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January 10, 1929 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1929-01-10

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THURSDAY, - SANUAflV 10, ~29PAC+F~ i'ivr~

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MANY HOUSE TEAMS Mrs. Vandenberg Tells Of Friendship
With Mrs. Hoover In Magazine CHAIrMNticLECtD


i I

Mr.. A. 1. Vandenberg Continue
Work As National Chairman
For Second Term

Athletic Convention Launches Campaign GLECLID WILL SING
Against Women Competing In Olympics
An organized campaign against rWomen should strive in athletees tc NO
varticipation of women in t play with rather than against. N. A
Olympic games was launched aj A. F. also advocates besides intra-
the convention of the women's di- mural athletics, intercollegiate, bun In accordance with its cIstorm
vision of the National Amateu not those which are participated since the installation of the iMIichi-
Athletic association which met i_ !outside the jurisdiction of the col"gan Night Hour, the University
Mew York City recently. The Un .ege. This is an ideal which wa: Girls' Gle lub is b'odcti t
versity of Michigan was represen' sxpressed at a previous convention Gee cu oacasting a
od by Margaret Ohlson, '30, wh by President C'arence Cook Little. 7 o'clock tonight from the Michi-
was elected by the executive boar(n nonnnnte t-' r + an Broadcasting station located

Kappa Kappa Gammas Win Ove:
Alpha Epsilon Phis
In Fast Game


Mrs. Arthur H. Vandenberg, ac-
ive in the work of the Michigan
\lumnae council since its organiza-
tion 10 years ago, was reelected 1
serve as its national chairman or
Jan. 4 Miss Mary Nell McKavof

