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January 09, 1908 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1908-01-09

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THdE !ttthtfAlel DATLY___________

G. g. Wild Comfpaly
The Largest Stock
in the City
Exclusive Styles in
For Gentlemfen's Wear
Everyting required for Sits,
Overcoats, Fancy estings, and
Trouserings, and of high clas
fabrics and special styles.
Full Dress Suits at
0. IH. Wild Compally
311 Soth State Street
A New Desk
will help yoti start the
New Year right. These
are made with a tmetal
base atd removable cal-
endar pgads which can bec
retnewed yearly. Makes
the hattdiest kind of a
2 styles at
25c and 50c
Sheehan & Co.
Student Bookstores
S A. G. n~
00, LDI & BROS. -'
The Largest Manufacturers in the World
at Official Athletic Supplies
Base Ball, Foot Bal, (oi, Lawn
Tennis, Basket Bal, Hockey
Oficial Implements o Trak and Field Sports
Uniforms for att Sports. Spaldio's Handsomely
Illustrated Catatoge ofo alt sports cotain no-
nerossuggestions. Sedori.-Itsre.
New York, chcao. St. Loois. San Fr',tco
Mlnneseis, lene, Batfalo.Syrase. its
burg, Phltdephia, Bosn, Cinint,tali-
more, twashlttt, Kansas City, Ceeand,
Now Orleans, Deritl Montreal, Canada.

