. Chiarles: A. ;iniudson was elect-
ed chairmnan of the ieer' group in-I
tvl.:it,itng French' Linguistics andl
Mediaeval Literature for 1938.
Otlier rnembers, of the Romance
Language dena xri' t nnt; att ending the{
meeting were Prof. E. L~. Adams, Prof.
M. S. Prigndent, Prof. W. F. Patterson,
Prof. J. N. Lincoln. Prof. N. S. Bement,
C. N. Staubacb, V A. Scanio, Hi. J.
Skornia, and J.- R. Browne.

(wses (>wii f lt.InLgypf!

Beaui tiful 'Blue' Dan ubeGreen,
Austriain Actress Tells Students
By KAY SCHULTZ looking national costumes are worn.
The Danube is neither blue nor by American girls visiting in Austria.
beautiful as we have been told, but 'Oh we just love rich Americans! "
green and dirty instead, Helga von she said as explaining that Austria
Amann, an Austrian actress visiting has been a poor country since the wa ir
the campus, told a group of speech and now depends for existence upon
students yesterday. the tourist trade.
Miss von Amann, marveling at the The rapid tempo of American life is
freedom of speech and press in this interesting to Miss von Amann. She
country, said, In Europe we have says that Austrians "spend half their
dictators and so must be cautious, lives in a coffee-house." adding thiat
but here people say exactly what they she thinks it queer Americans do not
th ink." enjoy more the pleasant relaxation of
A native of Vienna, Miss von} unhurried conversation as Europeans
Anmaun hi as also lived in Poland and do,
lltudied in Germany but speaks Eng- Of course, Miss von Amann has seen
lish clearly and fluently with only a that University students are not busy
4,light accenit. She finds even the all the time, for she has visited the
voices of Americans quite different Parrot to which she has applied the
from those of Europeans and she en- German verision of the name pap-
vies the freedom of American women, agei."'
particularly their self-assured man- ---_ _
ncr. Swing music captivates her, she
cofse.W rdCo-eds' comfortable and informalra e r
d ets, e p c a l th lo - e l d s o s T l w h ich , sh e said , seem to be p ecu liar t o
college campuses, came in for Miss___
von Amann's admiration. The viv-
ac'ious actress appeared here in a' Movies. Of Smpulei America
smart blue sport dress, blue suede ox- Will Be Feaiired
fords, and a grey Persian lamb coat. I____
Buying ready-made dresses proved a W. B. i1Werlake, travetler and f a-
problem to her ; the women of Vienna ther of Clare Timberlake, '28, will tdve
buy the material and have their dres- an illustrated lecture -'on "A Mov ie
ses made. Of the reporter she asked,' Trip Through South America" at 7:15
"When you buy dress, aren't you p.m. Jan. 12 in Room 103 of the Ro-
afraid someone else will have one just mance Language Building.,
like it?"
In answer' to a question about na- This lecture, which is t'o he inl Eng-
tive dress, she replied that the pea- lish, will be open to the p ublie For
t ~i~ fr',r~~y ~~ ~ a nominal admission chaLrge.



Prof. G. E. Densmnole of the speech
dei )art i ent. wa; reelected executive
secretLary of the National Associa-
tion of Teachers of Speech at their
c nrnuial convenion in New York last
One Ithousand teaichers5 of speech.,
representLing one-foutrtiIi of the memn-
bership of the sci etyv attended thel
convention and selected Chicago as
the 1938 conveintion city.
Two speech magazines, "The Quar-
terly ,Journal of Speech" and "Speech
'Monographs" as well as the national
directory of the society are published

"i'M u,,k pha Nahas
(A ir.ir i gy t slt:ed in
I :?i?Cal£wu. 'Thle Chamber of Depu-
te- vo(1lc t' cofidence in the
sarw cabinet.
Ramsdell ack

