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January 10, 1925 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1-10-1925

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18 SATURDAY, JANU ARY 10, 1325

Lions of learning ini "intellct nal ;
4r f1C I11afl .JUt thoroughness."
In full justice to Mr. Fshrit. must
1Piblished every morning except Mondayj
diigthe University year by the Board in be said that his coniment re pr,- entedl
- d-n P t4 tliications. more thorough knowledge and under-'
- -* standing than those of tlbe-majority

. . . _ . . _ _. _._ _ ._ . . .. 1 .


small numb~er of those who smoke1
p~ublicly for effect, would cause con-
Miderab~le comment among the staid
members of this Woman's Club.
--A Co-ed.

i !,

1- VR A M A


The Associated Press is exclusivcly eni-
titled to the use for republication of all news
dispatches credited to it or not otherwise
credited in this iaper and the local news pub-
lished therein.
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Michigan, as second class matter. Special rate
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'P'NArnold W1AIA]L. Muilns

of h;o nn-mrnti+in4n Tic. ii ?rac+ *-n!i t=

of his5 com~patriots. H15is iackXma
even have some value as a foreigner's
impression. But if he anld oohlvr n.
lishmen must discuss us, let them be
more original tihan to uP 'I'tihe seA V
evident truth that uie~llswt
centuries of tradition and a picked

IF A 1.- a a
To the Editor:
W oleren ci n nt ep r ft e1 O I H : D emen's Club of Ann Arbor, in "put- 'Finafor'" at S:1 o'clock
ting itself on record as being opposed net theatre.
to smnoking" seems to me. a matter
unworthy of the notice of such a A EiLMUNEEII AND TH

Hopper In
h) the Vt llt-


A Hapi

/./+rra.iFirr~,MiriewG 9"«rr S/vli"rrd iNl'" '""/"./r . " 'wR' :il a a //:T/"a/~wI'I/iif', /"./'~~aI'a/w.r
tsl s.______________________________________


1 qi

Year Graham S I
Both Stores,,


body of students surpass in intellec- splendid organization. I doubt if the ! JIGANi
tual thoroughness ttee still in the( percentage of women smokers in Ann Professor iligbie of the 1Nlectric;'l
experientalstagewho ae und r bor is large enough to warrant the; Engineering department r e g a r it i



w .%,.+r . °. ,.,

taking the stupendouas task of mass"
education. Give its time?!
S heating in final examinations in
the literary colleg e will soon be upon
us in full force. The sclv'wddl ear( e

fpassing of such a resolution. Any! Thomas WilfreI's invention, the("fl-
outsider reading of the action of the vilux, of the highest significance thot)
Women's Club might be led to believe in the fl-d of art and science. "A:; a
that the women of Ann Arbor were consequence of the continue(1d dvElop_-
such slaves to the habit that one i inent of instruments designced t()dc,
Imight see theme in groups on every; what the Clavilux dloes," he says. "and
:street corner or spending their time I of artists who operate or play uponr '

out and the many students who fori
various reasons hav-e failed to acoure r
the requisite amount of know ledge
in the past few months are now cast-1
Ing abcout for a meam, of getting thez
desired credit. They will resor't
either to the lprevalent practle of'Ct
cribbing from a neighbor or will non-
chalntly copy their "knowledge" from)In
a book in cl-.; es in which at~e SU-
aervision is ijr) maintained.
Applications of the honor system in I
the literary college have .so tfar been
unsuccessful. They have provided the t
very means for dishionesty. In O lie
opinion of The Daily, thoroughly proc>-
tored examinatiom , a sr-item ace ptedI

in cigar stores gossiping, when in
reality there are only a very few who{
are addicted to the "pernicious habit."1
If a woman wishes to smoke I can see
noi reasonn ilder'the sun whv cshei;

