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October 21, 1966 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1966-10-21

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Cabinet lies ignations Reflect Viet Nam Regi(


Associated Press News Analyst
SAIGON-Deputy Premier Nguy-
en Luu Vien submitted his, resig-
nation from the cabinet this week.
Yesterday, 24 hours later, he sat
smiling beside Premier Cao Ky
and heard Ky announce that Vien
will act as head of government
*while Vietnamese leaders attend
attend next week's conference in
His resignation was not officially
withdrawn.1 It was ot rejecte
Oe ofcal In Kys oice said, "I
was not formally -received-"

Six other resignations announc- powers and Southern civilian
ed Wesdnesday and accompanied members are low on the official
by bitter attacks on the govern- totem pole
ment are in the same strange lim- By timing their revolt just be-
bo. fore the seven-nation summit
No reports on the political tur- called to study Viet Nam's future,
moil appeared or were broadcast, the discontented ministers seem-

No officials would talk. The peo-
ple directly involved did not seem
certain of the status of anything.
*But a piecing together of often
contradictory reports gives this
*Ky's regime is not imperiled, on-
ly embarrassed, by the dissension.
The 35-man Cabinet has no vital

ingly hoped to win important con-
Two of those who quit seem de.-
termined to stay out. At least two
have returned to the fold.
The resignations were prompted
by Viet Nam's emotion-charged
North-South regionalism overlaid
by oldtime politicking.

Viet Nam historically was sep-
arated into the rice-rich French
colony of Cochin China in the
South's Mekong delta, the Man-
darin protectorate of Tonkin or
present-day North Viet Nam, and
the old imperial Buddhist kingdom
of Annam along the central coast.
Ky and many top leaders in Sai-
gon are refugees from what is now
North Viet Nam. Ky comes from
Even though Ky and other
northerners came to the South
12 or more years ago, they are still
mistrusted by Southerners, espe-

cially since taking

over key posi-

Northerners in the Cabinet hold
the foreign affairs and informa-
tion portfolios and the important
Rural Reconstruction Ministry
The 27 Northern refugee depu-
ectd S e. 1C1 to write a new con-
sution already haveymerged as
progressive element. Southerners
won only 44 of the assembly's 117
seats though they comprise two-
thirds of the total population.

The seven Cabinet ministers
evidently saw the Southern posi-
tion eroding, and decided to rebel.
Trouble started more than two
24-hour police seizur of r. Nguy-he
en Tan Loc deptyt HatM-
ister Nguyen Bat K Ha.i-
discrimnation agains Sth ernersg
in the gvrmn.He wa e
eased, but Kha quit his portfolio
in protest over the arrest.
Ky accepted Kha's resignation
and praised his performance while
in office.

Much Southern displeasure was
directed against Brig. Gen. Nguyen
Ngoc Loan, chief of the national
police, security service and immi-
gration force, who had selzed Loc.
Loan denied Loc was under ar-
rest but said he was "invited for a
little conversation" con'cerning "a
number of charges against him.,,
Loan declined to specify the
th Apart from the regional conflict,
sters epoedly ~saw InLan the
threat of ruthless police state
Imethods used here under Ngo
Dinh Diem.

Experienced observers believe
the only serious threat Ky might
face would come from his fellow
generals. Ten generals control the
all-powerful National Leadership
Committee although It was en-
larged to accept 10 prominent ci-
Ky, 36, Is head of government
and Lt. Gen. Nguyen Van Thieu,
43, is chief of state. Thleu is an
ure e I s noted for hang sur
vived In one high office or another
through a number of changes In


