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January 10, 1925 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1-10-1925

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,sA L' KDAtY, JANUARY 10, 194F



--~~r~ n Zr a __________

{'" )
'A" ..
':" r

.. . 1t



1 ' h0OL)I ~~INHPLF
(fi . ' <,\'rilnor~, i . I ias, "Ripon, C(t'Iw, (
%;a 1] iugtoLzi, INPIraska, Nevada, Du)ll-
tv wn'e, Michigan Agricultural. C'ali"
'_ orn i, (in enla ti, Wash ilgtil n-1tc~c
-anrd Montana. 'The mna il1('5 are liay
('ii by comparing thelesult 1i t re
hero;c 0111peting tennms during a ;;),ivcen
t %mze.
Some improvement s have been 1i'm le
>~in the riflc range in room 2)0I, En-
giiueering building, which was, usedf b.',
Sboth mnriandl women ilast year. T '
is to be used only by thle worn"u ti
:2year andi will probabily be rc 1id r,,1
use within a week.
Capt. L. M. Bricker, of the 11. 0. 'i'.
SC., is in charge of the three rifle 5e,,.
Stions, which include 75 women. From
this number a team of 10 is to he
cho'Isen on the basis of high score:?
Sduring practice periods.
rAn association has beeni form( (I by
the women interested in promoting
Atthe Sport at this l'nmversit y. The of-
fJicers are as follows: Aliss Ethel e
McCormick, of tihe physical eduiication
Oempartnient, president; Ruth Tallmnan,
2'26, vice-president; Lucille Wailsh '7.
secretary; Edith I4apham. '25. Aun
Mieeler, '26, umager; Malrry Alls-
Shouse, '27, captain of the team.
'The ;long conltest iasw(el11v b tl
Y'02ome's tuLgi iv;t)bec i01 'J ''l f
com'unpetition Ito se,1161ot'()1))el a't
as freshmnz, sonhizizorre, a ii ii b
womlen. I'cl osing date i .:i' I '
c '.o {'gs Aulnnit''d i)u".t hr ') t'r i r,!
-og ,1zittc zwe IIA A. (desk in !l1% Irur i~rlll
The prize songs will be v) -! d ?.'
t hantorn Night.. The"i willlyhe o'w'
in length, pilt to malty>P
and (expre,,iug class e tfi it> .

t ii
l rI ' 5', iiil)1rld il
t i k .
CoI }aItltii5~ 5 iio ht
-~ 05 { C ardd"li.r 10 in' 'spc en'-
iitiri s5te;aidl: 'II .;s R vry
jjolly Ithis~ ) lialilieli andi I ]lod( e v-
eri'vbiody in fm)(iilohii is aS ai mya~s
r ' n I iiI l e lg ll'Is I;ivct Noiti i
'i'o:';FI 011 01il oly ly'Ose t1. i't'li?,
(Iit rei''('(.miis t(l t l lik s1 t~itS ic
I and1 (uiflt' pb'n iiiiiyslt.'
j 11beicns ;wllcii(' asked IDami' e'r
1st: il t' i i i ha h1 I lts ltl l d I e'1
it '" ,hy '.of ,'t'V(' :5I w1 i' . ,'j n Ib lc itl<
t'lt.I ll her, fwl
he_;, lt';''' 15 al ,ays the ('()tllSLoiatI
l c' I l: 0 l't 1110IcasYlwro
of 'ver1pa at.S
"il m3 v ' n oh' l,'vsoars I ..'iu're. Shakes-
11,r.I ~IAlisba om o', as t
Mw D lla Di)'ta Dleta hollse. After
a iiti z i;0 it ;n ;,: v;ec tfl-'' niew

"College Dy"IT IM 1PEGSAA U. W. Will Hold
favorife Song tota Sigiiia Pi pledged( the follow-jF Luncheon At Union
ii t !yI'r,3 o ius,1 iNg ollen at a meeting held Thurs-

