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May 23, 1908 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1908-05-23

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0. H,. Wild Comipanly
Our Spring 1908 line of fine
Imported and Domestic
Is now ready. It includes all
the latest -Novelties, Shades
and Up-to-D~ate Patterns in
Moose Brown,
Caribou 'Tan,
Leather Shade,
(hays and
Fancy Blues.
Your patronage_ respectfully
0. H. Wilda Comupanly
311 South State Street
If you
Need m.

.Vantaging Edor-ARsCHtER F. RrCIt
Business Manager-C. E. WNTEADt.
New- .... .posal I. ainesl
Athltics ......-Lee A White'
A'thetics, Ast... C. E. Eldridge'
Exchange ...... Robert Mountsier
N-ilisir ......-Roy D. Welch
I ram a........Raymond Vissher
W- sc's Esitor... Louise Van Voorhia
Rus-eli.'ucFarland tChauncey Bicher
Donaldi I. Kinney Robert Moreland
Michael I. Mchutgh Fred F.. Gooding
,eonaril C. Redl
Lowell J. Carr J. H. Prescott
W'salter K Towers Louis Kraft
'al Greer Samuel H. Morris
Otto Enoel E. G. C. Williams
's. MI Ablott H. I. Armstrong
I. A. Hinckley D. E. Jones
Paul Leidy
John F. Wur Carl H. Adam
Harold P. Gould
A~ddress: MCHIGtAN DAILY. Press Bldg..
Maynard Street.
Manager's Hours: 1- p. i., 7-8 p. m.
daily, except Sunday. Both phones
lbs lat sif the -cuntoriwh is ilikes
-isrilegiuss let eut it te acaemi
ca ndt gis no5 st an uaccu-toe
AW. .1Teodisern senio(r5'iin clinsedi
hsal t okus pn allsech iiunvsnt
ins. aisore or less, sita lark. 1i-
15( andsacred-nes-.se snalir s which
a no doubilt a lit of the s'ntis(trvn ititls
;stitud oitsf- scorinsttul irisver eces'frall
ial tiand frceftl a talansslie.
Lsiilrgsriilates are' tapt snowidas
I, aesthrer'plesu~r ithoussigtlessl
ietrn t ceremoniy .tat initfulilliii
Iraitins.Do't ismagines'ttt se tik
setmtlissssis any motsrs asssiralle
lii' te ter extsitem:btsel
thris' asea siters- neiiter acsidemi
srdiiosnr ousr sowsnsessge5f lhusmoir
55551 sutffer. As a memesir is thsts fa-
ultysidis, iis sdecisedlisssnitsitsssicsl,
isnd it-isislit say fsrter, estiels.
mteaiiingess twear citp u twittout gns
sr gswsn s-iwtitot cap.t Nisdisstitthe
yuitsng sw-omsansiwhIss tears. terser
ow and tositioffswitsua'"merr-
widow"lith-tinskiit is "s~chic" serapsti
is, liststhat is hatrly te ssestial stes-
baichlolurs. f art se spplosel to caie
moefor digsniv-taistza rre costrats.
adafair respect for tise-hosnoured
sistom emas ~ssthat he cats tndslgowns
bei is-srnssori discarudedstogeher. If you
dntlike te catsandslgousn, dos's wear
thesms;isbutnt shosw y-ursdislike Isi
indulslgisng its cmbinatons that make
thel issdsiueslouss.


