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October 08, 1925 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-10-08

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______ ('ntrary to the general imupression
All Who Exp ct o Aten I cuc t on campus, Athena literary,
TIown nies lustlegister For ; s{)r icty is not a debating society. Al-'
Special C1ars tixu;b debating recieves its share of!
- at :ntion, instructive programs deal-
TO SENT CHAPERONES lui,., with many interesting topics are
L___ iven. These programns deal with
Women students, including those I ca,-iis problems, national or interna-
living at home, who expect to attend C tional problems, or the study of prom-
any of the .out-of-town football games x, ortmer nt hefedo ltrtr
this fall' are required to register as oroary
earl as ossble n te Oficeofrte lTree times a year' organized de-
eal as possben n ptheffice or ebates are fheld in which every one in
thetaneln ofxWoensand paythe cfee frthe society is eligible to participate.
thetraellng xpesesof he hapr-Membership in the society is limitedl
ones, sent by the -University, accord- dsoery eanwmmbsae
ing tod Missveraceeaichardsmassist-
ing o Mis Grce ichads, ssis- ielected on the basis of the tryout *plan.
ant dlean of women. I This year's tryouts will be held at
For the Wisconsin game the special j7:15 o'clock Tuesday in the Athena
train to Madison will leave Ann Ar- i rooms on the fourth floor of Angell
bor, at 9, o'clock city time Friday,} hail.
October 16, and one section will carry,___________
several cars for the women studentsl
of the University who plan to attend "tr1r ES CMON
ts gm.Tetanarie nMd-jfn at 7' o'clock Saturday morning,
and leaves at 9 o'clock Saturday eve- ! f~ IIIA FA n ir
ning, reaching Ann Arbor early Sun- i UIfI ~tLJlU. CI
day morning. Women who receive _
stop-over privileges for Chicago may Frms io~ h oilatv
leave Chicago as late as 11:50 Sunday 1 rms mn h oilatv
"mlt nritinoinAnn Arh.1- . 7 ities for the coining week is the in-

First Handbook
Miss Jean Jiamiton, dean of wo- Incopiin adIp Actfl.~ive ', ici Slut) inthe \ (licil n'
men, and Miss Grace Rich~ards ,advis-! Athletic association handbook, the AV. .502tif o adf 3cl
or of foreign women, will be at home 'A. A. has taken a big s:te tuiardts th i )odai.8 crii )lIr
in honor of all Oriental women from'promotng gre teu' l erect211 toiiMyrt
3:30 o'clock to 5 30 o'clock this aft- ics aniong women. Theo handbook, 1 ,iR'I ral '27, lli'esident. It is first;
ernoon at 923 Olivia avenue, dedicated to entering women, is in- U>JIY0(l'aotoismelc-
Receiving with Miss Hamilton and tended to acquaint them W ith the or- ,tive 1)0tf ~s l ich are given -bet xveen
Miss Richards will be Miss Fandira ganization that governs thecir sportis 4adt0Ok oahei oo
Crocker and Miss Ruth Deemer, sec- as well as with the sports themsel - p115a~gvnfrterqie
retary of the Y. W. C. A. Members of es. It contains a welcome to the work in phy xi(il edutcationi.I
the world fellowship committee of the freshmen; a statement of thie aims of ine maj,"r sports aniong the elec-
Y. k C. A. will assist through the( the W. A. A.; sonic advice to be- ~~ nld i~(y aktal n
rooms. They are: Sarita Davis, '27, ginners; the names of the associa- taea l.In tiof these, 50 poeintar
MaryBeeia,'27,Elizbet Croin, ions oficer an itsexectivthoad; in for fthe se, 50points, fre
May B e a. 2 ,Eia eh C oito ' fi esadise euieb ad < on,; '28,_ Madelyn Leland, '26, A'vargaret some arilso sp ts an th c n- iv ,fr t e lud 7fr
ephi e No ton, '28, M are Va ~ t e sp rts an( the C~il f larce on the first team of any c~ s
Lord, '27, Elizabeth Lucas, '28, Js stitution ofth organization. 1_00 points. As 100 pointsarte'
ephine ith '8,MaissSuan Ozen- i The sports sponsored by the WA. -A. requirement for act ive membiership in:
bruggen, '26,wihMsSua Chen,( A. inc'lud~e something of interest for the W .A. A. any womian who makes'
'26, Miss Yi-furng-Wu, graduate stu- ;,very woman on the camnis. Therie ti fit t earn in hockey wrill be eii 1le.
dent, and Miss Grace Song, graduate is hockey, track, basketball, baseball, T he}re are lnumlerou oher ways,
student. tennis, rifle practice, fencing, Elame oeet anti iiuee io
Mrs. Dean Moires, Mrs. R. W. Cow- ing, hiking, and riding. Each of these ;sport? such as archery or rifle bring'
den, Mrs. E. C., Goddard, and Mrs. is explained in a very attractive and ; ;5 points for first team mienmbership.
John Sundwall will preside in. theI lively way by the girl in charge, and ! For individual sports such as tennis,'
dining room assisted by Miss. MariaI also there is an article on the WV. A.I riding, or golf, 30 points are awardedl,
Lanzar, of Helen Newberry residence, I A. tea room. , providled the sport is pursued 12
Miss E. R. Janaki of Martha Cook The whole booklet is filled with the times duringr one season and is not
building, Miss Hilde Shohara, Betsy! spirit of the W. A. A.-its sportsman- presented as a, tournament sport.
Barbour house, and Miss Florence ship, cordiality, andi enthusiasm. Pe'r et attendance in an elective;
Chong of Adelia Cheever house. "You're not supposed to Imow how (I ;ticing class, oi" lparticipation in a
Dr. Clarence Sargent Shephard whoI before you come out.'' This should (dlance drama, gives S50 points,'inI
graduated from the Michigan School( be noted by the women who hav e net coaching spjorts by r iecolnulndation,!
of Medicine in 1915 will speak. Dr. hr a frtcps svnyaskom e o racies AIecausen I hey don't r, - ;)oints.
Shpadhsfrih atsvn er nwtegame. Alwoe rena
acted as a medical missionary in! ed to come out for athietic's, to learn ------____
China under the auspices of the Y. to "play the game," andI to experience
W. C. A., returning to this country the fun of competition.
last May. I _______-

