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February 18, 1925 - Image 14

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-02-18

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P Ihd A at tr 'w Met 1 Rio tato I teve Ig e
4;7.33;DefeaOtt Given By
[ichlip,,ais Varsity liasliet hail sq nodl
ret i4iiwi to InAn iArbor 3yes;terda v

T ankmen Hold F TAI ipi
Speed Trials: IL x'
In spitn of the fact that Mlichigan's TO S A T TODAY _ _


swimming team nosed out Wisconsin
by two points in their dual meet last ~hsi'a ' ~ a
S n rla v, Coach Mann has not slack- W1itltl' (G rdlron 'iTraini-
(fed the pace nt which h2 has been ; lwSeI~l


Coac h Farrell To Hold Trials
For Illinois Relays Saturday
L A iht, vracflct e hein given the ! oth t hese men are putting the shot
Varsity tricksters in preparat ion forI around 42 feet anal are showing con-
lhe final trioais for the Illinois relays 1si arnt improvement.
t Urbana on Pliroary 28. These trial.,!s u to the cradfl~ condition of thu,
wvill lhe held(I t, the field( house on Sat-' field house, aseba]l1 and basket bll
itid:1y aftetnoon anid it, is at that. time taking11iagrtdelothromte
i~it CachPilrrel wllmake his. final in ers are not, able to run any frill
diocisin s a n to oshaita II ntte ie1lengi1Iiracens. II owever, 1thy a rie-

drivin ; ficho Ian ksIers since e htook
over r 1he 5, 10 ia. Yost erdiuv afternoon


mnornhig t oll( wing its '301l38defeat at
f he hands1(1 of ( lti i Salat. Columbuis
!Vtindiy -light. It. v1is the meeoitd do-
h at or the \v('l{. eitd frthe 'VoIv('i-
lims I idiuna loving woti a(close ganme
in Zhu Bfeldl, house'S~tllay night. As
a 1r--t_11.of I lii" I \(10(bl<ats M\ichigain
is I'ina0v l 1(n lb' tOnelhalf of l1he
K&;l tthsii len iHe l~irii''squaod
v1~ stueheld h0(pte eam mvm) it
t ltr<< ; a o'it lV(l{koit ',Vsteida\
afle 1(00 fl1t "i ~1 astiff drill t0_,
1~ '. .'P101 r'x11ftemnon thle final
Avil l I l I i 'I il- Vtoilin le '('am too
x.11. heir .1U:-- , Ho r ' th eeMsa gm and
L1ne t\ill hoLVe(a tgod ettie' to get
I)1( 110 11oiii' nilihe last ';t}
-1100id1v',o!0_t, ( :'n1 is determifinedi
to iipp1101 lane:NY sepon tVictory
ove Ili Ih~ Q v's O hio State how-
\!;liie 00I (1'(j,no foor hat Mich-
I;. 1:! ~d on h11 ('voys0 nthe field:
a i[ v th Mi 'Iine' 'leadinlg the
I le 00't rtlSI((te«ems ran -wild
fra!:, oh<<:even hold-0goals, while 011n-;
iiitthniI (-Ymter, mainagedl to slip'
UP e th i'ntph '''I Koll, 'Phe Iiickl0'
Imir1' vI'li' 01 iligoals tfromnall c('01'-

thle im ea were a lIns pt. through rat.
least. one endu rancee test to start the;*Winter footbhall tia ct ice of I l ie lih -
> ssion, . lo oed by one or two time! igan Varsity WaIs iornrallIy otieod
tials15ii inteir octistomerildistanceos, last nlg4bt whenisnore than 1511 ecnndi-
"TIis woe-l~end was orip nilly planned iEltest 5for' the i192,5(squad(im iethll
as a rest illijod hei'ore thle sonuad take~s '~oI to's Yost, Avehnn, and Mtott at
rn1 Indiana in thei~r tirdIPandBWal Con- thle Unin.1Mawnsfor' INe winter sche-
du;?1.(1 mea1 1(t ~h bma;' 2R , before I "0' o Triin]g were (isc115>od by
hoe A g af1fa ir at Iowa MIrch 13, how-i the ceoneheus and( elg ibilily as a Inv-