'les-Jeffsrsonsianand ssssl -seihiseat-
ing societiss.hels a joists meetigs t
esninsgin tsr Jeffer-sniatroomiss. ThIe
(iw-i depatrtmsents mseet tus at least ocee
a i-sar its isfossinisg of essaliy- tes
frienshtiip. resisdentsStrausbi of the
Jeffersousiassdelivered the adsress. of
awecomse whlichts s-irestondued to by
Ptresisdest Kelly sithsie Adelphi.
trof. atsswias techief speaker f
te e i'snsg. HIts'oiok as hisstese
"~ThetclDuty tfte ClegeManlto S-
cty,' msaintining tat sunles. igher
edussatisin is a falusre sucity- has. a
righst to exticetisore of te cisllege miass
thanssofi ossrw-Isisas tsssf1hailtesses io
,)ussiiss. lie sidsitiat ste sllege
mnsswass sesttr ttedstoisigapplewitis te
prltslso f sicit; first becusiseof
th wids r isiss' d sssasers oustoosk uptonsslife
whiichs Iis training gieshimsis ecssd,
besess' st'sutlearsssistoiidoi bette satu
ceesrr thisnkintg uonthe liq-uesstinss
-whicht a-ises.
Its'ionc5lsioniP1sf. Gtesssad that
tse collesgs-mausushoiuld, auuise ll.on
triibu-e s kodi iplersonistal caractsr to
te comunsistity 5 i-IshiciIt,s- p5 laci;
stas use colegs- mtan sioulds ialwiays si-
mem-biler that tsissstisuasms ss.gretest
sli trs's steaker'.sifthescevensig
teres "The Clge Maniss dtishue
Stats-.' J.- F.Winnser 'Thss'Litrsary
Mass -isstheItsStats, . I _ Fuslsr; The
Cruise of ts' Atlanstic Fest t. ;.s.
Knellsr; " arand-iiPleae,"''Bass.
Ats sliet isill his'adstosl ho sili ssurse
of theses'jsint 5 sssitssgs. sirisgts' coussss
insg ye as, sbohsoieisfesel thatsuchst
mseetings are iprioductie' of stuc ssod.'
W s11.1, Nt' tIELENGTI t NtO)
It is. uiwi iracticaly- certiss that 5n0
change55 sill lbe- made thisi yer ite
lensgths of thie xainsa tissperos it 5hit
';iterars.- ispat sss'ss. \'sats'is-r cages
asse listssontemplasttsed-l iill not goin5
fsisces,.if adoipited, usntilths its- le f
'rless-os-is ssttee- e xa m'sisn sationssches-
dlsesss is te litesrisry- deiartmencst ati
rsc'nttsse-etinig gaini tucheds'ites- ss
sct of thre-e-ousr examsina tiuuns.M
diffhculties hsiaveuissns- ip is s-egrditis
thes installutionss (f ts-ets-wsy-cstm. i~Te
tpiolemtsinsthis-sschmisry- aisuipsit scs
lsss u -i-issrdoe is suite. s is.te
caeissclassec shere tiers- tre sissiesl
fromsotsihir sepasrt'ntswhoise exusis-
suatiossseriodssmigti iserlap sr cnslict.
'lhe trratmtentt of ixamsintiossswh-ics
begins is 4 o'clck tsndser te tresents
,s-slsssis. als us santdiqusstioin..
A (scsi idea f iral eassisatiusss iss
thes lasngsuage'de-puartmsets sha senctsis-
tisissis. Is is thsousgtst withuils a loger
exuamsinattions prus, ts' stdsessts cuiss
receive indiliditiul attenstios. Noinssg
deiirteis, hsoweer. hsibieess secides.
Before you setle duswns to "ose" o-
iigiti--a little recreatioss alie Thea-
torissss-5 cests. f
Maude Miller Bissel-Voice Placing
asnd Sosng Inerpreation. oT the Cut-
ting; both phones 428. Sat-f