I I I3,ura :iii s cmv atennl-;is r ie obrtleatley, '23M, of Toledo.
golf !'he p <mlic p t siecie5 pit isI lonsom is a member of Alpha
fo u aa for or\achroud 1wtiNi 1)tj( a sorority.
Keepng aheath crd s anthe Leaersipk commission members of
way f ernig pit . Thse ay he i'.W. C. A. will meet at 3 o'clock
11) tnet't, h 'A'. A. A. 1is( mtdY at N wberry hall.
In order to 1e'" ir t le'i nt711s eaLrn- tt rl~rl P Firn r< tr Y[



edi a iregard of01theimu Im edeimsitA
in a. box inithe ._corridor011aor
the cotrpe.t ion oF theac" t vi 1is,
person.,1thrlss, the pot thIle date,
of conutt on of the sport, anti the,
p)(sitil won or m' e stmout.j

t ! t t> U'l.tjock'I'iirsIIay evening the
eN ect i ye board of the W. A. A. will
t.~ in the Lantern Shop.
The)arty to hamve been given under
the- aus-pIhes: of the Women's League
aurday night at the Kappa Alpha.
Ttahouse has been indefinitely
h uipo~tl)Old"
At- 12:15 o'clock today at Barbour
I gymnasumz the last opportunity will
f e given for women to take the swim-
in test which is a pre-requisite
If or membership in the canoeing class-
s c rondct cted b~y thre physical educa-
n on department.


Tryouts for the Lecague orcihest ra

will lie held fromt 1-0 to 1.1 :3t}) '(1 W ordI has lteen received in Ann'
A1rbor of the death of Alice Hilcks
Sat mday in JBarbour gynnasium.laiser '27, on Tuesday September 29.
Anyf one interostedi is invited to try- MArs. Kxaiser was a member of Alpha
out. Drums are espe cially needed. Phi sorority.
All women itrse iu forming a' Enterintg Methodist women were en-
B Iible study 91,0111) in contnection with tort ainted at tea yesterday at. Wesley
the Unxiversity Y. W. C. A., call at the3 hail by the members of Kappa Phi.
ollieo of the secretary at Newberry! Miss Mary Stair, student director of
hail biefore Tuesdlay, and sign tipI1the young ipeopile's association spoke
C i - on the "Purpose and Meaning of<
Th'e emi-agement is anmnouincedl of Kap~pa- Phi." Mvargaret Calvert, '26,
Fan it I tausom , '23. of Kalaniazoo, to was cuairman of the committee.

L3I't3VF a6 i ;

formal tea dance for all entering wo-
men to be given by Betsy Barbour
house and Helen Newberry residence
from 4 to 5:30 o'clock next Tuesday
Cueosts will go first to Betsy Bar-
hour house where Miss Ruby Howe,
social director, Katherine 1"'. Wilcox,
'26, and Dorothy G. Allison, '27, will
receive. H-ere refreshments will 'be
fserved in cafeteria style. Miss Jean
Hamilton, (dean of women, and Mrs.
Amy S. Hobart. assistant dean, will
From Betsy Barbour, the guests
will proceed to Helen Newberry resi-
dence where there will be (lancing.
Mrs. Lpuise B. Hastings, social director,
Marion Good, '26, andl Irene M.' Dil-
lon, '28, will receive for H-elen New-
berry residence.
A color scheme of Maize and Blue
wil be carried out in both houses.
A tour of the rooms will be made so
that the guests may be given an in-
sight£ into dormitory life.
This all-campus tea given under
the joint auspices of the two dorm-
itories will take the place of the an-
nual freshman tea heretofore given by
Helen Newberry residence. The tea
will be very informal and every new
woman on the camplus is invited to
attend. Duce to the fact that a com-
plete list of entering women is not
yet available, no formal invitations
will be sent out.
Inteerclass hockey practice today
will be held as follows: seniors and
sophomores at. 4 o'clock, juniors and
freshmen at 5 o'clock.
.. ....... .. ........


