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November 06, 1929 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1929-11-06

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THErMICIGANn.DILY r A. r OV4 9rllrftar~AIr

t'vblished1cyry m±tornring except Mond'ay
during th Ilim-elsity year by the Board 'in
Control tit Student Publications.
Member of Wester n on erence Editorial
The Alssociated Press is exclusively entitledj
to the us:e for republication of all news dis-
iratches credited t+O it or not otherwise credited
xn this paper andl the local news published
E~ntered at the posto. .ce at Ann Arbor,
Michigan, as second class matter. Special rate'
of postage granted by Third Assistant Post-
toaster iGeneral.
Sub cr iption by carrier, $4.00; by mail, $4.50.
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nlard Street.
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lams otter loseprli Vait Riper
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Chbarles lKlirne 1illiani R. Worboyi


A far more beneficial and at least
as necessary a result could emanate
from the formation of such a body
in that it could set a definite pol-
icy according to which the univer-
sities mlight guide their conduct.
At the present bime there is no ac-j
cepted standard by which it can
proceed, no established limits with-!
in which it can legitimately act.
Because of this lack of uniform
standards, even those schools which
are sincerely endeavoring to main-
tain a proper athletic policy are
suffering needless rebuke.
With all that has been said, pro
and con, about the Carnegie report,


,About Books


Every Soul Is. A Circus
By Vachel Lindsay
The McMillan Company
New York City
Price $2.75
The title poem for Vachel Lind-
say's new volume of verse, "very
Soul is a Circus," is probably f a-
Smiliar to most readers. It was
printed ini "Poetry, a Magazine of

ins the long run it will stimulate !Verse" in October, 1928, and was
a solution for the situation ayod in recited by the poet upon his visit
a way that will be more, condc Zivc oA ro atfl."vr Soul
to' the real purposes of educational is a Circus" is typical of the Lind-

Editorial Comment
(Grand Rapids Press)

sayati poems; it is pos;sessed of
airticulative Imagery, of simple
th~eme alid stucture, and it is In-
conceivable as poetry unless chant-
ed aloud. The worth of these char-
acteristics of Lindsay's verse have
long been subject for discussion.

Th'lose good old days are passeda Is there not supposed to be an in-
ia1 which an engineering ,student at; telectual qualities in poetry? Are
the Unliversity of Michigan could not Lindsay's ideas simple and
relevehishin oflogritinsbychildishi? Are not the poems "lik~e
relevehismin o loarihmsbya Kresge store, with nickle inag-
(Iroppniai) il for a i ip1 cof thie cr and (dime alliteratlin"? These
anatowy "lab" or a lectIur, oa re a few of the qluestions that have
creek art. No longer wvill tile lowly beer' brought before the troubaadourl
"dent" leave his bowl and drills syl- poet.I
'labus onl the History of Musical In- But if Lindsay is simple and
strunit~s or a talk or1 Prec ius lleallin less, poetry of the folk is
Stones. j, so. For hie is= in all practical mean-
i)g, a wandering :minstrel.ie has
'Student., at Anti Arbor lwE'1after chanted to audiences the length
arc to have identity cards, liceiie anid breadth of the country. And
plates or passports enititling themr like the Minstrel of old, the his-
s z r !tonies he sings are factious; but we
to 3txfdy inl their own college onlly. accept them as such because of
T'hey must not crowd the clas s the authentic prophecy expressed
rooinS for other branches of edu- 'in them. It is the quality expressed
cation in their eager search for in at poem of this new volume, "The
knlowledge. They mxust, whenever IVirginianis Are Coming Again,"~
arrested, produce their card before! that makes Lindsay attractive.
claiming enrollment in the student "The Virginians are coining again
body. Presinably the passport All seat for the victory, calling the
snapshots will be demanded at the 1 aid
I see them, the next generation,
gates of the stadiuml to make sure Ieteehadrdn,.oglg
that no Student hias tran ferred his Geitl11eJ adrdn, ogl
football ticket. gdmn
With horsewhiip, dog whip, g aun1t-
J All this rigmarole may be nzccs- let and braid,
nary, like autoinobilc banls, ill the' Mutineers, musketeers,
progrev s of miass education.. Let us Iii comlmuand.