(Tay e'vening;' in the iBetsy


Ile'w' S forget nay (ohie ;e d vs.'' pla y-room : Gail Nickerson, '25, Viola
i:;e l1 1)I)AIII hi i' sonig ofl thle camn- Irel~ke,'26~. Lidla Thatchzer, '25, and
'Is, if thle judgmenut ar1ti(1ecoi'e or, Miidi'ed James, laboratory assistant
the' Junior w\omenlOU ( blii 1)1' Ia i s; inthe ('hemistry department. Mrs.
al~y imililcai 51. AIoI'e t h ah, Iof tieP' Philip 13. hladley gave a. talk on the
I SVIIu Is for the1Junior1 (Gil's play, who slllbject of "Dental Caries.'' Ashort
'-?gust a1i' 11wii' trem'Ubl ig voices before business meeting followed the peg
110 ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ peg COl u ' i lava eetding service.
-(Acilege Days" x\Ni Ic ''Di-'eary ___________________
thei"' heldit close seconld place. New miembers will be received into
~oigs ('10 elet 51 ~co'uhili ~ he nu1.ses' Y. W. C. A. at 7 :15 0'-
'I w' t ype c rparit bin g tried (MS tai'. Iak ,ia a heNr-e'dormit-
7ib e demre little Iadlies wViIo)Mck 51gW-atth Nrss

for the luncheon at 1 o'clock Mvonday,
at the Michigan Union, which will be
sponsored by the international rela-
tions committee of the Ann Arbor
branch of the American Association of
University Women. Mrs. J. F. Plour-
quin, 2241., is receiving the reserva-
tions. Prof. C. E. Griffin, of the School
of Business Administration, will
speak on "Reparations and Interna-
tional Trade."
1I A V F TI SUR.WRt'IfIi I) F V'9

lied a desire for ith" e feii inc lead put '*'AIRr, VU .iU *DIN/J111.1
their hearts andi souls into tlhy' touch-r
ing ball d about "Ale and the cloy 4111111011fl fII0000I~l01000010O 00#101il1i1111i010001
11'r;end." , 'vei'a .'l ho asire to tik(' -
gi~l at ag"ast"wt ;r tI;uto. Others, with. no detillit(aan - o J nu r Special
at all in view sang "Loves Old Swe'et .
Song.'' One or' two of the muore am -.=r
ilious tryouts even put theirul c1V1fJJLfr1011h1=~eo hadm d
voices into the ultra serious rhc -= Silk andi Wool i-osC or$1.0. "hlaeo admd
Lor~lis Mndfu of is On."T cckys and Nighties. Lingerie Clasps, Flower
Examine Women Ornaments, Handkerchiefs and Novelty -
For PostureC Grade Garter's, all at a Reduction in Pricc.
Semiester (examibnat ions in t he dRe-
parltnient (ot physic'al education are' -- -
beinig hlcd this week with a series of'---f-
postur'e tests which are being given }(-
interegular classes. I astut.i t1 09 \etLiberty S.
receives a gradte of C or less in theseteshewlbecldbakfra - Don't
sehematograpli , or p~ostur'e tracing,
and a complete physical examinat-ion1.
Thi s system. wvicli'hh11"-sbeenm intr o-1
duceth(1ii s yeari, is Pfo' the mi l'lo oo .
(is(oveliag 0as0(soonI ats osle tior
recastii and(1 remiedy 11'I.anlyfalie:ti
respec~t to postture. a
Exat illatiotviil l td iea w or'kof liti
ind~oor' 5(05011 will be held ,Jan. 114, 20
:.1, and =2.Thieor'iginaltl iatl("t' i t,
c ,'I-ig must ailso he presented at d
I i1a1 ldine by Ithose enrtolltedl in 1 tilt-'~.-'
i l'5'.Anyone who pi'4 ~~
fs to iitake Uilich'rdance to sonic °'
a ictti'ola 'rcor'd will be allovwed to use/ 9
I c i' e;ord(1l1ofi [le dan1ce exaililna Liii ii

SJuslnillg hats that were for-
mecrly priccd $10 to .$22.50
clear today at this sensational-
ly low figure. Fisk and Gage
patterns. Smartest shapes and
colors.' All desirable fabrics.
Sports hats, values, to $6.50,
go at $1.98!
Borrow---Subscribe Today.


