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March 21, 1908 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1908-03-21

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T{Z MICHIG~AN DA L . :.... - ;

G. HI. Wild Colipally
Our Spring 19oil line of fine
Imported and Domestic
Is now ready. It includes all
the latest Novelties, Shades
and Up-to-Date Patterns in
Moose Brown,
Caribou Tan,
Leather Shade,
Grays and
Fancy Blues.
Your patronage respectfully
G. H. Wild Comfpally
311 South State Street
Shipmerit of
'Mchist o'
( the new game craze 1 was
quickly sold and we have just
received a second and larger
one. Yoti'll find Mephisto
the est gane for outdoors
and itiuootrs too that yot've
ever seen.
75c, $1.00, $1.50
Per Set
Sheehan & Co.
Student Bookstores
A. G.
S & BROS. : '
The Largest Manufacturers in the World
at Official Athletic Sopplies
Base Ball, Foot Ball, Golf, Lawn
Tennis, Basket Ball, Hockey
Offica Iment ortTrack ad Field Sprs
Unioros for att Sports. Spldig's Hadsomey
Itustrated Cataoeeof alilsprsicotans au-
meous suggestionsl. Snd for it.--ts free.
New Yorz. Chicago. S. Louis, Sau Francisco,
Mineapolis, Dcoer. Buflo, .Syracuse, Pits-
cr, Pliatlochiatoso, Cnsenioosit-
more, Washington, iasas City, Ceeand,
New Orleans, Detroit Matreat Canada.

Managing Edtor-AcHVIZ FRTCHI
Business Manager-C H WINSTEA.
News. ...............Hiram S. Cody
Athletics...............Lee A White
Exchange.I..... John Vmbold
Music and Drama. ga.. Ry D. Welch
Women's Editor... Loise Van Voorhis
J. W. MCandles Elmer C. Adams
Russell MFarlan
George H-. Hobart Leonard C. Rid
Chauncey Boucher B. G. R. Williams
Raymond Vissher
M. B. McHugh J. H. Prescott
A. L. Hainline Robert Mounsier
Lowell J. Carr Donald L. Kinney
Water K. Towers Louis Kraft
Lewis T. Kiiskeru. Roert Moreant
Pol Greer Samuel H. Morris
Otto Engel Fred E. Gooding
Theron P. Cooper
John F. Wr Carl H. Adam
Harold P. Gould
Address: MICHIGAN DAIY, Press Bldg.,
Maynard Street..
Managers Hours: I- p. i., 9-8 p. m.
daily, except Sunday. Both phones
SA\'iTRDAY, MARCh]2, itoo.
rITOlmI, cicco.
lie cewaiesotisideleociAiicArtor
alovthroem ccx cca great amun of
edriacoment upon ithe receit.local
icturibance. Thes- sax--what no one ii
hpSenses oul cone.iwiat, appar-
en-lyt. -i cue i is liseses, ccrcou, has
contletcd -that "tlecriot aool destrucio
of lproplery wasea igrace.' liii they
g ontoitreate truthii iuilof fatcy, ii
le ati-uen cifalllhe igreiiets cn-
trstlt eel tier iestmetod lreas thee-.
'"liretuet--otiasejecti ledr iter-
upigtce-esrmante egct siata
sdu t irlielieiwax th lrasiet"
how, onice leflace iofit.Ino onie at ia
dslinceeel a huniedmtel etshs te ight
to make-such a -sttemenii t s that. I-
fraislett e c-ihes such ai iquatei
would undiiereitttest circumtncces ee
ieceii11L svague iio rig-rs tothisi
affair,tte ejecien eel the stetwsa
risot retrtedl utulie te ere slic-
ta-r episode uehihcaetwo desiteays
eiter;tandirs e y aconteeschat-c
read iis dictposed it e iia hrlsaet
snmrssv. atgip,wsiIch slidnite
attleimpttoiigeeietohic istoricl eetais.
Whattile ba sis oeelheiinfiierece is,tei.
wecano eterine.i1- -Eseth~e- Aut
Arbr per di stepureumiue cupss
noonili tile meits ofthe eection. 'fTe
o ly estimonlly isvitaelie is ilaceefMi.
leynolds oni the elie sie. adthIlactaf
tesudet llaiidtwitcesses oi the ter.
T is isdiettiedly neilcoclslive i he
stdet'stefitilr; ut it itroutrestasnt

