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April 13, 1900 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-04-13

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U {.~il, ENGINEERS ON A TRIP.I A Gentleman'sFet.
--- Plan of Travel to Be Followed. do not have to boecrsswded snto
Thi monig apaty f jnir Iunomofortabsle shoes in order to comnply
w s onlls sat fjno eith e laws egneslf ne h w of fashsiosn.
ttttelt oftissI tgst-Profino R.tslentoF ashion st oblecsoe eislodly lensiet
stisosse 01 sst.Pro too R. llen-Perhas notsspormen et) solbut wecwn'
Ino charge osf today's issuse ontthtesannutsal trips of inspsectin % worry ahosst the fustore. At $2.98 a pair
V. T. E ANS. thsrssvghs ele easot. Twenty-six, inclsud- e guaant1e to fortshanolta-fashsionsale
serof ps nsgoir.AlTereists- stopnismasd more comfortalble sssoe Itsansrats he P-
ffhhotsrit issuerosogssiit.eflailfirtiltsssbe chased elsewee ane sr sl psiot.. And
tn ext sortsoril srtally t-ill llsrsefirsssTIolesdo whtere the day will our guarantee sseas-yorocott cksif
bnessrsAt-i hetirssjvs titisng sevreral manusfas-cr,,oi lt i
Attrn ocrsadpwrpat.A h etn fTeDiybad_-yrestersdsy aftes ron t. 1f. Hasno swa as t55 inlte afte-rssonthey bordes., Ilse HOE TC D
elected mnasginsg esiitor for- neat yeaorHockingt Vallsstsaltsfor WIashintonis JI"JLGISI
ansI F. Engelrd bu sssinesossmtanager. D0C( swee thtey swiff arive torsssrows open v Eaean10
Thte latter was costisnued sl o anagst1 r s51 titlyrslhrtettOll0oto9S Man
io edfitor Isle tfs sntisle r aleIsesIoIt 1:5 Is m. Sndlogwiselliespettr
.schosrl yrear. Glosts. II.1liitnissI tiras res Hidastly satsrnotss a s ossq -et p +It . -T4
apporintedfathletlice-ditr. (stle.sWhile i Wasfhisngtossrie Caiitol,
-S--tSitsontin Instituste, lrtslintonrrs ROB I'UE.STAEBLER J. RED ) hV t
Profl. Hemp] Addresses Philolocgical ll'ottettt Cotngrserssioinal Librry,
toet V atr and NasoytBuildintgCorcornAt
Gallery, Cab1in sltJohn Bidge.Navy;
laos- tvenin ti thity-rte-gular mefetingth Yad id1 Pasiant tf~lice oril all Ire
of thers- iolgicals sOIociety Prof. Geo. vsi-se.n.....
Hemp)trsent~c5ed Irsorvery inttersing l alioethes-BI& IO. 8oltssrill II E svry ft ThaIt or :Morist ne. tha veo
fapers. T i'NrIst.asr entitledol-he er Ills it Iore intspectioadth lensthe tecleiif isright I'IrmtstIle nii
klfrjebrt fsRuic Sttoe;~ the oceandpry illae a. o'cIllck for Pirila tcuc
l'therelof tIisOd-Engl-shla~fieset, selia.111 1Te say srillbItsprfetth lere, sia i-serndls
Its tire firt, paprsePrsof. Hemp) ferr.atstheldsontl-ttEleets-ic Lighsitg lSta- syls, stll rs-se ttstglt r tsstduce er- snsiansilltis
plainethtle insrifteiononttr ancintolet ioi Itl Isrod & Co' or~sis(Cant-
of r.",tItss sse s hst e vIris-srolireitsristirs41 555 1 l rstt roodslftirhis0oill
watcedlo1n5g. tpll iyistg to elhe fpicturos tep hp ads -and Blinsid .L1fosat. 'Illt i I 1. 11h11t:'isll ws task. A i exaiatio
