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December 10, 1927 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1927-12-10

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"Whites may work more spedI <
bu: nIilinians work more accurately,
OF uio~nm~inri ME[I~iue to the environment of reserva-
tinlife,'' declare(I Dr. Otto Kline-
berg, distinquished McGill graduate, Y5*-
IN JECENTLY ISSUEl who has just returned to Montreal
PtBLICATION l after several years of research work

Within the past four years, the ex! sized events in the smaller towns.

Ianong Indian, negro, and white


BRITAIN FEARS CRUISERS groups to determine the question of
superiority among them.- T'his asser-
].ritish eleaion Refuses To ('11 tion was Dart of a statement recently
iderIdifiaticon Of Forn issued by Dr. Klineberg,outlining his
ding Program sebDfindings during this research work.
(BIy Assoc~i:atc- Press) "There is evidence," he continue;]
(EVADec As oeirmasson "that the superiority of white o-ver
GENEVA, Dec. -Confirmation that negro and Indiana cniidiren is large-
the fundamental cause of the collapse ly, if not entirely, a superiority in
of the Three-Power Naval Conference scores for time. There is superiority
was the inability of Great Britain and and in some cases inferiority in the
the United States to agree on the scores for accuracy of performance.
question of the eight-inch gun cruiser Dr. Klineberg reached his conclusions
is found in the official records of the afterp honeer psychological work
conference published here. The boo1k 1 waong the different groups in wsich
contains 164 printed pages and is en- heWa interested for his study. su-e
titled: "Records of the Conference stated that lie was frequently sin'-
for the Limitation of Naval Arma- prised at some of the results o
ment Held at Geneva From June 20 taine(l.
to Aug. 4, 1927." m Attempting to find the cause for the
An examination of the recordsdis- stated situation Dr. Klineberg main-
closes that many incidents of thetained that "There is evidence that
coudnernhavebeenhepugatedessn the greater speed of the performance
elui n thaof then piat sessio of the white child, which is responsi-
when the American delegation threat- file for the better scores in time, is
eed td leave afteran atnack by Lord1 probably determined by environment
Cecil on the American position. The rather than by racial difference.
re(ords shw that on suly 28, hlugh There is some evidence, too, that
s. Gibson, at the lhea of the Ameni other racial groups are at least equal
.an deegation referred to a state- to the white race in the ability to
ment i had made at a previous meet-learn or to profit by experience. Fin-
ing setting forth the views of the ally, there is no evidence for an im-
Unitd States respecting fehedoh of provement in score for the perform-
armament for cruisers and the eighT- ance tests as the proportion of white
inch gun. 1 blood in Indians or negroes. decreas-
Brnchl Nelu1.-11.,es."
TherecrdaI h '-r. The work which Dr. Klineberg did
The recorol says tLuau Mr. Gibsoias ofndams xlsvl o
inquired whether the British govern- was confined almost exclusively to
ment was adaniant hi its view with performance tests rather thanto the
respect to alisying the eight-inch use of any other types of tests of
gun for new c,)pstruction -other than bility-and intelligence. Much of his
10,000 toircruisers and certain spe- work was done on the Yakima reser-
0,000 tos ad certainp vation near Washington and at the
cified vessels, ads
"Viscount Cecil explained that this Haskell institute at Lawrence, Kan-
was the case and that they had in- sas, as well as with negro groups in
structions not,to deviate from this New York and West Virginia.
point." -i ,, h One of Dr. Klineberg's outstanding{
At the fatteful meeting, on the night successful research experiments was
of Aug. 3, when the decision was conducted at the Yakima reservation
reached that it would be useless to in July and August of 1926. He gave
continue the conference, the records a performance test to a number of'
indicate that Mr. Gibson announced white children and to a number of
that if the"authorized progrars" in- Indian children with the result that
cluded forĀ° Great Britain the ships the whites completed it in the cor-
which were projected, but for which paratively short time of 60 seconds,
money had n9t been appropriated, the but made 14 errors, while the Indians,
c nuiser stren th of the British Em- taking their time as they did, made1
pire would be far in excess of any no errors in the 137 seconds which
figure which in the opinion of the it took them to complete the test.
American delegation would consti- Commenting on this finding and'
tite limicantiola. n s other results of similar experiments,,
Level Was Too Hmigh Dr. Klineberg stated that, "The Ind-
When the British had explained that ians lack any concern for speed al-
Whem the "authorized program.'h most completely. This has always
to them tbeen noticeable by observers of these
were those passed by the government tests. The emphasis which is one o
and submitted to Parliament, the testrikingechaistics oAen-f
American delegation declared that the 1ah tiknchaaceritiysnof Aetr-
Britsh ntel~rtatin rpreentd ~can life has apparently not penetrat-
Pritish interpretation representert so"n
high a level as not to constitute real ed within the cultural pattern of the
limitation. Indian, at least on the Yakima res-
Rear Admiral Pound, of Great Brit- ervation. Nobody hurries. If the fam-
ain, remarked that the calibre of ily starts out in the car for a 150
guns was the great difficulty. Ar- mile trip, nobody cares very much
rangements were then made for a about getting there at any particular
final plenary sessioti the following time. To them there is no advantage
day. Mr. Gibson read a telegram from of getting there in one day instead
Secretary of State Kellogg intimating of two. If the family is away picking
that a public discussion of content- hops in the early fall, the children
ions problems might jeopardize a will come back to school a month late.4
future solution. !What difference does a month make
Mr. Gibson pointed out that public anyway? Contrast this whole mode
opinion was much excited and the
present place and time did not offer
m n tmn- ~ ra Fe tc ncn

