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December 03, 1907 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1907-12-03

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I G. II. Wild Comfpally


. r



The Largest Stock 1
in the Cityt
Exolilsive Styles inl
For Gentlemfen's Year
Eery thing required for Suits,
Overcoats, Lancy Vestings, and 1
Trouserings, and of high class
fahrics and special styles.
Fuil Dress Suits a]
G. H. Wild Coumpally
311 South Siate Street
mcaybe to mentiom books
for Christmas Gifts but
now is a good time to be-
gin to select them while
lines arc unbroken and
you'll finsd a fine assort-
ineiit of the nwest aud
popular ones
Sheehan & Co.
Student Bookstores
( pal i S PAL DI N QQL
,t._1_ & BROS. q A~
The Largeit Manufacturers in the Worldj
of Official Athletic Supplies
Base Ball, Foot Ball, Glolf, Lswn
Tennis, Basket Ball, Hockey
Otticial tImplemernts for Track aod Field Sports
Uoiformos for all Spiets. Spalding's Haodsoely
Ilusiraied Catalogue of ail spoti cootatns nu-
meroossogesiions. Srodtforii.-I'stfrrr.
New Yurk, Chiceago, St. Louis, San Francico,
litnueapolits, Denver, iBuffalo. Syraruse, Pitts-
burg, Phiiladeliphia, Biostoii, Cincinnati, Balti-
more, Washigton, Kfansas City, Cleveland,
New Orleans, Detroit, Mlontreal, Canada.


Mianaging Editor-PAUs, SeOrMuwueA.
Business Manager-C. E. WNSEA.
News.... .............A. F. Rithie
Athletics....William F. Gradolph
Sprting....'. Clarence E. Eldridge
Exchange.H.. . E John Wambold
Music and Drama.....Roy D. Welch
Women's Editor... Louise Van Voorhis
J. W. McCandless Elmer C. Adams
John F. Wr Robert H-. CEaoy
David F. Stevenson
Hiram S. Cody George H. Hobart
Chauncey Boucher B. G. R. Williams
Raymond Vissher
L. C. Reid Lee A White
H. 1. McHugh J. H Prescott
A. L. Hainline Robert Mountier
Lowell J. Carr Donald L. Kinney
Walter K. Tosers Louis Kraft
Leswis T. Kniskern Robert Moreland
Patti Greer Samuel I. Morris
Otto Engel Fred E. Gooding
John F. Wre Carl H. Adam
Harold P. Gould
Address: MICHIGAN DAILY, Press Bldg.,
Maynard Street.
Manager's Hours: I-2 p. i., 7-8 p. m.
daily, exept Sunday. Both phones
The aopiotn of the honor sysemt ly
th' freshmsiasiclass i tiresiedial ie-
patet is the best indiccatioth Ie sys-
tmcou itlid ass. Tlhttsifotheisclass
shotuld l eect to follow a course alng
whtich ttree oters are alrady travelitg.
secems to troe ciisclusively that te
latrdshipits to le encotttered are sisaller
thanstiile benefits hoped lfs.
The itedical deatenit is sow solid
fior "hoioii.''Dhecociversions sibeest
slisws.but isoitutial and tiifircei that
ino tactssiiing is to le appreheded.
The hime is certainly ear at hadilsoi,
whlens some oler depsirttestisl catch
the infectiiuthItrotghia sigle class, stnid,
ini tie cuirse of years.iwholly seicuemilb.
Suichi assplenidc iea is boessielto ae
its sa. And this gradual class-I-class
suffusiosiof a sinssgle esllege Ial a time
is probably tie most effective mtethod
iii chsloug eru. W. ole foriard to a
dsyswhses the etirie Uisiesity will have
beeniesolledin iisepprt of tie losos
Our search siter wisdom brought uis,
the oler iday, to an exmination of th
pages of te Daily M~atoosn. Itioe
nismbie especisslly the pape's . alread
teesinsgcoleisns ad teii eiriced lby
at csntibuetion frssms ac"siee ciai." Tet
atticle ini qluestiocn isca cotpositions uf
elite power asd eegasce; asd the orta
miental desigtt of its exteior fascinate'
the reader only that le ay be ccn-
tronted wills a fesv gentle but fimtndtl