Talks Show
Interest In
Nuclear Ban
Top Ambassadors
Open Anal Debate
Over Disarmanient
United States and the Soviet
Union dleclared yesterday that
prospects were improved for agree-
ment on a treaty to ban the spread
of nuclear weapons. Both warned
also that substantial differences
U.S. Ambassador Arthur J.
Goldberg and Soviet Ambassador
Nikolai T. Feddorenko made the
statements in opening the annual
disarmament debate in the as-
sembly's 121-nation main Political
Claims Progress
Goldberg told the committee
that substantial progress has been
made in th e 17-nation disarma-
ment talks in Geneva. He said
the United States was encouraged
*also by statements made by Soviet
Foreign Minister Andrei A. Gro-
..myko after his recent talks with
President Johnson and Secretary
ofState Dean Rusk in Washing-
With that in mind, Goldberg de-
clared he was happy to inform the
committee his country and the
Soviet Union "have agreed to take
Sadvantage of this new and more
promising situation.
Discussion Exploratory
"'We are engaged in a continuing
and joint search for mutually ac-
ceptable ways of overcoming our
remaining differences. Our discus-
sions at this stage must of neces-
Ssity be exploratory. They will not
be easy since important differences
Agreement on a treaty would be
another milestone on disarma-
mnent similar to the limited test-
ban treaty signed in Moscow in
1963. France and Communist
*China have never signed that
treaty, and there is no assurance
they would sign a non-prolif era-
tion pact.

U N Association Report A dvocates
Representation for Both Chinas

TWO CONFUSED MEN held a news conference in Saigon yesterday. Speaking to South Vietnamese
Prime Minister Ky is Nguyen Lun Vien, deputy prime minister in Ky's government, who "resigned"
from the government Tuesday after having been named to Ky's delegation to the upcoming Manila
conference. Yesterday it was announced he would head the government while Ky is in Manila.
Britis Unempl-oment Fgr

WASHINGTON (P) - The time joined this country in opposition
has come for the United States to to extending an invitation to Pe-
support the seating of both Coin- king, in order to work toward the
munist China and Nationalist representation of mainland China
China in the United Nations, says in the United Nations."
a national policy panel of the U.N. Roosa said in a news conference
Association of the United States, in connection with the report that
.In a 64-page report released last 17 of the 27 members of the panel
night, a panel of 27 prominent felt it is important to tell Peking
business executives, scholars and that it could count on a Security
bankers supports the promise of a Council seat it if sits with Na-
seat on the U.N. Security- Council tionalist China in the assembly.
for Communist China if Peking Modification
acepts the two-China approach in Kenneth T. Young, president of
the U.N. General Assembly. the Asia Society and former am-
The panel for the U.S.associa- bassador to Thailand, Is joined by
tion, a private organization, was four others in favoring a two-
headed by Robert V. Roosa, former stage modification of present U.S.
undersecretary of the Treasury policy.
and now a partner in the Wall Young says this would provide
Street firm of Brown Brothers, for dual representation in the U.N.
Harriman & Co. The vice chair- General Assembly of both Chinas,
man was Frederick S. Beebe, chair- but defer the question of changing
man of the board of the News- the Security Council membership.
week-Washirigton Post Co. He is joined in this reservation

bership in the Security Council
should be left to future negotia-
The report emphasizes ,the
United States must continue to
protect its Asian allies from mili-
tary attack and adds: "We con-
sider it essential that the Repub-
lic of China Taiwan retain its UN
Other Moves ,
The repor4 recommends that the
Chinese issue be included in a
general move which would bring
the divided states of North and

South Korea, North and South
Viet Nam and East and West Ger
many Into UN membership
"This approach remains a theor-
etical possibility, but it Is dloubtful
that such a move would simplify
the issues involved," the panelists
find. "A case might be made for
a representation and membership
proposal which Included North and
South Korea and even North and
South Viet Nam but the German
situation is politically very differ-