Lansing, was made vice-presiden'
Several intramural teams have it the same time, and Mrs. Arthui
now completed the first round o ;olton of Detroit, was elected tc
basketball games which each team serve as representative of the Coun
must play before entering the regu- :.1 on the general alumnae board.
lar elimination tournament. The Mrs. Vandenberg has served
entrants,this tournament arn he chairman of the Alumr
those teams which have won two '? ouncil for the last three years, as
out of the three premliminary >Fuming the position upon the res
games- nation of Mrs. Shirley Smith. $
Martha Cook's basketball team ias identified herself with the ir
managed to win a three point mar- erests of the University in man:
gin over the alert Tri-Delt sextet :ere~astashehde the driverstyi cmn
11a dt c a e pt setetmays and she headed the drive c
in a nip-and-tuck game played in 1 eGadRpd lma hc
Barourgy-Vnsiu:Tu es-daj he Grand Rapids alumnae which
Barbour gyinasium T u e sd a > ..
night, the final score being 19 to 16 ' { ucceeded in raising a $75,00
in favor of the dormitory. Dur- oledge for the construction of th
ing the whole time of play both Mrs. Arthur H. Vandenberg Michigan League. This being on-
inghetherwholestimeroftplay tothh
teams were very fast, and it was Mrs. Vandenberg, wife of Unitecs war, "Mrs. Hoover was first co tos, of the largest subscriptions to th(
anybody's game up until the final States Senator A. H. Vandenberg her purse into the ring and star ,eague, the common lounge is
whistle.,1 who was recently reelected to th work. 'Cash and Carry' and th be known as the Grand Rapic
Esther Middlewood rang up 17 of national chairmanship of the famous Hoover apron evoived a ,oom. It will be furnished, accord
the 19 points for Martha Cook Alumnae council of the University this time from her fertile brain ng to a recent announcement, en
with her accurate shooting, and of Michigan ,is the author of ai During the food administrative pe- irely in Grand Rapids furnitu-
she was aided well in. the guarding article describing a personal friend riod, Mrs. Hoover personally plan. Which will be largely the gifts o!
territory by Jeanette Saurborn. ship with Mrs. Herbert Hoover, ap- ned the new quarters built for th 3rand Rapids manufacturers.
The Tri-Delt forwards played very pearing in "Everygirls'," the maga- thousands of extra girl clerks."----
well together throughout the en- zine of the Camp Fire Girls. "Though as an executive officei Notices
tire game. I Mrs. Vandenberg was formerly Mrs. Hoover is entirely at hom,
Alpha Gamma Delta Wins journalist and served for severa; she has made a success of ol The Mortarboard picture for th
Alpha Gamma Delta easily won years on the staff of the Chicags fashioned wife-hood, and h Theoarbsadwietenfat
from Phi Gamma Mu by a score Tribune. She describes Mrs. Hoov- strongest note, after all, is domesti ichiganensian will be taken at 1
of 19 to 5 in a game which was er as a 'smiling, gracefully taUl city. .c.kSndio.ingbashe
the first one played by the losing radiant woman, with a crown o Continuing to develop this lin neeting after the picture is ta k 3
team. Alpha Gamma Delta was beautiful white hair, worn in that of thought, Mrs. Vandenberg write: Junior women are reminded tha
strong in all sections and the play- becoming coronet style of thr> time "For twelve years after her mar a econd tryouts for the cast of t
ers worked well together. No points when woman's crowning glory way age, Mrs. Hoover , was what 01 Junior Girls' Play are to be he!,
were made by either team during her hair.' Reminiscent of a certain might call an inveterate home grom 3 to 6 o'clock this afternoon
the first quarter, but early in the social function, "the complete maker, creating homes in Pekir n Sarah Caswell Angell hall. I
second period Alpha Gamma Delta snowiness of the picture was thor- Tientsin, Tong Shan-where sh those who have been called bac
started its winning streak when oughly warmed by her smile anc was the only resident white woma. Ko try out for speaking parts ar
Genevieve Campbell netted three handshake, as well as by th -in Tokio. Then on to Russi. Jxpected to appear at this time
baskets in sucdession.e 'd sparkle in those candid blue eyes Icapital, to Kalgori, Australia, Man F'lie time for chorus tryouts will be
then awerful'Alp -XiDelta sext, As a dinner-partner, .1 am told o dalay, and in between times, i nnounced later, All women .
heoerfum Alpha Chi Dmela sext very good authority, she is incom Paris and London. eturn for a second tryout must
won from Alpha, Clii Omegacond 2'ou mto
2 The stellar work of the Alpha parable, ready to enter any line o In conclusion. Mrs. Vandenberg prepared with songs and danc(
Xi Delta center, Katherine McMur- conversation, thoroughly posted or pays a splendid tribute to Mr teps as well as dialogue selections
rayDelevey-dayeaffirstandiwth acstor
raywho usually got the tip-off, every-day affairs, and with a story Hoover as a woman, "Girls, educa as extemporaneous performance,
and of-Helen Harter, forward, who telling ability that is not the 1o tion, out of doors, _and play-the mill be disregarded.
netted 17 of the 27 "points were of many women. ill reveal her strong concern There will be fencing practice ir
unconquerable factors in the wn- In the opinion of Mrs. Vanden the development of American we Sarah Caswell Angell hall at
ning team. On tewhiole, however, berg, expressed in her article, Mrs manhood. She has nher o >
Hoover stcharaterize bywherShe however, her ot)'clock Thursday afternoon. It i'
it was slogae. Hoover is characterized by her jective as 'Home' which she sa mliortant that all women who
A fast contes was that in which arkedability as a home-maker 'should be a 'place where peopl taking fencing be there. If any
Kappa Kappa Gamma defeated although she has often proved her who love each other can spen ne cannot remain throughout th
Alpha Epsilon Phi yesterday after- ability outside of her home, In their leisure hours and a certa hole hour, she is asked to rep
noon. The score was 33 to 6, but college, "Dr. David Starr Jordan 1h number of working hours happil tnd give her name to Miss Raw
the game was much, better than known to have said that Lou Henry together. 'lings.
the score would indicate. The ex- was one of the ablest women e vei
tremely accurate passing of the at Stanford."
Kappas and the accuracy and During the Boxer rebellion, in
speed especially of the forwards China, "with a few other foreigr
gave them the advantage. Dorothy women the Tientsin club was turn-
Brook and Margaret Eaman were ed into a hospital where, without
the forwards on the winning team, medicines or anaesthetics, they
Due to the good guarding by the icared for the wounded."
Kappas, the Alpha Epsilon Phi for- With the opening of the World -
wards were seldom able to get
loose, an dmost of their shots had account of the games scheduled for !%o I
to be made from awkward posi- 5 o'clock between Hillel Foundation s
tions. and Alpha Omicron Pi and be- -LASSOP63
The game scheduled for 4 o'clock tween Theta Phi Alpha and Kappa
yesterday between Sigma Kappa ~Delta will appear in tomorrow's
and Alpha Phi was defaulted. An Daily. . ,

of the Women's Athletic associatio
is the delegate.
This is the fifTh annual meetir
of the organization, which wa;
started in 1923 by Mrs. Herber
Hoover. It is composed of colleges
universities, secondary schools, in-
dustrial recreation groups, and in-
dividuals who are interested in pro-
moting sports for sports' sake. Th
purpose of the organization is tt;
offer a plan of sane and construe-
Live athletics for women, and with
the motto "A game for every girl
and a girl for every game," the
have outlined a program for women
which upholds these ideals.
The organization opposes what i
terms false athletics, which in
volves overstrain due to overtrain
ing and copying' of men's rules
Cora Discourses On
Delights Of League
Snowball Festival

women in the flvmnieQ 4the N.A I n Morishall.

