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February 03, 1892 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1892-02-03

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of'M a' short tinte ago, however, the prohlt)-
of'"J' itory lawe was repsealeci hy the faculty
at the requnest of the athletic Asso-
Patlist't tniy isetay exr~tet) aritgciation. .5toutriament is fnoss being
the Collegeeyear, Sby
THEU. F M IDEPNDET SSOIATONarrangedsto be hetetldFeb. i g, anct
THEU. F M INEPEDEN ASOCITIO te only Sling that tentds to mnar its
success is the great lack of interest

Sbetiptiost price It2-i0 per year, invatiabty
anavac inieiropiesat3rcents. Ott saleat
"teeuste and PYos t ttice'news stand as St!
o'co itoo. Suscripitionstmaytbe lefttat
Sh ce of athtSPDtILsY, Opera House sMirt, at
"'tieitni',at Stotlet's, srwitaiat oftte
edits, s.
o'lok .'. t they ate to appar the teat
lay. Adtitess all omatter initendteit tnt'publica-
ttio to lie Matnagitng Editor. All buinsest
comuicatniis shsouslit te sent toteBui
Ann Arbor.,SMieh.
S. IW. Ccicri cc, '92, M atnging FSittti.
(i. t.. CITA PIrTtA,1-, 5Assist.SINoTiginag Editor.
it. E- i Esi'stsit, '55, Asst. Sitgiinptg Edtitor.
J.1 1'. 'Sii s'2, Bu tsitirs iatitigir.
1'?. . c1> sc., '9at, Asist.ttositess 55 titer.
C'. N'. tticss-fs, 'Sit, Assist. Butsiness Stttt'gar.
W.1. itt Eso.'at. I .1.sI. AtNELt. 'at.
Sit.Ni isa tats. '2. CHSit .sstxv, tW'.
cr.itt .a1,t oj A~xtiS GS i'i t titt a. '94.
F. E. itt~txtitr5, 'li. LIA ctn 1 c, 't.

mtantifestedi livthe stidiettbody its
getteral.'fThis is a lettetntable state
ofi affairstatd shtotildlte retmedlied.
(li'amonitg te lis is there ainy
in terest mantifestedt, anttieven Stare
it is not us great as titiget he expsectedl.
there is to sort ini which see find
outr studietits indullging to a fair tde-
grey. .A11 aiit iontanti desire Sit it
so imoire itser steeis tisa extinti'.
'There is ino reasnsit whety 'sicligait's
studentitosisouitli e sit teglegetit atad
act soitnditifferentlyins iithis tmatter.
'titnioibenefit is thretderived
fromtieniterintg stithtspotrts isan ideia
ws'hich shtoutldntbe lhelsI lyvany
studtiti.for such swould ie 'otr Sary'
tit te idea lieldi by munts tfSte
abtlast insitructtors ii i orSitletit ti

7Y + ilotos. Ness'antd iSecondhadittt~
TIok University Booksellera.B - - State Street.
-.ta Foper Bereek; stctdrCits asstcielS it ttsp-t c()e
Fu lettir, adittv ]f g t t St A us) Ftp c t-
.1. SI TAFFOBI), l
PHOT GRA"HEJ. A"]. fs't't-stsii
NO. 12 W. HURON ST. Telne
leitii & Sati are' uttkitg Ste'fllow-it as ion i
ing StylSis ii i 'liellow ani blute buttsit.


'Te Editrs Sitoino toldthemsciialsson- colleges. Phiysicat exercise dtiv etd
silile tfor thec'iopiiions sir stateietititiofit uts's- frottietiterintg athletic gameis is iof
pitoets, app~eairinithe iiDSAIY.
____________________________________ immtenset value t a student for it
Emtostelietiefit of athiletit's at te asis liin tobothitiiilnd tiand ibody.
'. itf Ni. ini te futuore, it is So lie Sltdents, swhy isit cast tiff this iii
liopteiitit te votmmuittee if t'e iiflerenttfeeling?' litter swithi as sill
1,.,# +.ile to- ititig,,i; ciittuer4-111 1 t


