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January 13, 1925 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1-13-1925

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n",'u the Univer sity year by the Board in
Control of Student Publications.
Members of Western Conference Editorial
The Associated Press is exclusively en-
t itl1ed t,) the usc for republication of all-news
dispaitches credited to it or not otherwise
credited in this paper and the local news pub-
lished therein.

dollars, according

to recent reports

Enteredl at the postoffice at Ann Arbor, 1
Michligan, as second class matter. Special rate
of postage granted by Third Assistant Post-
mnast,'r General.
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rar d St reet.
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Norman Freehling Margaret Sandburg
W. E. Hamaker F. K. Schoenfeld
F. Johnson S. H. Sinclair
L H. Kramer F. Taylor.

of the Federal Trade commission
published in The Dearborn Indep:.u-
dent. And some insight into thte dis-
position of the taxpaper's inoney is
obtained when the commission an-
nounces that in 1923 approximately
$1,458,000,000 was spent for interest.
and retirement of the public debt
alone. In fact, upkeep of the public
debt in 1923 absorbed 40 per cent of
the ordinary government expend iture-,
for the year, compared w:ith only three
per cent in 1916.
The cause for the amazing increase
of the public debt can largely be lai'
to the war, but fortunately the bbmni
is not entirely there. ' ; rly twxenty-
t s~t biVlon dollars ee spelt fr v-,?
puirpoeC, but the rest or the thlirty-
It«'o billion has gon^ into de-°eiop-
ment of projects that in the (.nd l j
rcppavy the original inveslow1n±n. Road3
bugilding. barbcr itnturov('lnefts. ret-+,t
ination projects, ^ud much other 'rl>
have boen cmnpeted.
Rut there must bo somneendl, for the
eumount is re^nsteaptly grovwing. Mrtiu-
c'ipal and ou)1nly ov,1nrcnts are the
W01sre t('iffndors, lto<,itn z'eC'11e I ;
tct-l d (C- 1ine ililirn doi r s I'.l-
;crlN".Tim rotrciwilt n9 !li ,f'~
:s; ;, i., s:?ffi-nc : t 1i'i'en for tlhe tax-
v- t, . cani znut i ha it h rdr-n i'tc - r-
rnoved a eoncr,,iue ? olievmr 1-'
Washington is ri prted to 1), -K
agog because Coolidge has~ chosen hi<
noew ca-binet members witbecut con
suilting the part= politicians. 1Jin
one more s gn that Air. Coolidge ha.
more intelligence than a good m«1n
have given him credit for.
A 'New York woman, age 105, is sai(
to have sung and danced to amurse hc
'fellow companions in a home fcr t'1
Iaged just before her (loath recently
It looks as though they had flapper-
in 1840 too.
Henry Ford's latest is a "nursing
ideal" in the form of ,a new trainin
school at his Detroit hospital. Firs
it was a Peace ship, then a railroaC
then-well, it; is hard to say.
Dr. Yusurke Tsurumi told the As
sociation of American colleges con
ventlon that Japan knows the blessin

