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April 04, 1900 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-04-04

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Publishedi Daily (Sndays eceped ddrsngte
Colleg yea, at
orrica, The Inlad Pses, Denin sg Block
Bth Poces e17.
F. kEitocecoc, '11 L.
0,i. BIt. s'00L.
ATHLEIlCS, . IGi1. II Liecce, e01 E
T. H.Weo oxDOw, '01. All.MDOosgoAt ,01E
A. G, BoWE.'11F.IE. J. . WOIee, '00
LJ. Aoxeomao5~c,'00,W'.It)ii cxsrse'e
R lD ooocc, X00L. W.IA EseaT,'lL
'thee sbciptopceOfte D1I110 ,s)10.050 f o
the college yeas, octh a regu-le delcerybeoee
noooeach cly Neticse,soemunicatosad
othetomotte endecced for cclclcsocetc obt e
haoded coale atthDAILeofce efoe 0 p m., 0r
mailecd 10 11e eitorlef s.oe3 .1 o0f thtis.dy
IceeioccoIcto t toicc tiey ae epctes tc 1
Sbscreiptionesccccylcletc ac tics.DccY iie
lileyrseor totlse tcs eacccl or wch Buincese
Manage.Shscecberswll cofee avoreeby
repoticgpromtliy aothiscessanyfalure o
caresto delvectper.clc
Alichange ctcosadetcscng atlcmstcccc in
the ol.cte y a p. ill.ecinte cly jcreoccs ce hat
on whcc ticeass.'t earc
Home Ater A Long Tring Trip
W. Robert, 9 ., Sault Ste Marie,
hao luat returned te Ann Arbor from
South Ameriea. Hle with Joeph Hl.
Stringham '97 E., Detrit, and M. R.
Moxley, ex-Ib00 ., Saginaw, wre in
the employ of tie Ithmian Canal Coi-
pony. They were attached to a party
which wao lrospecting in Darien,
United Sttee of Columba, for thoe
prpose of finding low points on the
eosotihih might be posihle loa-
tioins for a canal.
the het in tat latitude where tey
001reu-ah intense and stiling. The
thermometer regitered 90 dgreeo
dily ht they worked in uch a dense
forest that te Sun evao oeldom seen.
it poured down however on the mos
of foliage above them making te
place a veritable ven. A person !
cold not take the slightest exercise'
witheous the perpirtion pouring nit
from hina like water. Thio oppresiv
sultriness was intensified by the
swampy na'tre of the soil. Natural'
fevers were very contagios. The
men were also liable te skin diseases
sich as boil.
Thoogh this climate coas so ener-
vting stey persevered in their searh
and folioced the coast at a distance
of abot six niles inand. Te Indians
however, conenced to mcke trouble
for tham; cat tnights pelting tleir tents
with seaes and scch petty persscu-
ions. The exploring party of five id
aot desire tc chastise the savage
whoccnumiberedi aibot ,000, and wever
well skilled its 'warfare with posoned
arrows and blowgtnsn. The U. S. gun
bot Scorpion was supposed to be pres-
ent tic overae these ht as it nmade
only intermettent tripe every six or
more weeks was not very effective.
'She party decided tht their minds
were of more value to civilization
than tfeir bodies would e platable
to tte savages of Soth America so
strted home on Mrch 21, arriving in
Detroit Iy way of New Orleans, this
Finals in Helaq Race.
Tile finals in c.Ie annualt relay race1
will e run oft Friday afternoon at 5
ocloch is Watrmato gymnasium. The
contestants r the teams represnt-
ing 1900 and 1902 classes of the lit-
erary department. Each team is prac-
ticing daily for the contests which
gives promise of beig very spiritd,
and it is impossible to pick a winner.
As has been the cstom in the past

esch team will wear the colors of some
sorority. At the beginning of this
series of relay races all the sororities
were represented. Now all the colors
hove drepped out except those of Gamn-
ma Phi Bleta and Sororis which hove
beeti oyeptnthe race icy thiespeediness
ef the 1900 and 1902 team, respective-
ly. 'tue 1900 teanehahoebd the inoor
relay champioenship every year since
entering Itoccege. This year it-has net
been practicing with sufficient dili-
gence and it is very probabile that its
laurele may have teoite trcatsferred to,