I such instruments, there wi-ll, without
doubt, be created an art capable of
giving greater pleasure to a greater
fnumber of people than any device w~e

tAV it~ ii uiut iie zsu t ' y nn ow know.W. 11111 thei puOSIDIC UAUUItlA'1
should not enjoy the loathsome prac- of the radio telephone.1
tice without being censured. "There ara good scientihic 1easow I
--A Michigan Woman.1 why pictures may lbe painted (gn 1a
I screen, using real light as a medhini
THlE COLLEGE RAN SPEAKS instead of pigment, which will tr an"_-
To the Editor: cBend in beauty any that the most
As a typical. and I may say, normal skilfull artist ever c'ould create with
college mlan I have been very much paint; and when to such pictures we
amused by the stand taken by a local adid the element of real motion which
woman's organization in regards to may never exist in paintings, it is evi-
smokring by women. In the first; dent from past experience that wve
place, the gassing of such a resolu- have a possibility of appeal to human
tion and its accompanying publicity consciousness which is superior to
will only increase the participationII anything heretofore ,kinown."j
in the so-called vice on the part of Professor 1-igbie points out that
our local young womanhood. It is while the colo0r organ can provably
part of human nature to do the thing; never be put to any material practical
whlich at the particular time is for- use, as a medium for a greater ap-
bidden. And in the second place the preciation of beauty it nmay become!I
resolution is entirely uncalled for. the signal contribution of our ele-
Smoking among women, in the Uni-' trical age to the art of the ages.
versity at least, is participated in by The possibilities for its use in the
the minority and the most of those theatre alone become revolutionsary Ini
who do smoke do not carry it to ex- their concept. Through the Claviluv!

.'1 BIG, full cut, rugged
coat to ward off Winter
blasts. The rich woolens,
both imported and domes-
tic, endow them with- dis-
tinction as well as comfort.
$3950 to $4950
Nvxt "hoilig Fat
Campus 1oot ery. 301 . Statg
Januairy,29th iEnd .gH
Out style memo. book sent free on, request



and iunderstooJl by everyone, consti-
tute the only poss ible remedy fort. th
situation. In fairness to stude nts Nwho
attempt to pass their courses ,,legiti-
mately some suchb regulation shouldl
be passed before the coining fin- ls.
Anonymous communrcatioa;s will he
disregarded.- The names of coniinuni-
, ants wi'll, however, lie regarded as
confidential upon request.



W TT Ardussi K F. Mast ,
Glordon Burris H. L. Newmannl
F. Dentz Thomas Olnmstead A COED SPA OS 'CIIN..
Philip Deitz 3D. Ryan Us ' 4301 .a44
David Foy . Rosenzweig
Norman Freehling Margaret Sandburg. To the 'dtor:
W. E. Ifamaker F. H.' Schtoenfeld jii oewt igs eoto
F. Johnson SH Sinclair InoeSihcigusa o'tf t(
iL. H. Kramer F. Taylor recent actionm of tit, V,,ovien's Club of
Louis W. Kramer
- Ann Arbor in coind.ln' r;iigthou pra c-
tice of sumo1king aluo; ;twom1n. '['hat
___________________________any body of women cat; today tale ;so
SATURDAY, JANUARY 10, 1925 incomp~rehensl~)y iiarrow-m1fn Icd .a
-, - vieow of a habit whic ih has been ine-!
Night Editor-GEORGE W. DAVIS ° I igy oua ice8rWle
Raleigh first partook of tbe Virginia
AVIE US TIRE.? "weed" is alcinst unbelievable. Tha~it.
The continual comment upon Amer-! any body of wonmen can See any result
ican educational methods by itinerant of its use which can be considered in
Englishmen grows a bit tiresome. Thej any degree 1 oralily or phbysically d'-
- Igi-ading is equally un believale.
reader of te daily papers is Inclined I w, are assured, throuaghx the article
to give a ya n of despair when he Jwhich appeared in Fr'iiday'sDaily that
omnes upon the carefufl observations thteir' reprIoval of tihe practice is not
ci those who have spent a few months, directed at local women alone, but
lecturing in American universities, meant as a sort of manifesto, to be
i. l En '"ish sa, ants all agree that= nailed in plain view Uc ri' I ca not,
- 0- hI ~ ~rim;~1actgrcund; nevertheless, help fe-ling l; .t it w,-s:
~ ~;s t;o nmuch I aimed largely at University women,
, ; ?ut. v drive too many; and that it is meant as sortie sort of
motor cars, and place too much em- a veiled insult. By the standards ofj
rhasis on the social aspect of collegej this club the usec of tobacco is a per'-j
life. And in thus speaking they be- menici und degrading habit ; .a1d since
ieve they have made profound ob- they consider it t ; sueh, Itheir prrueia-
sent ations. mation ('an be toaken only a8 a (lelilo-
As a mrattor of fact all persons as- erate insult to the 2.000 women who,
zcci atpd with American education ra- ,are students here at Michigan.
C isA always providing they have, On what grounds do the members of.
diematerany thought. It is the Woman's club base their insulting
aypparent that the majority of r-solution? Is it morally degrading,
our students have no true apprecia- or is it physically degrading? I,
ticim c. their advantages. The masses whom am a constant smoker, consid-j
t; ; o sceek eeducation preclude' the pos-~ ered both aspects (of the questionj
ziiity that even the greater number earnestly before t became a r-egular
of theme has had an adequate environ- smoker, and cc ded to muy own s-atis--
mental background.. In this, English faction--and. I believe, to time satis-j
students have great advant~ge with faction of all liberal mninded pea' sois -
their centuries of cultured ancestors. that there is no hmar-m iu the practice I
They indeed are a picked lot and an gratenuh}o.aratwsilscn