>degrading, nor is it---if indulged with- _______________ - II~fA.,/I: G;Y
out excess - especially physically
harmnful. ,It is provably no more m u s i c ';-R
harmful to the average woman's phy- AND U
-not constitute the real issue. I askV1 R A.MA1IA
Tthe co0-ed in question, does her famiily R L L S I E S
tfeel additionally proud of her because! 4L '
Lof her accomplishment as a continual TQ.'NII T: Thomias Wilfred's (Coor
snicker? (I doubt if they know it.) I Organi recital in 1111lliuditorilmli at
- Oir, wvhat is more pertinent, are her '8s:15 o'clock.
chlrnfon olo oad e with that pride and confidence that I THlE FACULTY C&)N(' RTL
ceiildr(en ordinarily behold. in' their A review, by Frederick Sparrow.
mothers if she impressed upon their Appearing in the sixth concert pro- j
I lips tobacco-laden kisses. I smile atgrmothFauyCnctseiI
etegoeqe.caatrzto of;M.adMsS.PLokodviln,lovely womanhood the feminine smok-j Marian S. Freemiani, viola, Ora Lart-j
rer NY Qu(id make as I see her in the.! hard, violincello, andl Mattd Okkelberg,
-' f'tu:'e e aeccuting her duties as a Ipao gave a rather len tbt en-
-housewvife, her head cocked askewj joyable recital Sunday afternoon in
Swith one eye squeezed shut to evade l Hill auditorium. The numbers were{
-the snioko2 of a cigarette. It is all a chsnfo1.h hme msco o
-matter cf propriety. Must the women Tschaovsky, Beethoven anti Men-
kengage mu exactly the same habits and delssohn.I Have your penf
elh:tlntt'-s as the men merely because The string quartet in l) major by S o h lc
ethey feel i is their privilege to do so? Tschaikovsky was especiall notable S a h lc
iSuppose we men should decide to in-. because of the exquisite interpret a- found.
e dulge in some of the habits or cus- tion given the Andante Cantabile Exams will soc
n tonms peculiar to the weaker sex what movement, beautiful in itself, by the that you are t
- a slily ass a man could easily make I musicians. Perfect tonal balance andj means much t
r' of himself by marcelling his hair, ;-ord'ination. as well as a serious
-painting his lips and cheeks and in- ,,nd concentrated reading of the score,
- ti<1rg in other cosmetics,-yes, even tine pmain factors in making this
:. wer-g lace trimmings on the edges number the outstanding success of the ______
et ; e~hing-ifhe houl deide oncrt.this prodluction has done our own
o, i c so Yet, it is just as permissible Th lerIn lertofo h
for Km is or is fminne onieer T~i Alegr an Allgreto romthe"Cotton Stockings" the honor of steal- I
l o ! Sfrhs eiiecmer Beethoven Quartet in F major were '
t ti "r i~ decidedly un-masculine, characterized by their restless moodsintw chrsouneadajk,
fli'. , isz , it is perfectly permissible alternating with snatches of tyluicalopny nd umsabl. eig
for ' women to smoke, but it is grossly Betoe mlde. h n futI"Rose-Marie" is not a wasted evening,
uni7ad yli e. As Miss "B. B." said in of the selection was not iii the ren- h ut there have been andl will be betterj
J tra'sDiy "oahodi x dition, which, although it called for sos
ected to stand for wha-t is finest in a precise technical skill, was adlnhir-
1'fe and the cultivation of a filthy ably handled, but was in t he position SLEEP ANY WHERE BUT
'is unnatural." Trio had been in its place, more at-: THE CLUB LUNCH I
Whlether a woman wishes to be a tention wvould have b~eenm given ithxTNyar71 2 Arbor Street
lady or merely a female is entirely ?y the audience. Even the higher strata -SaeadPcadS
Yto her. But the consequence of it one of an Ann Arbor audience is noit yetj
way cr' another is of vital concern tol educated up to the pouit where it can ____________
society. Personally, I do not believe listen with enjoyment t) SIX strin- ;
-g that the average college man approves quartet movements in succession. Il-IE-\ VI\EV
jfof smnoking among women; rather, I I The Mendelssohin Trio in 1) minoi
st, think he disapproves very strongly. for violin, 'cello and piano was ox-
.,Inhis associations with women lie is ceu~tiotmal because of Mrs. Olkel- ! a Y
ultimately 'interested in finding a life berg's work at t he latter instrumnent:Ij
mate, and I am sure that the serious-i Besides handling in a thorough, schol-
nmnded man will not consider sharing ary manner tie part accorded I ,0
n _ h is lo t w ith a w o m a n w h o is a dld ic t ed sh e e x h ib ite d a . fin e se n se o f a rtis tic t a i s t a r o n o h a e e t a n . t a o l o , 6 c p , o i e
'tohaitstht re oud o hapre retrint tatcoud otescw'no I 41- Ai"i