Christmas holiday train service has tent and scope of the National Mu- a
been announced by the Wabash and sic weeks has more than doubled, a- r
:Michigan Central railways. Special cording to announceffents made this r
trains are being run on both these we0k by the National Music Week I
committee. These figures show that c
lines to take care of the large number 1614 cities and towns participated in
of students who will be going home ;the observances of National Museis
from Ann Arbor. week, which was held last May, in f
A representative of the Wabash will f contrast with the 80 observancos x
be at the Hotel Allenel for a week, nhich marked the inaugura ion:. ofit
intrviw Ithe idea in 1924. Thew Conunittce4 lays;
starting Dec. 12. He will interview this remarkable growth to th v quiet I
students and advise them on trains, jpromulgation of the idea by the local c
reservations and routes and will have organizations and to the cooperation c
all necessary information. in local observations by the various
A special train from Ann Arbor to societies in the individual cities air
. . -..,tOwls. -
St. Louis is scheduled to leave at 7:.0 Previous to the synchronization of
p. m. from the Ann Arhior railroad 11w many local music weeks, only 1-5 ~
station. It will go by way of Milan, cities and towns had ever held such
Fort Wayne, Peru, Logansport. La- a special observation. The gradua l-
fayette, and St. Louis, arriving in St. growth of the movement after the
Louis at 7 a. n.i National committee took hold is.
Trains will also be run by this com- shown by the statistics sent out by
pany from Detroit to St. Louis, leav- the committee. In 1924, 780 communi- l
ing at 12:55 a. mn., 10 p. nm. 4 p. in., ty and partial observances were made.
and 7 p. m. Other trains from Detroit This numbr increased to 122S in 1925,7
will go to Kansas City Buffalo, South iand grew to 1397 in 1926. The larget
Bnumber was reached in May of 1927
Bend and Evansville.
Special trains being run by the when 1614 community and partial ohl-
Michigan Central railway will be as servances were mai. The rapid
follows: to Chicago, leaving Ann Ar- mgowth of the participation in this
bor at 1 p. m. and arriving at Chicago movement, from the 150l"ore 1924
at 6 p. m., C. T.; to eastern cities, ;to the large number of ls a,
leaving Ann Arbor at 3:15 p. i. and'laid almost wholly to the 'eling ,f
arriving at New York at 7:50 a. m., at pride in the various town in that
Boston at 10:55 a. m., at Philadelphia they were taking part in a. sutan-
at 9:25 a. m.; to northern points, leav-- eous national festival. Many towns
ing Detroit at 8:30 p. m. and arriving found it very hard to fall in line with1
at Sault Ste Marie at 9:40 a. in., C. T. the dates set for the national observ-
at Marquette at 11:40 p. m., C. T. at ance, but all have expressed them-
Houghton at 3:4p p. m., C. T., and at selves to be well repaid for having
Calumet at 4:30 p. m., C. T. All of adopted the national plans, according
these trains will be run on Dec. 1Ito the report.
only. Idea lha" G(reat Spread
Other regular trains to New York Not only in numbers but in geo-
are the Wolverine, the New York Spe- Naphie "iowth has the idea mnaI
cial; to Boston, the Wolverine and a great s'pread. The celebration now
Boston Special; to Philadelphia, the carried out not only covers all of
Philadelphia Express and the Aol- the states in the Lion, but Hawaii,
verine. the Phillipies, Alaska, and the fir- 1
Booklets have been issued by both gin islands as well. The governors of
railroad companies announcing all these territories are now members of
trans leaving Ann Arbor and D troit the national honorary committee
ton Dec. 16.gr along with governors of the states,
-n ec. __and the idea has been adopted in
SPEECH STUDENT Canada and South America.
1 eunsylvania still holds the lead in
TO TALK TUESDAY the number of participating communi-
___ties1with23, but Texas is gradually
Dr. Lee Edward Travis, well-known forging ahead with 118. Illinois is
student of speech defects, will deliver third with 93. In many cases, the
a lecture on the "Place of Speech Cor- leadership is due not only to the size
rection in Modern Education," at 4:15 of the state but to the activity of the
o'clock Tuesday in Natural Science state organizations promoting the
auditorium. ideas. Pennsylvania's work is done
Dr. Travis, according to Prof. James by the Department of Public Instruc-
M. O'Neill, of the department of tion, and three or four state socie-
speech, is one of the outstanding speech ties campaign in Texas.
clinicians in the United States. For In diversity lf observation of Mu-
several years. Dr. Travis has been at sic weeks, th celebrations range from
the University of Iowa, where he is the big Auditorium events in San
an assistant professor of speech, and i Francisco and Denver, with its "Pag-
director of the speech clinic. eant of Colorado," to the moderate-