cess,. We let themr vote, they do asIi
much work as our men then cook ouni

it will literally become possile toj
raint scenery with light. not onlyI


-+-----------------" sue- --- --j- ------:e-- - - - - - - - - --Sa___________________________re+,____v._.r® __
mneals for us, and if the dear girls mnore true and beautiful back'erntrvls ' __________________________"_____________
wanot to hrave a littlte recreation now bec ause of the power for light cm 17Suh anSre
and then: in the form of a igartte trast. hut scenery that. can be mrark' Il stee
I s-y. let them do it in peace. Let's to gradlually change. h'ghten and di Vl tJ IQ e,
fcorget about it. mrinib. with the action of the dr'ana.'
--C.,1., '2t. Rather than a foolish dream, Pro- 1W11
----- a ser lghie says, this is a pr ct ist t
7MO' U R'D dvPnRUDE.Inth imedat efiror 'tlnilent inlllllll1the1Ifl°"+nIiRme9f1tifilel17tfuture.91lI1HlIll'1 I
To the Editor: iAlready Gordon ('riaig bias adioe-g ted -I
A recent action of tihe Ann Arbor such effects. and Mr. Wilfred liium0';et,
Womnan's S:lub has given tie an op- has been able to include on his pro-'
pertunity to express an opinion which!rani actual stage s etting -for a pm- .-Airt :
not I alone, hut I believe the entire j ectod play.to '
bodly of Michigan's women students (hvouxsly, it is imrprtant not to -'l u
shore. In its condemnation of smuok-! confuse the color organ with mu1sic-.-
ing by wonen in general' I believe! The (lavilux. rather, is an immilene- I
the, Club has voiced tire sentiment of- dent instrument appealing solely to I1
thbe higher.--type of =-womanhood the eye 4s the ipian-o or or('lwitra dot's
throughout tile country. to- thie ea. It. opens vast, field; of i:
WhViethrer snmoking as a habit is speculation to the scientist andI lav 3l~ i)lie W''Ith tffo
ruinos tothe hysial ~ell- eran alike: it is universal curjosit-,- life iirce biblical times-
of women, I do not know, but certainly that will inevitably flower into a tis- ie p1'i oft bitati s-hew of
it is an outward. sign of moral irre- cinating, intriguing form of entertati- strntl of nature, the sunshine
sponsibility. The fact that a woman rrent, actually a new*, and eighth art, and rain that ripens the food-
smokes certainly does indicate a lack - ** atoms in tie wheat comes 1 f
browned to your liking in our 'i
of rs et o h t n ad y w ih'IH A Vi h :' ! F e c n y a.she is judged,. 'To see a woman smok- There was always a reason why Phone 3310-J3
iug gives any pcirson of high ideals, Gilbert's name was placed before Sti-
nian or woman, a- feeling of reputg- livan's in tbier (ollalorat ion. [or wht,
nac.Wmnodis expected to Sullivan had the talent of cre aingX hc t i' S y
,0 and~ for what is finest in life and the pleasing melodies, Clbert had the in- ---v R4A+J~
cultivation of a filthy habit by any; finite genius of creating booksi that j tar uniN a no 1ttl, ewenfm's n
of its members certainly is unnatural. ;were at once burlesques, satires, atnd rrc' kr:Ion - al Lbt fuc>it etsbtenfrs n
T'he writer of this article may be universal comedies. The task is tIre -!I then-suddenly in the ulerof ii ar awy a ei'iuson ;appears, It6
considered a "prude" by oeo e edu.a vr urn uia ._______ha - no form; iti-a-ates trosi it; "it depth and is tie iage of
ister women students but I do not, reue adts to its siarne: tie art,. nthg-m r cm: i OIXtn' ihUi. wesil itOsoft
'i ------ _ --w f lnecs; it i7 drawrt upward aus ti- w saw timw Paradise with sprint ,
(],,seirve the title. I enjoy dancing and, comies but to rare, single men once in - itsli:ai-bsr :mmu nito aaie.Ii gu'
all higher forms of amusement ;and generations, and Gilbert above all Thr wrisig;itis le:-3I arobe sf ad api; asl i r: I hae evrIt i gor
pC'Vii'd~i it is for that reason that t do authors had tbe od-given gr'ace. I-rf e10lnn ~:. -;(iiI ae ve e : o
