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May 12, 1925 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-05-12

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'A -

'ESADEIAE Navy Repairs- Old Ships To Keep Strength
TO FEII' ' YOST V .........

S 'u

Mfe5tiJngH Here Will Follow
C'onventioni of AssoeL
In Detroit

vv Trienniial
1111 jell

'19, L. A. Lundqjuist, Indiana 1larbhor,
Ill.; '19 engineers, Roy) W. .l-:liott,
Wichita, Kan.; '19 law, P~on T. AA(-
bone, J ckion: '20 medic, A. AV. (oy-f
on, Ann arb~or; '20 li w. 11. I. :Eager,
Kansas City, Alo.: 23n, Robert'
Gibson, Grand Ra pidls;'3 wmn
Elizabeth S. I-oyt, .tattle ('re.':

Year Book Will CIo,44 do' (81 ies
( i0Ied iargest Ameinrian
Colleg'e1.'A h a
Coach lFielding 11, Voi . director of
intercollegiate laldic es, will reiv
the dedle i(Xin of t0 e 11926 ii igan-
nsian, wi ll id l beready for (dis-
tributioni about , t1a y 11;. A1new 8a-
rangement ol le divnt ion lsoes
has lbeon anlnoinfed I y le ip'nsian
A Obai:cl si 1a'pliiiotr ph o;
~Coach Yost, iiyay LU 'tw'stuio, ('hi-
cago, will o 't, ;t le' firI '. I
wilfibe)S'a(lt t:i lrd V Z7) a1t1 d'">' ia
similar ILo HwII tra i lu w1 v tof dr
Lawyers' lui , te 1(i (I (of d ii
which L usedl i'e;8;clcNlut tU~ib
InIsteadl or I I:o co,r' r,1i ;;albiolixd-
in type iiral i :; 1 ;;;i~x'e :clilu)(sia-
tion of this o . ' Ow to'l 'oii r((,iv'
ing the'd'~i' ' I L c vji l leas ,
beneath Iio , pi:;[ ,, iia ording
"IVioia ;, T0'lor I s' rub [FL' llng i.
Yost" li', Th1,1l edtyp'
inl (d1:1i L' '~;o~Imd il
l lac (k.
Ojlof to 1>l1'_"t , I i - will)0a
plioture (~A ' IL 4 .g:iae11 Valr iy "11
lete, (dav0it,.byA I ltl out r, a nat ion-
ally-imo wn artist. "las suject aIs-
s~uifes tll( sam' poe as I at ot lo
photograph (r C( a h Yost and servos
r as a coiitiriaiit 0 1(1t pot ray the
' activity fo ,Ma ill te (ed ica io is
given. Bell i('a ill11w0 i ('lre apo )a ru
the phrase "W, hcr e uno fer for yo,
oAl Va rsit y,'' ilII ei-a. ot let loing a
that 01f1110 opposite lpng.
I'the frontIispiece is an oil pitn
bry Fo strlan2 carries; out he theme
cenji tred abouiithte ((i;dcnflio. 'The
IMihiga IIfoo0)bal1 tallis shown 1in
action on a ( 0RiJ'O1U' grildiro and1(
in the clouds, aboVe is a phantom r-
pr'oductnofa.01groupt of) 01dueist, as
suming the same p josiIioms 8as 1110
kfootbiallI plue e blwlow. Thle fron tis-
piece is a fullI procss-(olor pla(0
Jprcedinl tHie Litle ate.
Thle IForeword and ( ot ents at~nes
carry lphotoYg'ltplis oR f lo1)1l10flt5(of
Presidents TIappl~aniand Angell, each
appearing d ie full1 legth~ of the page.
The wording of t he foreword also di-
verges from11Ute convent ioal style.
It carric., te words "Tol create! Tis
volume in its a ifiiref , so aspires.''
There follows Itwxo ]ges (10vol(d1to
the Memory ot I he lato Presdent
Marion L. Burt on, wic i ncl uds a
three-uart er;; port i'a itof P resident
Burton Oeclosed byiar zt.wals.
The 'Enlsial this ar t'co ains(661-
pages,E50 nore thana L t.I year' s ook,
and lthus remaining blw argest an-
nual prloduc (ed by any Amierican un-
versity. Th0e expedit ure for' lhe
1925 book (xcooed 1hmrnieIluam Jilf y
porcent I hose of anytlnedin ; yea.
It ii s Ole~ed that(hadistuution will
sutart nuext Szlua i d wvill be on
finned for the nex"t two w eks. looks
which have not ken i ed ~ec fled in the
N.loted timne wvill t henl be ofered for
gener'al stale.
( Cou.tin ufed From i 'age One.)
tria~l, nad Cllr I 'lurK I 10Bowe Jonal.
Illvitail is I10,1)14lC, i:Illttet have beeni
hnaledt o al smber;; of Ile stlfs
of Ibe varius caml p jUblcatiIs,
and tickes 111i1Y :w tltiiaied by lpre..
_ seatinig llc ineia i 0:o11)15:0te office
RP 1110 ' :A1.11i n 'U .*,nt Iol a t I I IIVY.U





