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February 01, 1930 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1930-02-01

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SATURDAY, n Mr,,UAR 17 1930




s. ..- ,. ..



[Eiabeth Rthnbeig prima don- hoame ws 'a cnter of culture ashfitl "U~~Y 'niversity audiences are inded f)hi time is spnt in travellinug fromn
N"J Bna sopano of the Metopoitain,1 aasnian erVU~lepasure to me -they are 8,p- lc to pac te 1_i! ppenan
Opera impl,au o will b hWdii ! yhehad motCIt herws ine ndusherOfCHonfic Iewen Or R J~rJ ilautiu delat ani. Thy1HI181or12Fot hEodan janid 66Al t
RM L ~E OIin the Choral Union Concert Series1 father a pianist. From babyhood a -. owitz, young pianist who played in ; Aer c oc(rt, but lin the sumn-
NS H Onight, Feb. 12, is recognized as one gre~t mastera and very early the f Alt.Itoi seem to consider the concert at part, whlen he can return to his native t
_..__Of the greatest singers of the (day.; genius of the child, later destinledi of their education and they al)- landIHoro)witz liv,, thc life o any,
Annual Basketball Banquet to IA heavy schedule, of operatic en- Ito Become a great prima donna,I on Tuesday, Feb. 18. + iiad." ;ornmal vong main his twentes.
(gagements In this country and ~was awakened. I o the third time. Morowitz is "I like all kinds of sports, politis, l
of Second Terni, her from being heard fn Ann Arbor.; play the piano; and at seven she ice hour for chor uses Bl and CT indc time hie has visited AnisA- ways interestng but. of course miy invited
--- sa8,ng the whole cyle of Schubert's !the junior Girls' Play, Ruth \ar,iib or on the Choral Union Conceirt pactiin coms first. I have my party t
TEAMS TO GIVE STUNTS ' 1,wntr journey," At seventeen 1Tuyl, assistant chairnt(, has an Oi ie 1 . His extrene youth - he is next ,year's concerts to plan then; styGir
S-Iyeor5 or age she went to Dresden 1onedaslgtlhr n eonly twenty-six -~ makes his con- you know" he said in his precise I.Y
Sdedk orFia Runs f! wIshe lwas enrolled in tihe conw- ! i c .for Tuesday, Feb 18,.The, cnts all11thic mre rciarkable in I' E lish, jutst, aquredince liy lastati
{ 1. .1 ;s Turnamcnt - Two winters later her jshdue orMnayin t'edahir glorious success, but ifame is visit to u AnnArbor.alot vryOIi0
n Iteca ourncd. . . ,bathe wasta rl ed tofrom hi da F- eb. 17 and 18 are slolo'ws: clot 11CW tahint fo' lie hlit en Hooizplays ams vr d
rk,,Monday: m kigcnett~Olo i
-.ter, requesin; th'at lie colie at 3:304:30. Chorus A, Civi.' tt,; 'tr ecuyears old. is mus ic htle ially lt- otilergi
nionnceisent ofpa =ocIiintc ihefiLeague builinngother
Annoneet facage"inorce to Dresden anid sigficet con- Lau ulig 1 at Ii.iie of rateir easy but terested ii.Ilie concluded the in- bach, '
the date of the informal basketball tract to appear as prima donna at 330-4.30, Chorus 13, theattrie ret,Iieess critical attention terview with a friendly smll, "I Weber,
spradwasmae y Mrgre Oh- te Rya Oj~r Huse Wenae tac hich has: annoyed many' visiting haven't time for anything iport- walker,
on'3,mngrobakbaat -Ireached Dresden. the excitemecnt 4:0 :0 hru ,sa;,ceebrities did not seem to bother ant but my music-and that'. The en
th atpatc.Tesra ilalready awakened proved comta- I:0:0 CouM, ae orowitz in the least. On the con- enough, I'm sure." Elaine,
th atpatc.Tesra ilgious. Fritz Reiner, then concductor ( :0-:0,1or CCge rary lhe said, Yonpeleae - --- -- be hld at6-o'lockThurday,-eb* .1-Tusday
behl;t",'lc, hrdyFb of thfe Royal Opera was overwhelm-; rucdy. free to express what they feel aboutI
20;' instead of Tuesday, Feb. 18. ° ed by her singinng. Musical circles; 3:30-4:30, Chorus H, Committee' my paying but I like that because{
Ths"hng hsben ae<o .l buz'zed with the news of a newj room. Ij i o inee. Hark To His Master's
Thscag a ee aet I 3:30-4:30, Chorus B, stageI 0smc~eU I i
giv evroeachnet«etst dicsovery. ;During the winter months alofII
give..........hanc..t.get..e-..i hr Via' f Her opeatcs'debut was of a bri- 4:30-5:30, Chorus E, stage..............0
tcintenwruieothse-..Iliance that brought her glowing 4-5:30, Chorus G, Committee 'T ~ rIEST
ond. semester, and because there 1 "'y success. The- great; opera houses of' room MARGARET BUSHG O ToNIESITy
^"fsa. :3-83 cousn cvePP O ESR LESHII
will be scheduled games on Thurs-: . Germans and later Imperial Ven- 7 1 :30-9:30, Chorus D, CaveA P O E UFrEe
da~ while only practices will b& n8 sought her out as "guest" pri- 8:090,CouFav.
dywhlonypatcswl'be;Elizabeth Rethber g l ma donna. Throughout those cou- I-It is nyfi htwmnwoRdo:
l~~ usa.IEfforts had been made a long tim~ res n cniai e r so L A IS O E nish themr examinations early Lowest
Anyone who has not yet paid herS befomre it was finally made possible becamne known. Several times sh WILL HAVE PARTY 1 should observe house rules just as Pao:
00 cents for the spread should do' for her to appear in this yea's was invited by the Metropolitan ____i carefully then as during aany other tRMsu aldwin, kolcr £ ani
so sometime 'before or on Tuesday, Choral Union Series:. Opera Company to come to New Old-fsind ad ic iei h eetr u fcni ~ omiiBut
Feb. 18. All members of first and She was born among the rugged jYork before she finally accepted !.cr eration for the others lving in the, . oplay, hl rh~ta nti~
second class teams are invited to Erz Mountains, oni. the border be-Ithe invitation, H-ere she dluplicated dances, and tables for car'ds will whoctoestillutrying to ~or
attendi the spread. tweei Saxony and Bohemia, andI the success which she had made in be features of interest at, a benefit sLudy," (declared Margaret Bush, '30)
Every class is expected -to take, though comin~g from that'remote "Europe. and in addition to operatic party for Anna Botsford Bacht president of the Women's Laguc,
a hart in thbe program, which is toI region she . has won great distinc- Jtmiiflph she has wohdistinction Home for Old Ladies to be given yesterday, ASK THOMAS IIN IS
