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January 15, 1925 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1-15-1925

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TI~tR~3D Y, JANUARY 16, 1925

-._.....-.... _...._-.- . -~ , - - - -., . . .T,




U [iR3 .. 'laF.l k Yi63 dr.Hbt7 P 7j^+ i i

ff &I I



SInternal iiuna IPresident LandIs Iork
Accoiiiplisbed by Loal~I
r(,[Beers1 -of t1w eWasliteniaw vcounty
King's D~aughters ioc iety which were
nixn flillslycl J (1at thle im,:'i g
,''Sicon f t ol st \ i('la\V County
'inl' IDaughteris c onv~iition heldyS-
f' c,lay at. the Mini iga at Union are as
folows: MIrs. \Vendlel PMoore, pras5i-


(Pill ; Mris.lByr'oni 11ildiiiger, vicei-pie--
i diit.; PAirs. 1 1. C'. Rislii ~chei', secre-
t py and t reasuirer; Mirs. C. 1~. Jolin-
siton , (crrespiondinrgsecre't a ry.
Pobsides tihe re'iorts 01' the variouls
c(il'nles of King's )iiutghl cis, a comii-
liet Io eport concern(i'n lg thle Illiiversi-
1ty hospital, which is partly miaintaini-
'c' e by thle Ninag's D autghterIs 50(0 Ay,
n;aS given. Mrs. Karl Stewa(rt, ens-
d ian or hosplital pl 11)is, report ed
Hta 2,20)0 garments had been mnade for
11l1e cild ren of Ct Uiversity lhospit-
r1 l1this yearm which Was double the
.,.mounlt of last yeari; also thait the lux-
uiry tfund wvhiell was collectedl at. I a -t
(Wnvn IiI'(ad)proved s'fic 1(-
iiy~tto fui'iiisli a treat 1fo' the.,'hoiOStal
rh i 1(run eacelm Sunday, Mrs.1". G.
1\ovy snake of the purpjose of the
T1re asure Chest; conta.in jug unusually
finie Itons to be given to thle chiildren
before an ors ai 0)00t i Oilor cotbc r occa -
ions. Mrs. Mdaryfl'utlingt onz, in c a r-e
(or thze educa tionial fund. ret~orted t hat
the amount used1 in furthering the ed-
! ucational work at the liospital was
$ x2,500 this year' as contrasted to $l,50(
c lasit year. Miss Dorothy Ketchmn,
,social service (direc'tor of t e hoslin I:l,
rl)oice of the activities of the diff'erent,
coutnties in connection with the ho s-
At 12,30 o'clock a luncheon was
beld tfor those attending. Purple .711(
ifiiver, the colors of the organization,
Wek Pr resent in the floral decor-
?tions on the tabiles as well as in the
"Silver cross5" banners on the walls.
An exhibit of the work of ti1e lhasnit a
child ren andl hid nines of the school
were disp layedl in the corridors after
the luncheon.
A short costume play, "Books," 'v«.(
presented by child rea re*,ne -ion Ii z,
'the htosnital school under 'tlie diireetion
o1' Miss Dorothy "Ketchami, soc _al u(j;-
Mrs. George Prior, Je wet t C~ l,
Conn.," international in'esiden t, WaJS ili-
troduced by Mrs. Albert R). ('iiitenl-
den. county president. Mr-i. Priom-nlvwd
ats the, theme of her talk, "'Conc thiou
with uts and we will do thee good.''
Mr s. Prior snokor of the work or 1' h
1Zing's Daughters in America and for-
eign fields,, erruhwsizing the fact that
fli Morlization inc'ludes 70.000 meim-
l'"T3 11(1 is est ablished in 31 states.
111'11' Prior l1- ihly commended the
workl of thne Michigan King's D-aught-
Th~le newly elected offi cers of thle o-
iou izot ion were initiaited by Mrs. I)e-
Wit11. Hunt, state nresident, Th'ie