Thirty-four classes of the Ujniver-
sity are now making plans to hold
reunions here next month. Reunion;y
(lay will be held June 12 and Alumni r
day on Saturday, June 13.r1These
will follow the triennial meeting of!c
the entire Alumni association in De-
troit the two days preceding.s
Of the thirty-four classes meeting1
here, 13 will be holding five-year re-
unions, while 18 have scheduled their
gatherings uinder the Dix plan which
firings those classes which were inf
college at the pamne time black the
same yea)' for their reunion.
VThe class of 1883 always convenes
in Ann Arbor for Coinmencement anidE
other groups are expected to arx'aiige
special reunions this yeair.
The classes which will hold re-
unions this Junme and the namnes of
th~ir ,secretaries follow:
1869, J. M. Gelston, Alma; '70,
Miss Lillian. M. ('axiter, Milwaukee,'

Two years college tr aining and two
years of practical experienice will be
r equired of those ap)plying for regis-
tered pint rma('isl a's exnllxinat~ion, IC-
cording to Provision made bly the
Michigan state le:gisiatulre in its last
ses on, lDean lp. II. Mrams of the 'col-
logo , of Phia vilacy pa'. a ted out ye=,t.( '-
'[he ne0w Iawx which is to lake ,I,-
fte Jlanunary 1, I1921, al so prowvidecs

that all peronsO0 entering pharmacy
al, r~ PrIlc juor ..19V2, With the in-
1xilh ' "nieil to ('olixplte
Iwo ea 'a f cllee xork lhefor(4be-
01 , I 'Vfll110 1)xvii et.<or registered
1112 uma it ' ee')i t('ae. Colje~e,
a ;11 11il ,0b be i't(Iii'ed 01 those
\V (3ii tl ci h ji'0Ie~itiprior to
I,~ r~e U 3,191, provided they
]Yi thetn nx~i~u onbefore January
y- 'o i (,,' f ip'actical
';! i" :n' amu lig ixschoolT education
!'.u '( i 1(I4 of !1'Jie!'(d pharia-
'sd ile reqi remuill1 Is fornregi-
t?1,'1 a.; :an assist ~i'111 phrmCist to
Il givi4; sou choo wok.T('en g -rades
\var :-' norI aqur .let.. This'
~siI x''I iket'i'~ctJuly 7,. 1927.
Cr 'ra cullid11 d04with a

Th~le Na vy, with no money to build any new ships of the types allowed by the disarmament confere
v,_tty. and faced by the posibility of falling behind (b eat Britain and .la pan in relative strength, is endea)
ing 10 keep All of' it;; 01( ships up to the highest efficiency. The U. S. S .Flor idla now has the attention of
bureo f cl (8)11 tlion andl repalir'. It is speen in Boston navy yard wherie it is being converted into an oil-

-bur I

Annual Report Of President
Praises Conduct Of Students!