0 Music ndDam
Theire should be a certaiin tone of
breathless suspense, likec that at
football games, abo~it the comling
productions by Play Production of
"City Haul" by William P. Thurnau
and "Leila" by Dorothy Lycln Acker- I
man, the prize winning plays from,
last year's contest. Most~ of us see,
in the student production of stu-
dent plays the fullest and most iin-
ploring expression of campus
yearnings for a University Theatre.
There is no questioning the fac~tf
that a strong tradition of c'reative
writing in the drama mnust be builti
up as a nucleus fori the r1h1eal1.e
when it does materialize. Such a
production as that given "City
Haul" this week end will show theI
whole long- analddiThul cycleof
aebleveincilntleessLiy to tli*' pro-I
duction of an aesth(tie tjCri
in the theaLtre completely jna.Aer~d
by student effort. And such i. demn--
onstration °cer'ta it ly consti ti te. I ,
^oherenit. and vigorous consullMiia-
Liont of studlenit eCBTt ldeser'ving~
lusty chieersa.
SPlay ProdIuction has consenited toj
dedicate some of its hard-earned
profit to the exploitation of inter-
est in student plays so tihat th
Friday and Saturday ii ht pctf for-
lilane'es Will be free s cons idvr a.-
Lion tha should certainly bring a.
'capac'ity :crowd to Michigan's pi'es-
eut theatrical stadium. The play
in addition presents many d ifciil--
ties of casting gad scenic clesigai,
being on the bold scale of some of
George M. Cohian's more vigorous
melodramas, Indeed it has been
rumored that Cohan, attracted like'
a true showman to the clever title,
had been negotiating withi Tburnau f
for a possible contract. 'Tie play is'
described as fiscinating inclodra-
mla enacted on a background of
graft and bootleg wars such as
Chicago periodically enjoys. The
plot is an ingenious study in the
expose that follows when the may-
or's son goes to the bad and the
gangster's activities are accidental-
ly discovered. A splendid and
original scene in a blind pig con-
eludes -this tense and -ambitiou~s
play. Thie judges of lastyear's con-.
test were, cout ident th~at it would
mak ioosdramatic entertain-

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Tki;,r I l ,2NV '1 71

II .