Leadership Group
Will Meet Today;
Following a meeting of the lead-
ership commission of the University
Y. W. C. A. at 3 o'clock today at New-
berry hall, the last group of entering
women will meet, at 4 o'clock in the
same room, under the direction of
Elizabeth Nutt, '28, and Norene Bus-
chaw, '28.
The leadership commission is a
group of women in their second year
at the V~nivrsity who have organizedi
to help entering women get acquaint-
ed, with the campus, in making
friends, and in the formation of stan-
dards of character which will be use-
ful to them in their college life. They
work with groups rather than withI
the individual, which keeps them from dpiaigtewr ftojno

Tryouts will be held tort he League '
Satiurd ay morning tat lrour gynm-
nasium. Fifteen women have <alIready
been located( who play instruments
hut anyone else interested is invited
to try out. There is especial need
of women who pilay the drums.
This orc'hest ra will be under the
direction of G(lwcndolyn Wilson who
will also 1)1a y the plano0. It will beo
a jatzz orc icati a whichl when thtor-
oughly organized xil play at League
p~arties anti at anty other women's
clubis or or ganizations which roqtuest
their services. The orchestra is
heartily sponsoredl by the Women's
League, and at a. recent meeting the
Board of (directors granted ail ap-
propriat 1011 to fintce tile new project.
Seven of thlose who try out will be
chosen as members of the orchestra.
Anyone is eligible to try out who can
fplay some one instrument appropriate
in an~ orchestra, of this type.

h 1
-, s

.!1 Telephone Story
Oveheard- -

RE ALLY couldn't take the time to go to town
yesterday, and I wanted a mum for the game,
apair of new dip-on gloves, and some toilet sup-
plies. 1 phoned my order to Mack's and in half
an hour I had everything I wanted. My shopping
wvas dote lby phone in less time than I- could have
done it personally."
Yes, we shop for you by phone. Orders for
any aimouint receive immediate attention. Tell the
opera~or what you wish to buy and she will con -
nec'q you with the departments selling the things you
want. Special deliveries are made at all hours.

Members of the social service
mittee of the Y. W. C. A. will
at 4 o'clock today at Newberry


A& A



I a a

We believe that you will enjoy our servic-. Cne
trial will convince you ! Your clothes w'111 be laundc-cd
soft and white.

I ;.




201 N. Maid

Dial 3916

Y .C fJe"
l t


,., ,.,:e, .

Cal 510Its the -mode of the moment Made s for Cri sp We ather
VA SIY OGUE : and wve are capable of bobAr Sena '1h r Best
BE UT HO' bing; or marcelling yours in .
325 . Lieltythe most accepted and pop-'
I'rem~mtService.ulai' fashion. A 'rji': c' th
par win L i .~ ease y(t".{W ' .; * rnea i andoek in a I . k i tf0Inir,
keep :I ili "o~IItiiieits ruznjtly. " '., _.m r( s i f
,.IThe II ,1T/i'lJ'i\.a-nd - .ltXC# a +Yits , t brig PI
_ - a+j1Imtznj, des--= I tdcl=I '.esgned
E3EA.1.J~Try ~1i~JIeoiifoIr, shlold 1lPe xeareir of 111C
4 fi .ixloa1du't take a la Jit n '
40South State t.'is u dli35f J(' e" a c son
IDial 8878 ..wajlpm.l j i ittie 4 ! i wii+'ied'e('o -
_____ W__________f1inCs. 'T' hey j[ae III Cte p!)%itllar
,...........-..--.. __ __ _ ,< ... :._:.... .. - - ....._ _ _ - w. "-(_." t 1~~'Ens and laIIer ix 1 m lire".I
TIhey are exc{£'l om:1I i i'l( eL
An unusual line of exquisite and colorful millinery.
N ,tlming couild lend more pleasure to
Satuarday's game 1 hian One of £hese
new models. .ti
206 E. LIBERTY PHONE 3848 Es iet
Just off State



Wakin , the schocols
Green, jade-green, with the white dot at the
non-working end, is the pen of the hour in the
American school. Not only because it is built
of ixndestructible radite, a new and handsome
jewel-like material, and has a nib that is guar-
anteed for a lifetime, but most emphatically
because it is an infallible performer, are students
everywhere aroused to its need. At better stores.
,Price, $8.75 Student's special, $7.50 Others lower
"Lifetime" Titan oversize pencil to match, $4.25
Shea ffei' Skrip-su~ccessor to ink-makes all pens write better'


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