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February 24, 1892 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1892-02-24

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r W~'iellesley conies to the front with + T E T
C ~i
theColeeoearIb T xt I
It is otioniial for each professor at i
THE U. OF M. INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION BlrioiniiwhetlherIis studtetnts shall j+
ris ral ear isaratty auie np absences. i~
Subscriptiiiiilrice s'sal0lairseais tneaassesy O 0 University Baaksellers, - - state street.
en cilssieSiaairepirsi ctsi. onsaieat (lehnrddlasi h ses
-css sinana cliitOff(iternewres standt at 1't aient fur eachIsjuttiior at Vtale fur the
t'cloci nooane. Suhscriptions may ti e tt at I i" --
lh ie the tr aiperi~a Haoarstarlok. at Irstis ties iio rof iisdeceek.~____
tiheeliai's, iat Stoftte's, or swithi aiy softe 'ITie I'is ersi ty ittfVWisconsii is ______
couicatations sholdi reh the oficebenideseavirinsg ltuitte its various -
"eotcock i. it. it they are iii appear the neat athletic isiterests tittder oe oti.
stay. Addiress alt matter instendeit toe puihlic- nf.;liaisC.IMae.hoI
isotirheMaagngEditor. All buinstai Po.WlimGsaewola
commicasiestins asshuldte settois te ur' heeelecitedl trailof the ILatits il
THE 'U. af Mt. DAILY, Ipartmictt tteUniisersity of ('1st Fiur sdepartmens-Coi ('(sits No text-bilt
Ann Arbor, Mieh. rages, graduated trosts Harvardin I itea asisi lp. t eei5 it ilts ii. agst
irsndartfii e t insuctos, wiorkl i
1879, at lsthehail ofthis class.ouhliigepnsexrmytw, o
f.) 0iperek; tuents assisitdtositis.
EDITORS. (iiCoslia has receivedl frostsMr. itsraaloguieaddrmes .11.CiiEARIs Presidernt.
S. No. reinres, 'it, Msssgissg Eitosr. \ .1 (. (. tea,'sncl- e eral rif
is . .. i' . 5 .Pi iAN ),aAssist AT. . r.. rititnttgtsi

G. L. CPMEActs'e, Assi. ManagingsEititr.
W. E. 'rIssEsR, '93iisAisest.isManaaanEdror
J. C. TRAVSe, 't, AusietsManaer.asare
c'. SE. JNTiEn, 'i, Assist. Bussiness Mange.
S. P. PAisnit, 'so. . R. Assist,.. i
F. J. M'IK,cts11. sit.92 tite. iAIRilts.
FRtANtKMAI(~TIN ''. I1i- V trier,9'
F. E. lurts 92.'St, LicsA Keer , 'S.. {
TheEdto srs sdtsnsts heidsthiieseeresssn-
Is r boared of esitors iif '92'S
I astaliass te sen ecredlit fur sliten-
ergy assnd51isp l ick aeyhave shotiuteit i
atemp~tinigts get tip ca pubilii'atiion

jN icasrausgas,ascollectisonsof 005 very
( eelusalile wsosrks isaesigisseerinsg assd
contstreuttions, atndottSptasnish asnsd
O riesetal literatures.
I' To the Lam Classes.
'lTse literary 'lass of '93 desires to
cxpres'5 its hearty stsasnks to the late
classes sit the 'sniversity for the
kind invtitattioni lt participate its the
exersises if the' 2251, asas also to
i'itsgrettlate thterssit their sucess
issen sig so distinaguishedl a siecak-
as' fier lit' itccasion.