consist of a stunt and a song from tion. Her family had lived for gen-I as a concert singer, having toured Tusanighlt Fb. 4.Theold 'rhoil closing hour of 10:30 oi
each 'of the foaur classes. Members erations in that, section and theirAmerica fr'oml coast to coast. t , ~ " I week nights will be extended to I1 1 ast Wiliiain Street
of econd teams will join the first -______... . .. . .. ... . . ..-._ --. fashioned party will be hold in the o'clock to anty house as soon as eV- I
sh ouldsitabl to a.esing h U H E T RS N I M T Sballroom of the Michigan L.eague cry woman iiin the house has finish- I t
teaoud es iacbi egto sinear.the MRS. U HBYT RIO NM T Sbuilding. ed her examimnations. The regular. .... '- -
brisk tball banquet, as it is planned OPEN HO USE FOR ( ENTERTfAINED B Though it is not. a fancy dres'cosing hour will remain lin effect
tohve the teams sing the same A A IT I a D A D N hs ver the weekend of Feb. 7, 8, anid 9.
song 'hagain, iii A.kA. U. MEETIING.MA Y G R E party,ths who have old-fashion-t Special regulations have been made You are cordially invitee
The schedule for the final round' in -ed costumes are asked to wear them Ifor the night of J-Hop, providing teitrls oraeths OeigtePeietshm ayGrewowl perina twl egvndrn itrclo vr os ob lsda
ofe fh neeastunmn a pirs i mg te Psiet'heoe MarDGard htteChio i a pr I aLt vl egie uighso ica m frevey ouetobeclsdrtm al k
notye benet beenbu echj fr he irt tmesice hu'toeneDerot;witote Cicgoeiv,'O wekhwichh s eis sonerdibnoclokpithutsoyretesioboyinflma
team plays three more games, one panty Mrs. Alexander 'G. Ruthiveii; era company during the week of i h .A : n illbeof i time.Te usual 12Saudy:30 cosing hour 15
wth .each of the other classes. The will entertain tie local branch of'jFebruary 17, sang Wednesday nigt teD ,ai ilb fitr will apply Stra ihFb 5
first' round was wone by the seniors, the American Association of Un-tu-eiaesothJleteni- est at this time. It is oed that ---"P
the sophomores being runners up. versity Women at 3 o'clock this aft- i t h iitsoftl, oitstyles of all prosi mrcn Suet r nectdi rb
_______________ernoon. She will be assisted by the I te ntiary, or, as she described it, to: h s o y wil bp e r s ein tAe caSte ts oain rs texin rlgo n,
Executive board. "One face, one pair of eyes, 2,000I personality adjustments, and inter-'I
SWIMMERS' BREAK A short business meeting will risen dressed alike sitting there!" nobhCmsc'sforcthestdancwicket u stinnareaisnsueodi the Ui 'ert1
i BobCson'sforhesnctrwickeur tios rltonrccrig oa'"
W'VORLD'S RECORDSJ precede a talk which will be givenITh famous opera star shuddered forewhichnmyibe obtaied atystthof Rohester
by Dr. Irma Voigt, Dean of Women 1. Joriet whcs, -Ma's ba .inedMuah sity__ofRochester.____
Two world's records were shat- at Ohio University, Athens, Ohiot as she recalled the scene at JolietWar's,_Mac'sandBE._Much
tered by members of the Women's Dr. Voigt will speak on "Fellow- Penitentiary last night. She gave lig's or from any member of the = tiiiniitlfllliwtilltiiiltlli11lIiw.I
Swimming Association, in the sev- ships." Miss Mercy Hayes, of D- 'an animated description, of what I oard of Directors of the .homeI 1=
enit-fY iefotpool of the A.ghA. &U .dtit amember o f both the state she called "Destruction of Huan ITetceswl e$-~~ EARINGS AND
In New YrCiy, Wednesday ngt n ainlbad of. the A. A. Beings." I-
Th oe h okpr nteIU. W., will also be a guest at the it was so solemn," she said. So Students at the University of AiNECKLACE
events were the Misses' Eleanor meeting. Mrs. Edson Sunderland, I had to make thei laugh-Imag- Izoa are workig on plans for the J_=
Hlol I Lisa "Lindstrom, AdelaideI local chairman of the national and ire! No accompanist. I play a few!i Senior Follies of 1930. A contest = - forir
Lambert, and Erna Komipa. international fellowsiips, is in things-Scotchm dialect songs, the is being held to obtain skits and
IMiss Hom officially lowered the charge of the afternoon's program. I 1-aben ral from. Crmn"So T5~~,i hc 10 P oe OR A tti iemn itntv
I' Wtrnational record, of 1:57 1-5 Tea will be served after tief sang to them. Close to the plat- will be ditrbte. _OR A WEAR w tti iemn istictb e I
held by Miss Ellen King of° Scot- meeting and the service will be in form was one face-a mass of blondJ - ! ileonsi
land, by negotiating the 150-yard I charge of members from the newly I hair; deep, dark blue eyes; Itt TPYP ITER A ls osWit!id
backstroke in the fast time of 1:"50' organized group of the A. A. U. W.,I haunts me today." ! REPAIRING Als Log WieKi-.
which is composed. of recent grad- Miss Garden then told of a manI loe aAllesore
:Th forwmnoopee h uates of all colleges. Membership! she saw lin the prison hospital. cie. O mui- Gocan A esris -
600 -yards in 8:13, shattering the' to this group is still open. I "Murderer, tie warden told me II eet and person- ..
listed record of 8:39 3-5, hung ti Mrs. Louis Karpinski, president just like that." neha e esied lte Te
pI Iamong tN esSHnOheStteTh
oftebimr"na6oeo aualSine it HELEN 1
banothe~r W. S. A. quartet in 1928, of the Aim Arbor branch, an- "Of whomi?' I asked. result of' twenty years' careful' O P
buit the referee would not allow I(nounces that on Friday, Feb. 21.1 " 'His wife.' builing
the feat' to be sanctioned, as on-nth aualSineauditorium, " 'And why his wife?'0.'' .R IL 537 I;. Liberty rmvtimvmn~umwlltll,
othswmesmdonofthe I Miss Agnes Coniway, of London, "The answer was: She naggedQ.U M RR L-I
torrns'incorrectly. England, will give an illustrated. him.' 3-14 South Mate St Pbotic661 =-----
A second attempt was under- University lecture on "First Exca- 1 -- -- -.. ---
and the time achieved was 8:19 1-5. Cambridge graduate, a notedar
As all 'requirements were coimiled cheobogist, explorer and writer, was a*. .
with, the officials signed vouchers the only member of the recent ar-
for the latter performance and, for cheological expedition to tb-e aim rk
Miss I'olm's'new 150-yard record. dient of Petra Iin Transjordan, I "' t
t llO ! lllll I1[11111lIll1111111111- - - I ll1111I1lll1111111111111;
't You are cordially invited to attend I