Out of an original entry list of 70 Wo(l verine4 leatd imtg'Iie rt; diie
11a f-ih si raterni ty ha skethal11' Vict ies and No(
10 hsnarrowed down to twelve Defeat1s
"'1 0) which replPrseflt the twelve lea-1
goes-. The winners of' the leagues are
7 rt follows: Leanne 1, INKappa Al- LMI SNERI IG VA
1 tLrague 2, [Phi Sigma Delta; Lea i -
1o , Aloha Sigma Phi; League 9, ligan (ofeoated the Navyr in an
[ lsitu (lhi; Lea 11e i5, Alpha Tate Om - imte(rell giat c t olegi'o 1)11 1iowl ing
De1ltlla 'Tam Delta ; Lea gue 6, matceh held last Fridayv accordingp to
Dc ha t Si mtia. Phi; Lea p-ne 7, Phi Sig- repotrts r,*('oi ve(Ifrom C1( . A. Moore, of
ilt ';a ;,pa ; L 'a gu"le 9, Phi Kappa; Lea- tYale, ,(eory of he mntei-cehh'pIte
';u( 9 , Nti S:,,, a _Nit; League 10, Phi leaglue. In ibhe (thier Iwo w l::tI('Iie
.arotl~ liva L~pr1 Ieatpue 1. Beta Theta Yale defeatted Illinois and1( Syr(tc151'
Ili; 1.c ague12, ilelti Kappa Epsilon. ;defeated Itensaller Plioiv e'ni(' Int
i The(,'el ye teams1 have been group- lte.
(it] into hot'l leagues of three teams R111111) of M ichigan. who is the lprey-
eacih, ,as fol lows : Lea.gire 1,Delta ;ent hIigh score Iran an Oil te eaim]ltts,
Kapp 1<;_IC sI ilr. winneor'of' Alpha Tan had an 0 v-er'of 151301)for 1,11(0 aIl et'-
'o e ''a. vs Dolt. au anDelta, PiNKap~- noonl. Al esner hasI he 1091ie10('SI avein-E
Ia alphta. League_2, lDelt a.('hli, Al- age with11at scoreof 01 4, I . oche ithi rds
tplla Sigma Phi. Phi Kappa. ILeague with 11;8:.,Ca net on2,t172, anil Warney 's
Be IIta.rlTheta.I Pi, ]Phi Sigma, Delta. ;averaige(i1 70 'Phi' At a uze (.}(1 lueI
Phi Lambda Kappa<. lea gue 4. Nit Sig-'tearn rot e:l It1l18 . wht(ihwas thle highi-

e'in j oeigwith CochlIann's
1 tic'. th2lb'esaten will tale on the
t'o irsi v it an inform,,.] sw hlfmnmng mooct
SaItt cls'd ('i"< neon at theY.VI. C.
A. tpoal, san.; he .XL A. C. meet will be
prlel(n the .1%"Olowing- Satuarday.
*2fi' paa<S?"3 S W) O;' W Gisconsin
S (E l tt e '' a - o w m-ar - 'ill r('( n <7; th e m e e t w it hIi th e o d d sz
gill iln rt tor\h. On vlyln unexpet't-
e' :~iv ('a ala in Kerr in the bac(k
:e k. 0(1 5t:1,11 Tana's secondl ploa(cin
the ,l~n s~e giving the \Woiverines Ia
woei l gg1118biito. The 0te~ in amain aph-
T'coedwell li~ilnn( ed, olacing men in
e x- ace,, the (hivng being the only;
.,t inLaw ltih Micehiga n cirl not rote'
_)"acl ihi(e or 'better.
t1si ,oo;in started (off the meet in
riT~ia -si. 15Ip form COPPIi-, the rob y,
('veOL lit 'a( S im oif 1 :15 2-5, better-.
nvg I he (old1 (onfO ('Citce r'ecord by four-
Ii itls of at s'('otld. A4lichig'an fought'
hackh howxever, andl at the etnd of the
imil th' Ile score stocod 321 in favor of
the Wolverines.
IBy (defeating the st rong Badger team

