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March 14, 1908 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1908-03-14

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0. 1

G. H. Wild Comfpally
Our Spring 198 line of fine
Imported and Domestic
Is now ready. It incdes all
the latest Novelties, Shades
and Up-to-Date Patterns in
-~Moose Brown,
Caribou Tan,
Leather Shade,
..ZGrays and
Fancy Blues.
Your patronage respectfully
G. I Wild Company
311 South State Street
Shipment of
'Mcp histo'
(the new game craze) was
quickly sold and we have just
received a second and larger
one. You'll find Mephisto
the et game for outdoors
and indoors too that you've
ever seen.
75c, $1.00, $1.50
Per St
Sheehan & Co.
Student Bookstores
o A. G. ,.o'
The Largest Manufacturers in the World
of Official Athletic Spplies
Base Ball, Foot Ball, Golf, Lawn
Tennis, Basket Ball, Hockey
OficialtImlesmets for Track ad Field Sots
Utifsitotr al Sports. Spadig' Hadsomely
Ilustrated Ctaoue of al sports cnotaes u-
merous suggestions. Sed for f-Its fe..
Now York, Chicago, St. Louis, See Francisco,
MintneapolsDenver Butl, Syracue, Pits-
burg, Phlaephia, Boston, ftoetnat, asl-
more , Wahtug ton, iKasas Ciy, Cleend,
New Oreas, Otrot, Montreal, Canad.

Managing idifor-ARCHER F. RrcciE
Business Manager-C. E. WNSEA.
News...........Hiram S. Cody
Athletics...............Lee A White
Exchange .....H. John Wamold
Music and Drama.-Roy D. Welh
Women's Editor... Loise Van Voorhis
J. W. MCandless Elmer C. Adams
Russell McFarland
George IH. Hoart Leonard C. Reid
Chauncey Boucher B. G. R. Williams
Raymond Vissher
M. B. McHugh J. H. Prescott
A. L. Hainline Robert Mountier
Lowell . Carr Donald L. Kinney
Walter K. Towers Louis Kraft
Lewis T. Kiskern Roert Moreland
Pal Greet Samuel H. Morris
Otto Engel Fred . Gooding
Theron P. Cooper
John F. Wre Carl H. Adam
Harold P. Gould
Address: MICHIGAN DAILY, Press Bldg.,
Maynard Street.
Managers Hours : I- p. i., 7-8 p. m.
daily, except Sunday. Both phones
SAlURD)AY. MiARCII 14 190.
THtAT' tvtIo-uAv 1iMOtAT,.
'We are in receit of two conmnica-
titns front malte memnbers of the enon
literary class, earing onite meorial
quesion. Both of tese men are apar-
ently ins close touch sithl reentttdteelop-
metts in the class, ad swe accept their
cttrrecltis gratefully. Their otly mis-
take is it cotfessing surprise" attt
"smtiles' tat otteitrial sholt ie
"partisat," altotgh their own state
ttents are partial tthie opocsite side.
Argttttentationt is it secies of discourse
characterizetd by partisanship-as tie
swriers ate illstsrated. Atd tie virtue
of i is ot tiat i covinctes, tt that it
ctttpels the thitg opposeto i explore
tite groundt it statds ot. Ottr rearks
ate eidettly hadthaitt effect, itwtos
cases-ste hope it titny umore. If ste
ate htareted the class itnt its cottvtc-
tinis, sothlat it sill do vigorously anti
whotle-lteartedy whiat it titks est, se
till be ietter satisfied tiat if it hat
swsallotied otr opinions whlole and o-
cedtllInotttriesire sithoti cotsttint
Wet sotly wshts to point out tiat ttr
first uditorial ititicty reat, assttttes
notting aboutthew'throes of a civil
war" tttvyttotefltatit assttttes bott
excessive amty. It sis, to put thie mti-
ter stiplyitt gtls re girls, atd mnet
arc en i n dorttthieseittcotvertilte
reasonis tte orsite presett state
nesstot tie Ution-re tmore likely ttt
trefertadttintoInteUniersity ot-
side the Union stitle the metmigti