A Gentleman's Feet...
L_ Qtdo stat have to be crewded into
cuncoimfortahls shoes ittorertto coemply
with the lows of fashco
tashcon has become decidedly lenient,
pcehaps tot penmanently so, hot we won't
worry abocct thse future. At $2.9 a piair
we guarastee to fursniesoanltra-fashioable
accd more comfortablie sicectati cact be pur-
ecaeed elsewheeaitott etictl rice. And
eccrgcaanteetteants: y00r eeyltach if
yout catt.
UptII . s 109 S. Main

Ath'etic Association MinstreIs HaeeK X « 0 X )0 (
Been Postponed.
Unavoidable circumstances wu-ll
tmakce it impossible to plasce ite1mi100
trel shew on the stage hefere tihe f l f jl~
spine escetioli. Several of the spectial- ~ ~ I~ ~ U R f
ties wc-hich have been recently seciared IIILL LlLI
could net be prepared by that tame.
Rather th-an tit these out tt wasX
thetught beet to postpone lbs.pserfoim-
saite ucttil immediately laftet vacatiota
Tise itestpsonement, however, (ieesnot
mean a relaxation of rehe"tals and j+ \\'JSH we1 cotldli tell youi
the 'whole company will neotdoubt probit A
by the added tince. ~iteia.dyw vl ~ci
Senior String Out--rhursdso After- selvest---ut it still be iear April 1sf.
Tice acncltlcising eoit of the seaniotr QWheee-rstetre reatdy to do biusitnesc
literary and engineering classes wilt
be held tis seekh.There to more ahlitaitin meindtlthat eewill ihactenolla-
terest in tihe occasonathan thers. has ing bIut nesw gottiis atdil sht b sis
The seniors will meet at 4 o'clock in
roc C, where they' wiii be marshalled
by I Alec Cam~pbell and then proceed
itc a body te University ball. Itiso
expected that there s-ill be an ltne
aibeott seventy-five girls antd tweniy- or -__ __ _______
twenty-five boys in full iinifotr0 of caps
andt gowns anti frtom foaty to fifty (2 AS AND ELECTRIC LIGHTING SUPPLIES, SHADES,
isoys semi-uniformed inPcaps. PORTABLE LAMPS, ETC..
The meeting in University laall Iill 0eA ECIALTY. SANITARY LUMIt NGeoi, STEsoAsicNDHOT WATERB alATatIN, ,
be addressed by President Angell.I
Music will be furnished by Prof. Stan- 1 a J. F. SCHUH, 20T E. WASHINGTON ST.
ley. --_ __-_--.__ _ --_ --__ -r

Prof. Kelsey sillssi liior Etirope
aboeut Asugust 1.


Teane tuai electionft he l(U.
of M. Daily Assacicatioan will be FN O C E
held on Satturday, April th, sat FN O ~ E For Parties, Reception-s Etc.
10 a n in Ifoans C, Uniiversity AND
Hasl. All paid tilsl)tllbseril)ers
entiledto avot. CO PESGood ad Prompt Service Guarateed
FOURSNwSaePhn 3.Ne StatePhoe 2403be
ID hat's cohere we plaise ior tusi-
aeae anid where cwe itntend tic
keep it.ricoughc as do nct, t ampus Pbotot~ra plers
pariide the fact at tio great lengthlr
as some do, we are just as strong
and just as long 10 quality and Iave a fsulines of U. of 9t. and Ass Arbor
efliceecy as soy tn tics state. -Visws. Make a speistty of Stuidesnts Rtooms-
stndFloshlightevesk, stresonbessitprices.a
Nciewe etcsale at talkinst', Seledees oels
Q U A R R Y ' $ dwcs rsti c. andScalrsBotre
A Ms~rEx uII.J, TCOIIPASE. A welcome offering when nmaking a
WEDNESDAY, APRIL 4. Whitens, beaoutifies, ansi preserves tics call is a box of Ilangserfers 'moat ex-
Rigupqic!Te i NwYrkCsioATeSET ad cyplaigote llent°" chocolates. They are the finest
Sucscie lasts.I made and prices are so reasonatle that
you can afford to give a treat often.
T HE TELEPH ON E G I RL A11druggists 25iceafsoir icy nail tipoes12o E. Washington. 316 S. State.

Lovely Wosasena,
Witty Dialogune,
Funcny Scenes,
Lots of Ginager.
An Eatirely5Feiaiae Chors
Prices, - '25, 50, 75, $+1.00.
Seas o n sale Monday.

Detroit, Mich.'

fi 1
V C!

'ro wait until you are compelled to
buy rubbers.
buys rubbers and has them ready for
wear when occasion requires-ansi


1 r~. aaau . KC assopay

r the doctor.

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