THIE MICHMGAN DAI LY. 'entr of a ist year.- sould srng bollh
- -~ ti pa g of reget that le timeic liforc
-it s tilt s) sotand a elig of
MAnagsfingEdsfoc g gePot Scon V.Mitwoen o'itt'rlre- pioioltititsbtecasc there is
JdiicnMngr-C.C. XtWINS'itno.sotmuci vt tido. It jis hard trealzec
hto tine ysar 1 07 s th C ot s ' oneal
Ne snicen.. t .t....FS ... ,V.Rtci hl toe, an ud ot to'te seorts, ic
Nes. .. . .ktti
Athlietics. lDavid F. Stvensonsrien swtio hate nsil 1ha(1their shtl-
..'l. oh 1V mbod iternoto teie sttt ot Univirrsiy affairs
Evl'.tange . t o iV ttt he( ~i'tunesofrobattttitinis to. fly short.
Music and lDrans,.... ii'y 1. AXX e T ..'ii trt 'ii ssho sltl s)
l onen hiitor- .ouise Van Vohs hbdo ln hsbtaltl e>
tot ttter, and th id i oithe sing"
EDIOILSTAoI5Thet montnt tatyone smaenonor grant
J.W. MCandless Elmer C. Adams ofi cii cn ido i tiest osmall. lihe.
Joh iiii. \X're lRusell -Xlrtratnd on-stt i Igiof t.'nisesil ,geara-
NIcHTrDIORtS iso, witthitivaryingetirtcer of their
Hiram S. Cody George H. Hobart toeadce'. ttreateo mak un aviattOilig~
Chaunnecy Boucher BG. R. Williamthe1io (iis't rnet omit trmisig iffort
Ratviiondl Vissehr 0of too-er it tpe otutr hoe trmaonent resltt.
Bu ttltogt ittsent frotti1meto
REPORTERS tit tootre sipig tck iottthe rtso
L C. Reid fee A White 3 frotto twhich iwe'htoilhoe ottiihae liftet
M. B. Met ngli J. W. Presotti 0 ro. t, w otuuust teror' blivett
A. L. Hainline Robert Mounsie a r ,teugae ht(eei
tosell J. Carr Donald L., Kinneyto ' i-res oft ittorode Iththere is a
WalerK. owrs Lous raf tr owitooesndtitit hour(tieamotis of
Lew it TI. Kiikrt, Roblert iMtoreland sevienthe oUnivestsy aieaftirll
Paul Greer Samuiel I. Moreis toro tt ithilt. m11 ' re fain to blievtst
Otto figit tFrted. Goodsig drt tthinlpr oess witlttc'ntie 0a(n(1thau
BUSINESS STAFF eoch teto te torh-rh adthieli'self-
tot it sillt toolhss aitileIts,antit the
John F. XWcne Carl H. Adam Uoerit in its to" titr oasect sill te
H arold P. CGust ((oetit ore.otoLet it- thetlae res-
Address: MCnIGAN DAILY, Press Bldg., I"ruuo titopp~1ortnihitich tieness
Maynard Street. 1 yeartoot'- to ouroithor, 'iidosrie
Mnagers Hours: -2 P. m, 78 P. .1(with 0(01e0tinotnst to the rsoltioni
dily, exceptStnitay. Bloth phniirlutte e.1e lstmsothss h alttltmeni
9601. I s' in 'ithto'uplit 'tnd I totte i'nott. ot
4ltat witll thi ment e ll, a II ofew
T1111 tSt)AY. JAeNUARY'i' it, m ( tittst oirtioti iandtics fail.
to it il tse'th i t ttoio'etotitocpo fr man'.c~
-- - -' -' h wIill meailnS 0 0' '' c lea se toiticsto t he'. ristio
sG tub'o t wor and es Iton,halit- 'errs to(oil me. ~t(It ilma ho>gti
5.1(lii ii 51111 I(i le level hueo tonoo o .s' cho u eti, its till
(1(1( ii0 trttteend af fo r tutu in tt'atoolf thetontsfIernce. itt ll e aniis't
I.lenstdole m ittit iioftt1plists; Wite t o.setoo fi ts'o t e t erpr.oiids e
Siitu to u o rIand 'litsii cit at it ivr t adtat prom ads
tight ilittnc'ttftn''tio1n 'lirthan o alloit wil.
\eaenihrciden norto d ts it ii tooi an . t to'tfor te'croport' et-
'itln'stilSonoth flithelt'tt'ttlisl outolsooti ''00'(m1elgh too o t buli sateniotht
on toot'n, o e soototot toeingt ie. hll too in sotmJe tslig tereeqfior
Unvrit otttooanuti' i'obecoes' itaIt th futuresvluts tiotiiiiiainiise
tiioIof ithim iand ot sta'l'i entotiv o n thattoi 'acot too' in-
itd sopucli ork oor rte .iuli ii tol-l's-e-- i- t- a
iee t. ti (is a th fougtithit C'i slot 00 11 O stlistit tlCO'o ti'o eTIO lss'lih
to aeyt e t t eelit oot th tyar oi l thcteseittms oo ot oon cs r rei-it
'otlg ot o n tlyle r ote ploot 110toot o. v no tnco n o toeopat o'' is os ho ttghee
11ng1e tey can t til bin ertilt, ie ie s otheto', erence017'qiles-
that o the oto hvest a'tool t t t iei st t ioni-ie ' t i t o o i ol lielctin
titin Tht(fly n si cet ndiiilecivditti DitltyI to' -yterdayslo wasi
shud e t'sleve'tt chyaratotl etrt iLry day 'o t attltit'
betts ''than oh eyo o und ioss t, ntuI og o prssyiu trowinsg((05 to e It wligh~tO
o to frons iat la srtot'eloog tts l iibost nn 1 1'thi o t iosron o ot hg lot' w iocs
ito i tolls' it not t htoti t. hsi at ri toote otto utce s f 'ist(('(cesa of in s'
althe h ithsttitoodto''hit sotnloose ts 1050to o . in c eif hoou l ose. tho lo'
b iletosa toocti ll sttfac Otor o mtii luho is 01st illasscirstin thasogesneratl ooattiod s'
msgniianinbrngnl ot' tliimprs oedsafit itos ttto o 'lbsthathije moto rsits
th5 potniy0n ratr sili tt'invs ots, 15Othecneqcst'i ofti ii l n }co
hesto ilsfao n, ili toot l ltssso hveben oe lue i boghiostcls. h
of sevc toi1111 n( itnstittiotoli hIish 'O i nvh r hn ig hudm k hi
Tothel an whoposeseO ,ot iit t (tb ot'urnsotes nouts
tlter 1'1ime' calendart he Ii timphl Lan((sng1fot te'list ot o sleg' oitns