0 05.~f.1rd9eilffB/

h Ends of the Diagonal Walk)



~~ /.

iM +i/iA a aia :md '" ++ . 9 07-0 0;44 +"«Tatl a/../../laM«!®aAad'~a/"rAa/sa/+PA~i



Louis W. Kramer
Night Editor-THOS. P. HENRY, JR.
The death of Registrar Arthur G.
Hall late Saturday evening, although
it had long been expected 'by 'physi-
cians and friends, came nevertheless
as ,a schock to r-all who knew him.
The death of a loyal and good man,
even though it is expected, can nearer
do anything less.


of peace. It isi well to know this h>ut proachles upon his selection. ri'he
bete t wrkfo i. Toiis-luy" type is. very p~opular on
___________________sportive occasions, but her popularity
The overcoat thieves are at it again,- sinks into disgust at other times.1

according to all reports. All this afterj
wewere given to understand that Mr.
Leer was the brains of the organiza-
Hendrick Van Loon sees nothing in
modern intercollegiate football ;.am Ses .
It will take several million men like
h'm to do away with them.
?t doesn't take mucsh to get one's

The woman who-smokes places her-'
self, in my opinion, in exactly the
same category with the promiscuous
"necker." The latter practice is the'
p3rivilege of those who care to indulge
a.nd so is the former: but bloth depart
widely from. what is commonly regard-

Due to anm er'ror, tihe Comiedly ('lb
production of "The Admirable Blash-
ville" was announced for Thursday
evening in the Sunday edlition of Th i
Daily. The performance, hiowe ver, I
will be given to-morrow night in:
Sarahl Caswell Angell hall, as adver-

The real joy in receiving a
gift is the thought put into its
selection by the giver.
Come - in and we will help
you find just the right gift.
12 Nickels Arcade
Opposite Subi-Staioni


.- = -



For over forty years he was can- pietiir- sn the front nage of a mietro-
nected intermittently -with the Univer-- politan paper nowday. Just talk
sity, first. as a student, later as an; about co-eds, cigarettes-etc.
instruc tor, finally as professor of
mathmatcs nd s Reistar.He A Colonel Fawcett is expecting to
mathmatcs nd s Reistar.He!find the Garden of Eden in South
wwas privileged to witness and to take ;Ame'c. What travelers our pro-
an ac4yPafdimportant part in t eltswee

aeanggr0V"f tlm hwnch the nmversi*t.v
enjoye.:tduring fthis hTerkld ;il i
will be rememnbred a-, one of Mich--
lgan's most loyal anda1teltl ~
rants, a mlan whose life ,vas dedi;'ated(
to his Alma Mater, a man with few,
--enemnies and many friends, a man
whose death htaF, bro ight'r ti--nine:,
grief to time Uni ', rsity (,p uilliiONi'

EAnother nT ch Shoals measuzre hats.
1)(be) defeated by congrresc. Never
mind, famrs, there is still Senator
I'ndervood's proiosition to consider.
Detroit wom,'n oe havin7 a drive
(i moingtee((, only this timep it is
- hfuetorba .to zwl'b ih they obnjec t.

The University of Michigan is high-1
ly gratified that one of her most dis--
tinguished alumni, Charles Beecher'
Warren, '91, of Detroit, has been
chosen by President Coolidge. as At-
torney General of the ?'nit-d States:
to succeed Harlan Stone. Time appoint-

AT10' C. -tio catiota w~il be
-. r, 1. The nameus of comnmuni
t4. will, however, be regarded as
confidential upon request.


