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May 26, 1908 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1908-05-26

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G. I Wild Comlpally
Our Spring 1908 line of fine
Imported and Domestic
Is now ready. It includes all
the latest Novelties, Shades
and Up-to-Date Patterns in
Moose Brown,
Caribou Tan,
Leather Shade,
Grays and
Fancy Blues.
Your patronage respectfully
G. ff. Wild Comfpally
3t1t South State Street
Need v%.

Managing ndilor--ARCHER F. RTCcuIE.
Business Manager-C. E. WINSTEAD.
News..........Donal H-. Haines
A\thletics ..........Lee A White
athletics, Ass't..... . C. EtRdridge
,xchauge .........Robert Mountsier
1Iusic ..........Roy D. Welch
D r.ama ............ Raymond Visscher
oVins Editor.... Louise Van Voorhtis
kussell Mscl'arlandul Chauoncey IBoucher
Donsald L. Kinney Robert Moreland
.\lii bael 3B. -llogh Fred K Gtoodintg
Leonard C. Reid
Lowell J.(Carr J. Pt. Prescott
Walter K. 'lowers Louis Kraft
Patul Greer Samtuel H. Morris
O tto t oget I?. G. C. Williatms
NI.M,.-Abbott 11. L Arnmstrontg
Ii. . i jorey 1). Flotte.


A set of Golf Sticks or
Athletic Goods ctf atty
kintd, yout'ltlbe sattsfii.d
thtat yotn have thte best,
ifthey olies'CtCftrotht
Sheehan & Co.'s
Official National League Ball
is te stant-d o f tiestoeld. ntnhe great
worl's hantionbip ame beteente
Chicago Naitinats andtteteotAmericoos the
SpatdinLeague toll was used. The spalding
Ottteiat National teonse' Boalt is is wsed by
Yate, tarsvawltPrintceton and ott euominent
eottege teams. tihe soldiereyant sailors in the
Porised States Ainy ad Nosy use if rx-
etusively. 1n tsetiti incierstisettsee-
evrBase tait is tPiayed.
New Yoek, Chicago, St. touts, San Ftransco,
Mitnncapotts, Denve~r, Buffasto, Syeacuse, Pitts-
borg, Phttladetphia, Bostoo, Cnctnnati, Balti-
mare, Washintone, Kansas city, Ctevetand,
New Orleans, Detroit, Motntreal, Canada.

Jolhn F. Wurz Carl H. Adan.
Harold P. Gotuld
Address: MICIGAN DAILY. Press Bldg.
Maynard Street.
Manager's Hours : 1-2 p. in., 7-8 p. M.
daily, except Sunday. Both phones
'1'LSISAV, MA1'26, sQog.
fifth EPOi;tfOt t' LtEtR.
\\TIfenftoss ittering the iinstinenfc tC
life electfiontfforIMicttigats Unioin tffic'ers
wet feel coffstrlaitfedltelrefpelt fure oft
tied if wisn~llg iagainst all ftts tillff1
isvtiethy' ifn college tpatitics, anttotutrgt
'I stfe iterest astd ethufssiasmtttttit
III( Iionmmbers entittedl tsvote itt
fhe tst ywtr hist onsly secnthet. Ut
tairlysutonits legs. Thsert-arceImasgy
lofg tes yet fttltetaketn teftare tse
moveentssanlie conssidered its first'
classeunninig triter. 'IThe persistenst
apthfi~y a'tidletett cynicissms which is tmin-l
tained tin stay cortiers of thse ciapus
ltward 1the Uin uts i diemsonsstrattesf t'e
faet thait mans y idbstacles are to bse over-
etisiteif the oirglanizaltionf woutldIte trusely
repfresenttivetof camslltsslife 5a t slaiwhle.
We tbeliee tht thle noin satinig com-
mttfee ihls chosetn wisely attd withoust
Jsreindiie. Nowset1stshe lmembters coln-
sidser their choice of the catndidates ill
ast serionsl a twaisfor ais onsittsoffice is
fars frotl bleissg It'sinecure tic eltys
honortl. Tse sest men 1lthat cansi le ickest
wsill findtihIleir capabslilities taxsed tothtel
uteros, and it is ostr dusty' as mtemt-
fest see ltt nitte bust thse test come
lede suchirestponssibilities.
Andtinotwt5a5wont of cauttiots sitsthat
Oild tbogie-site pleidging. Youissoen,
who asi istmetsbers still lie askesd for sop-
for, sie it toi thse tUnions and to yoiur
salelf e ft otake so sdecisiotn hastily, to
take in pleidges rashly. We heartily
concut inI the setimsents of thse recent