Xe he onlsoiihut tat the petition is
mosre liely' to liais the legislai'e buisti
lit it s.
Iftlose nlo-mitcmbers whtto frequetci
tses clhoittsis'cooafe' iwoldltkeouliimeii-
bes'ohipls,.they coiil ier lgin te ti-
cusesd of sealintg esiieoioe else's Iserts.
Xichigin-iii thin role of Proigl Soii
- is cuting a somehait sorry figure
ICoosied ram tag One)
ito soithi you is onof real sorals. I
ni liene to reprobate ite codiios as
this')'cct t oday). I is a tas thiitg for
tis: Couintry' to nllo its youti to te
broucigtiusp outin cnoiions as tows
sirrouniit is."
Neati thin chirmniin inroduedolDr.
Blate,,lte chairman of thin present ooe-
mooent,swhoian sounceditwtoospeke slho
sill appeao'or hlins'i te neanfuture. lb
asootmiasemiore definite the work of
thin org'nizaion auit exilaineit thin
miscilost of eoting adtopeid forthitilc-
tioo. Abouti seven liuiided mcii pege
ihemseves ii sp~pot of thin iovceen
at the minting. TIhe coitiitee planslt
a housse io ousu canvas ii the ear fu-
ture fuse lusre signers. lD. Stalker gave
thin eonliidiig ispeech of the eeinig.
AMhItfht'.N t'NhI fSt tY
Thusannl toecting of Ihe hAsocia-
tuon of Atoericanin1ivertsitestwill e
helduttodayan'ud tFrida i the engiuer-
hug lihrary. Tthioissooiation is ot-
pinmst outhie lestng siiool of the
contsr), naiielyt.Unietyou)of (Caior-
sit, Uiverril)oftChiago, Cthuoiunit-
tu-ustho mlar'nsit e Colthtui, Com-
nlunsarvardohnis IHopkistLelaod
Stamourde, Micigsio Pnnist-vatia, Vi-
giia Pri ntoto. Wisonsi, aiid YXale.
Th his tiet ofthtieiorgnuiation s to i
conmisile sibjets ofnetucationl iter-
st IThousgi the proganm has nolbeenl
tmad uts bltic, it is inderstood thinstDe.
S. h. Rowe of the IUniesity of Peni-
slvaniawtit s litbeten tlaes-ling in
SoutihiAmeicae,, wtll mae theininpa
addsot s
Ih tifollowing' is the pogami for tme
Webselusocsietey for Jan. oo
Ciiiremt Esennts--T. V. tirs.
Reociaton-H. W. Goes.
Addrle s-Pent.-IBtikr.
Diehate. "Resotved, that the recet
sctinouthe Board of Regents. regard-
tg hie toliday acation, swill e bene-
fetial hts the sdnlit hboy." Affimiattve,
O.11i.Btobitt, . C. Feia;5 negatve,
Ki .A, hMyes, I. C.Nadteoui
Thie Jef,eooiiat pogani willhe a-
Current Ietos-Emoctk.
'Dolt) Bees"-Cas.
Shuot Stories -Bagby.
Diebae."Resoe, .that Cuutgees
shoualdtes'tatolisi posta savingshbanks."
Affirmtativ's, Wooes, Sphie; egatie.
tfit'emanus, Rhodess.
'l'ake mon a Micigaouvlsenisn toi
froiiieninitg k& Koch's Jewelry fiore,
t13 h~ Iast:Lbry St. oot

If1 yott artitndobthi
about what to give your
friend for a gift boXy
a copy of omr Michigan
Calendar. It contains
originals drawings andu
sepia printing. Its the
best even pnhblishedin i
Ann Arbor.
Price only 25c
The Souvemnir of Ann
Arbor amd thee Uiversity
recemntly published by is
is nosy on sale.
Price 50c
Stair Street ManoStiees
Law and Medical
Treves Anatonmy, New
Edition, (jtust received)
Stimso's ractnresamsi
DilocationstsNew Edit-
ion. Morris Anolotim'.
3rd Ee. half leather,
$2.50, hl aft moocco
These are new books and only
a few left.
Ca-It or excbangc yotr Law,
Medical and IDental ooks
Tel 161. 326 S. State St.
Largest collection of ordinary
and the otnly collectien of fine
Michigan Pins
Quality Best - Prices Righth
Michiganl and lrat. Stines.
121 ,,,Maln tS.

~dPliL L 0h~
G0 VKEGomu

UEvery do)' one hears
people say "If I were in
college again, I would do
mnore itt the line of cul-
tune. I woiuld learnt soume-
-thing about msusic soasS to
appreciate good m u si c
whetn I hear it.''
Studenlts of today cer-
tainly have splendid facil-
ities ton such study.
Courses in all branches
of nmnsic are given by the
best prepared instructors,
at very reasonable rates
at the
University School of Mnsic
Mtaynard Striet.

Che Students' 9lecture 1ssociation1
Season of 1907-8
Johin Teinple Graves
Dr. Brander Matthmen's
Leland T. Powers
Opie Read
Oratorical Contest
Open Ntnmber
The open number will probably be filled by
lion. Win. H'. Taft
DUCED TO - - $2.00
Treasurer's Hours 5 to 6 P. M. Mondays and Thursdays


w l

121IWashingtonIE. The Randall Studio, Rlawda11 & Pack, Props.

Phone 598

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