Prosf. JutistA. Fairlie oss a memeslsr
of tse aionsal uwateruays commiissisosn,
sensls isshiss tnnounsscmettof a trie
cosntesi conducdiby lbse'Tariff Reforns
etub, of 42 Broadway. Nesw York. Te
ctub offers he following pries:
-turisng the six msothis bgisnig
April , s3o03, $25 etch ssosth for he
itsuriff reforsmarile or eiorial,
ssd $ajsechs mosntfor ste bes tariff
reforsm cartson.
Ill produsctiosssst ble origisal adi
mssitate sappeardisomesi ne spwpesr
sr etespsublicasii sitonsnd smut ie ss-
msittesd sits prmsissiionsfor iteir se
by tse commisstee,'whth-er tes- eesis-c
oriz 5'ofnot.
P'roiduciss ubmliiittedl fr s'ompteti-
tionsits 'lay mstslhate eess isublised
ditce 'sarch i.- P-rdsuctissns, isibilse)
:n Msats or luter sist le submsittldiur-
ssg tenhit' s osf piusblicaiisns. butifail-
sg thenstoti rece rie.tmaiomestest
ite folloiisg most.
JMUusic ana lmrama
Msarv-elous. entanglemetstt, hsumotroits.
itsatios and ansl-itiscrrigibsleboysu
'Mn -s hauractrizesd[ sitse ssosmedy-
"Tre-latss.'wsicsilwastspirs-enteu by
hes tHighs SchtooltComuseysclsblst sigs.
uss- atisg wist.as goodsias.t t ts'
_ivruigs- iamatsur srfo rsance. Jamsts
Howeiull as. ''tibs"'was asily thisr
f teen-csig.
wns.s~osii-ittsus- issi- GiIVS t use-es..
'.\ 's'Willousghliy lBouighttontplayieducx-
sesutyinishis. gaduatt'itontrecitul kiss
ight 'sr. tiusgitsss's psayingis.is
insguisedbya clearsancasefultic-l
piqiue situ by a-itinc.tttti-e delicaicy., tes
siui hrasterisstsictfll Iis.plaing 55.
-His. irora esincsued tihits'o'nl ishgit
ha us lusihwus uplauteitsithstlls qusiet-,
inigintg toneit theiii is ht it ttiii'nent and
lit- billiashutndstellingtefgctesithe
ri-Iisi-sensi teont hissproigram-itthisilsother'
suisiss-ticompotss. In 1thie Choinis
'Fanitsie,"(Ut. 4, nits Boighsto slut
Iis. est pla ying.Thi ts ire recital is
a decisdedhcrnsit his'srBouglhtont assi
to hit1-.trainintg and1susilfurns-iststilt
stasntial ecourassstgemtentsfis the futurse.
'sr. Boughittngsadusatsstis yea rusots
thse literairysdeairtmsent.
('stuirisar its atl ttlet, thatlhat-c
sste cdus, at Aless's. 69od
(;erinse I leoiiuof sx. 's'aiger &
C'u., State St. 70-5
Soft collar shirts-large assortmesnst to
scelet rust. lhentry & Co., N. Usiter-
site, 7-3
i-ate you ses ih then- corn-coloret
shirs at Ales's? 6-eod
Rest fr your ired brai-asd clean,
tsp-to-dataencstrtinmenst t Thseatorium
-S cesnts. tf

Going to Graduate?
To enclose with your initatios
Leave your orders early
Eugraved plate with 100
University Bookstore
Law and Medical Books
Fisr'State oardEKamsinatioss
Ludy's Medical State Boards,
Questions and Answers - $3.50
Ludy's Dental State Boards,
Questions and Answers - $2.50
Owen's Law Quizzer,
Questions and Answers - $4.00
Iaght's, Questions and,
Answers --- $3.50
Blckenderfer's flenigts
of Blackstone,'- - - $4.00
Oser's Modern Mediine
7 vols., - - $42.00
C. [.DBAR IN[[
Tel 161. 326 S. Stae St.
Selior Notice
Students desirng oaicia 1908 STEIN
wsll eavrnies as Arnold's Jwlry Stee.
Pelece $2.50 en~gaved
Visitix~d Cards
Fnest engrased cards at lowest pices. Choe
and 100 cards $1.25.
WM. ARNOLD, Jeweler
220 5. MAIN ST.


A set of Gill Sticks or
Atiuletic Gosods if sats.
kisicl, you'll tie satisfied
huhstsou save te test.
if thues- clethfronss
Sheehan & Co.'S
Official National League Ball
hiss'he snardt-sistitf -itheol. Ints'great
worl' chamionshp igam s b'tween-sthes
dicagouaionalehsusuits sut s'itAeieos ithie
Spialdhig eiisuurBall wausd. -u.Thu Spalinsg
01sl -ut Natjosiah ti-acne Bothli is usedIby
It'eshansarit. Psincetc oulndalt pomesnt-s
colegeteas. hsiessundssailors iss sie
UniitedhStsusArsy andsNoiy use it exs-
clausvely. Is las-his, sit usniersauseishsere'-
i-i- s-s i Bal'tuitis Plaesd.
New Yurk, Chieago, S.Luis, San Firsncisco,
Mihinses uits. tDunver, Buffalo, Syracuse, Pitts-
burg, Phiadelphia,Boston, Cinctunat, Bai-
mare, Washington Kansas Ctty, Clevetand,
Now brleans, Oetr~lit, MontrenatCanada.



i 1

iI, .1

Falley Postal Ca rds



U niversity
of Music

Register for the
Union Election
By Law to Constitution:
"No member of the Union
shall b? allowed to vote at the
annual election unless he shall
have registered his name and.:
the number of his membership,,
ticket in the book, provided
for that purpose, at least one
week previous to the election.".
Regintration book in check
room at Club House

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