Studet conuc(luring the year lit is to be hoped will be few-they
1923-1924 was in genxeral highly con- can d(1 much toward keeping Michi-
mendble accrdig tothePresi- gain's reputation clean. There is n10
nlenlabe, ccoring to lleconflict between student and faculty
dent's annual replort. In reviewing, about good or'der' alndl(ecency, and(1ii
the yena' the report states that there is a splendid thing that both join to1
were o 10outbreaks o(f hazing, *no pesretheme.
b:z-eter-rushing, u10 mob violence, no ''During the past year the Univer-
puiblic scandal attached1 t(I the annual sity committee ons discipline as wellj
t5wing;out, and(lthat, the goodI recordl as cer'tain ther (disciplinary bodies(
was mnarr1ed only by certain occur- or officials, hias in some cases givers
r-CIB'e5 Inlcdental to the "'Coun ty publicity to its finding's tihroughi the
Fair'' conducted by tile Union in the Daily Official Bulletin, hut lnot a11
effort t) raise money for' its swim- decisions have thus1 been piiblislle d..
mlng 1p00l.1 In conse5quenIc thie'e has been 110
''A ",enel'al act ion (If the Univer- Ismiall aniount of (discussionl of thlef
city Senate, at its first regular meet- niatter', anti50some have contendledlthat1
in; o1' the yea)' related. to the problem in all cases official publication (If 'e-
'hat has engaged the attention (If dis- suits should be made. Such uniform-.
cilllnary author'ities many* times be- iy of procedure, hxowever', wouldI he
for'e, namely, public dr1unkenness. no xivisec. ''he decision as to publicity
Thle (disci.- ioll of the Senate was in must be left to the discretionl of theI
i'051)01150 1(o a petitionl signe~d by a disciplinary a uf Iorities. If we werel
Illlniber o1fxmemb~ers4 of the faculty iconducting courts 5of law ac)1(1were 0
askinll ox a 5speci 1almeetinlg(If the I tryinlg c)'illilma ;; it. would of cours j'5
S("late at 811 early da~te for i'scua'ssion l be axnotherIatteCr."
of the hoI le question f dea'linig withii ______-
Ir on nennesoil thle caiiipus of the('r jI
Ui]versit1y unlnd at, public at hletic Lau nch Diive TOj
heT io (1001Ionmwas embod0(iedlin thej
fol 1(1W igresolution : ___--
"heosol vedl,That it is the 5sensesoorlfrJImanll'foxt, (Gerliamly, I a~lln .-----A Ira-.
I Cit, bodly that public intoxication of' tics-wide drivye with the ultimate 0o)-
stolen Is be pimished by dismissal iect oIf putting- Geri~mny in the di'y
fr'on the tin iversity.'' { columni wa:s launxched Szianday,
IIn rev'iewinxg the changes in he ! with a1 seiesoS(f addresses from pii-
metilod ofi Iprocedure thle 'eport: states pits of all dlenomninationis.
that th1e mfost pr'Ilonounced changie is The national executive commnittee
that whi('h placed in the hands (If the fox' local optionl, encouraged by the
Student Council the Ipower' t(o Iake a ;lresponse given to the n m lrt ini
prxel ininar'y illvest igation o(f cases I' koenig;soex'g dux'uug the last several'
pre(senlted to the '(Iolil ttee on d(isci- (2a 5, has designated tihe-week begin-
])lhineO. ' ning May lt) as a period in which to
"'his Inar1s(.r distinlct slop for- mobilize the dry sentimfenlt ill 1.1)e5
wardI ill'the de0velopmnt of studlent(If impressing 1both national and local
self-govem'riinelit .11(1 tire (outc('(e10is legislative bodies by the sincerity of
awaited Wxith licstensinterest,'' thu re- Ithe niovonlelit. and flhe determnination
por't slat es. ''In cases (Iof hazing, of its backers to see it through.
wvide-Spread disor'der, anld unbecomr- -
ing c;onduct of larg e grxoup~s--which IE A!) THlE LASSI Fl E l) A )S,

Librarv Exhibit1
Includes Scotch,
! Oriental Shawls'F
I Vinan, Persian and Paisley shawls
j ai var iety of designs have been
loaned to the librmary by Prof. Enmil
'.01orch of tile arch'itectural college for
a. t wo week's (disp~lay. Professor
Lorclh obtained tihe exhibit through
the Minneapolis Institute of Arts andl
though the numlber' of shawls re-
ceived was too large to permit all of
t hem to be placedl in the cases, thlose
oil (displlay give an excellent idea of
t11'heneuty (If Indian workmanship.
Mfostof01'0hea wls cotme from t Ihe
valley of the Kashmir', famous fox' its
xx'ondlerfx'.lly woven fabrics. The
fleece for Persian and1( Kashm ir
shawls was obtainiedlfrom Tibetanx
goats that grazedh in the I-Iimtalayas
and( their wool gave tile 'inest yarn in
Asia. This wool, brilliantly 'dyed
and wvoven by skillf'ul Ind~ian weaver's
1 or' eml~broiderert~, resultedl illthe rich
and linitr'icately ornamnentedl cloths
t hat, twe're popular' iniEnlgland and
Paisley shaxwls comie from Paisley,
Scoltland, whlere machxine-loomis were
pf lecI1tedt to imlitate the pa8tter'ns andl
((1'corl'fthe hand-woven K'ashlmir~s.
At, the height (of the Paisiey fad, five
million dollars wor'th of these shawls
_wei'e pr1oduced amnnually. Indian
sha.wls ca11 now be obtainied for 75 to
100 (doll'ars, amnd Paisley's for 10 to
50, bult Ithough their market value has
dleclinedl they are still c'onsider'ed oIf
great artistic worth.
Tile Unmiversity H-osplital circle of
'Kings Daughter> will hold their reg-
Sular' May meeting at 2:30 o'clock to-
mxorriow at the h(ome of Mx's. Fr'ed-1
'eric'k G. Novy, 721 Forest avenue.
Memxbers arc, requested to brimng
t hlimblles as sewing will lbe(lone for
the Unmiversity hlospital. A program I
has also.1)been arranged. Any mem-
her's who have not plaid their (dues
Fmay (1( so at this time.