rnivriaty Women n Jvitel
Benefit Party at
Lcague Building.-
omen of the University rt
to :attend the benefit bridri(
:o' be given by the Unliver-
rs' Glee Club at 2:30 oan t(>e
on of Mvarch 1, i the bi i-
if time Michigan Lecagu.
Alitian~, '32, is Chairman o
feral coimhltl..', awl te
embers are Willeia Kam-_
32, riaily Bites, '2 Orm
30 S.M., Georgia Vander-'
'31, and Tielen Mikei, '2
tertainnient is in care C)
F'rost, '30.
Voices Saying
yting Mus~ical
Phone ~75
d to attend an
i2 to :.4 o'clock
Third Floor
Persian Art pieces

Coat 1, t 'Hll
from 2:30 to 4:00 e'I iau~
-M ic -Iu't ni el d'' 1 f sreet, afte-\ III
8 8 La d u tility c o a ts . V a lu e s to t l c v n g w e r
Faldesion$5,50, erectly
for a delightful._t; beautVify t $9.5.t
$1450 I.batf
Spring A group of silk and wool tpr;
Portayasd $1650 Utility coats of camelaine resses including mi a n yansevc
. Prtraals* * 16and tweed mixtures. Values early spring models Values
Th e oeto $59.50. to $29.75. 5
is more becoming thxan you 1
t°I Chic ta~ioed dresses inthe I I 4a T1 J~ I7AL d '("7 (.

Ity 'and weaz'zI-"g
the ankIl" and .
le 'e it.,
for metil f Of

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