req o (it' Ifor Ifooth ill sta0rdoiti Was
st.°essed livbythoienOtor1s in thirl' in-
tforma,,l tI oiks to Ithe siiand.
Ac: ii al bract ice kvill start ihis aftecr-
,'naao lt'O ithe 01? 0 11 ilreport'1at- lie
tIi('iiho1i00 e. woir'n i l iHlihe issued
I I) tit ' 50110(1 l tltS Ol'Irootis Imeet:-
_ing lil aisniot workut'i wIillihe helit.
in Pf.' future110thlree pram ices iil he
heo 0'. ('r kWonI 11 AotldaiV, Weiin 05-
Sdoeay ai I Fidjay. A tacklinig dummyt
h las; tien ligg;ed uiin ilthe noi'tliwesi
(.0(11 er o: the fieold htouse for t he iprat-
ti' es>as
T Tl(, dillIs will he~ in direct (c110rge W~
Coa ales \Veiohi'm 11a(dIllotI 011d1the
earl vs''scions will lie occupied alI-
inos . rlywitlh drill iin Ill alen-
Ra ngoo~n, liirra , iFula. 17,]Te
i highier ('On lt has di sOi ssed the appeal
of the rtmree I iuddhi st prie5ssoandone
laynman tvho, last November, were
sentenced11 1or as a11 itig and1(1s' titshyt
injuring Prof. and Mrs. Pa i1 (Gleasot,
Amer01icain T1152.,ionii0 S at taehded to

"qt'. xit
teamis I,,;III
of ((ll 110
lilllt,'t' rId
have te-ma'
Ihei oi'events.
'I'Ite ieigl
tVoo'fillh,' Vwi
of tw'o *Year
! Confer'ence

'IN'li 1)1011 to t foliOa. large; 1 icitlgformi'iat.lpresent and(I wilt have
li n t;o1l1 ha:; p0(11 hIopes a tttph'le ra't 'i llprepa ration for file
fit (1 11 lace1gain st. ictiw' ll(O.
it (is, C(1 cao 1(li (t tiers MIi('htiganiibanks largely on t he da s,-
eit. Iniihviduail 51stare e s, the nole vault:, broad jumpli, and]th'o
to roll 111) thle O' 't Ia"t.h i Iilliotot' her' ploinlts'ihasSteve 11w;
noi 11 1' 11lls11' Wol V('1in('5 thoir'whto ('a11c(:01)with11thle' est or
it exeel le01t porl'meris fil I Ceil(' inthose events.
SOf c~ouirse the relays will play a large
tts inllvwtich Michigan was Ipert in Winning th1v meet atld th te
el f ast year 110w been I Maize and( Blue aggregation will ha. e
I th1is rse'afson x with Itle 11(1- ja st roll- t we mile team11, two of the
ixi, 01' last year'y 's j-c ui'i of being Ifroim last year's 'ch1:iinY-
(1z11 bleat lt, 1avarsity man lIsihil) teami. The mite a-id fr1'OiVim (
i I" "ago, ho ph('edin h.t he lj'ela ys wvill also (he)0of excel lent: (cat-
('iattlliottshi ils that yea r. I fibre.


ma Nu, Phi Signin I
Ina Phi.

K.t 1)11(. 1)0110 Sit;-,

The, fol lowing ganties in c'laiss hask-
cthall are scheduled f'or Thursday
niyht : 7: 45-- -Senior Lawvs vs. Senior
h its, Sophi.ILits .-s. Soph i Eng. Lower
l~ents vs. JTunior Lits. FroshI Lits vs.
ho'osh Lawvs; 8:20-Junior Medics vs.
Se~nior Medics: School of Edutcation vs.
Senior Eng ; Upl;per Dents vs. Junioi'
Eng; Soph Pharmics ye. Actuarial.

cst an t~iot1(l1o11(iflie year.
SyraCuse .............~... 4
Il linois . ........ .....
I l pa11ii. ..... .... 0


The Laguei0xwishtes 1to r'indl iall1
' wompen on the campus Iittlacobson's
istore offers" five 1)e'r(cenIt(1 i5'olinl i
atll goods purch'la sod there. 'tbhis conlr'
tesy is being;(lone for the benefit. of
the new Leap tie 1)1ildip . Women
should ask tor 11we (1isconiawhten
I makinig their pur1Ichase.


