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January 15, 1925 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1-15-1925

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i enl by the 3Ihtiatin
A - ~ ~li4Zat'tolI,

Members of Western Conference Editorial
The, Associated Press is exclusively en-
titled to the use for republication of all news
dispatches credited to it or not otherwise
credited in this paper and the local news pub-
lished therein.


forced to close its Memorial Commons,t!
the historic dinning hall in whichf
Harvard's- sons have consumed their
victuals for many a moon. The rea~son
given-such a commonplace one-is
that the food was roor and boarding
houses and cafeterias have provided
too stiff competition. NWe in the We t
did not suppose that Harvard's mnen
would permit a mere triflle like food
to interfere with tradition. Wlhere;
can we now turn? Cafete-ria's and the
like smack too much of Ann Arbor.
There is this one faint light on the'
horizon, however. The fact that tho
Harvard Commons has given tip the
ghost should serve to insure good
Food for the lawyers for .:ears to
t te. Even though Mich igan traidl-
fions are not or th~e ancient -variety

Entered at the postoffice at Ann Arbor,
Michigan, as second class matter. Special rate
of postage granted by Third Assistant Post-
master (Gener-al.
Subscription by carrier,, $3.50; by mail, .
Offices: Ann Arbor Press Building. May-
nard Street.
Phones: Editorial. 2414 and rt76-M; "z
ness, t;fo.
.. , _.___ _ - "f 6 - IL* _ii


