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April 01, 1930 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1930-04-01

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Pennsylvania Pastor Maintains:
That Christianity Means
Life and Growth.
Religious Experience Is Gained
by Personal Influence,
Says Minister.'


160 Ships Expected for Western
Maneuvers of Army Air
Corps This Mth.
(Ty Associated Press )
SACRAMENTO, Calif., March 31
-More than 60 Ameriepn fight-1
ing planes were "on the line" here'
today and nearly 100 others were
heading toward Sacramento from!
distant points for the annual ma-j
neuvers of the armv air corps 1 .

Christianity is growth, and one is 1 ¢'> ,{'"
which will seek to repulse an imag-
living to the degree that he is pro- j n r~rcvqT ! . aryenmyfore dvncigapo
John J. Lentz (left) of Columbus, Ohio, president of the American mary enemy force advancing upon
gressing and he is dead to the de- ninsurance Union, and E. C. Druy, former prenier of Ontario, Canada,
gree that he is retrogressing, an testified for the drys at the house judiciary cmmittee ,hearings in The stimulated warfare will be-
audience of undergraduates and Washington on resoitions to repeal the eighteenth amendment. gin Tuesday when about 160 ships
townspeople were told by the Rev. -------_will have reached here. The ma-
Dr. Henry H. Crane, Scranton, neuvers will continue until April
P ollock Be eves New German Nationaist 24
pastor, Sunday morning in Hill aud- Adverse weather delayed the
itorium at the first of the spring Coalition Will Keep International Pledges westward movement of the Third
series of convocations sponsored by Attack group of 27 planes from
the Student CounciliFort Crockett, Texas, and the 22
With the fall of the coalition gov- concerned, the cabinet members ships of the First Pursuit group
The Rev. Dr. Crane summarized erriment of Germany under for- cannot draw the majority support. from Selfridge Field, Mt. Clemens,
the various opinions of Christianity mer-Chancellor Hermann Mueller
as he saw them, and then pre- and with the construction of a suc- However, the Breuning ministry Mich.
seated his belief. "Many people ceeding government under Dr. may get enough Nationalist support The Third Attack group reached
have ideas; about what is essential Heinrich Breuning, much discus- and enough Socialist abstention to Riverside, Calif., Sunday and was
to the Christian faith, but they do sion has arisen as to the future of survive for a period expected to arrive at Sacramento
not realize the vital factor," he said. the new Nationalist regime. today. The First Pursuit group
"Chistaniy i lie,' th Pen- In isc~dig te fremst s- The cabinet is most likely to de- started out from Cheyenne but
"Christianity is life," the Penn- In discussing the foremost as- voe
sylvania minister pointed out em- pects of pr. Breuning's cabinet, vote itself now to, domestic policies turned back to that city because
phatically. "Ie depends not so Prof. James K. Pollock, Jr., of the rather than foreign policies. It of bad weather. These flyers prob.-
much what one does, thinks, or political science department, stat- seems to me," stated Professor Pol- ably will reach here Tuesday.
says, but what one is at the core. ed that, "One of the most striking lock, "to be a very able cabinet. While these planes and others!
It is the issuing organism rather aspects of, the new Breuning cabi-composed of some of the most able were winging their way here, Brig.
than the expression, not the side net is that it has been formled men 1n Gemn.The new Prime Gen. William E. Gillmore, comn-
issues, but that which exerts itself without much regard to parties. In Genery. manding general of th' provis-
directly. Germany, the new government is Ministers 45 years old and iscon-i ional wing in charge of the maneu-
diretly ahe Hindenburo s ~~~~sidered one of the best trained men G°lladIsctfewr a*-
"Jesus in preaching Christianity called the Hindenburg cabinet be- in the Reichstag in the fald of ec- ,
tJehe nRrea hi ghb ttcusgPr si ent Hihde buriwllldc 5,ond is staf-ere co plet -
did not talk about religion, but cause President Hirdenburg will be onomics and business. Dr. Breun- ing plans for the aerial activities.
about life, and he pleaded for man the directing force behind it ing is a member of the Catholic Radio will play an important!
to live more abundantly. "That means," continued Profes- party with three other members of part in the demonstrations. Orders
"The matters of life and death sor Pollock, "that even though 'this his own party in the cabinet. The will be transmitted from the ground