iis & ui c RU IllI IAffA[dTXas Wiomnen Form £nIEotflp 1, - Lea u n aimg mst report
- r .1Club FIE i]ib t "~c can to (.C odas tanc Bai'r-
4t U1I.LiJIIUI VU iIw [mAthletic ILLUO'bd;al'r't'1l and o',' ' o ntck odyCtlar-.
lii l ,,ta i L ),iliih W IT[E PAYLYIGiathlet Iicsplay a large art in the'FOR LEAGUE BUILING NO 1 I E]S.mi si' payrehearsals Will be held
,\i11 tS ln ):;: . 1 o i I Ii hi , a id..I i I c. h o i e a i e U i er i y ,, t j w < : T od a y , ch a r u s 3 a t 4 o' -
Icv hulr'. Ail tr;):,;: 08 1 1ho 0;c1 Juow 'l e<' ner,11)I saa ~sd regularactivities ±seven hundred and fifty (dollars intrls aktal1atswl
1ul wr~i .n lyrics for Jo8ils ,lal (il!, ke askuetball and swimming, the wro- wasl pledged Tuesday in mnenbcmsip : horss 4 and BB1 at 4 o'clock in the
1I9lrS) r I'ini' ' .-: I( ib }p' I V vii l~ I8:2~Oi~l !~v--* *i~ T 'f e~'be Ie( l i-' we ais fol lows : 4102/on a 'o Habu ym aim;cou
n,2 11) i ill 0 Ito gear . - ' le'Ii o owrye aa iiygio'i(2miot,, (liii lg ~.o te 1111VC15L y o Micigan Lea u(. l~, -
'Cl' tilllll .' '- GI i'f ,f ti"', it[ lY~~~~~~~~today IiT'501 olC ,1! \t1bU ,t0di.' b)11 or es ;CS, 4 411, Irea:445;i) heii- '.oioro
!i i.i i nI 1,. a 2 h - i b 1:luiw. 11 l \ 51)1, P~i wo nt an IIIIikeeps ia record ofI building. The organized houses have .m e l:2), se a rs ;11i 8 :(oe 'S 10,Friay, lu - at 4: ,in he alo ;to row
1of - 'v -:I!v 'e-r a r' l O ie,ll : as (Iig2e of0 1) 5 worli, i I;J len)a ru~l ncriise a ndldoes not. atnoyerprtdadwhnhireFos350 ohurE;fone1ad4ofhecsat4V
71 l i u'1'u;r't_: al !I Prot.x £ p? cm I he I uaiihz'a8nL ion, a;d i11w Ye'l W lullm eals, nots yetre ortied a dt he nm ithei e - Il'S , clock in Sarlh Caswell Angell hall
1' 1:il ;..!ll . It2Ii', 1 tOl ivtr-! , 1l''~ 1tle acs ses of fte Woen's lieves that sumn 'ill be greatly in- I(Ii ('lo th e st t :45 in Sarah
ntIs- 'Iyp o f 1)1c-sne~ceddibis 1'a i.1%l.-- -Mebers of the Club lea;ules thau- ,C aiweli nel al
Vt h(tH'assoalfon, the'Texas Outing creased, The aimn of the committee Is'igcus ilhl etu u
lie n i K' oeilinswox it iest-1 oh lii'su!) hi taoorganized, to promote to sc .e 90 pr'cent of the woolei o'clock today in :eberry hall.u's othAlmaasciio
- -Oiis~n hifor i~ 1ly l IouId 2(all Mg o'I Ic ih ,!outs as rolleIr shating. bicyc- .on (Campus as life nenbers. Nursesill meet a 'lotuna oitatithe
- -,us iiahe' 2B frfot'''itr-IaOnoeig, andl roing. Two cal-! T'e campaign organization cosits All womlen rvork ingfor theWom- Nes' orat ocoky.ih a h
Illation '!'iey mol, wv n. l usic tob in; on Lake Astin are supported bay of two groups of 25 women in each;
Ii1 J ul )ls vihPv !rGlyPc rt i o,)me's Athletic association Ione group to solicit organied houses X1f.~J3'"19 .0;dIJl/:'Y.. I1,h .+. .A1/