v au IIide l *Y IAjS1tw1, ! 1fC 1VUN *
9. F. went wn record with a resol
tion aimed at this. The resolutionl
was accompanied by two others pro-
posing varied programs for women'
in conjunction with but not a partl
of the Olympic games and advocat-
ing more diversified but less stren-
uous athletics for women.
The reasons given for disapprov
ing of this type of athletics wer
as follows: "The games involve, (1)
specialized training for the few, (2,
opportunity for exploitation of wo-
men and girls, (3) possible over-
strain in training and during con-
Miss Ohlson was especiall
honored at the convention in thai
she was asked to speak at the an
nual banquet, in behalf of the col-
lege women. Col. Henry Brecken-
ridge, president of N. A. A. F., Dr;
John H. Finley of Columbia, Mr:
Frederick Edey, representing th
scouts, and Mr. John R. Tunis
prominent sports writer, also spok<e
at the banquet.

The program which will be sung
includes "Awake Thee Now, Dear-
est" arranged by Deems Taylor,
"Timothy" arranged by Alfred Mof-
fat, "Gypsy Life" by Schumann,
and a number of college songs in-
cluding "Goddess of the Inland
Seas," "Laudes Atque Carmina,"
,"Eight Till Eight," "Years Ago at
Michigan", and "The Yellow and
Blue." Miss Nora Crane Hunt, a"
director of the University Girls'
Glee club, will conduct the pro-
gram. June Marshall, '29, as a,
companist of the organization, will
be at the piano.
j After the first group of numbr-"-
which will be rendered by the Glee
Club, Dorothy P. Wilson, S. of M.,
will sing three solos. Miss Wilson
is a centralto and will be accom-
panied at the piano by Retta Mc-
Night S. of M. The solo numbers are
"Trees" by Rasbach, "Sacramenc"
by MacDiarmid, and "Life" by Cur-

My dear, have you heard abou
he League party to be held thi
Friday? The plans are really quit
fascinating, from all I've heard
-bout them, and the party prom-
ises to be much fun. I really think
everyone ought to go because they
will miss a good time if they don't
-and it's simply too bad to miss i
good time if you can help it, I meat
it actually is. It takes one's minC
from the fatiguing thought o
classes and study-if any--a ncj
gives it a rest.
Well, anyway, this is to be t
snowball party, in keeping with th(
season, you know, though by tomor--
row the snow may be all gone, yo'
never can tell about Michigar
veather. But that won't preven
it from being a snowball party, be-
cause the committee in charge
providing against the contin-
;ency by having artificial snow an(
And there will be skating, too.,f
Anyway, there will be dancing tc
Stake the place of skating, even
thought you may not be able ac-
tually to put on your skates. And
when you are tired of skating you
can have some hot coffee or some-
thing to warm you up. So all in
all, I think the party is going to be
really clever, I mean I actually do.

Jzque~l .,
n,0dthiS chic
rjhe S s a15;
Exactly as pictured
aibove Lido=Tan Kid
...a:with contrasting piping


,, ~
: "' °



Ja cobsons

f .' L4'

and Millineryg

, ,

$9.75 to $12.50
Silk Crepes and Satins
$16.75 and $19.75
DRESSES $11.75
Silk Crepes, Satins, Velvets, Jer-
sey and Tweeds.
$25.00 to $37.50
DRESSES $18.75
Crepes, Satins, Transparent Vel-
vets and Wools.
$45.00 and $55.00,
DRESSES $34.75
Metallics and Transparent

Joe Goofus enters once again
-The Dean his wrath conceals-
For Joe'd be an ALUMNUS now
On Goodyear Wingfoot Heels


j Mack & Co. Phone 4161 Mack & Co..
January Clearance of
Ey Men's Shirts
k ba
y a s
I.5 *.5 -23
4 f$
Every shirt in the Men's Furnishing Department
' is included in this Great Clearance. Leading
brands such as Arrow and E & W are involved
and patterns in white broadcloth, special Dobby
~: broadcloths, Rayon striped broadcloths and spec-
ial woven madras. Collar attached, also several
neck band styles with two collars. TPlain and
I novelty weaves are featured.
~1.65 -. 1.95 -.. 2"35,.
3 for $4.65 3 for $5.65 3 for $6.85

Felcome to college!
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This inclides

~ ~Y-



u;V L I~~Y

r!Pll Cv

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