Wodnesdhay night: at , Delta Upsiloil
.s. Th'letat Chi;rJTau Epsilon Phi vs.
A Ipit Tan Omega ; Phi Mu Delta vs.
(Continued on Page Seven)


GMichzt zansI tn1edc herself as one of thle .I udon ('o ?le:;c> hecre.
st '(Ingerst ce(;r tendeirs foir Conference
honors. \'iI Ii ('ptin Kerr and Hal-
st<3 t iin t1e backstroke; Samson, ij
(so . iDunnolcin.ald.Johnson in the F ~A

o wcai vMel]
tlleandClIO Inc.
Alexander Shoes
in new spring
models are noiv,
t ~ready for your
State Street, Oker.Calkins
' ~The .Middle'Room Iviih Greenwood and Kilgore


tiers 11ot te11(oor ,inflat, tine 5(11110 tulle
theii groat W\hi-n uiii pil. Ilggertv itii(
('ber-v"wi-re lau'dly' over' givyouthe
hlI lilIl and at'1ori1'm'hiatt a.1011' goal
to his 1 t' Lf art;hI the ('tilo(fr ttie ap.11
01 -11de..] of' loii' oea(t the
tf ~ I f 1'i; tsasonll ly to tfalt '


r h.int s;\Vhittiag-ham, Mielziner, anti;
Mvtaer in the b~reaststr'oke; Siedman
1tnmrovinig in the plunge; Dunnakin,
Sa lwon an1(d Johnlson in the 220; and
wih itt Ia ilig-it h and ti ar'lret t in the
fancy di[ve Michig;an pre'(sent s one of,
'the ices('t.balhan('ed team s that. has
1)('e1 se'en itn Con fel(i e C' '11 ompt itionI
in, rec'ent. Fet's.




Supplies for Every Branch of Sport

lie-' e'n s''j~tln' te i l e 111t tw' Perlint, Feb. 17, ---Gustav Adolf''
Pa~ ~ His:oIx It II eel 111v he pit en a Ba u0' rlei ~prl1(' it~i
l-igllai 0h I'ot tii,' (i. t Lne ils A been (c xlI~ellTd from ill? SSci a]ist
lty hIlA hlI' II willva e fvr e 1 ).Irt (1110to his> alleg;ed conlnection
iuh~' llll\ 01 ((lO~ o~, xlm-ei'-I h itlIith4e ltarnzati inancitl s(arida}. (

711 North
University Ave.


AreNext to
Arcade Theatre

I leyl ' ((lid (h.1ex aePlayedin t)Me'i0
} osi 1 hasI. )r; 'I t 0 11ir' l'ot'conten-
io; ho t im h('('1 I li-'os n ht 'ie, (Grogory,
1Kn'l:1,atid IJII('. lIteI-I tas boonti
atwl h: 1 li1 i i i'lii u n o r(i
"r t 1 11,a' lipis f' i rly tr 1(1ill'a ndii-'' Ii t
I ity i' o - l h,' P Nt,'t- i it ain PH
fin 'I acal' c'Ii i ('1' of I u b i'1,1 obie i r~
lilt, Io't-i ari el aV a byI In ho
'IlI? Ah NOICE,'1

__ _



F /
: ..

- lacks 'on'' ,



uiigh ltt: ofl lhfiolid houtse. lhigi-
hil itt' xwill ho c'Ii scattsset, tid it is
o o'il II o l°om''x ai511 'Ol



'° f l


Delecata"ble Home
(iooked Foo(1
Ts ser'vd to the accomp'ani-
liIctnv of orchtra~tl Blusic inl
llie \'arsitx'
0111 ("Ill~i('I1St.

Blow Bugle -Blow?
(but when I want to smoke!?)

WXhites in English twills
and basket weaves.-br_ oad
Cloth oxford cloth an'd
flannel--- --new stripes in ox-
ford cloth and madras

He blew at it like a bugle: He puffed
at it with might and main. He shouted
unprintable words. x And then he~
changed to Blackstone., .
Now be gets a fe-wn
Nowhe ets' Fee-rawngcgar=
"tilways. He gets even-burning, firm-n~
ash cigars--always. He gets extremely
mild Havana filler--always: He get
the cleanest-made 'of fine - cigars; = ,

$3-00 $3.50 $450

fHavana's best
Sfiller crop in
!.years -in your
-. 1925
wmtT & BO"

There are bigger cigar iizI
what you seek.. But at Blackstone{'~
prices it is impossible to make a larger~
cigar of such choice tobaccos: _Iack= ,
stone was a fine cigar 52 years ago4
It was every finer io years ago; It is
at its ver finest in this ypf +2,

The Mans Shop




LJ / .L f' -

ill II

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