trefer otte throttgh,,rcint, te Union.
Thatt this is no at priori theory is shown
bty thte statttlof te ntbieore ttttd tdtr-
ittg thte first clss tteeittg. Like "S. G.
I^^." hittself, they hat "execedl tt favor
thte Utttit prtject.' Bit the girls ex-
tectetd to favticsmttething else, and the
meni tisely tdeferred ttt their wises its
the secotttd meeting. It ws this defer-
etnce swicht twe :tinttec ott atd om-
mietnied; the ittprobaility of "civil
twar,'"lecatse te tunustal giod setse
of thte wittly cass etittld reconcile nat-
al differettces, bymtuttal cotcessions.
With regard tithe Ution project,
there is little tttore to be said, anti the
senitor csses are prtbably'it possessint
if ettoitght facts to jttdge fsr themselves.
Otropnitntit s Sthat Othe etorial
sholdtt go t the Utiersity as a wole;
but thttt it touls go est trotgthe
ttte trgttiatiott whiose ideal-hoswever
tistattly aiproached at present-was to
coimttrehend tewe tfcUtiversity it its
tmembuershipmadt its activities. If there
is atoter stcht orgttiatiott "for Mi-
igatt ttetteverywthere"; if te "Utiver-
sity" tis t whol, potn swhict it is pro-
ttosedi to bestowt the gift, otets itself to
betteftictioti itt attybetter oay, se cat-
tnt see it. The geteral lirary anti
Uniersity Iall re the tttost distitcly
Universitytbiligs. :ollare strongly
tdepttrtmtetntal. 'PTt e isclarsip ioject
whiichi stromngly alpetls to itsstrotlmc-
qitie sttme ittritate mtaciimery to et-
attic it to soser its blessings evetly
utpotn all te specialties. If at eqitale
rottional seeecottl e tdevisedntoth-
ittg coilid le miore happily presetted tatt
a sctolarsiit, of whiich tie Utiversity
tat few, ancoutlstuse sitmaty.
Ruiti it tobjectiott totter rises. If
the scolarship is toi go ittsitccessive
yeirs tdifferenttdteartttents, whiat is
thte itsetoftll casses cotmbinimg it t i?
Wh~iy ot eacht departmmen start its owtt
schluuarshipifuntThl'tie ntelreslttwsotl
le exactly the same, aini conplicatios
wouttl e tasvoided. Our corresodett
ishiis tkes o excepiotn to our is that
"all setitr classes ought to comitnte their
separtte futtnts,' bit declares that lie
(or cters) soult "srontgly support"
thti-schtoltirsipi proposal, seems it his
latter Clause ts exploie the sone firtt
fonti onaisi of the formter. Te itwo good
reastits for cominiattioni tre () to tin
somthinmg whitc the ctsses cattot tdo
separately, ntl (2) to act ii tccordttc
sith,tatd for the purotse ofi fosteritg.
a sturit f tutity. Wie ae areaty ttt-
fottntded the fortmer, attil as for the itter
we udtre prupesy that a rtatiotal schol-
arship wouldi dii aout s tmttch for the
cautse of utileas tt iterdeatrttetal
'Thecote getuitite Utnversiy itstit-
tioni is tie broadI ftce of the catiptis it-
self, cr perhaps the cetral spot, some-
wthere tnetr the flag pole. The Utiot
seetms to is to represett the ctampts,-
bit sicare admtitedy lparisattotithis
poitt. Perhaps stttesill citmtt other-
tite.-andt if the tre supplied witihira-
souistie sill ole wi-tt them for a batd-
standtinithiotor f te campups,-twhict
is the ontly tatigible, aplrotcatble titg
we cttn itettify sitht the "Utniversiy."
hut our patisatnship is perfectly catdid.
We are mut rooting for te Ution, ex-
ccit ittcidenttaly. We honestly believe
te way to tnake a gift to the University


ihis toike it to the Utiot. This is
trite of the professiotna departtents if
tot of the literary.
'Tttll-a t',tRTH0-THE"ctCOtl tOMANC.
The local atdl letroit papPrs hae
againi brtketi into printitwith sit article
calculated to dii harmt to te iterests of
the University. It apiears that oe of
the individual- dragged- 'into the liice
light andt labeled e-college stdenti never
witsitt college itsaty sense of the word.
Were the University so disposed itmight
perhtaps take action for such defatation,
tt smal good it tight do. The most
atty 'ifis can do probably is to cot-
demon as strotngly as possible sich in-
justice ont the part of ottside pubia
tiotsand to do Ouritm iiost to take
them feet the weight of our displeasure..
stile atntoutncitnglotdly to the world rt
large that the stuff they pitt as tness,
amit iwithlichmilsthey deludme their read-
ers, is untdisgitisedl calttmny.
Wiie strsotgly resent titsiort of hitg.
It is untfair to all cotcerned, to the pub-
lisers subiscriers, Inomitr state utniver-
sity, antt especially to te wotten st-
ietts. It is a seriois breach of godt
faith,mnt tot say of newspaper policy,
In publish stories of a scandalous nature
withtout first ascertaining the truth of
the satemsents imade.
Im its issue of last tight tie local
pater attetiptts to clear itself by pointitimg
omt tht in i its story it referredt to the
partics as "stumdetnts at Atnt Arbor,"
whtichim fcitoutrse ma imean sttdents of
any ottesf several itstittiots. How-
ever, the imtlication is tmade cletr y
tie itseif thete lrti "co-ed" ii its head-
lne. Fturthermtore, se sitbtmit that whet
referrimig to stiudetts at Atnt Arbor a
speaksrotsriter is supposed to neatt
Utitesity stuetts, ittlesslie stecifies
othlerwisie, tattd especially' is tis so wheti
lie idesignates temt as college sudets.
If ani apology is felt lt e dute, the
story calls for a tmore defitite anti cer-
tain explaniation.m
MUuic anta Vrama
.131;N G rttC iKVt S NSAIXTOD100.
flits imorinmg at 9 o'cck tie seats
fumo t theit Greet performnmes sill go
ott stle at Barbomr gymnasiutm. After
today- they will le ott sale at Wair's
Sttte street tore, each iday fromt 4 to
p. i. "Jmulitus Cestr" will le presett-
ed Saturuday afternoon, Marcit 2, ad
'Site Stootps to Conquer," Sttrday
Evemimg. 'Ronmeo anmilJuliet" swiltle
givemstie fot ittg Monday' ight.
'UNCP,,to' tLAEDctaTO 0000 OUSE.
Little Es's spoke a fete childish poly-
syllables and expired to a large and ap-
preciativie audience last night. 'The big-
esh thing abioit the shso'sas tie taudi-
etnce, unless it sas tie sie of te ice
cakes. It wsl a typical 'Uncle 'lTm's
Cabin" performance, played ittwhtta
mnowetadas is a typical say.
Ezra Kedall ini George Ade's ''fis
Lamd of Dollars," is the next White
offeritng, Wednmesday, March t.