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r l


R -----

' n, ; ___ ,




' A Y
"f N
ap ,
4 e
,. . . .
J i.
rt .
~ ; ,
.,, k


COT 'Y'S iicwest perfujaic
7 the scosation ofdt
Plaris . Glorifies
every per-



Marvin.Koltaekcer i oiuu .rlwarU Lto 'Utlil 'kV404 UL, OfI unacfraid,"; __ CA3CI VIC Si ' 11ittliE
the Class of 1950, whose lay miay ;!soCefI 7s
Lauira Coadlintg Ali- i"" ' 'oly T11 ''thi1s. c(ase, lhe is a patriotic jf
Bernice 'Glaser S.,,via Millet, 1)ebom.lviat as foows: oe el i that the sirtof Af(11ii1a1]~.1C.It,1t t.7a
Rf'rtetne Goodinig rt i V. Msss~ihte otblevn prt omlanoneiul onn
AnnlGiderg .elean:or W ilkintshaw Aioiised for8 c'ilock c(lz as1,- youth l will ovrercomxe Babbaittry. Bu fi 'oi Chicago affords , s 1ll -wbot
_________ ~i ~ootlcaX\atimai ~ ('L ~ Dr: 1i# ory 45; slidles Lin1dsay i ..Iott the propaganda pa-,,.jpungeti(qlnln fl tl)1 l(N'ble lit-
NIGHT EDITO)R- -I HENR R ,R'Y idown iole to bre afst al Table 6; tr it . I d. :Upon rea dinrt ;..rtendcauce -,lthe wpro diutio li y tlte
W---N-SDA _, NQXT . i 9~ r n po t t o i ea 0 3I 3 Say. o ne is 411 Pressed cl by the ei'itiiu- "af '~ u o - v n ti n p v i
i__________ mn 1ing 1 classe s .. l lim et :*sali of thlc e try r:ft eth1an D etruit last wee k. C hicago, i t IIp
to Downtouwn Lunch hToo~i '45, al thel patJ'iotisflb i, s. poemzs aree-parsradtoa), Pi cx-l '
_________ ry Lunch 23, ollowed' lby a sinlai t tetuporaleosnsKlk hs opn wt lt sal~lntto
FRAPI"~N~i'1 r~OrE~'rY ilarchi to an hour's h'iidy period i i the bardis, And as such anl absenceanntito ilirini1iJ:.
TxfrfarnteisSeatt 921, library, and two ilr f"tletaiYn"i utified. M.C. ail andorgaizt ioul. though 1lI
- exemption ca56e; Bs18 1 ntamwithout royal patronage.
A lndy ttsithsIC bok The ti at 1 trrtr g ,, Patc;_. u y. eone mantager hilDetroit wh or
by meas a dad isue, ad buiding or swmmingPractce '" t oetr ishould be "separated m iga >fltt 'abtuU
relzn hsfclt nefae-Pool 3 witl 'Veaiii22, followed( by froin all other formils of mhusic and i ian uefrt f abtUi
ity cui~rl h las once mor'ie taken bikllet -t :I1T1 "i s, 1ul l1111;tlf e ~i~
p the question with a view to dl hdwdia o t onsk. n tafrouri's °ttudy and danttce at Wou~tl . Iliaidtain(poetry an oralisart,
brnigabout definite, action cith- 7to stir notexcitemeet.yDatroitlisrt
brnigLeague with Coed 2M1, blond 1t.1nt- 'tim as such shoauld be accomn-tojui cotetd it b oe tropt on
er through the MsteV legislature or-hogti'CtyLtlcl perainiental, -five feet two. selentifiC, wihqut cne*d t*e 'lc stpo
through Hie city eon 'icil.eICwitJ gestuce. It should not be^h ot fteNwYr edes
It is generally baelievedt that fra- ally clhocii oil the basJs of oIJI)0o- 'ea( silenrtly. It ",as prtiarily(terttco h NwYr } des
ternities are taxed cffar <above tesr s._Lefs tudent 40U_ i; bimn ae x lct r l with aid of dance and-
-)eek, six feet four---timeevetng :Ou! t c l n~ in nrra'i pe the motto. Ad vert Usce iits bubb e
va il lue akcom ared wi t ; th r ith r 'ulminatir) g .with a strtp rvisrd cheat wkith "tile original New York ea!st." I
buuildings. Three organizations with J eluet anihniii ofs, ntre __ and the t.;t;con ntreucnt banc.t* tlshmefnt of _'Ct
homes on eta te street, all of about -- -hi alng ipeBotevyd.to thibrarientre,"mpahays accord-ro Ne
_ - --__p-f-.y.librais," ___ , ,(" tc. etrioIie r do 't rea)izet
equal value, are assessed oil a valu- ---0---_l ig to tlue poet, tirade Poeticalwa ol onefiestt~end
anon of 6,000 ea hi lle aarg I HE a S I I 2U ,AC''IX'Y r-gai'es obsolete." It is Lfh;ai xhtjlt ~rltrfl~.tl :e1
bank on One of tide be-sti c'wmiers of ! ( It'eif. 1Frec!e itt to restore Poetry to the (___s "alo ly w _ the ~ m '''-- .
the downtown district iii only as- ita~t weevk fivefrnaevl itt' e.t af. ti mPie )!a.t i_ et[ ogago a~s a social f cltmiedi me}ior I3~~I
cut_-,t hebsi (f ,}C! ,:'_ i attitude ex laiins ,the __ ____yr_11eu
~ese ntebsso 7.O. Univernsity i f f lhigan w~eye rplacedt- p th '9tf~ Kbte, "yGr 'maL
Alhugavnabllvs donpobati on beeau,, etheir houssI --- -, l~ea -- and d Ac et, iic n enoh
through the legislature for cornh- I had been tihe sceles Of "vet ar fiil!s or o estat ~awvr
plete tax exemption will probably tie-s." saturdayiight, One of thme ;iIs L ind~say justified in expecting
take several year,, there is nio *rea- suetrosi ~l~h~hlteI~~clmtaddne t fuse, a little ,shIabbty fron~tt the t>rm
sonl why thiere 'shlould not be a nly mews ,dorntitorv ill Anil Ar- : i? l pksfull at drums,riecoetopn i11Deoifo
'more, equitable asseslent onl fra- 'borwa:1 raided by police oflic ers alcics I oradle oesnpuar tootekerrii.nTeatr
terl:axty proper"adio iae other- us- uild an)d-the Statford Co mpllany
terit prpetis i te ear fu- 'Who report that it was beiug.tilued ical. ~rinsrments which attempt to get a reception Pathletically unien-
ture. By building flite houses fra- as a bootleg distribution point, and t7Xr ens the ideas of poetry. Can ll uist