iscccsnpotiisiig idictsttitoti a vexiing
quiestioni. \We feet that we would betray
ouse litersary responsibities, and as welt
the moral atid social trusts which we
hold from the L'niversity, it we did hint
publish this letter for our own readers.
It follows sin full:
"Deiar Me. Editot : I tead with si good
hit of sutrptise the editorial in a recent
Maroosnaboiuit what your paper seems
to blieeethe duty of varsity mcii to
tsikeitmore vartsity girls to the college
hiips. It is impossile tcc believe thasi
this eititisirilciseld save beesi suggested
'sue1 oftie- lsidieslotfte university.
'fhey hasse, Iamsc ur eie, too usuceh iridle
tcc edsos suc atinig. 'fhe chivalry of the
eitoriaul boardel is dollltess the cause
of its bieigprnted. I think this chis-
slty is uully idevelopsed.
"ust youishouildlremiemsber, icIr. Edi-
toe, t11at the Reynouluds clibacid the
Sciste clubli sre organiizations, slot of the
miesn scd ltehelsomenicithileuciirsity,
'scs cit the smiensisicly. 'fhe swomencof
thie uiciersity hasve inc right, per se, to
gol tiivarsity affairs. 'lThe oclyrecasosi
thieysoldilh ave foe expectisig to lie
inivitedl lies iii the attralctiventess which
thiey clay poses They hase only
thcemsselves ticitank it they aren't iii-
sited. I think it is a perfectly taft thicig
Ito say, andi a tinlg well-titoveni by the
laces, thast nicocitmaci stueest among uts
iced dlespcair iof beincg icitedl to Rey-
colds clbliops andi to Score clech dascees.
it she will only talecaesre: (i) ciot to be
sncobblishs oci lie cscsipecs ;(a2) to act as
it she tescesiblereed that we poor mcci
iisve somsie slight excuse for livisig. anid
13) ti cecssb etrIsair in thce smorninog,
so1 as sot sic disillussion cevety smicntshe
kniows. Yours truly.
'A Mete Mac.'"
Nows it's hack tos the biooiks and turkey

(Continued trues Pace Duel)
striving to regain the power, and with
expectations of success. It the balance
of powser does change hands, Michigan
wrill -comie back and will agree to abide
by the laws of the big eighct.
"The electiocn ot 'Germany' Schulz tic
the captailicy of the cqoff Michiigasi
eleven is not looktd on as a biaerierlie-
twec'nithi Wolverines and the othet
Confereicce niembiers. The hoard cit
cocntrol has sot ratified the electioci, aned
in all probiability will siot. Schitlz seas
Ice choice of the smescbers of the teams.
hut will not lie recognized as captain
usless the. faculty and the hoard of con-
trot sancetiosi his elections."
And right here that paper went astracy.
"Germaiciy" Schlz is sicw recogniized. as
catptaini citMihcigsan's cent football leans
cust as surely sis was lilly Hestosinic his
palmsiest days-asnd while Michigass stuc-
dents are not averse to goisig sack its
active alliascee with the westerns schoiols,
usny attempclt to debsar Schlzl front Iis
fairly won hconor is stcre to causse 051
uproar whtichc miay upset all ot the feel-
inc of comcpromiise whicht is sow evisdenit.
'fhi commicittee in ecarge of ltce'Nas
icngton's birthday exercises has already
bseguns to llac for scsi sttractive tirogramc
to be given ini the last buiildinsg oti Satcir-
slay. Febc. 22. Thce cossmnittee is isi cor-
respondesce with several prominenit
speakers antI tully expects to seccire an1
tnsueally able icaic for the orator of the
day. As ito definite arrangemesnts have
beest maide, the stances of the stestusider
coccsi'lersctioss are withheld. cut assucr-
slice is given thcat the final choice will
lie scmnsof scote assilability.