To the Editor:

ient is a tribute to MVr. Warren's Whether the recent (leclaration of
enent service to his country as Amthe WmnsCubo n ro
bassatior to Japan and Mexico an,l
as counsellor for the government on against smoking among women was
various occasions. as well as to h's' aimed at University women in partic-
ability and reputation as a lawyer:; ular is not in the least the outstand-
and business man. He is a man whoj ing aspect of the question to be 'con-
has refused throughout his career' drd a uetat h oe'
to be the tool of political organiza-
tions of any sort and has risen to Club had in mind wonmankind time
prominence solely as a resuilt of his country over. Nevertheless, I think
personality and capability. It is prob-' their declaration would have been
ably for this reason that President very well aimed indeed had it been ad-
Coolidge named him to the office. desddrc tteUiest o
Since its founding nearly a century desd dNot that the mniverity co-
ago, Michigan has had many disting- wvomen students ar smoking--far
wished men in public service, in schol- I from that-but it is perfectlyt ob Yions
arty work, anid in business. Theyi that there is a well-developed and in--
ha-ve- all been a credit to time institu-craigtneyamgcodso
Si on, a point of pride for all Univer-ustoac.Tmc-elhoAat(Io
-pity muon and women. At nmo time, lavishly in Saturday's L~a;iy (-oltimits
however, has there been a graduate demonstrated this quite satisfactorily.1
-w hose career has been more gratify-, ecgiin hsf1, h oe'
ilandl whom the University is more Club i~ to be conutnend'd t for its -.c-
lyroaud o claim. Michigan joins the tion.
state and nation in congratulations to How one of modearn eduat-ationol s.d-
1\lr Waren inexpetaton hathisvantages can be so grossly laching inI
.i(>)ljas~rtia o th Dearmen of ;a sense of good proportions as typ fled_
,1:xs,;ice will be eminently successful. by the communication of the c o-cdi in
question is alpuzzle to Inie. Ilost of
8tl'A~G~hING EBTSthem smoke, as one writer said, "to
Americans generally are patting create an impression" and will not.