Plan Ifocr Annual
Fa ncy fDresParl y
pait ty to be huLdt Jati. 17 inl I> i -ou r
:'\i~ii~iltaii eil' ivting to comibiel F
thw andi ma011 ~lke9 finial I r'aligenl(C'n-
for this nasty' wvhiell v, 'ill he on''.,
tie p'ettIiesit and most clever iaIS'
;alit on by the Women's Le~.aue. 'I'iit
1"anlcy D ress party is 'an t'a111Hit ifa sii
"Wli ahe(t Totltlkin s '26, J,3s g' tori.
withi a idramatie sko<t cliand ( ce eVieve>
Goodman, '2G5, goave, a rew'j i?;. ' ''
next meetin,,g of til' s OC iv v',r m'i t. tto
phasei111Forirly at Iti« Atph'a l :ilioi
NOi house.

/ ' r
ktif 9


L ea gue, hoii sea , 'ti io are t' LI'i til
iln beconiing llmott)rSo(1I' brii r C' 1111-,
cil ar'e requestedl to sendIIiiu a ru-po
oif t hiir honor p)oints to i1[a seare
Dixon,ph 11 11~ 4- W, I,'re Ad ea ti;
T1hes~e poinlts incluide t ho:;e gal ;. iI
indi vidu'al mllember's as wvell as tI hi :
earued by the house as a whole.
Second 1a1nd1la st triyoult-s P')'r IJo
Junior (it-Is' play Avill bo l''l{I frn,
9J to 11:34?J o'clock toda10y, ini Sarah.
(",swctll Anrg(ii hl. All worn-i; , v r
b rill;; m u s ic t o bl l- 1 y o'tl s l~ w l l I erei r t e y ' r i r d t e i l " ( 1im i Ii
whlich they wvish In g iv's thit 'S iil
Ixuni t. Lonug narrow slirl s shiddi
not1 be vWorn.

-~ ibiiii II Water GuanR1tjtecel
@,.pf il l arvl flinig .111 l air Cttinjg3


anu . rSale
Regular $3 and $29.75 values
J1u~t arrivedi, for a ape-
('lal gale;, rie" dre14, - lAdviaiewi late nI'i1'i'
bssec~ ran e . 9 styles thatwiltk
bran n1e w. i-vi thouareo prl&
A Sving of 75'-
Those Thoicli 701h ivcwaited to bi a aind d rcsS
arc l uck lji!!
It's hardly possible that such a value-giving opportunity will
present itself again in many months. For it is not an ordinary
dress salce---it's an achievement in IbuyiI?, such as NveI~avc
seldom been able to accomplish, for they arc lacing sold at
absolutei-- less than wholesale price.


The Lone Survivor

Give your pen a
drink of
Will not clog or
gum the point
and makes the
best pen write

rI i .
t '
q '
._ .



M4aterialIs--Satin, Faille, AM'cca,, Flat Crcepe,
Crepe-back Satin
Colors-Cocoa, Malai), Navy), Blackc
Remarkable Vlue
A Chance to add to your wardrobec at slight co t.

S n
' .
II r{ (Q{'y oo
"7G71 d- S

+ 4


The 46 Special at $5.00 and the Student's
Special at $3.75 are fashioned with the same
care and attention to detail that has made the
Sheafer the pen of perfection.

\ N

'me 'Pencil I






q~y thi

e Creators of the L f etii

A611 Sheaf f or
pens are tipped3
with the hard-
Dot native Iid-4

.i '

, , 11 .t t,1


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