not feel the urge to practice this un- ; Ev eryone, of course, know vs°" tine 1 .lilt eam .
nat ural andt totally unladylike habit. lfore." its ;parody of tie king's cos en' - O
Ctainl vr onnmfhghsad azy, the billowy PBttercup, IthecAd-i "- I en net i -MacC crV2o1:'iii ;m wa t ii:I it it st-f, tan arit of yue
arlson the Michigan oCampus t wilmiral, and the bh)o-atir tv terrible)( '( 79A 'T . or;it holds ani asnf-li -ire i ; ~err' Itr? inrt-; of sIP-ce. A
,share this opinion. ick Deadeye. bot only ra rely ii; an I VUstiange bc " i''1 1-d--''' oaing iww it i g.
-B. B,'2i. a!opportunity given to imodein anii-, F I -Ir l
en ccs to see such fine erformia nces MCad r io air m tlvtI'twoi r ifel -
SENSATIONAL COPY as the De Wolf Hopper company cx- 313 South State Street J achieved so far otii'ips what anui-,U else has done as to mrendr t .
To the Editor: - hibits in these grandoise classics. K eligible.
Admiration for the skill of the The success of the company is near-
young journalist who can make sens7a- lv phenomenal. In tie big cities-
ticnal copy out of r outine pedagogy Baltimore, for instance, the damined -
dry as dust, should prevent my spoil- I of the Broadway ircut--they openIa"
ing a good story just for the sake!1 for a week or two andi stay throughout mOD I $
of dull truth. And one naive enough a season. After all, it comes back to HIkJuulL '7illlCt
to give an interview should have a the old principle: if any aint vital, en-
s.utffcient sense of humtor to enjoy the! tertaining it keeps its miagnetism - _
All thattic veI sowas hawarery aof. sayinghou ine forlf soeerh r comedyha Ifor a arhifstlingin tonesr co edyNfor whiElin tu e.,,S 'iiID A rtl H it A urlor i lT I
tite interviews printed on Tuesdiay nothing has ever' exceeded tie Cilbert 1 ,
was that from the laboratories of j and Sullivan operas. "The Mikadlo" -
hlionetics and psychology had evolvedi and "Pinafore" above them all. '-- Tues. January- 13, 8:15 D. i) '
a ie o n abd ffc ht- is
now available to thme yteacher tof h t - A E C W - C 1
ofiic and literature. Since the work] Miss Cowl will openI an engagement HO'FI cket~i 50C t 1 .0 a.
has been steadily developing on this i of a week in "Thre Depths" M~onday iIt
campus fom' fifteen years, uinder the! evening, January 12, at the Garmick C OC LA 1 E X !ahlr's Gliat l's, Slater
inspiration of , Professors Shepard. theatre, Detroit. -with special matinees a
Pillsbury, M~eader, and Scott, I was ' of "Romeo and Juliet" Wednesday and A AjXV L
not aware that anythling new or sen- Saturdiay matinees. "The IDepths" is-- I Auspices A .U . Benefte guc Boilding.
rational could be said about it. To by Hans Meullem'. a German dr1an tist. -_
say that literary style can be studied= and is repornted- not by the press !
in time, laboratory does not seemr to mre! agent--as a peculiarly sordid ti'agedy F L LrE
more irevolut ionar-y nor less imlportant ; of modernm hysterical inhibitions i)
Otem to say that animial metabolismI which the stain gives ani electric and ! I - w.
can be -o studied. All that I want overwhelming lpoweirful pemfom'ma t(t'wvLN- VI I A oamu-c E 'mtiit- o'omrto m~rti
hei'e t~o say by way of correction is.! of a somewhat inferior lplay. She is(ligietod vhtte('av ixosmdofamit;vhmop:'
thttm au'triso hntc n to piesent "TChc.e SI )epls"shortly in or pay u ponm such isti n ica its'r, iteecwill, wit ho[ de ut, lhe viv(a ct1
ps:-ychoogy hlave provided for us a New York. probably followviing it alti h { aimait (capable of giving r-cader' plasure to a .grater uubm'oh'
m~ielio - e hoe mre nd mre o hr hm'aled il'ilucioi of"Twmlftm I~ people t:an any devicetae now kow, except possibly radio telepihomme.
lea 'n o tml~lv inthestud oflitm'ar I ight'' "A F LFSj ~There are good scientific rasons why Iictuies maiy be painted oni
I ,. ,. n ,. rh 1 -h . ... .... w.,,n h .aT ., .,, , .-- - - - -.I1n .,..,. _