eeiment of elsiotfittiess whtici stkes
etegmaitic judgencsts frmt the outside
highly absurd. If the liters hae et
eel literature ito ilt their cluitniss.let
ithm ititeiuese iof syndicteefictio. Ciii
let thteitiresevetheirt eitorialtittleit
lee titd the omeating of knofaicts.
Filee lintls-te oi the setline iterary
class onithtie memoirialitqueston is aou
15 lair in alt sides as ciy settlement
one couitd coceive of. 'lThe division of
the fiuid in auy sal-wets highly re-
gretablte. liut its divisioninii such a
es-y-tuat the citis is ntlblroken i110
separate frtgments, so thsat everg- class-
ilitire cnitributies tee the stecitil class gift,
tatd eery elie tee the tUnion gift is ak-
inig tileieresccloee a perplexiig siua-
ie-n. The cteseetiis its integrity as
a ctassio les tre deawtleteeneniic
tinle woenel.tile Utonis isitpiheld Iy ia
goodealtiaice eeltie entire cless seti-
meet.cand leg-its fititencitel ai. 11 sii-
tie difiult~eites erise il the oler classes
see referteitoleehistsptrecedenet, whici
Iitsideithasc ss m etehrdethtistitng teseattb-
litt.,cantdswhichi is,ontewic holine, so ijust
tee friielyg-but contendeicgItctiouis. Aid
snwtatilte litertargclass toe exendedt
tile brthierilyiatoIstie,-seitos o the
siller deptetis it is uptolee tlatter
leo tke te treeffeeseriously. I the
c-i see fititoicomin ie a ariesr tll of
teremoey wi-testilhue $00nowicss--itedl,
ice a joeit git lee the Uini they ewilt
iever hatve cause ice reget i.
The ae cie ietsithle- form-itiloi
oeel -ewisSiacnishe citbbricgs tolindttie
a trecticaltehoutetghtregtreiig the es-ric
ofi tiel itgnige sceietieis i tlie ULis-
versite. Tierclibs ctictaia evest tmout
f it tutu r s wellt ai5ligistic il eitty.
ciry itshiniis eiitnt tossibeler l
eel therilltee uite ii tprdcig atktnd eel
wuildt te cliiiasteritic f etehi efithe
coresiies51w11rtlangage, cisteihend tt
isisaerutsp llegytie repectie cls'
ihey-smighit sitaliiete ictie trcees
tos tile I.nionestceic\csiu u-iLetgue
tits alirally sse. 'Tle encteeprise cle
lee- egitie eredi isthe tTnitiocn, ornotel,ac-
toringastile-cleebs wse-ideeto eel i-
detpendetliy, or s iher-neecesities eel
centralizationrs ittitseemcciii emt-tade
'We hatele adyuig-stoke itiltriete
sti11citiee ofee t elngatge asseciatins.
Lati. e-es quie s-gos ihtaber liiiliemteo
chile. eili CirculoeEspanl, ties teegrait
iiictisiiito. Sot eudaiel esitee poereos
see. tillerntositecollie-elite rato etqic
Now foler te"Circula Itatlitanat."
fwin-toeetile tact thatn qorlumws Oi
tresent the meueting of the Board of
Regents swhichc sas In have been held
yeserdtcy afterinoons sas pstoned. N
buinces esas rainsacted. Te next
mieeinig xwilte held icc the midle of
next April.

