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December 12, 1963 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1963-12-12

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DECEMBER 12, 1963



Taa.E MI flhEaav flaitJ'V


Chou To Visit African Nations

Constitutional Implementation Postponed


LONDON A Premier Chou
En-Lai of Red China will punctu-
ate his prestige tour of Africa
with a side trip to Communist
Albania, Peking's ally which is
high on the list of Moscow's ene-
This disclosure by diplomatic
sources yesterday came as Red
China renewed its public feud with
a broadcast accusing Soviet lead-
ers of collaborating with the Unit-.
ed States "for the domination of
the world."
The twin developments show
Red China has no intention now,

at least, of calling off the public
war of words despite pleas of
Russian Premier Nikita S. Khrush-
chev to keep the dispute away
from the ears of the Western
The veteran Communist leader
is due in Cairo Saturday. His
week-long stay in the United Arab
Republic will begin a tour that
will take him through nine non-
aligned African states.
His homeward journey around
mid-February will be broken by
a stop in Karachi. There the
Pakistan government-a member

World News Roundup

By The Associated Press
ORURO, Bolivia-President Vic-
tor 1az Estenssoro's government
yesterday ruled out a military
settlement of its dispute with tin
miners who hold four Americans
among 15 hostages they want to
trade for two jailed union leaders.
The defense ministry issued a
statement saying that, on orders
of the president, troops will not
move against the dissident miners,
a pro-Communist group under the
leadership of Vice-President Juan
Y Lechin.
ADEN--Politicians and labor
leaders suspected of ties with Ye-
men's revolutionary regime were.
rounded up yesterday in a hunt
for perpetrators of a bombing at
Aden's airport.
* * *
ed Nations political committee
yesterday voted a new appeal for

a unified, independent Korea and
called upon the Communist gov-
ernment of North Korea to accept
UN objectives.
* * *
BONN-German Chancelor Lud-
wig Erhard's government refused
yesterday to accept the Dec. 31
deadline sought by French Presi-
dent Charles de Gaulle for agree-
ing on Common Market agricul-
tural policy.
De Gaulle warned last summer
that unless agreement is reached
by the end of the year the six-
nation Common Market might
cease to exist.
NEW YORK-The New York
Stock Exchange closed with a
slight loss yesterday. The Dow-
Jones 30 industrials were down
2.04, the 20 railroads up 2.33, the
15 utilities up .14 and the 65
stocks up .46.

of the anti-Communist Central
and Southeast Asian Treaty Or-
ganizations-are likely to give him
a big welcome.
In Washington, the State De-
partment called Chou's visit to
Pakistan unfortunate. it said Red
China is an advocate of violence
in international relations whereas
Pakistan is a United States ally
"against Communist aggressive
The Chinese will visit every
country in Africa where they have
diplomatic missions except Ethio-
pia and Sudan.
Chou's expedition seems to have+
three purposes:
-To extend Peking's sphere of
influence by strengthening rela-
tions with newly independent and
nationalist-minded countries in
Africa. The Chinese already have.
many aid and technical missions
in Africa, and would like to ex-
pand propaganda work.
-To carry Peking's bitter poli-!
tical feud with Moscow into the
field. This could make Africa a
battlefield for the Chinese-Soviet
world war.
One of Peking's bitterest com-
plaints is that Khrushchev spent
too much money wooing uncom-
mitted countries, thus cutting aidI
to Red China. Now Chou looks as
though he intends to do some
wooing himself and this could
provoke a vigorous Soviet re-
Khrushchev has a standing in-
vitation to visit several African
countries and may now accept
them next year.
-To prop up Enver Hodja's Red
regime in Albania. That little1
country, defying Moscow's fury,
supports Peking.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the last
in a four-part series on the new
Michigan Constitution.)
With the exception of the civil
rights commission, implementa-
tion of. the new constitution's
executive reorganization provisions
has been put aside for later execu-
tive and legislative action.
In his special message to the
Legislature's second special ses-
sion of 1963, Gov. George Romney
explained this postponement by
saying that "many matters of im-
plementation must be covered in
the next few months, but are not
of the emergency nature" of the
ones being covered in the current
special session.
Under the heading "administra-:
tive reorganization," the constitu-
tion requires the consolidation of
executive and administrative agen-
cies, except for the governing
bodies of institutes of higherl
learning, within and among not
more than 20 principal depart-
Set Time Limit
This organization must come
within two years Hof Jan. 1.
The governor will also have con-f
tinuing initiative in executive re-
organization by executive order,
subject to legislative disapproval.
However, temporary commis-
sions or agencies for special pur-
poses with a life no longer than
two years may be established by
law and need not be allocatedI
within one of the principal de-
The heads of these departments
will be single executives unless
otherwise provided for in the con-
stitution or by law.
Four Year Maximum
The terms for the members of
these boards and commissions will
not be longer than four years.
The majority of the members on

a professional licensing board or
professional examining board must
be members of that profession for
which they are examining.
Also included in the "executive"
section is a definition of advice
and consent: confirmation of ap-
pointments by a majority of the
members elected to the senate
without a time limit.
Under this system, however, an
appointee may serve indefinitely
without senate approval if his ap-
pointment has not been rejected
by the senate.
Emphasizes Power
The part on the executive
branch of course includes an em-
phasis on the governor's broad
power as executive of the state,
stating that each principal de-
partment, unless otherwise pro-
vided in the constitution, shall be
under the governor's supervision.
The governor also will have
special power to initiate court ac-
tion to enforce constituted or sta-
tutory mandates, except against
the Legislature. He may also re-
move executive officers, except
legislative and judicial, for such
causes as gross neglect of duty, or
for corrupt conduct in office, and
may also make appointments re-
placing officers so removed.
For executive funds, the gov-
ernor must submit a budget to the
Legislature. Every item on this
budget must be included in ap-
propriations bills. The governor
must submit amendments to ap-
propriations bills of either house.
Also in the proposed constitu-
tion. is a provision which would
have the governor as well as the
lieutenant governor, secretary of
state and attorney general elected
for four-year terms in non-presi-
dential years. Also, the governor
and lieutenant governor shall be
elected on a joint ballot, instead

<"7 '_"

of separately as they are under the
1908 constitution.
Of the two more controversial
measures in this section, the least
disputed of the two, according to
Lansing sources, is that which
establishes a state highway com-
mission with four members "not
more than two of whom shall be
members of the same political
party." The commission will ap-
point and could later remove a
state highway director who must
be a "competent highway engineer
and administrator."
The highway commission is also
the principal executive officer of
the committee.
This provision, by establishing
a highway commission, abolishes
the elective post of State Hiyh-
way Commissioner.
The most controversial issue in
this section and indeed in the en-
tire special session is that which
establishes an eight-man civil
rights commission, no more than




~) /L
\ -

four of whom can be of the same
The highway commissioner is also
are to be appointed by the gov-
The civil rights commission is
required in a manner prescribed
by law to investigate "alleged dis-
scrimination against any person
because of religion, race, color or
national origin."
The constitution sets the civil
rights commission up as a self-
ruling body, and outlines its
powers. This is the major argu-
ment being used by Atty. Gen.
Frank J. Kelley to battle the Leg-
islature who seemingly want to
have final say over the actions
taken by the commission.

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