isr-iptions is c-ut. lTsa pietussre and is- golosNto-itk et' Wedesd ay, !a rcttt l It Iirisott fsri nessis wtill make.tli s It Itolugitper-
,c- wetr Se-plrhbahly madtte Isp theTIusdayst ansr-t ridai~y trill bispenrtf -sr ts-ss I 551 IcIstomr"th)int sturt n largelbutsintess. ovtry-
guarrdnsl lorlto whlile 55way thLities I t. ) lea tC., tirsNasy Yard a ttb
li s te s-etond paper Pr'sa. llcssfslI t soldy , is ts I rI tt l Ii.1tt ltss Co., s~ ol]( s lc-sstts ttnsi t-ssrotss- willrectrive os' t'ttftl'tt
shlast s- tat LIslvestr'l irs te l- En sg- lt,'e ls r gentllrL inotypIe' Co., wl tstnentwiffc-sIinn teys call I ts I tt o r t e sreIy ot Isr
fios twordlftre harestats onsg and ;re vslotsed on thse first day.tOn 'fhora-X
thsa he clered uptsp ore-lraiionstotahe I lasp Elterrietl I ort r- tere ate tale Sondt> ost
termtaniecIforrslind tt-saiddle,-IEns, I o -wig lta tsrC., iB-atl& wood '
fis fotrmss, nine Ctansd theIf. &o W. IBoilorrtsr.,
wills resit e t-ttrists. Osie orf lie
Homeop lFraternitieasosolidate.oceatneitlineres soitire InternatirsoalFI~
Lsttnsight tlicewss oa consoliatiossrI'Sttasip i oI. till ill. 1e svisitedlthat
sal threNit sfiagmsa Alpfitiratersas 5 01fIfletroon.(list thesst diyeon the Iiirj YAB E U R f
the homos-sopisa tiepartment ansiteestay Ilshiere t t seLaVreefrigcrat-_L [ V U R f
Alphta Sigoma fraternity, which has- tog taclainetsr., thes Metropollitsan 211 South Main Street, Ann Arbor.
stronag smemberasiipso isath osedical Itailwsay PiorStationthtie Amesricano
schlsof i Nt-srkel, .lorton, Phlila Lithogdsltrap o, the New ro Stern- )O XXX )O/VV OOO OO
rfrlfrffa, Batltismore, Cincs-inntiandorSass Co.,ssnd somesonsof ts-hte largeres'
Francioco. ,tre prorporitions irbenat e rflatsswill tse visited.-
antis-c onsideraion for same yeas Satuirdtty mrning ersly thsey lit:tt A AND EETI LIGHTINGSUPIS HAE
and at last hsbeen agreed to. iro0for eseatthBerthIeh r-iem r'n irk'st s.l A LCII '~
locaslfraternity siff hereafter iobe s'sta is-leliritsstsi ~sio
hsro-sn as lan Nus Sigmsa Aflpha chap- Sunday tile party leavt-s fire Nitagaras PORTABLE LAMPS, ETC.,
let-sri the Alpha Sigsma fraternity, halls wisere they sniffl arn-rivat. I:oo1.0 SCILT. o~'~ si SAssARYsPLUMBINGa snero Acts totraA Ta Fator
Amsong the prominent physicianus prey- so The next day will ire speist visiting
cot to seet thle cansalidation was-Dr. the Alursssfrs rrrf'ttsforrnenrom, the Jl. F. SCHUH, 207 E. WASHINGTON ST.
IG. tG. Clark, of Nae York. A recepttions CarlorrsrsrisrsCli.,t mthe"iigirrthPlls ; ____ ______
was green to the fraters after the hurl Prower Co, tire Intensationastl Papier Co.- _____
nss- inereting -it tire haste of fDr. Cofpe-thlt Niagra Radfitor Cso., at fonts- ! IO3 A S
land. ivada, fhe Garge Rodart, avid the Ni a- I ' L V EI E Y .
____ garatFallr fower andrlManurfacturning L V R
Neow Studensts' Chisian Associations Co. Tusdsay mosrninsg a1 one o'cltrek "o""..