do not let such a thing as fed bing
MANAGING EDITOR oet rtnieyec.i ~cia
PHILIP M. WAGNER fCt nnteyen.HMcia
ia l b,=n arvard the cookingAould"
Editor................John G. Garlinghous5,?- enimrvdtten~(L.n ay
News Editor........... Robert G. Ramsay .O eniproe-th oer a
City tdior...... .Manning House Disrh of 1":eping traditions.
Night Editors ____
George VV . Davis Harold A, Mo~or
Thomas 1. Henry Fredk. K. Sarrow, Jr.- SOIET RUSSIA
Kenneth C.Keller Norman R ila
Sports Editor......... William 14. Stoneman Recognition of Soviet Rusia by ther
Sunday Editor.......... Rooert S. Mansfield iz~3St,. nwfel rdce y
Women's Editor ......I....... Verniea Moran iod~t~f~ reypeitdb
Music and Drama...Robert B3. enderson j;ol1iia' oserers since, the recent
Telegraph Editor...William J. Walthour
Assistants itd unepected rsignation of Sere-
Louis Barley' ielen S. Ramsay tary of State Hughes, the mos stren-;
Marion Barlow Regina Reicmannk
Leslie S. ennet. Marie Reed uous objector to such a move. may lie
Smt ay )r. Edmarie chr'u'dor
Willard dB..ro.by edeiItid :ii.:iilto altruistic and a good eo merc"1
Valentine L. Daves C. Arthur S'coi proposition but incldes some vey
James W. Fernamnberg Marjory Waut
oseph L> Gartner Herman Wise real dangers which ought to hbtn e
Maring H-ousewortk hugn(. I. l t elrul.It hrog osdrtinhfr
Elizabeth S. Kenn~edy Robert T. Dee;r it hruhcnieainbfr h
Elizabeth. Lieermnanu ;tanly- t. trhoI step is taken.
Winfield 1a. Line Leonard C. Hall
Carl E. Chlmachr Thomas V. lKokka One needs only to recall the incident.
William C. Patterson Lillias K. Wagner of the Zinovieff letter and Great 'Brit-
am to see one of the serious angles
BUSINSS SAFF whch cannot e overlooked in any
TCeephone 961 i sane perusal of the propwoiion Add
1USINES1 MANAGI kR to that the reputed nlttempt to
-'11Pr~ci . ....... ........ . l . ;I) !nil;' 1114 15 }J t4 t A 1t.C'4 -t , :" : "".-I14
Advetisinn--------------------1. (., :
Advertising...... ............ M. Rockwcel mot, in several Ei~roean couantres
Accounts.....................Byron Parke
Circulation.................... R. C. Winter to say nothing of similar moves in the
Publication.....................John Conlin Tnitd States and anotr view of the
P. W. Arnold WV. L. 'Mullins uiit~ion may be seen. Turn to still
W. F. Ardussi K F Mast another fact in the ccusations of
Gordon Burris ti. L. Newmann
F. Denti Thomas Olmtad Captain Francs MCullagh. former
PhilipIDeitz J. D. Ryan Russian newspa~er correspndnt,
David Fox. N. Rosenzweig
Norman iVrehling Margaret Sandburg that the rle of the deposed Czar was
W. E. Hamakr F K Schoenled nvrsodntia hepsntul
F'. Johinson 51.Sinclair nvrs eptcastepeetrl
L IL Kramer P. 'Taylor of the triumvirate of dctator, a-
Smneil' ,Malin andl Zinevicff, the in-
iY r"?or-m;:ncd rsidnt of the Th1ird
THURSDAY, JANUARY 15, 1925! Not een the wholehearted espousal
D ISof the loqulacious Senator Porah of
Night Editor-GEORGE W. - V ltah ought to convince the men in
pewer at Washington to recognize
TOWARDS INDEisTANI)TSG : such an organization.
Homer Heath of the TVnion Isis aar-i