commfniclationls fy "oth,' swhenlhe says.
"'The result of the electiontshlolt le-
ttetdsotlelyottpersonllm eit.-. It is sty
to each membder toinqustfire ast the
qttalificationss of the tortsnstme, adto i
decide for hismsel issfto who is the mats
test stitedl for te tposition." If every
titter wousl bittafike his ssfrage a
little sore serioussly itndt stiffen sup a
trile sn his ota self-respect, there
woul btlle few' eletionstsmiscieid, sitce
all the siles oftiflbe cleverest politiciati
couflasvail oshing aganst the sell-
conasainedfmansho iwaesnts it le shwnt"
is goodii rsason for vetifi s iise is skel
\We sunderstandthatblifhe princial cats
sislites Itlis 1mututlly greedl tsattthere
shatll le ntinsg lut stra~gt electitn
eerinsgstnl it is outr siterest hpthaItf
notl esess ihemostsettusiasfic Iescs
mianlt sill allowassusgt bust straigft merit
It itsselIfto have hotlys5coffested ee
tin.It is well thatths iee cmpillis-
flicad psiiliies f ecahs ttsst
shule weighedl ithe lan llices of
blidethofirousghtly aqintitlstedlwstillsthe
fatr-cosrdls f eery cnideliIi. list
ssoswetmassjudfige. wisel, isisting tat
ft-e ittal coice sshl l'se5atman tto ctilf-
isis.ourfaihsstsdlrspetea s swell s
friships or ladmlirati.Atsd Iif.sthei
askiedlforetosr sptIlt, se lmalke stt
lil anllser is "Isill fhink abloitit.1
havsen'tf lmlade iupi mfy mind ylet--u llst11
le gladto iicnlsiter yore friedi. tfe
feehl ofitfe mfsttIdtesigfingfwill le
sttnlandf'ccsill le fferel fo' titl
Theiisitiiitin demans ens tfhuisisfic
flite 'roilt' seiouls cnidrailltion. Tlk
lie moeriitwsithi y~fourfriefds, 51nd1its.
fitsnhain'tg noineit lth t~e lbesf ttaf
trepr esnf tisiithIe Unin toe-
j ut ()iCanti Drama
Muss hi 55 5 tGtVES 0C11AL.
Nltss Jstlis Klatherine Klager's grasdui-
ftin recital lstsight was mossst itterest-
ing. .liss KMagers playitg is at l
timscmustsicianlty. Sh5 st-f Sacusirei a
techiqutie swhichenledlthIer to give
fman~y difficult wosrks wit ease an godl
effect. The HBeethovietsontat, Ot. 26,
otpeed the programlt. It wassplabyetitf
it careftl iandtsafisfactory mnnster. Te
Basch C mtinor prelude atirtfugse, adi
the Schumatnntt"Romtace' were alst
well layed. Miss Kliger's cipale tech-
niqutlan luencisely were also eiett ill
ftfe WVeber Cntfertstuck. Ast agreeblle
sfage presence aiil eisy adi grcefsl
mlannler ssist lisKlager's fmusicisl ac-
coitifshttent ttn smaksng her playig
Commltfenceeni-t sle-iverything re-
dstediltftcorst rie. Hesry & Co., N.
Uliiiversity. 756
Siior swaist trosers, all colors, all
sizes, all prices, at Allen's. 9eds
Seisonable shirts-$...too asd p. Wag
ter & Co., State St. 70-5 1