Picturesque attire and that the best

Voi-deeked delight for commuters is the new. car introduced,
expiw i:,'ntally, by the Long Island Railroad. Capacity is increased j
taore taNt 50 per cent over the car in r~egular use, say railroad officials.
Passenger's step up from aisle, to upper tier; and down from aisle to
lower level,

Fromn Parleys l)etroit's Laborers
.0On Land Usej Are Half Employed

Mr. Timberlake will show movies
taken by his son, Clare, who hzas re-
cently been appointed American con-
sul at Vigo, Spain, in the revolution
area. After the younger Timberlake
was graduated from the University he
Swas appointed Consul to Canada and
was then removed to Buenos rAires,
during which period he took these

IV-Kp"ZTL w llk d'VAT "III I

6. R UI i l Ciui bl 7 -)


Lt~stl y k7.IWP:V q j L iI iiE I IU'EUfi kCy the University of Micigan VPress. Prof. Willi a m 'F. RatMidell of thej
IFor-,... ... .-Scljcol ofi orc_,,..y am Coniserva-
.S flier, Cadet Scott P. Hawkins, 29, of!
Jefferson City, Mo. He fell to deathI tion represented the University Insti-
x-rys f ,45 ne etrats SAN PEDRO, Calif., Jan. 7T----O)- xesterday 100 miles offshore from a lute of Public and Soacial Adminis-j
of the 'University of Michigan this T hirty-five fig hting ships scanned thei catapulted plane attached to the tration at a recent four-day confer-
fall, a project carried on for the past se (a today while 284 planes huntedj cruiser Chicago searching for the e'nce on Land Use at Cambridge,
three Years, revealed nine active and fr;teat nanae f6,0 other seven missing Navy aviators. Mass.
twnt-furaresedcaesoftuel- qa ie misnoff ti eot 60,e0c0for Mope waned for the svnmn r-ISponsored by the Har-,vard. Gradu-
twenty-f rreported casince tuber-sayeven ingn oni
sarmieofthcosheefr3Iculosis, it was announ~ced at the egtnvl .r sa e.oeofte snavy'snewest cruinersof ,ate School of Puiblic Administration,i
University Health Service recently.e'ght'caaf:s n hpaftee ighthti£ conferen'15seiatocws
Advanced cases are sentliowm Wews ohp o teegt the air, a 25 ton patrol bomber. E"Lanud Use Planning Activities in the
Others are observed during their stay ---'-Gi (at Lazkes Stes. Ten~ other rep-
at the University and are advised as reseuta ti ves from Michigan. Wiscori-
to r-estricted schedules. VNN R ~bPMEOCR AMS sin; and Minnesota attended.
-.N t__----. AU3~~~ ani attempt was made to ireview
HAS MOST CANADIAN-BORN th'e entire field of rural land use and
Detroit has a larger number ofl wj11:t- il)_S H;,orac e heidi Ux1; i 10M rchj ii use adjustment for the Great
Canaianbor resdens tan ny 1 :3---~ii~ Swnso ~:akes iregion, of which forest lands
oth r cyian-b th e sUi edts tates. ny 'TM 100 slham Jones rch. com prise fully 50 per cent by area,"
ote iyi h Uie tts :00 Ty 1.,, 12:30 -Wayne King Orch. Il Professor Ramsdell said in explain-
___________________________ 6 t15 -ILiuzncr Mt 1'
- 60:30--Press Iai o NcVw :. win ing the meeting.
(i 45-- Rellgion in tin' News. P.M __________________
3 7:00 --Dance IMIusi:. 16:00-- St evenson News
D ir b45.0t r 0 e730--Newscast. 61t:a5-Musical.
t :5-Sport Review. 13 :30--Syncopation Piece. R EAD THlE AN i'D
: 1(0--Believe It Or' Not.(6:45---Coxnedy Star's, -
- a an .IJmk T-Hley 7 -00--News Comes to bil!. -

(Continued from Page 1)
fore thle end of the State's fiscal year,
Ihe said.
Chrysler Reopens
DETROIT, Jan. 7. - 01) - The
Chrysler Corp. announced today that
its plants would re-open .Jan. 11, eml-
ploying 55,000 persons, the same num-
ber. it said, employed before the
plants closed Dec. 23 for the holiday
Figures False, BennettS ays



DETROIT. Jan. 7.-(AP)--Harry H.
Bennett, personnel director of the
Ford Motor Co., differed today with
both Gov. Frank Murphy and Homer
Martin, president of the United Au-
tomobile Workers, over estimates of
the number employed at the. Ford
Rouge factory. Before Christmnas,
35,000 Ford employes were laid off,
Bennett said some of them have al-
ready been called back.