' fH F U T B t f I L le n m h e y iiii ol } ) 0 ( - e l u nis lr l 11) ' l urI 1 0 v o I 'lr i a y s pe n d w e e k - t h e o t h e r to p e r s o n a ll y c a l l o n a ll u n-'t ,i g l s w ll i t e b ( i i t c u s dr n g f va l e t e .o g n z d wm n .
!fled'(2 iiniontal m n xill le se-I 1
-i -ea}'n1t nau nli e ,'1 i) i4 rviouls ,Ii-
i Plamis o,' tytie.' ;onimiiIia 'ter 1 ')J! 4( jtl (:huis 17!L;Vh l1:iiis oca ll(('1 I
bashetba~l fIu~u I t am c W ' Ilalilin :i av y topt 11e 0ol !cl ;l 1 (2n 1 !,e Inhtu~o~r -
0, 1112-n: c ho'; 1.1oII Pei' h"In;' ius'-tbniuitt 'cI by ther juio r two cn. A For Exam s.
ageo , 3( 1toi'iay a12ricuu ;;1 ilit,,o 1n Ii'profeosioonal crib!i.iu't m ca~ll h, :;';
!d u v 12 s ,12 1-5111 (2o1 I li(' 11 I1111- ; "'
i er's Master Pen
h otP s c ( on , h 'f ol l o w ( i ng amil'c -a o c x o l l I i c t 011 ' l ne t T li h rio d es' se tio n) o f It le Pa c iii Iy ee rF a
h0-1 \P -Ill[1"eno ednes'110y, Febt. 1t: Wonens' clIub ill m 1 eet at 8l Ol'l ve F ll
I Ibeta 11'i s. l~po iia amma1Uelta, today in 11t(e chtuboo2;e, 22;!i Sotb to-
111a, tonthIaN s xs. .\ ihua (Ihi Cmiea, -- --- _--- _.-1
ReiagnlloPS Vs.Dlia. Zeta, Dellta _______________A_
ammnnuti a vs. Sigma Nppa,Duell a Del- l
ys Phi 5>;IlaS IwAloha E !pslon F j
1(hlAlpi vs. G 1 V;1, in Be lii, Ali; iy1The College YY m n'
) 1},ii Dalud: V-, zoo"1u12;i llelAl- ow n
\Vs-'tit iox- I-St ('htpielpa Iet, Fashion Creed
heion' - .;"tc (tls drew byes for I t My clohesmust be smart. Clohes
the firstt II 1)2:Ind ' Aolia Oicr o n Ph 0! make the woman, as well as the man.
I b vin1t^ hrt! d ll ive . j"They must be simple. Neat, tail
inu1lte ( litnis°,, --(!'11 to the (d-', ' o e pp r l i he o ly ap rop riate
i nd $lai ~o nthdhat hn o school wear.
land1 lung tests t his sulilur 1miiusl do1 $j"hyms esevcalTee
9 - e cruo 1) >2' ho in the- 't1o 5 'l l t th ( a (r r a,, on sIfore, I xwiii select only those of high
- I'I~~eWl 2'ioi ' L1I l ~hr~gtok tsl r~ quality material, for that is true con-
li tb( lyes u r~o yll~i-wofrel rcd$95 omy, and I'll buy them' at Hutel's
inm, >F1id Plortinig.l to $59.50, are sensationally where they are srart, simple and sr-
redgced to this low rice. For vicable!l"
t('lcnmpo-liir tlc-'e''l Ixl 111'prayer 1'or b'_street, afternoon and dinner ~
the o rde , li t[- a i nfo-- u ep i o we ar. Select yours early--
I Pe iibei' lih-ie-, o1(e111 , C\. ('.\ JSECONDI)FLOOR-
are' past (021n0 Ala wwnwli t211it i' gel
to} pa0y Iathe1z' \(a t tr dol ' , an; ac1111_4
an(S o1(10(1, ',1 li '1 a-il 1 O LIrt f/s of 24S~ iMANMAIN AT LIBERTY-
Janil: '.ay 1)]-dh'' ; a' , '-n'2s10LiertmW, of S a I