NO. 12 W. HIURON ST. Sring


itey nve'''''''s ''ir cMl i \Iies is ee'td inthis colum assitherit ieis
cclis I c les i ec'eieleace tc'sl~i ndeainesurished hy apply sir "a
tw le tee'ei iisiled, tt iii.'. iiDILYtsofftic.
tht l smefattre ' 's istaIsi n "c;oinesitllininewsites igare'ittsi'. iWi
ila iiceuucfaisicno'sV telethsat t'e iga'rs'stees'sill eeswi
is the beite~u .leiti iii t I 'vs it Is ii tec h av jis sct" ess cel d a stc k tifs e l' sieeiast
iil 'ieis I ''. sp)i itt e cseelll ril te ' ue t i s~l lis I ie'itts. 'T'es'e i'i7'ss'ittes
tire liteins't iiiposeteelilei-
hicasel 1ev ttaiil IIcause'tih ie ae itil iiinre eectlix orl 'iiis. as lie'y
suicc'lc'dlsnotwrithusti' niu..lleatlt, eii ii tic',ess th ties'nepes' retit. oeelio
liii,' ill pr ies.
sliat siaeiiv eiviiiris eef '92 . Ii're in-;i lien 'tieall iego lltsh. lFi Is's'
difrts c si toteelt ueillii'catiinand 'el 1ease leaIe atStirdsflti'('.
ceelicerere cien seittpoenciillitheis 'SPLIN".5 OOLEN,. - Th' ' itsl
oppostion to IsisssanIuisalleigsiIsitueptsited y-r li>enIs it
tits ittlsot suceeifinnsitaietlly) leti itthle IGook Hosecs I scilo 1hell.
(sl1t1.ewit tli Icoiisllte'line t'Srigg
tews' fied e'ioccpi ed. Wte itititiss ITeli' rei sstill Illig a '
thik tatsine te a~' r<i 7ule tlevi eleofl l]ll dress cnits os ieiisi
histie ei a ciii ist1 it 'rsr'itii~' poristid wsscttit silt itsthe lecst StleI
wa~s aele ii 'itii eisas lecc ies diicctlt t ic$3. T IIi iiSt oe t yiii fe' en'els s's
tht il ali'laloc~ip~5 (cefpc s itvesis BYsletss'iiosritaddreess scat tthe
thesethe isteleel t'idte ' larv il p i atl 'wiilsical on suit.lei,'l liss
cislias Is itsCek i sn le s s'i 's'is iil.sIts ii
lsesat is st~titeel itstielt'Iargie nitslushy. Si'r heti tittid si'e'Wild's iris'sstile
sisitiie's. Fifteens siterstia'en 'liIs
if aclrerlisesients atisath le raidllsale ts',Ft'e
that thst' (astaliasi is sauetisug stlls A;Lric hu iii'fNeetwasstr jusit secerirei
asr}eiils ltt~d~i t etes ..ea' n dstilo15lettersty leestill he, fiunin
and xr~l 1~oai'tesE'- tis-. Youiw5ill say-tlse'y-roi-sall
sielerasble s11rplus. Is it to behroptedilthse price 'rusplii) fir thesi elsesshere
that 'E;-stillmsinistasinisits rsettionr Mackl&, etcltiiul.
')Latdls ieofthles' I. itf . ewill flidsit
atar keep liltott, or event surpass '92r greatly to their tarvanttage to rcall o its
its the jiubllicatiosiofits Gast. scit wessisni i t ('df lotaks, [tress Geoods
sior Ftancy try Goodtis. Mtack & Schmid.su
thsougha to edo set,still retire a5 grealt Iiess' Ivtsekistuishses its bettustifulh
ieal of ability, lablor andsic me.s vstrieties, just receciverdstiMack&
.r"-$1 .9t5-80t0tsilk umbslrelltisss'irths '3t.5t
INTER-COLLEGIATE. titoe$4u.t0,smarkeds$195it a ck it'l

TEHALER, ' Suitings,
Respasissag a sprcialty. iiS'iTce MlINST.c
Ann Arbor Savings Bank Inaloons, r.
AnnusAerorMici. Ca pitil uterS,assst,00,
Orus Surpluse, $100.000.
reduncder thesenral Btcin uaLas
of elits tate. Ries'stDepsits, sueysstund 1IA n d.lsecag ntepiri iiso h
Viited Setese. raf'tscsedustiloer
irntiicion. Offtesue
W'.sis I).s H MsI'ts ,vic Pres., Fancy
St C5. H . I itsa s', Vi , sits r
ANN ARBORis. l:i.(est} L i's S'li 'ci l ii 5'i
SaudyEve.,February 27:JA1-S, 111STAFOPI
SaturN.daySuili letsi' r ,rl
Engag-etnt~t ofnte csttjt~sissucylrules.
The rin e an th Pau er u neCdi efects January 1 , 1,,92
' Fri~hiii i Mctiu'iisteerecif Marl.i'r'iusnss.
Th ] ii h'adt h i Pairs'. lust o.is t.sis r'isi'.uENupessArt 2i i~tsi .
"" A ~ onie y drttn n fou acts dramtizedbysGIGSOrd'htis .
monhat B' 50, 73nm BosonMacs(1 .$t.BH iNl h'es. hI...... . s tSV0poO
su 'TrainsIta50ylixtept(Sunday.
Pces.l beg75e anitseseh 00lug. HJ.BID. TIMOO S&GRENWOND,
- Sto sd tP O esSan. Gn ats AenStree ocrsAen,
ADISOE1 Cns tuhnAparngepeal niiel

Fcrly graduates of Acindoveer hiavre
formed ~ l~as llllipts Al umnusi Associa-
slots of Chicagos.

Hot uhlan lhiathss 101ceunts, s ster
Office Barber Shop.
Full lihne hew style collars, 4 ply, l5e
or ? tsr 25. Mshek & Selumish.

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