Kubeik. who comes i-ee Saturday
eeing of next week, at the New
Whitney theater for one recital, has with
im as a solo pianist Miss Bethe Rot,
aniiieteeis year old pupil of ti-i late
Mcarmuntet of the Paris Conservalire.
A-i a girt of ten, Miss Roy asonisheet
Ptaris witi her extraordinary mutesical
intelligencee. After two- seasons of ca-
cce ork, as a prodigy, she retired for
serious studeyg at thur Cosersatore until
lost winrter, nhen shic appeared at may
proinent recitals ii Fors ade thectii
Nese Yrk City. Miss Ropes present
eicgtageimen isthltKubheik is.-therenre,
ter Amesrictanidebtchatsi a matuure ats.
Site is desecribede as a yng swomait f
soeicle temph-erumiet comiinig .the
charcm andetgac eelfPrencehistyleuihi
reumarcktbeatualttundier-tanduing of the
deetec huigs i uic t.Mie Reupceuuues
ntuiraclglybericc ususicact gifts, as sie is
ai dacugtr of A. P. Rog, fo rmsery or-
ganuist of S. RKoch, ii Quebeuc.
Hier Ludwig Schwcab, iwiho sills
Kubhelikc durng tileIlas Americnitoe.
tutu indcee tits en is lut siy accompnc-
ist fue suumie- sears, esittluals se-cs-c in the
saute cap~acity- on he presenth teour.
'fle udemand feoler seats atlthe ciw
'Whtitntey-tuu-ibeen far ahtedet rf expeca-
tionus, and tehe omanagemenuh twishes to
-hole thatt the seats xiiile paceu out
stle 'Tiehu-aymorintg. Mrchel26f, t
in o'cock, ai the box osffice. Mcaii or-
ders wsil reeisve prompitancd careful t-
esntio swheni tccomtpuaniedh sitimnue
-enter cevering tile- trice f seatts, tier
scae of elwh-iichill e :it ue Ptrque i.o.0
ands $.50 t ibtlconty, $150, $100 tn itut7
cents;t gtalery, 50ocintt-.bomxe, $2.0.
"Sroghear"'ws greee tug- airatter
sititiho ueuse atthie Whitneyglatshs-cu-
lug. Rlh uhsiSeurtitie title coe plydt
int tihighly acceptble imatnnitr. tilstu-
hochuasegoutdi. The footal scene
ctusted t the elustomarythug iisieatut ewas
"Ei-igenuiiuw'illsoon b01 te plaiyedI le
ther Junuior Vrein. The Germanutti u-
sirutrsl initie engineeig depaeniut
has ielecedithe cast tandutare tnos ii-
cectutrg tile reheaorstal.
'tlieurmay he somte cancuges ii te
rashtcalrady selected liutuose ractic
intg ini thee treecit cmpniy are: Alfred,
"Abetic IL. 'Weeks;Risuso, Helemi Jnes;
IHreiri, rthur A.1..7iscti Lisbeh,
Cota .ce R ix; Ausdof, tLee A Wit;
Ktohtariu, Vera Polasky.
ElI~geuisiuui is a snge act Germuan1
farce. Last year the Junior Deulcter
Vereict gave "itter imuss Hieraten.'
If a $s per day guarassee iterests youI
see .M. Phelps at Joliffe & Kitmiler's,
over Co-np, State street tf
Try the GOOD BOARD oh Mrs.
Laura Honnes', flu Church St. 27-32