nounced that in deference to the Congress has invned a little rond
wishes of certain Chinese sttrerts. of its own on this Muscle Shoals
portions of the Opera which seaiae i proposition that goes something like
Ithis: "Norris bill. Jones bill. Under-
objetionable to them will be changed lwton i lt;P Norris bl.*"nd so ad
before its final showing during the ; iflnitir-,- as all other arch coIisi-
week end of the J-Flop. His action in' tion.
so changing the Opera is oflw, i thih _.
should assure the Chinese tie- loud I4 t'nnnan Tilman says it is im-
fait ofevey on coneced ~iit hdignified to ask U.. S. congressmen if
and should be proof to them sihal. ih! hey rnk. He is right and the only
is the earnest desire of the Opera thing mroe undignified is the fact
authorities to allow nothing to remin that any of them should drink.
which proves offensive. ________
It is unfortunate that such a is- A Dtroit detective's life was saved
understanding should have occurred won the knife of an assassin struck
at all, for Michigan has a reputation his badge. A pocket edition of the
in the East, which can be equaled by dew Testament used to be the reco-
few other American univrsitie. e ni t~ipl method.
of which she should be proud. -4ah _ _________
misunderstandings as th1o ne titdac r The Gran gnvernmo-nt has decd-
discussion. have a habit o~ r unw.,oi r_1 to aid the farmrs in g'etting rpdit
way beyond their hounds ad (4 i i n the purhasre f frators. vatcrh
puting to themselves uwaiegs +bwhtoW for TTcr- 7f Pe rd ahdisiebsinss
their practical imiportance .does not ;n i441
merit. It is for this reas~on th,,otot,,_____
Union's action is so much to be co-,- TFTP VNTTITTT1 0O1
mended. It has preserved or. -tl - --.---. --.--M ----
faith in" the eyes of the Chinese stu -_-r--______-_--
dents, and preserved ou~r repirtttin! C (APU OPI1NI N
from possible-injulry, nx T in j;zi; Ao'i 'w'A' a will be
which would have to ho accoi m,=. t+a. =re;u.i, i:. ' ttA i cn:!4i-~
seious loss indeed: for it is5oiy {A Ice,~li,;,p-ti~ui'rs4ei.
through such reputations as Michigan
has gained, and the friendships which, 1'11 .;0°, tP' A !
come from them, that the orial ,:-' ;l4\J
lations so desired and so necessar '1 lio t v 1.,iw
between Occidental and Oriental na- I y1=1,tic 11s of our gneraton has
tions can be perpetuated. been gr ndly exaggerated .Every
age has its fads, 4ts bizarre proclii-
TRADITION ORt INDIGE~STION? ties its darirng. These are but healthy
There are those who decry tradi-' :n ntural cypr asins of uwolsonti;
tion2. There are those who place it ;and h.),r vyuth.T~tvaecmo
on a, lofty pedestal. There are those: to all t snrain . nd lt" triking
who create them. and those ci'wt~h lng aoni Um ro! Il:.r nmc ii
ds~try ourr m'ot 1hory In (7tit n)i , . 1l rhiY R r,1 +; l tea ; :,;tttS i ll i'
n C11101 ' f?3ord . i~ e lar 7!b it i ts 50t ru' a '4 lo- -= e n- 0l\A\l ,
\:ihysli! a t i. '! OtAS Ii n aL;' i.'I to iyAI 1 2/ if p' io"-.,g. 'N:-.Ie'il1
!".y at su vb tzA I hX Ui ii ita,.S i ll pre- S? ~ iO., 4 'a n t<', i ''.
oergy force all that is brazenly modern', by men. Our grandmothers were ac-