tern~ities hav' e greatly mnicrea: ed' that they sei, ed a cons iderabale tliere possibly be any relation be- Chcg!sgltmgls mu o~
property values lin Ann Arbor and !Gda1iity Of liquor. Itweeit the orches tration as R i tisliedh ith 1,such u17 ter ;;ubjcn
conseuitemtly, there is no reasoni Ti oud a utte A d{ eloped today, anld the village-
_ I _ ____ to the rabad. Butculture of [h
why they should pay more than tio raiy s ol's r ou ody -' c chant and rustic dan~ce as atgrethetropoii)<tran, Ajtid it: m
oterreidnt o tleciy it would have beeni had the firna I_.I ca rts Of interpreting poetical iliei e pr os n t
l~iteiu ltzrovr .snv if ll~tit
ternitie _ been pelitt 'ted t 'o"I !'dce'? Li icsay sinterested ilpare- ci hksera ott r w
t~il~uto ge awy Wit'l .t,' a p r- i n -emtionby im:eans of hu-
I~ E O N S IL C T1 N inu t a w y w th it. a pe _of t hle la test atcts of li bIe ratio n. . it
Now that the ' cvLral educational gm in spe<lech an~d body iluoveienit. ~ ~ oe bu t
_slstm lt 1rilnor indcicates some h-2a1_i .
intiuton f~etd ytie am-becti doinig for severail years; enor I oer-is, hesays, "art actionl
gi Bllti hvemaicthirre te oole haduates adben fthe subconscwious stream, well dution eof W~~ili thkespaeare:
th uteI edur~rishdbfl .__- h s-- tesociety i5 annlountced as a prre=
spective replies, thle construrctive ef- allowed to flourish untch.ecked. I worthl while, a thing clairvoyant." i'letiittuo.Antonur
fects of [hl: Blletini are making ! Most Poets claim to be possessed of "al"tistttcs.Allt i i
'There Is iio reason to suppose istaebu its success it has secured- such a;
their quiet appeartance. The first ( tcodiinsatths stesi m aofterprt et av e hosen-
of these imcluda I tlif Prpoaleo t c ore - 'mos t'te liivrty liafso n er avn e hosena ine-itoimored m ianl as Fritz Lieberj
proposhnL 041-1,1. aiel ofj areat _ rC rh) " .f r rit sy .for director and lead iimo acto[r, whioi
eon~slle f Wser o-i th1aut timer have been for Rsrome titute, sy. tikheL nu-i ha.,encnece i S nmke
fee~C ,that th)erebe formed a 'or are anly worse Cthlau .ndi~ i l i An -layng4)searean presentations f o ;ie{
theaeeagebigschol;butthee.setady g dire. J~allads and itera- I twenhty flve years. Tib, )_r1a sur- I
general tgoveiirig body, designed . veagebgsho;btteeI ,cofteolhaeon sie(!
to regulate the conduct of college is soinicreasoniefor lhope drat inowILeat of thplae[ifbolks havercong sincedd inef ihote c
athletes theybewnlplacedbintbooks bytPercylanduIccssful actors. a~rnollrtl time K"4 Ai '-
atltff the athrlet ic field.t.ywl ebteri uuetll Scott to lodge anmovtg dusty library mieClir!yot
board, composed of represesita- 'iYhvbennte a.ad staicks>. 'The folk (ldance has vani- Lawrence ('ecil. Undtoulbte'dly, theI
tives of the baoards in control of I that there is goitg t be less f ha- ,riie rtl orcr-et.Lnsy, _
athletics at the sveral Bi Ten gred hitlhtno recordieleft. Lindndsay°coalp any is prepared to ttke a good
atleic t he se eal Bie rntdlunting f'ithes dr l w!amd laim'to :institute lhis ideas of Po- loss f9 r about three' yers [he New
universities, could be especially -ee rne a'ls etical gaines into high school sys- York peddler etadition 's suretty
-helpful in setting and maintaining Special ground for t t i oile e(x-I tmadtu re tdnsfo mY esalhdeerwreYt
afeasible policy for the relations tats because Presidenlt lUtfive ain sa verse by tap ing leortishladabeeryime r ale
of a uixersity with its athletes. known as a person who is just and 1 with a eclo the dek-'f ~ spos:adamic.'_Deoitl
More a eci i heds. u,1obvilousl~y, it could help to fair but inot given to 'Litandiing for li ,cannotI' acpose:lDsh his aim;oi, lookattep--e'icamto breaking awayis Irounh
pret any irmtituti nfrom n~-ions~enise;" and who ei Pronieto lllt dscvrtherao°~slIaoto iu iigbrlnt t
pin beondthertruerlimts f is eetdisiplnar qu~tjns i'ompt Ithoughehis -faith is too strong toiIutu.
relatiom-Ir wit-inits athrletes. Frtlh- 1I liad decisively . i nalreadyhras admi i.Books will prohibit hill. ut-.e
.i i.r,.°. .. .. . ... . _ sI. ._.a............. - ' - 1 - A


I, ,
( '

" $LUoti) Ilustraiea
oy II a s Oz., $z.OU


.t 1

f tI+® -r



'il-is ±4 the sand you Want to mtaie
your° party a big vucces.
Ben's Blo!3kwers
"EWe satisfy "
4.3190 Phones 74
Joe Benjamin, Manager

723-Nort -i- imsty

207 South Main fit.

like that"



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anl Irucatpvtus. Farnily Si. e ]botrle,
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intestines and relieves constipation
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1_i oo

N yodgest
.111(1 ,f(:

ic, amt analgesic balmt.In .
or'i for colds, neuralgia, -



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the rain is going to make it
looks like a wet sack- before
you arrive? None whatever.
But if you put on your Fish
Brand Slicker your clothes
look precisely as well when
you get there as when you start.
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33 c



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