Book Cases
The kind that grows with
youlr lrary- that will fit.
practicalfy ay space - that
can he moved one unit-at a-
time hy one- person without
disturbing the ooks-that is
practical, artistic, and the only
perfect sectional book case
msade. Fitted with nonbind-
ing roller-earing doors; ase
units furnished with or with-
out drawers; and all made in
a variety of woods and finishes
adapted to any surroundings.
Call and see them or send for
catalog 106 with interior views
showing arrangement in i
rary, parlor, etc.
Price per section $2.30
and up.
University Bookstore
Lass and Medical Bookseller
titabys History mofi-theuLawo
Reat Properly - - - $3.00
Den i Otetin's Edition o1
Willimi Real Propery - $3.00
Stnninge Outlineut Riat
Prprt - - - $1.00
CrtinatActionsi' - - $6.00
Bsh isCriminal Procedture, 120
Beynold's Theory iii Evdnces,$200
Sepihen's tigsI of1 Eidenree.$4.00
Ott'evrf's Eidece,- - - $3.0
Marshalt s Corprationis, - $6.00
Tompin's Sumeary of th
Low of Crporaiots,- - $2.0.
Weloman's Art otCos
Examinaion. - - $2.50
Bosuwik's Lawyers Manual, $6.50
Birdsey's, Abot's Frnus, - $6.60
Bate's tPttadings, Practice and
iormst,3vots. - - - $1.00
Winstlos'S Code Frms, 0 os.,' $12.00
Bare's Proctical Teratuutim', $400
ittekamn's Operative Srery, $6.00
Etetdrthi Srgicaliagmosix. $6.50
Cattel's Post-Mortetn
Pathoogy. - - - - $5.00
Sootta-Mm'Murrtet'i Atlas and
TxtBook of Anatommy 3 vols. $18.00
Crossen's Diseases f otuen $600
and Treatment- - - $6.50
Ltue's lSpeiaiMdidla
Diagntis. - _- -_-$6.50
Oouds ligraphi'Cinis.
5 emis. . . .$50
Ditionaries, Cuipeds. eli.
Law and Medical Bookseller
Tel 761. 326 S. Stae St.
Eeglassis hae buicimne suet a
ncessary suisantec itu studettt.
tlte that they witsweome an ey-
gtass that ites comfort and serviu.
Hare you opial work done at
ARNOLD's and le wiltfit you cot-
fortaby atd guarantee rsuts. Qiolk
Rpairs ,m'ses Grond.
Optical Spiaist with
WM. ARNOLD, Jeweler
t20 South Main Street

For 69c
Co-Op Store,

Firve Coracarta
May 13-14-13-16
Frederick A. Sloth, Conduetor
Albert A. Stanley, Conductor
Prtnap m.1 Choral Work a
'Creation" - Haydn
'Faust" - Gounod
Mrs. Corinne Rider-Reu sey
Thursday aod Setnedaoy Evenings
NMse. Ernesttne Sehuetan-Bieink,
Contratto Wed. and Fri. Evenings
Miss Janet Spneer, Contralto
Pet. Afternoon and SatL Evening
Mr. Edward Johnson, Tenor
Thur., Fri. and Plat. Evenings
Mr. Claude Cunningham. Baritone
Saturday Evening
Mr. Earle 0. Killeen, Haritone
Saturday Evening
Mr. Herbert Witherspoon Hess
Thursday and Saturday Eventngs
Mr. L. Dr Mare, French Born
Friday Afternoon
Mr. L. L. Renwiek, Organist
Wednesday Evening
Season Tickets unreservedi $3.
Season Tickets treserved) $4. $5. $6
For Sale at
School of Mmcsl.

Stuetslecture Association*
Kiing of American Funmnakers
Friday Evening, March 15,. 1908,
at 8 o'clock.
University Hall

Singile Admission



121 Washington f. The Randall Studio, Randall & Pack, Props.

Phone 598

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