upon us, supplanting everything that cased of too intimnate contact with theo
smacks of the past. opposite sex at their dance. This tale
Michigan has not lost all of its tra- of youthful license is an ancient cne
diticas, and she has gained recently which in our day ceems to be reach-
too mrany new cnes-such things for ing its peaks of notoriety.1
instance as fall gamses, women's smok- We are not dfferent from other gen--
ing rules, etc. All of this is to be ox- eratiois-it is just that with the:
pected. for we are but a young insti-; wider publicity given to our doings-
tution., hardly a (,entury old, and° by the press we seem more daring .andI
western-ah. yes, hopelessly western,: licentiouis to the adult orb. The ptrosy
In matters of tradition we must turn l as focuised nrh'lic a tnt ion on youth
to the East for inspiration. We have to a degree no other age has k-nownr.
always placed such institutions as Consemuently more startling things
Ilarvaird and Yale in the classification -,,,re expected from us.
of thono who would} preserve the best The scandal a young Victorin
from the ages.. In enmulation of themn; lady excited by donning knickerboc'k-

Our jazz and our fads are attribut-
ed to speed, as though youth couild be M S
asp on sble for speed. Who, I ask, U I [l
has speeded up the world? Certainly ANDil
not youth. Our forefathers are re- 1 L
sponsible for bring;ing us into a world i .J . A M A VIt~
of speed, and youth simply makes the
best of it. Every age has b~een ac'-1
cased of being speeded-up--"the new "THE ADAIRABLE, BASIVLLE"
movements" has been the disparaging OR. ('O VSTA.NCY .REWARDT)I)
phrase used to describe this tendency To begin with there were three ball et
in man's advance since the earliestj divertissments for which we had not
da, ys of our civilization. And always bargained. Capable as we mnay be asa
it has been used by senility, arbiter of the drama wie are no judge~
Youth today is no nearer the brinkofteatmdfmusbschn es
of stagnation than it was 2500 years1
ago, and in many respects it has ad- asths o!avoaec.Te ier -
vancedl beyond the generation which i issments were, however, charming in --
preceded it., their way and we feel inclined to ex-;
All this in condemnation of the tend (in our amateurish fashion) the
resent tendency, in our bright and pl to the second, Julia Moorhead,'
proserig deocrcy, o pace eg who clicked her heels neatly.
proserig dmocrcyto laceregla- Having read the script of the play
tor;- m~easures on ev-ery youthful act- some years ago and recalling the long
ivitv that can in any possible manner and meaty preface, we had counted on
have a moral relation to society. bringing in a great deal of information
3There is no need on this campus for in a casual way. Our plan was scot-
a rule depriving women the privilege ched some days ago when the tidal
of smoking, since it is a question wave of publicity broke. Then the
which the individual must decide for 1thought came to us that, since every-
himaself. A regulatory measure would thing had been said about the show
only stimulate smoking and would ~avne ewr eivd yti
simple statement, of further duty. We
deny the student the capacity for u would say: everything that can be
diciously making a choice. If the I said about The Admirable Bashville
qtr active. is as vile as I believe it to has been said.
h ', fa e t o p n o n w i l evlu al.k ll s c r a p e gst r a y m o n ngrh eacepe r c e C w l s saC oH T.wless s a idr i h e D il a e ( T e r e tT H A T.ev e , h c h i
.~ ther, easure. of student opinion-, none other than a dialogue between
few students wax articulate on anvf Cowles and myself, should be read in
subject. But the accumulated mass; a loud voice. Or two loud voices if
of their silent condemnation will be you want a lavish production.)
COWLES : Didn't you think Davies
monre e-ffective than a volume of reg- was the best actor in the show?
ulaion. Udoutedy te pactce PANURGE: No-that's not the way
Nxwill ultimately be abandoned; its! to go at it. You can't say this person's!
baseness is too apparent to permit its! best or that person's best. That isn't
f~xic'tence. Then too. it has been tried criticism. Now I think IHenderson
before and has niot lived. Our genera.- , as best.
tion is no baser than any oth er:; per- COWLES: I do not. I think Davies
haps, no broader. No student can fail was the best!
to see that feminine. smoking is on a PANVURGE: He got out of his part.
le,e] with masculine chewing. It is sometimnes OLS. btImwligt
about as entrancing to talk to a coprLieSon SpanbutlI'm ewilligeo-
(harming young woman whose nico- I cmprmseonS.aglth olc-
tine-polluted breath wafts in your PANURGE: All right, Spanagel was I
nosFtrils, as it is to hold converse the best but his wasn't a part it was'
with an equally charming young man! a bit. 'that means he dlidn't have soI
who emphasizes each sentence with a much to do as Henderson.
huge, expectoration. COWLES:Well, hie did his bit. Nowv
The most charming contrast of.' Minerva Miller!
-vhih.Icanconeive istheMadnna PANURGE: A long p)art, Cowles, and i
ohitheI cansnceive isoenmonnr-a adifficult one. Very adequately hand-
of thfrsn.Amdr ohr led, I should say.
young, beautiful, vivacious-she re- COWLES: You imply, sir, that I pro-
clines in an attitude of brazen non- nounced the lady's name with a sneer.
cha lance-a tiny cherub clings to her !pANURGE: What shall we say
breast-with one hand she carresses about Cashel?
its downy head-with the other, re- COWLE:S: If you want to praiseI
moves a cigarette from her mouth, imyulhaetdoiyurlf
scndin,g great rings. of blue smoke; PANURGE: I do and will-to a cer-
heavenward. What an insniration tfain extent. I like his voice anti, so!
--E. . Ii ., '25. far as I amt able to judge, he carried
,i a part of much the same sort as that
___________________ Iof I ,ydia Carew. -
To the editor: COWL~ES: What. about the templo--
The declaration of the Ann Arbor they ran it off in forty-four minutes?


. .r. rr. c .rr. r .rrrlr. . ac rr. .rr, ~ .r. , ..r. r. . . , . . . , . .+ . . . , : . .; .. , .. .. . , .. ,s. ~ . , . . .r, . ,. , r, ,




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-Women's Club, is indeed typical of the
range of the Middle-western minde. L.

PANURGE: Ohe, tempo
COWLES:O mores?