Saturday, Jan. 8th
HOURS 9 to 1

0 1



S atiacio1u4c'nte
Individually Done, -No Marking
FOR THREE MEN, sulte withmpriv tec
bath nd shower. Steam healt,,
Phone 8544. 422 Ti. Washlington1.
TUX FOP? SALE: Average size. Ex-
cellent condition. $15. John Davis.
Phone 2-2490. 250
FOR SL:Used Packa,+rd lct rc
razr. lQ.Good conldiion. Phone
5871. 1030 Bald win. 249
FOR SAl 1E:Tyert. Royal up-!
right, ins good coiditioii. Gladys
Chrisfianmsen. Phone233-1 7 .243

39:001)-Dance TMu- it
9:30--Specill :ix ry.
10fi:00---NBC ; vijh)11wy Orcli
11:301- -DandeM i
12:00 .-Dance < usc
6:00--1)ay1 vicvlw.
6:15--MArkWeber (Jr(:hi
(;:"0--Lost Monniit.
7I:00--M es,,-ge of Israel.
7:30-Town Tull1k.
8:00--Hary Lwis(Ji";
0:00 ---National fBarn Da cc
10:00-NBIC SmhoyOrh.
11 :30 --Jimmiy Dcmirey: Orch
12 :00---Graystolie.
0:30---Vincenit York Ox ,11
'1:00_ -Sport7wSat,.
7:15--Dick Sail'Orch.
i:45- Van Olmxan Oreb.
8:00-- Barnst~omilerls,
8:30 -Ha nov Hal,

7 :30- -CarbortmuduiBand -
8 :00- Columbia WoI'ksioi).
8:30 --plililip Morris.
<):0-1 -Professor Quiz.
9-30 -Pres(ident Rbooevelt.
10:00--Your' Hit Parade.
10:45 --Radio Soap Box.
11 .15--Buddy Rogers Orch.
11:30--Benny Goodmtan Orchi.
12:00- -Embery Deutsch Ouchl.I
2:00 - 4:00 - 7:00 - 9:00 P,M.


A /
_. ; .

from Darryl F, Zanuck
and his 20th Century-
Fox hit-mtrod-rs !


Sock ,(pr.)..




Ha t er on Racked . . .25
Brick . . 17c pit
But'ter Pecc

-- - - - -- -- - -- I 9:00-.--Lo
-- - -- - --7 30:30-6
LOP,: Be ore'c )ltion. i, J'S1'. rund 11:0- -C:
gold wist wtch 1ibcvera rw1i-,
397 Jordan hall.f r 1,2-4501. 24i
LOST: Blacwk ;,nd gold ftulntin Petl
and pen(i l in 0' lor oud W <jfel'than
Giym. Liberal reward. Phione 4531,
LI'. _...Black and .gay mnwtfirld -
She'iffer lif-~ime ,pen C Granada i ,
or oi i campu;.Name on1 pen 1--Dillie
P(otter. (Call 4697. U'e-ward- 247 ,.
U /\ s.

os Angeles CIIo'lr.
islana Hayride-
.anock Ensemble.
eorge Olsen Orceb.
'anadian Club Re porter. f
The inside of a
big city's newest -.
rackret ... ta
tangled the 1'0-
mcance ofsxlives!
A grand M-G.M
CF hiller!TT
(I~ A i P I JO'.flN
\ j *
sn~i S

* ~wjwj ~ ~q'~y



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