are not abstract," the Rev. Dr. cabinet does lean more to the right I new miembers come from the mod- to flying planes, and from plane to
Crane stated. "They are, on the! than the previous one, Hindenburg erate wing of the Nationalist par- plane.
other hand, relative. people who will keep the present standing in- ty. The opposition to the govern- Previously announcement was
do not respond to the appeal of hu- ternational agreements from being +ment wvill come from the Socialists made of a contemplated nation-
inanity, in its entirity are dead, and1 changed." Iwho have dropped out completely wide hookup of a re-broadcast of
in that aspect they are not Christ- Concerning the members of the from the formation of the new cab- flight orders and reports.
ian. cabinet, Professor Pollock went on inet." Immediate schecule for the 200
"Life is growth, and growth is to state that, "Dr.., Curtius is being pilots and 250 enlisted men who
life, and the degree to which one is continued as the foreign minister.! UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO - make up the personnel of the
living, is the degree to which he is This gives further proof that theA survey among 1,400 students of "blue" army of defense calls for
Christian. The most conspicuous fpresent international agreements this school showed that those who reconnoiters by small group patrols.!
thing about life is the evidence of will be maintained. It is very in- knew war were less favorable to In theory an invading "Red" force
growth. This quality of existence teresting to me to find a represen- pacificism than non-combatants. already has captured Los Angeles
can be stimulated by personal con- tative of the Economic party in the I The survey, conducted by Prof. L. Harbor, Monterey bay and fixed
tact. Vital religious experience is n btime that that party has had a L.Thurstone, showed Catholics and outposts in the San Joanuin valley.
obtained by the personal influence firsttietathtpryhsadaersnaivinhecbe. Lutherans as the least pacifistic
of living beings. nuereentative in the cabinetProfes- among the Christians. Jews were PRINCETON UNIVERSITY: The
Analyzing the conceptslfChrithe sor Pollock this cabinet will have the most pacifistic. Students of university radio club promises to
salyhe man terin which peo to exist on the sufferance of either foreign or mixed parentage were send messages of students, without
adopt their religious aspects of life. the Socialists or the Nationalists more pacifistic than native born charge, to any part of the United
"There are some people who think because so far as the parties are students. States and most foreign countries.
religion is a matteryof liking or not.
To them the taking up of Christ-
ianity is incidental. Others believe
niyCrit tiO es el eTW hen Smal Machines
that Christianity is a 'distinct sup-c
pression, and inhibition, and those
who 'go in' for it are being stepped
on and should be pitied. This is an g
exceedingly prevalent attitude.I
' There is a third group,- a bit ; I J .
more siriister, who believe this reli
gion to e' a definite perversian, and
evidence the related mind, and that ORE than a quarter centur ao,
nie 'who accepts it must puat his
'ieck in the yoke' and stay there. - the Commonwealth Edison Com-
These believe that religious revolu-
papy rpeial alive to the
tions like the Russian one is tow- p . , prophetically
ard a good end and they feel di-
vinely ordained to emniicipate' the
wotd. Another groupare utterly AOO ,'lors411 tuiwegeuertor
rd.andothegopaetdrattheFiskStreetQrdered from General Electric a 5000-
p tfheti and possets O cogont di- he commonwealth
rect f;rce. Eis GCompany, Chiago kilQwatt steam turbine-in those days
w B kS ssona giant of electric power.
w Bon al Soson
Tp-day, a General Electric turbine-
"These Recent Years," a history
of Americasince114,byPsogeer4tor of 208,000-kilowatt capacity
Preston W. Slosson, of the Depart- sends Out its vast energy to the Chicago
ment of history, will appear on sale
at the beginning of next month.
The book, published by MacMillan's. pOltan District.
is' one in a series entitled beHis- ! Colliee-trained men played a respol-.
tory of American Times," being-p
written jointly by Professor Slos-
son Prof. $chlesinger of Harvard, ~sie part in the engineering and
and Prof. Fox 'of Columbia. This til;iYlz! tt
srniesloes not attempt'to cover the ;;°" rnanufacture of both machines- just
political aspect of natural history, -' rysqi im ratcpaii
but concerns itself with the social ';,V . '. as tey serveinmportant capacities
and economic sides of the lives of :~<w:~
Aerica peoplef he. - K ~~in the engineering, production, and
- ; Vdistribution of all General ElectricI
I E P A equipment, large or small.