mT -a k a.._, , w f . fl fli t n ., _ ._ -._
H ,--... .. _ . . . . t~ ,t .x
-0' ', . . . . . . , . . : . ,, . ,. 0. ... .. , . . , . ., ,.
b ,- ------ -_____ -
---'JF v 1,i

rf. " " uec#u2i.WM' N
i-u.. ra nuq lww+ri rraymYtY I .FiP'W

M feptW plf[Y.C
Y '.


1' d *y.>ii{'d, h1O iit:, hit -
(i''i~i oiiidl. Iz=a0 t.I5l~
{>7l. o $415
DE 1!. L ANU
- HOp
4 Nia hlc~, Aurlade

Floile Kibalchich, whuose Russian Symphonic Choir made an EUROPEAN PRESS COMMENTS



##A MI
ITaczte)t '13 alr
-1rH TEY ARE./
T w xill tickle ' the hear t ci
Kiddie lovers to liear the
chuckles that greet our cake,
No wondler? GColden birowni
cooki(es, lady fing;ers and an
endless assor'tmeut of surprises
to delight the c iddish Il lt'y!
F.4resh every lay. W\e deliver.

2'tii(lt1t A !31SrI r. ,all aeOUL 2n, S,C ,.n I= N w Y r eii-n I. lase Apr, wasr
i'owi iul Tcherriigov, Southern Russia, in the center of a region which
roiich iii folk-lor'e, folki songs and a popular love for choral singing,
iiardly equalled in any other p . rt of the world.
Il(1 0hous not only sings but hums, and by nmeans of fine grada-
tDins (of tone adl accent oftenl suggests a string orchestra,. The sing-
iv - Finis 1t)e sincerity and the true munsicality of the Russian nature
andl there is the basis of a fine technical achievement.
-Olin Downes in New York Times, April 17, 1924.
The1re is 11 extmaor'dinary finesse in the phrase treatment and in
owi buani(iIg. The dlicate gradation of the dyamnles evoker contin.
ual aiufiti'dioii, and the musical managemnent of accent shows the
frtinof Ilong I(.rainin~g.
- .J. 1-enderson in New Yomrk Sun, April 17, 1924.
Th li Rimsign Musical invasion of this city had another delightful
<s.luii u nye;t -r day a:fternoon when the Kihaichich Russian Symphonic
('Poor g !'' its first American concert at the Town Hall.
-Grena Bennett in New York American. April 7, 1924.
09of thI!emot t hirilliig experiences ive hamve loatd In the coIJ-
('(0'Iol~ u'411 is season11%vas the lperttioailee of is "Credo" by Greteh.
Hiel10, 101'xx-i intonell with a uresonant intensity by Ali," ivanova,
as y1)ul)r; 811'z'0ofi'time choir, against a background by the other singer..
-Irving Weil in New York Journal. April 7, 192 4.
Till' 'e-SU It iS V11a vliie 01f1toneWhich niiglit JIIITC conue fri one CI
'he, ai cnd pelrfec'tly tailed instr'unlent except thatm thee singers 11d1d
t heir mixn 5spirit o1 ver'y lhuman joy'and imelancholy'.
---New York World. April 7. 1924.
A ltogethuer Itle appeal made by the American del-ut of the Kibial-
'P hi('b Rlus-ia ii Sy ilphion ic Choir yesterday afternoon waa effective and
inUlt: utaneous.
-New York Telegram and MIail, April 7. 192 1.
Air. Kibalchich demonstrated convincingly that hie knew his busi-
ns.Il ia coimpIlete control of a fine range of dynamnics, his regard for
vw)1al ultails and mielodlic outline and the resulting p~roduct lead to the
Dope10 the ,t. tie nowx choir may be heard again in the near futuire.
--Newi York Sun, April 7, .192-1.

WVe heard the Russian Choir of Kibalchich and we think it mnight
bP envied bmy the entire world. ---Paris La Comiedia.
W~e have an excellent choir here in Pr'ague, but we have never
heard such perfect clhor-al singing as that (lonie by the choir of
libalchichi.--Prague Narodni 'Listi.
Thme admirable ensemble of tihe Russian Choir gave a concert
which aroused renmarkal le cnt husiasm. It was a marvelous and an
unforgettab~le evening. --L National Suisse.
Their pianiszii arc almost brer I hless and still can be full
of gaiety. -T'ribune de Geneve.
Sceaseii: Jil)ilchi('hi ('hmo,'us and 1two)more (Cncerts hb' the 1)etreit
Symplhomny Orchestra-$2.110, 15;,00, $-40, $1.0t.
Single ('oucert s-$.W0, $100, $1 ). ;actid $12.00i.
Maynard St.





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