Everyone uses some
visiting cards. Why not
get the best, it is as cheap
as the ordinary printed
cards. We eitgrave new
plate and ioo cards for
$1.25: If you bave your*
own plate, 75c per. iou
We do Stationery
Stamping, Wedding An-
icotinieentts and Mono-=
grain Work. Get ou r
State Street Mainc Street
hi C. [.ARIB[[Li


'Thie Dececmbec.rumbcher of thie Plcysi-,
can acid Surgeonc, the pubiicationsoiste
Univeersity hiospital. hisiasppee. Edi-
ltst Kesaticcg tils at last, with the collabo-
ration esfltce clicnicah professorts, 11111this
isournsal ciscass equial tfooting with the
best publciationis of its kisndhini the coucn-
Thie issue coniss aci articleIcy tDe.
Msarshcall L. Cucshmsns,ion "Resmoval of
the Fatucial Tonusils." All scientifically
inclintedlwithlhueinterested us "Meinoirs
of thue Life aindl Work of Dr. 'N. D.
Millet," wsrittens hy Dr. Nesille S. Hoff,
DO.S., aind publishied throughc ehe court-
esy of the Altumnuss. This is anu extesnd-
ed account of the remarkable researches
of the late deass of the dental depart-
Thse cliicalhdeptatmtstotthie Or-
cetmber issue site conteducted bcy Protes-
sons Peterson,. Canfield, Parker, Oath-
iug, ansdl Breakey, asid hby Doctors
Smsithies andu Loree. .\lr. WYihley, direr-
toe of the X-ray labosratouries, constrihutes
somue noetes.
'rie Ipersoni ihso took the overcoat
frotm gymniuasieumssSsturday atternsooss,
whsether Iby mstsake cr sot, wihl save
trlelcibyh 'returnsinig it. His edescriptions
is ksnowsns.

'Th isappearansce osf the old iriinkinsg
founctsain whsichsfisrmterly stood tear the
nsorthc eutrance icnthe umaincorisridor (if
University Hall has cattsed muechu inuiry
conscerninig it. Whsen the new stairways
were bucilt lash summer, the foeuntainsIs h
to lie ttuved aindi since theun it has lsaits
ini the lbasemuentt. It was intended tuo
placr thur oldtfseutaits bace ini the same
call, hush to prepatrationo hissvet seen
mcade toe it.
Freqenut edisorders of l te tmechanlsism
antI a persisteust difficulty in keecpintg thur
ivater cool preventted thse fountaitn froms
gaining auty great popularity. The water
cad teo le pipedi the rutirer length of the
buildinig. thsus reniderinig it somsewhtat ull
The old focutain, presented to the
University as a class irenmorial, is re-
posing us thue basement of University
Hall, awaiting a mote forteunate disposal.
LADIE'S-Have you seeun ihe latest
us footwear-"Auto Boots-us the lat-
est hrowns shade. and also lack-at Per-
iclehi, t11o 5. MacinsSt. 54-61
Fraterniity andi sorority sesils out leaths-
er pillows, at Dlarlinig & Malleauxs.
Call asid see.

Law and Medical
Treves Alsatomy, New
Edition. (just received.)
Stimsoii's Fracturesand
Dielocations, New Edit-
ion. Morris Anotomny,
3rd Ed. hsalf leather,
$2.50, h al1f isorocco
These are new books and only
a few left.
Ca-h or exchsange your Law,
Medical and Dental Books.
Tel 161. 326 S. Stale St.
Largest collection of ordiniary
and the oiily collection of fine
Michigan Pins
Qutality Best - Prices Righut
Michuigan alid Feat. Stinues.
WM. ARNOLD, Jewler
220 S. Malin Sc.


Every day one hears
people say "If I were in
college again, I would do
more iii the line of cul-
ture, I would learn some-
thing about music sonas to
appreciate good m u s I c
when I bear it."
Students of today cer-
tainly have splendid facil-
ities for such study.
Courses in all branches
of music are given by the
best prepared instructors,
at very reasonable rates
at the

Ube Ztuaents' 7lecture tssociation
Dr. William J. Dawison
London, lEng.
Friday Eveiz1z, Dec. 6,1907, at 8:15
Monday Evenisng December 9, -1907
University Hall


University School of Music
Maynard Street


Tickets for Entire Course - -
Tickets Reserved for Entire Course -
Single Admission Tickets for Dec. 6 -
Single Admission Tickets for SOUSA




121 Washington F. The Randall Stludio, Randall & Pack, Props.

Phone 590

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