Globe 'Wernicke
Book Cases
The kind that grows wt-
your liray-that wl l fit
practically any space -that
can he moved one unit at a
time hy one person without
disturbing the ooks-that is
practical, artistic, anal the only
perfect sectional ook case
made. Fitted with non-bind-
ing roller-hearing doors; base
units furnished with or with-
out drawers; and all made in
a variety of woods and finishes
adapted to any surroundings.
Call and see them or send for
catalog ofi with interior views
showinsg arrangement in li-
brary, parlor, etc.
Price per section $2.50
and up.
University Bookstore
Law and Medical Bookseller
tfigbyu tiHiitory of ciitecu eelf
mual Pr1-cy - - - $3.00
Dean c hifinui Ediiioni cc
xsueu.-lcu-e seattrpert - $3.00
Mininig's uineuiofRlut
Pisuierde -_ _-_- -$1.00
Bishop's Dirciocnid Forme,
CrimnialAutou- - - $6.00
isicocsCrimnalrcci troceui,
vels. 2 - - - $1.00
Relcycid,TheorofelEidence, $2.00
Stephues igectco itEv idc. $4.00
Ocirlv,-etVs Evdenh-tc,-,- - $3.50
Maorsfuialldorpo~raionuus.. -$6.00
Toopkinesuary ccl ciii
tin, uof furmortions. - , - $2.50
Eint~i,,con., - =- $2.50
Bocstwic's tawyerseMauacl. $.0
Iiriie-ye ,Abboutts Fiormis'- $.00
Rtecis tPl-adinig.1racthcacd
tormsc;cl.tt i. - - -$18.00
Winsh mini hode Formsi, 2 vos, $12.00
Hae'rs Practicl Therapeuti.,, $400
Richccucc opertve Surgr. $6.00
iiseodruthu surgicaltDiaugnosis $6.50
Cailele Post-Miortemi
T5et iook ofltliomiy 3 iolst, $18.00
Croen'-usDiselaesiof A omeni'o $6.00
ijaitie iitlercucial iiagnusie
ascdi'treatm,ini - - $650
icuous Spueca Mdica
Diai'nosiis, - - - $6.0
Coulds RithgraphiceCimie.
suitls., - - -- $5.00
Dictiontaries, Couuicuds.-.
Law and Medial Bookseller
Tel 161. 326 S. Stale S.
Eyeglases hve becoome scorka
necsrsary nisance muh studntcsice
late that tey with wlcome an eye-
gass that giers comfort adserrvice.
haver your copticl work dor ac
ARNOLD'S and ie wilt fOt you coo-
forctbly and guaramnteresrults. Quick
Reupairs. LenseGround.
Optical Specialist witih
WM. ARNOLD, Jeweler
220 South Main Street


For 69c
Co-Op Store

Filve Concoerns
- May 13-14-15-16 -_
Frederick A. Stork, Conductor~
Albert A. Scanley, Condouor
Prlnaclpal 1Choral Work
'Creation' - 5Haydni
Faust' - Gocunod
MssCorinne iRider-Kelsey
Thursday and Saturday Nt~enings
Macc.Erenestiae Sciumas-Heish,
Contralto Wad. and Frt. Evenings
Mfihs Janec Spencer,Countralto j
Fri. Afternoon and Sat. Eveningo
Mn. Edward Johnson, Tenor
Thur, Fri. and Sad. Evenings
Mr. Claude Cunnaingham, Baritone
Sturday Evening
Mr. Honle 0. Killeen, Baritone
Saturday Ev-ening
Me, Herhert Witherspoon Mass
Thursday and Saturday Eventngs
Mr. L. De Mars, Frenecm Horn
M.I HeirFriday Afternoon
Wedntesday Evening
Seacon Tickets (unareserved) $3.
Season Tirhets (reserved) $4, $5, $6
For Sale at
S1ool of Mueio


Oratorical Contest, March 20
Sirai Admission - - 25c
Brander Matthews,' April 6
Sixgle Admission - 50c
Gov. John A. Johnson, April 30
Sinugle Admissison - 50c
RESERVED SEAT TICKETS for these three attractions $1.00
Tickets must be secured between 5 and b P. M., Wednesday,
Thursday or Friday, or between 7 and 8 P. M. Friday of this
weak at Box Office, University Hall.
Zhc Ztubents' lecture t8sociatfon

121 Washington C. The Randall Studio, Randall & Pack, Props

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