Eight univtersitiesssest rersetaties
ft lice.smeetinsg f the Associations of
Cosmopolitats Clubs heli last Decenter
at Madisoi, N'is, Michigan wsa repre
sentedl by A. S. Kurkiain anti A. C.
Schmoidtl. Thfe et meetitg of the sso-i
citions will le heldl leneiuritg the
Christisas vacation of this yeir. Is is
extiecteid that te tmeeting will hisve rep
resentafive s front iotare ctalleges thst
anymeisn lg to ate.
fhie (Cosmopitolitn lianual for iwof
;nm ii ahistory'f te Miciganfis
mptanlccli,, stillshei'lists f its for
tier tfficers aitdlart accoinitf the ar-
fiillie's fthle club. Theclish strtel
iwitli ighit-iteinsebties, reresentitnlg
nitise coutnries,isntiinowr sitsfifs5yinie
msemtbees fruitsseenteens conteis, set'
eral iof swhtiimtae fissorar tieisblers
fothe fai'iity. Its Septeisbler,' sqo,
A. S . Ktrkjiaisn t the Cosmstopolitist-
defiite'titgs fr wh ieli te re stork
ing.NThese lre(I) tsit te clisbs
hosna bettrfinancisil s iis; (i21
o kecep initoutch sithsouris'alttiiinit
t estlsh sii l thust iite d siesr
,'tco usl nts ito swhichithey' hav'e ri'
ieeudy'foriginsstueitfs; anfd(4) ito idi
ll ire cait to organize nstmattsaii'
aii ssocition f Cosmoputolitn clbs,
s tsasitohbe ater ableit crrey'oitheia
wourk sit sel hbegnl."
madeih'for thle annuailtbanisquteit ibeihel
'The followtiitg tfficers swer elcted:
irecsiden'tt, ConsradlRafps. Gemanyti; vici-
prsient, H. P. Piltdes, 'sTrkt'y; re-
corduiig secretry, FreiderickiNla~yhodsl
Canada;l coIrresponduing seretary Fl-i,
Ilocso, PhlippineItslandts; tesr',
,Mihal T'ier, RisiauIassistnst tes-
urer GuilermoiiElt':c.as.IPhilipinei'Is
Fute presiden--W. W. Merritt, Vo,
rIi; J. 1. Ogle. '7, '9.
Reordinsg secretary-iH. L. Barkdutl,
'of; F. N.Stith, 'o8,'tomn; M. M.
Kertla, 'o.
Literary viceprsidett-H. A. Bund-
sciss, 'o9; J. F. Wr, 'o9, J. K. Wat
kitts, o9.
Ettgineeritsg vie-president-S. J. Da-
tisotn, '08;IH. A. Treat, 'V); M. .
Qtiiitn, '0.
Lass vice-president--Floyd Olds, .'ot;
Data . icyfrot, 'o; X. A. H-e~rtck,
Mesdic vie-preidett-G. H. Fox, 'o9;
Stattley Ctu, 'so; A. H Gidditgs, 'o.
Phsaritietl, atd hoitiop vice-
irecsiideit--A. H. Sisith, 'ogt; 1. 1R.
Nlellons, 'ghs .. oxutatis, '9(1.
Sotf collar sirts lt cst. IHetsry'&
Coi. 7i-i
SiONs fIT1'"ist Tyig thur Lea~ves,
sit They NNon't ComeacHiatwi," ilusstrated
at tife'iheatoriutt today. 9s-6
'itefore yost settle dots-i to "bote" to-
ight,-is little rereationi at the Thea-
torium--5 cents. f

Going to Graduate?
To enclose with your intatons
leave lour orders early
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University Bookstore
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For State' Hoad Exatintins
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of Blackstone, - - - - $4.00
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Senior Noice
Studeints des iig ofictieat 1908 STEINM
wilt ease orders at Arnold's Jewelry Stre.
Prins.$2.50 .ewd
Visiting Cards
Finest sgratede(edtds towest pices. - Pat
andt 100 cards $.23.
WM. ARNOLD, Jeweler
220 S. MAIN ST

Failcy -Postal Cards
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U. of M. Co-Op Store

of Music

As necessary as your summer
vacation. Pays for the loss of
all swrticles taken from your
For particulars enquire of
General Agents Empire State Surety Co.
50 Hammond Bldg. DETROIT, MICHi.
Phone Main' 6505


Ii I'll. a!

121 Washlngton E. The Randall Studio, Ran dalild& Pack, Props.

.Phone 598

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