Lippei' class.
The most recent discussion of this
nation's universities and colleges
which has comie to our attention is
that by the H-onorable H. A. L. Fisher,j
e'rL'-er minister of education in Eng-
lnd and recent lecturer in Ann Ar-
ho:-and other university centers. Be-
f-ore <<n English audience he comment-
dt en our motor cars, our dances, ourI
low iitellectu-al standards, and our
JlIcK(=r d equipment, concluding with
0-e contention that "no American uni-
eF'aiI can -vi(, with Oxford or ('am-
bid(ge, in intellectual thoroughness"
'iler cmibe no. question that lie is
riglit, but we in America have this
ad czta'g As a comparatively new
it atjin we relaize our handicap andI
i -c cfr-ward to the time when the,
-~'~--_t cem ation shall have been
* - - --7,r of real students, when
--oussnzds of cultured
- '>~ a, ;stead of a few- mil-
" - 'ons of mediocre capacity.
Mr. Fisher's most interesting im-
±resn is that concerning co-educa-
tto. °"IT itany of the westernl col-a
? p(5 iltm;- ",'Young women are'
dme1i in it ely% to look to (c01lege psi-
ntainii yas thme {opplotunity forimucting
their i-titimre hmsbandsl, and only in
vees seconda ry (degre'e as a place for
cetucation.'' Whether' or mnot Mr.1
1-'ir-es ec;ed-tulous enough to be- -
I f, e this imakes no difference -he
maiide enilt ia, t-finhiInn tohis Ii'nelii~

tin nc nc.
I-A--s it morally degrading'? If it
is, then somerie O illion of 0o11- 1nmale
Ipopulation are headerd fer [lie slipper' -
j slide to eternal damnationi. When the i
use of tobacco was new, it wvas con-i
sidered imnmoral; but as the use of1
the herb increased, -so sdid public tol-
erance. More and more men came Ct"'
realize its criacity for furnishing en- -
a joyment. Wheni then should women
be denied time _p i-u-c to be obtaincil
froum its umse? I (ca mm a ec nm rca son. E
and I thin~l hat Incmw hut the mostjI
puritanical, those whlo climng t o- time1
hopelessly omit of da t t 't-- amdards of a--r
1psetr.2Is it phlysic-ally iiioii ;?onm a s,'
just as is pract ically e\'ei'ything else I

if indulged in to e.xcess:" One might
as well ask if eatang is bad for the


health: let those answer wl'o have felt
the pains of acute indig-stion. There
are many dloctor, who are opposed to
the practice, and who have attem1ptedI
to show by cxhrstive research thatj
it has a harmful effect en the action
of the nervous systmim. III all analyses'
which I hav('etie, lio'weveI', thme re--C
suits have been practically negligible;
-anid maiy well lbe attributed to those
who smokie irm excess. (Jn tOweother'

{ t
I j

hi and1, t here are In lliy iloct (mi;w hot
:gee no har'mn i t moe v ('1'1 iihInac-rime
tire-, and Alwho (-c enlaYCIImnmmi mimi nditiIt
thme ti-eat men I otf(' ta (l-vomit i-a-

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