Officers.featy takse fcWabahta ril Roadl
Otdiicers.for Dietroit from wrhich place they owill
The Students'Christi asasociatian return as rest suits Itseir conoenience.: t'/ I-I'
hseld ito annoal election of officers last Thes Wabh p reovides a special c'hafrI1iL ~ JkdL o Pris eetosEc
cooning, withthoe followving result: cro Ire sp sarty. ; AND
Presdent, E. C. Knapp; men's vice-


president, RiT. D -L. fHollister; women's
vice-president, Harsiet Harkness; rto
carding sesctary, Gertrude Chuhh;
treasurer, C. L.Idill; massaging editor
Bulletin, A. C. fathers; lusiness man-
steer Bulsletin, S. A. 21 Ganigaf; de-
partmsent vice-presidents, literary, J-
M. Mcntregor, E. A. Cflesnans, iMaud
Hudson, JuarB. Johnson; engineer-
ing, Ne'd C. Bergle; medircal,Jessnie K.
Crazier, K. t). iStto; late, 0. W.
Lathamiu Gartdner "Thomsosn; dental,
J. WV. Inglis; pssarnacy, J. BI. Reed;
mussic, Mrs. Myrtle Kinsey.
Mr. Knapp has been superintendent
of the Northsside Sunday' school, and
has accomplishedsf i large amousst of
work there, which will he impossihle
under the new conditioss. If0 will
hand in his resignation Sunday, the
name to take effect at the monthly
teachero' meeting, owhich will he held
in ahoust twa weeks.
April Delineator.
Withs the donning of classad gown
the ecsmmencement numher of the Do-
lineator makes its appearance. The
special feature is a sketch of rom-
msencement at different women's col-
leges. Wellesley's Free Festivities
and 'Float,' VassarssDfisy Chsain,
Dramatico and Ivy Day at Ssnith, the
general festivities of Bryn Maior, the
senior surrender of rap and gown at
Mount Holyoke, and the ivy planting
at Baltimore are all aptly portrayed.
An attractive and wellillustrated
article on Paris is tire sank of Eliot
Mrs. Burton Harrison contrihutes
practical advice on "The Trip Abroad'"
The numher contains also two short
stories, a sketch of Thackery, and the
usual amount of helpful suggestions
and lgeneral information.

Webster Soiett Elects Offticers ',urrc
The Wehster Society elected the G..urtosd and Prsmpt Service Gsaranteo
ffooring sffears at their meeting last
nights President, N.T. Boose, '112; 1
rice-president, Miss Basset, '02; sec- jiOHN F. HASKETT, DEWITT ALLEN
retary, G.. A. Chappell,'112; tresurer. 223 S. InllsStI. 720 s Sot h++++++++..++++
T. R. 'sarks, 't0;osatsnical represn-sr NewStt Phone 43(). New stte phonerr2 aos
tativso It Dess-hes, '0f
IN THlE 1st SET OF 'a ps poorpes ;
F OURS lss dl so t ltSsefAtsAJt
hiat'rsrIhere se pl acere msta ri- and F lslighrt \otrktat reasonab lepries,~hs
teos assdIwhere soerintendi to ( Orews onsle at Cls ',Schlede'sr, Ifsj L if
tkelp 11.IThoughr so dos sotr
Itdad rs n chle' otr.,arade thtfch ttat 'as greait lengh Ildsef o td5lohe' sttt
assomrae dosee are jusrt as etrong, -5-'-
and just asolong an quraliytry nd a\\V/
efficiecy 00sty in tire ste.(,r ~Gar2yT.
C~AMPSn'i'sARVercam wo A MOST EXQUISITE TOOTH PASTE AT HANK'weeyu o erS n uctt
MONDY, PRI 16 I TSTE 31 S.State St.
All druggists 2,5 cenits rbl ay'ssil uposn 200 E. Washington St.
Hot's tieatest Suceses receipt of price.
"A BUNCH OF KEYS"_ C.:S DENT & CO~, Detroit,Mih
ENI U LOWER FLOOttR t0e.L A line of Black anlld Tans Shoes
TUEDAY ARIL17-oo an W 8d Hl 0.) V I IN G. for Sprsng at prices:. that are right-
"Two Merry Tramps" Prices 15, 26,
35 and 50 cents, 119 E. Washington St. APRILL'S SHOE STORE.


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