f " ' i t 1 W l u U I 1 'I t S i l U e d a s l a d y l i k e . T h e W o m e n 's C l u b t i l e p l a y , t h e' o n l y_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __er r o r_ _ _ _ __a y_ __co m_ _ _
jwas simply taking steps, as, I under-'- frni tihe possib~le failure of the audi-.
stood it, against an imupeniding evil enet es h -mshr fsle
whichi is threaten ng to contaminate oc osnetm topeeo he
' burlesque. 'Unlike most works aim-
society's ideals of womanhood unless coprbeony t uh.acsa
pub~lic opiniont canm b) rallied against. "Tie Importance (of Being Earnest"
such a. nuisance. 1 cannot do other- n("MrhIa-s"TeAm Irabl
wise than give the Women's ClubBahil"it'ayhsnomrlr
-declaration mny heartiest endorsal, re- cproe ti ne-lri aoy1
gardiless of hmow many flaws it may of thme solemn. conventioiial cominer- S1 "n
have contained. cial theatre andI the solemn, conven- S i n
I--.M . 2. tional commercial society it rere-I
,.PtA Y THE FIGHTING IRISH! Shaw wrote the comnedy sattiP a rie~ s
To leEditor:f nose against the critics, and most of
Befo're the 1925 University of Mich- ;time Victorian public who at thmat tinme
ig an football schedule is made up, I were aghast at his shocking ideals. To
vx aZt; to put in may humble plea that - further bring home his point lie even
thletic relations be resumed with the took a fling at Shakespeare and made
- rmii,-ersitk of Notre Dame. and, the] his chiaraoters speak thoir'lines in
"Fighting Irish" be included on the I manigledl, ridictulous Elizabethan style.
next Fall's list of gridiron battles. As he says in his preface to the
The break which occurred in 1910 play, "I have poetasted 'The Admir- I
abl Bahvile intheriMay bring roughee
i as a'big mistake .and absolutely un- abeBsiil'iiergmfarole style.
caled or;it could have been easily, And lest the Websterwosipr. hadan fce
healed, hadI a little common sense! should declare that thei'e is not a sin-
b~een usedl. And every year since has gle cor-ect line in all my threee acts, No need to be so an-
added to the magnitude of tieme mis- I have stolen or paraphrased a fewN
take." from Marlowe and Sllaiiespea e ; so noyed, even for a, day.
-Everytime Notre Dame opposed us,; that if any manm dare quote mne de- The soothing, antiseptic
fwhether in football, baseball, or track,' risively, he shall (10 s0 in peril of in- and astringent effect of
I we were assured of stiff opposition, a ad vertently lighting on a purple pattch
hard and square contest and real of Hamlet or Fausttus."
fI sport. All our students and the towns- * EN TA L
people. looked forw-a'd to the coming " RW E -MARIIE"
of the wearers of the Purple and Gold A review, by Valentine Davies.
for they knew the South Bend college ! The outstanding musical comedy of CR~EA M'
would put up a real battle and when the New York season thus far is
Michigan returned fronm the fray vie-i Arthur Hanmmersteini's production of L T O
torious, we had something to be proud ! "Rose-Marie." Why this is so is rather LX~III
of. difficult to explain. The chlief reason !vi sr rlefo
Inasmuch as the break occurredI seems to be that it contains certain wil bring sr eifo
just after time contest of 1909 when time indefinable ingredients which wvin ' ,rotection.
Notre Dame wonder teanm, coached by inertopolitan audiences. What evei-;
"Shorty", Longma, beat us,' it was these were "Wildlhowci-" containe~d
partcularly inopportune and raised a' them alnd the p~rodiucei- took as few'Mdeol
lot of talk among,(Motr neighborjg chances as poss5ible by making his M dol
colleges. Nor at a new piece as mmuclh of a counterpart.at
Since that tine., Nte ae a of the old as possible. a
gone ahead, meeting the stiffest 01)-I There is the same theme gong whlichr
p jositionl obtainable and getting the ends time first act, antI the same type CA D llV~
lion's share of publicity in the news- of scenery, even to the little red light ' 6 CLAUDE RAKE'S
papers. This year, shte closed a niost on the backdrop, repr'esenmtinmg a hotuse!
Iwonderful season by winnig ever'y in the distance. Thte music is gooi
gaine played and at tlhe Pasadena as most of Friiml's efforts are, but Drug and Prescription
Stadirum. oil New Years, in connection thiere is ilo) "Blnbaalina." "Rose--tr
Swith the Tournament of Roses, she do- Marie" is heard on all sidles at preCsent, I M r
feated- Stanford b~y the score of 27 to ! as is "Thme Indian L ove Caall" but
1t)'5iend was crownied Championm of time neither will by any means stir a alid hn 0
Unite t'IStat(es. tion.Phn30
hI lasnitch as both Northwestern andj The cast is goodI. Mary El'lis, ox-
I Wisconrsin played them last season Metropolitan Opera comnlmy artistI
and Minnesota has scheduled a game acts passingly. , (lances p)oomrly, ;iut Cor. State and N. Univ.

We arl--eiasecd to offer tis beautiful new 'house for
your consideration. i1 is of the ixtocled EN I-4lri typ ,
and it is thoroughly nimc-drn in evry detail.
WXest of Wkashicriia 1'ull sceens
Extra i-arge lot(Cmpletely I coratecd
Two tilt Laths I)-uLgrac
First floor lavettry - A ili ;i~irovenents
1i1 burner L andIW~r 3'000
For appointnic nt, call
MR. NE~W I' N, with}
215 I"RT NAT'I B\13NK BL-1j
PHONES 315- -355§2 EVENINGS 2446
y -- --' --- ----
rr .' '-
q£ F lo
- TE$ ! /
® sJan Sale of
=Take advantage of this offer - an overcoat or suit of the me
most fashionable style may be obtained at a greatly rdurcel
0M Gorie




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