REFLECTIONS Indications that a number of!'ALKON MORALS
students in a hurry to begin aca- 'We cannot say deiitl-ta
tion will fly home were given yes- human nature is this or that un-
"The Kibitzer" terday by the Campus Travel Bu- til we have tried persistently again
An all-round comedy bill con- reau announcement of special air- and again over long periods of
sisting of a Lloyd Hamilton two- plane service for the approaching time to ascertain what it is capable
of becoming," was The statement
reeler "Grass Skirts," prohibition spring recess. of D.eng "eua eadero
parodies and songs accompanied by Stout, Universal, Clifford Ball, the Society of Ethical Culture and
the organ, and Harry Green in the and Northern Air lines, and Trans- author and lecturer on subjects of
feature "The Kibitzer" seemed to continental Air Transport were an- I moarl education in a lecture here
amuse Lie uuncay aucience at the nounced as the participating com- yesterday on the topic "Can Hu-
Michigan panies, practically all using the man Nature be Changed?"
f ~new 14 and 20 multi-motor Ford; Doctor Neumann showed that in
In several spots the latter film
iseteeyluhbe tother i and Condor ships. every field where prophecy has
times only fairly so. Harry Green Some of the cities to which ser- been attempted on the possibilities
fits the main role well, Mary Brian 'vice is afailable are Cleveland, Chi- of nature of any object, animate
improves with the picture, and Neil cago, St. Louis, Kansas City, Pitts- or inanimate, it has invariably fal-
Hamilton is satisfactory in a small I burgh, the Twin Cities, Rockford, len far short of the facts brought
part. On the whole you should en- and southwestern points. Also men- out by subsequent events. He went
joy the program fairly well. An- tioned were several nearer points on to point out that the possibili-
other B show. including Toledo, Battle Creek, ties of steel even so lately as the
F Kalamazoo, and South Bend; last century were far from being
"The Sap" j fully appreciated.
Edward Everett Horton opens to- UNIVERjITY OF LONDON- A "Let us then not despair over the
day at the Wuerth in "The Sap," recent endowment to the Universi- future progress of our human race
reputed a comedy, to be diagnosed ty of London provides for a course merely because it seems to be in-
Wednesday. -B. J. A. in American History. herently savage and uncivilized."
at SCh&I of Music Buiding
and will ccntknue so long as the tickets last


$6.00, $7.00, $8.00. If coupon is returned from
Union tickets deduct $3.00 from above prices.


MAIL ORDERS-Received not later than Friday noon, April 4, will be filled in
advance in sequence.

rLL------------ -- - - - - - -

_____________.__,.........____________ ___

-... - - ,...- - .....~,.... - a rv \.d &.A a..a &.4 &..a a.& 1-4 u w w 4a & i. CL.A W . - a La L1 J6j L.J 4-4 (.d A -a Ca S-j GA L;j a GJ eat Gd 41 GA 1 cd e.,! L.1 L.aAa %.j u i

Before the wires went down

0his story went out


8 to 10 p. ni

^ - '
}p 1 __ _1I _
A.. ,. . i -

' ,
_ '
±' i
, , .

Old . Man River roared down from the
North . .washed away miles of puny
nan.-mad. levees . . . turned a peaceful
countryside Into an inland sea. Down the
angry swirling river in cockle-shell skiffs
-up again in powerful government steam-
ers- hundreds of miles through desolate
inundated!areas went McGraw-Hill edi-
tors. Thousands of engineers and business
men expected the facts and MAcGwav-Hill
editors got them-first hand. Not the
human-interest story of thrilling rescues
and homeless tots but the deeper signifi-
cance of the river's rampage on transporta-
tion, industry, buying power and business.
Whatever the story ... wherever it breaks
... if it is of interest to industry or business

you will find a McGraw-Hill editor cover-
ing it. In the recesses of scientific labora-
tories, in, the inner offices of business, in
the outposts of the engineering world, you
will find these men searching for facts,
anticipating the trend of new develop-
ments, keeping business and industry con-
stantly aware of events and progress.
Form the habit of reading the McGraw-
Hill Publication which covers the field
which you are to enter after graduation.
Get the jump on your first job by learning
'what industry's leaders are doing now and
planning for the future.
Copies of all McGraw-Hill Publications
are-or should be-in your college library.





General Electric


generator nutal/ed at the
State Line generating

Leaders of business, industry and engineering regularly read the McGraw-Hill Publica-
tions. More than 3,000,000 use McGrawrHill books and magazines in their business.


The Business Week
Harvard Business Review

American Machinist
Product Engineering
rlo.-t l t4 ,-1

Metal and
Mineral Markets
Engineering and
Mining World

Bus Transportation
Electric Railway Journal
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Wc renresent many of the
most inatipfacturers whose







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