Daid you try the
Ann Arbor Dairy
Special ice cream
brick last week?
Well, here's another
equally as good--
Tasty, delicious,


nd down to the observances in the
ural districts. Mluch of this rural
Cbservance is due to the promotion
lone by the government's home dem-
'ustration agents.
In many places the observance of
National Music week has brought
orth beneficial results to the com-
munity, in the way or organizing of
andls, choirs, glee clubs, and other
nusical groups. In many cases, it.
has brought together the musicians
o the community so that they could
organize for better music in the city.
The committee expects to eclipse
all of its former work in the next
elelratirn whi-h will lie heid on May
G-12, 1926. Among the special features
planned for this week are a special
recognition of American music, the
better development of congregationul
singing in the churches, the use of
musie-memory contests in rural coin-
munities, and the tying-in of motion
)icture houses and radio stations .with
he Music week observances in tlh
various localities.

* 1
Fanned by a 40-mile wind, this fierce mountain lire has burned over miles
and miles o territory in tle V'erdugo range of Southern California, laying
waste hundreds of mountain homes. Above, a view of the blaze from the
town of La Creseenta. Below the ruins of a fire-swept mountain home.

of life with the hustle and bustue oi
any American town of a few thousanu
inhabitants, and the speed difference
of the tests is easily understood."
Dr. Klineberg who had great suc-
cess in the application of his material.
began his work more than two years
ago, setting as his object an experi-
mental study of speed and other fac-
tors in 'racial' differences.
be, a freshman at Northwestern uni-
versity, is Illinois women's golf cham-
pion, and besides playing golf illus-
trates a bible with which she teaches
her Sunday School class, plays hockey
and is Women's sports editor on The
Daily Northwestern.

Cosmopolitan Club
Will Hold Initiation,
initiation of new members into the
Cosmepolitan club will take place at
the regular meeting of the club to=
night at Lane hall. This is the lastl
initiation of the year, and anyone de-
i tring to become a member is re-
quested to be present
MISI'01 M When the city marshal
of MIountain rGove, Missouri, attemp-
ted to halt the annual class pennant
rush ti' the high school, a group of
girl students mobbed him and held!
tIm uner the town pump until the
lirec leramrtment rescued him.



Dial 4101










Something for Iis car

We are rn g
with great Savings

'loc reducing


a good atmoshere for discussion.
Dr. Eva.IFluegge of the Univfrsity
of Berlin, a traveling fellow of the
Rockefelt- -*memorial foundation,
will spokhbefore the next meetingj
of the University Economics club on
the subpeg- of "Tendencies Toward
Integratf6 in -athe Automobile Indus-
The meetin will be held at 8
o'clock next Tuesday at the Union.
Crude oil production in California
lst aeek Averaged 626,000barrels j
dlly, aim increas e of 300 barrels daily



Juilleret s

ha 2 ,rr WCS
1 2 1 1 5 4A,71-

302 S. State

)ial 586o

pl"" (,6 1

Prices slashed this week on
Morsers' and Buntes' Box
1% lb., 45c
1 lb.,c90c



over the week before:
-"1#EQBIIEEEIIIli l E~~lil EIEttil i i iE#E111 i11illtilll 1111illiltl lillll lill ll llli lli llll #I'9

I -11-') ]o . /Ashley r'none ui J i
Best Grade Alc hol9 c per Gal.
.-xx xxx...... "eae x .aaa - '..+ . .- , - '.e_ . +. . a .. . . . . . . .--_I _
GaloShes Zppers
Several L
Styles to
Select from t\'\Wj
KPriced V' <~_
to ~
$.U 2V NV/


That's what it is . ..

No UsE trying to put a definition around
Camel. It.is as diverse and fugitive as the
delicate tastes and fragrances that Nature
puts in her choicest tobaccos, of which
Camel is rolled. Science aids Nature to be

Each smoker telling the other, we suppose.
At any rate, it's first-in popularity as well
as quality. It has beaten every record ever
made by a smoke. Modern smokers have
lifted it to a new world leadership.

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