Wis.; '75, Walter S. Russell, Detroit;
81, Anna 1B. CaLston, Ann Arbor; '81.
law, Fr'ank W. Hine, Grand Rapids;
'83, Fred W. Arbury, Detroit; '90
medic, Mary J. Gr'eenxe, Castilp, N. Y.,
1895 law, William C. Michxaels,
Kanxsas City, Mo.; '98, Nathan Pot.-;
t:er, Ann Arbor; 1900) men, Elmer L.
Freemamn, Detroit; '00 women, Enmma
Ackerman, Lockiport, Ill.; '00 mnedic,
F. Holworth, Traverse City; '00 law;
Curtis 1L. Converse, Columibus, 0.; '00'
dents, 0. B. F. Miller, Flint; '05, C.t
B. DuCharme, D~etm'oit ; '05 womemn,
Lotta Copley, Ann Amrbor; '05 medic,
lHugo P. Freundl, Detroit; '05 law,
Arthur E. Fixel, D)etr'oit.
1910 medlic, Rollo E.' McCotter,
Ann Arbor'; '10 law, . H1-. Primeau,
j jr., Detroit; '15 (dents, Wilbur' E.
Bailey, L ansinlg; 'i16 women, Je~mema
WV. Purdom, Ann Arbor; '16 meln,
Glenn M. Couxltexr, Detr'oit:; '16 en-
gineers, Paul C. Wagner, Ann Arbor;
'16 medic, WV. II. 0Go(don, Detroit; '17
women, .Janet: Mchiamrlane, D~etroit; '17
enlgines IS, P. 14. MciNamxee, Ann11Ar-
bocr; '18 emngineer's, Dorothy If.
Brophy, Schenectady, N. Y.
1918 denuts, I. 0. Clifford, Detroit;
,1 I

S ileslligoht
Teetk White
Breath Sweet
That winning personality we all admire
is the result of care and cleanliness, as
well as good health and happiness.
WRIGLEY'S makes for clean, sound
teeth, for agreeable breath, for bettere#
appetite and digestion.
The cleansing action of WRIGLEY'S
upon the teeth, tongue, throat (and breath)
--its antiseptic ef fect-its digestive aid--its
wholesome refreshment--these are all pos-
itive benefits that doctors and dentists
freely affirm.
Get your WRIGLEY benefit today.

Tourist Class
Take your own crowd with you. Special Tour-
ist Third Class Accommodations on the
famous "0" steamers, reserved for students,
teachers, artists, tourists. Congenial compan-
ions, good food, comfortable airy staterooms,
broad promenade decks and spacious public
Conducted or independent University Tours
with extensive itinerary at inclusive rates.
Sp ecial Educational Tour, under auspices of
New York University. personally conducted
by Dean James E. Lough-
S ailing on OHIO - July 2nd
Weekly Sailings by QHiIO, ORCA,
Cherbourg - Southampton
Write for Illustrated Booklet
"The Comnfort Route"
The Royal Mail Steam Packet Co.
Sanderson & Son, Inc., Agents
26 Broadway, New York
or Local Agents



r '1
Di Fla .wSanw lit



A n o u i c e u o '. wx i l l h e w a de( o f ( i ll O F
n loiil1'1 11 I he llle' sl affs of I ' 'leG r o l ,iinie 0 OD
D)aily ,.E 81th('in iea ci b w vill become -
I ie S Inday Cl:} t' .I .1" l 'Iions (f The 5 E
ll r rr, I'ict ix a , r, lc tl~e i F ench "
le s 'rt y of t yle ounane l n - -N L
lnagEs. (ElliartrmnelitI. I'rof. A.(Q: ('an- ON AL
fild will cont''r xxwitlI i lilregard{lint'
work itftt ear.
A' >' : r ar C.tt)li'ld of the Ro- =S&an d '
]22.11<'E' ;;;ll la iigugea dom t l mot pok e t~
blore 1 be mo i~i l l,+'ier (If Ithat do-
1 <l iolit ycrte aliy rat11 EI ilioll . l(, GW e f LT E
(V3ii l)~i il I1(1111y ';i. a ,ci;
- This is all quality merchandise and includes
The only adjustable
Garter without metal BILL FOLDS BOOK ENDS
parts on the face of TRAVEL BOOKS CANDLE STICKS
the pad °- hence the

"Iixclusivc-But Not Expcnsive."
209 S. MAIN ST.

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Personality and good character comnbined
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Clothes, that are different in style and
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