Evidence by Arthur H. Dean, partner of the
The exceses of Communist aw firm of Sullvan & Cromwell
China's Red Guards and the hard- Lucian W. Pye, professor of politi-
ening of Mao. Tse-tung's extremist cal science at Massachusetts Insti-
policy are cited as convincing evi- tute of Technology, Franklin A.
dence of "the need to provide Lindsay, president of Itek Corp.,
fresh and timely encouragement to and Hardy C. Dillard, dean of the
those moderate influences that school of law, University of Vir-'
still-rmi nCia ginia
Thne*"repo~rt say 'it is the con- "" Postpon eDecision
sidered judgment of the panel that Prof. George E. Taylor of the
the United States "should prompt- jFar Eastern Institute of the Uni-
ly begin consultations with those versity of Washington holds that
countries which have, in the past, the question of Red Chinese mem-

LONDON UP)-The British gov-
ernment reported yesterday the
biggest jump in unemployment in
four years, with a winter of labor
strife in prospect.
The Labor government's policy
of deflationary austerity waG held
directly responsible for much of
the 97,027 increase in the jobless
since Sept. 22, making the total
unemployed 437,229.
Left-wing Laborites called the
report on unemployment "most
gravely disturbing."
All production stopped at the
big Austin Motors plant at Long-
bridge because of a strike oi car
deliverers, which began four weeks
ago at the British Motor Corp.,

makers of Austin,. at Oxford. The
drivers walked out when the cam-
pany announced 12,000 men will
be laid off next month becaus.e of
the austerity measures.
Behind the labor disputes at
G nMrand othes atb Vauxhal, a
the Rover Motor Co., was general
discontent with Prime Minister
Harold Wilson's six-month freeze
of wages and prices.
Freeze Compulsory
A voluntary freeze was ordered
by the government July 20. The
freeze was made compulsory Oct.
5 after some unions and firms re-
fused to observe it.
Wilson made the freeze com-
pulsory during Parliament's sum-

mer' recess and is seeking legts-
lative approval next Wednesday.
He almost certainly will be as-
sailed not only by opposition Con-
servatives because of the growing
business stagnation but by leftist
of his own Labor party because of
the hardship for workers.
The outright freeze is to end
Jan. 20. but the government al-
ready has said It will maintain a
program of "extreme restraint" on
wages and prices for a further six
In the House of Commons on
Thursday, left wingers charged the
governmnet was maintaining no
effective control on prices and said
the freeze was hitting workers ex-
clusively. Government spokesmen
rejected this charge.

smm"""'"""""' mmm"" m'""""'" mmmmm m-mmmmme"m=minmmmm"mmm
a I
* . *
s on y sI
~ Oc.20 nd 2
-- - - - - - - - -- - - - - --I-


comedy from Britain
starring Alec Guinness and Joan Greenwood
TH E HOUSEHOLDER-a comedy from India
starring Shashi Kapoor
Also a documentary on India will be shown.
All Films in English

Increase in Clothing Prices
Drives Living Costs Upward


Saturda Otbr2,16..7:0pm
Natural Science Auditorium $1 .50 per person

WASHINGTON (A)-A jump in
clothing prices pushed the cost of
living to a new peak in September
prices since la st dMay. Frther in
creaes are expected in the months
just ahead.
In reporting yesterday the Labor
Department said its consumer
price index rose three-tenths of 1
per cent during the month to a
record 114.1 per cent of the 1957-
59 base period.
This meant that consumers paid
$11.41 in September for the same
goods and services which cost $10
about eight years ago.
Other Increases
SAlthough higher clothing prices,
especially for women, were prima-
rily responsible for this eighth
straight monthly advance, the
Bureau of Labor Statistics said
housing and medical costs also in-
creased while automobile 'prices
Living, cost during September
were 3.5 per cent above a year
earlier and bureau Commissioner
Arthur Ross said he expects that
trend to continue through the end
of 1966.
Hopes for 1967
4Ross was more hopeful for 1967
and predicted a slower climb in
Atlas Shugged &TeFutnhead
Nathaniel Brancden's
the philosophy of
end its application to psycholou
IL.:.LA..f4 I A

living costs although he said i t's
still too early to project any pre-
cise figures.
The decline of two-tenths of 1
per. cent In over-all food prices
came in the face of a spreading
boycott of supermarkets by house-
wivesrin scattered sections off the

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