.ttcu:c li ~c rau - lx..l'a a....: urLainl).
M. L.'s worthy attempt in yesterday's***
Daily, to express his (or her) antedi- THE FACULTY C'ONC'ERT
luvian viewpoint shows especially the The University Symphony Orchestra
under the leadership of Samuel P.
characteristics of the petty and in- Lockwood will make its second ap-
tolerant attitude taken in these great poarance of the season at 4:15 o'clock
open spaces. Sunday ; afternoon in Hill auditorium.
He takes the position of the great1 An interesting program of orchestral
unwashed and unthinking classes,' selections has been arranged, and the
nameiS' that because a thing is new general public with the exception of
it is a creation of the devil. His re-I small children is cordially invited.
,marks concerning the terrible effects In addition to the purely orchestralI
which would result from the child be- .numboers, two soloists will also par-I
ing kissed by the '"'tobacco-tainted"; ticipate, Miss Loraine P~arke of D~e.-
1 sof the mother is especially ab-' troit, perhaps the leading harp player
ritd : it appears to me that the "to- in this part of the country, and Mand
lea(eco-tainted" lips of the father would " Okkelberg of the 1)iano faculty of the
be obnox~ious to the same degree as University School of Music. Miss I
those of the mother. Parke is a young nmusician who has1
<hat smoking and necking are made an unusual record. Her father,
't. -onymous to hime, shows that he the late' .Ttiius Parke. was a disting-
boo nemver Indulged in either of these uished violincellist and at one time
e- a.college npastimes, and obviously connec-ted with the University School
Oi'-re-or' can have no conception of of Mfusic for a. short period. Her
their 1 lb.asure:s. totally different that mother is an excellent pianist and is
they are. now associated with one of the De-
In clo-ing, I will state that I have troit conservatories of music. Misr
smoked for several years and strange' Parke, although still a young woman,
to say still am respected by my f has appeared with distinction under
friends, the most dignified musical auspices.
-E. C., '26.II The program which will be offered
-.is as follows:
IS I G IRSt Overture, "Figaro's Wtedding" .Mozart.
RI teEdtaonro: ysDil is .I Impromptu, 0Op. 86...........Faure
I znot, ba~ intc::ys Dil Mis L ((Arranged for Harp and Orchestra by
l. L. '2. touches upon the matter of1 S. P. Lockwood)
flising in connection with smoking. ,,Lorraine Parke
: ,.y no vntue t dsa~eC n-Suite in C major for Strings...
i <<I id rter -ad ye in',, )i- 1Purcell-Hurlstone
0 . h- I. . 1. '25. as to the par' I Prelude
tiiAi~~ shjFi ndler consideration- I Sarabande
iit it-71lis :ing. Minuet
I consider kissing a very bad habit.! March
especially when practiced by co-eds The four movements of this suite
or the other species on the smoke- are arbitrarily assembled. W illiam
begr'imed. tobacco-stained lips of' Y. lI urlstone selected them front1
N oung mn aiu apiodsie fPrel
Iis also bad for chldren to kiss (1658-1659),2 andocontrived toi trami-
similarly "filthy" lips of their fathers. scribe themi for string orchestra"
MJiss L. M. L., '25, n-ight have men- without sacrificing any of their
to fatherly lips thus defiled; only I quaint flavor.
motherly lies,-that is, motherly-I Concerto, On. 16, B flat. .1>ortkie\\ icr.
sm-oking lips-bring down the holy I Lento-Allegro deciso
wrath and condemnation. Andante sostenuto
here are a few more "filthy" habits', Molto vivace e con brio (Teaml
Miss L. 1M. L., '25, might have men- I russo)
tioned: chewing gum, eating "slabs of Maud Okkelberg
red beef,"r and-horrible did u-"hot - -- -

Only the genuine Zipper
has the name Hookless
Fastener on the tab -

HE -- "Snappy game! Now,
how about supper at the
Inn and that dance you
promised me?"
SHE- (laughingly) "All set! II
have my dancing slippers
on now-thanks to Zippers.
And I was warm and
comfy all through the
game, too."
Zipper is a marvel of comfort and
convenience - a little pull at: the
Hookles Fastener an~d ZIP I it opens
wide or locks snug and tight.
Sizes for men,women and the kiddies.


Established 1870
Akron, Ohio

(log" withi the skin on, etc., etc.



However, since all these and otherj STERS: Please avoid any reference. l m l

AW m a Allma

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