t9 S. MASN ST.,

lite of Iti.ce
1(Gods So set''
froisi. (C'til1fur
us fitie fli ii

fatSy So twho~seijuigmtet Sias teeni
referredIte miatter tif grantintgte
base italiltenamlaistea lays' leance of
aliseince, for anteastern lvii, i.leil
reisortfas'orabslysitnte ptiitioni ire-
settesi Noltinsgiserhapis aitis morie
potently intshie crentiots attdco0nser-
vatiotn of a college athlietic spirit
thlanth ie rem~iniscentces of tile iprom-
itteist victories of te base-bali club.
('ontfinse tisese victories, or defeats,
to tShe sutrrounditng mittor townis, ansd
the enthlusiasnm createdisy te bil-
liant recortI of last year's cliuit sill
gradial ie u itandttibist tall at
the ).' of A. wsill soonH le little
muore Stiati a nmemlory. 'l'he theory
that sticisa triip wottiditendl only' So
yrenta a lasity if college wcork
amiontg the players is scarcely a tent-
aisle sue, oandlte class stanintg cif
the tmettbers softe various athlletic
organlizaltiontsswililSlot sear tile critic
St i th icnttobserv'ationis that such
spsorts swork So te ietrimtenit of Sue
stutient. 'The timae sisenlttinsati
eastern tripi sili be iby 510 Steans
tist, atndSteclass woirk, temp~orarily
tiegiectesi,sililiby ani extra effort
soonS be niade up.
A1 year or mtore ago an order seas
issued by the facauty itnterdicting
tse sttudents frot itntdulgitsg in
wrestling, sparring atnd kindrerintih-
ietic sports. Since tihat timie but
uitile interest ihas been taken in suich
mtsaters by the studenathotly. A

it ise chiaracterizeid li a sipirit tit
weil b le a (,reiiit Si)oteAssoition
stud to te partiipants.
Webster Soceaty Program.

Stn tIf5S 5 stidtiittreceittof price'.
f OIIIS si& t SON, ANsNARORe,' MIeH. S.Alatt Sires'.

'Site followeig proigramtictill lie
reinderedi iy te Webster 'o01ety O. K. B.ARBE:R SHOP)
tis eventing: nt lsn t 'tteta, Si~~at i
M....S essrs. Shtiippatnd arr
Essay .......................------.. 5.Hall J. R. VROJANOWSKI,
Ssatiatt..........._.. .amstieBordeaux t30iP.. Wctasingtont., Annt Artsor. SMichigani.
Reb'ate. "Resolvedat,'it a tittrerSal Lan--_________________________
gniage is P'racticale.''
Affirtmativte..-----------.-R Sth lippi 'ilie fsacultyof te Uiveicrsitv if
Negtiv ---------------Drak Mrti' iscontsintthuste sasolishued examnta-'
Mining Companies Contribute. tiouns escept wuhere te class standuittg
fals utlows''5 itper sent.
'Sue filloinst'ig ('5tlhShhtti~lc tso te - -"
M\iiciigiti Utie'tsit~y gvtltltsiilmll (S.C BnSINESS LOCALS.
reportsdtsy Ironit. Peter Whute: INaturro iiuserted int this columnititat ltre rate
T'S' Ci'velandsSCSif sCo ----------- - o o fsitSOcenls per litue. iSpueilrattes ti'r Stinger
'The (5iuinry Minin o ------------- 1 0 it te D IY 'fitie.t
iTe Rtepubiltic rontt o---------------------- 100
'aeThe kSuuiserusr Irontt ('us -------- )0o Lot-ml- gmt l Spiii Episilonti FOSS
Te Chamion traon Co-s. . . . -- a inht. INthiSe tilm W 0. It. Wilsoni
She Pttsurgan akt le Angeline C-----. oerugltsles oSS huatk. sinide'r pies'
_- teos' it Stewatrad's office.
Tosttl ---- ___------------ 5 'AnSetrhuenf Nsekssettr jttsti'ec'eis'ed
-Ishtpeinitg DiJsly itress. aindi no tietter styles still be found ini
OIfte abose amiosunt $450 stas ts-t tt tl a hyis teiui
the urice visit isad-fort hiemi elsewhere.
constributecd hueIsihpemtintg Sruiig Mutek & Schitds.
complianies alotte. Lasdies of thue '. of M. wilt findi it
greastly tst their advanttageu to vcsit sn tus
- 4" - when int teedt of Cloaks, D)ress (Goods
.Amhuierst sill erect a uset e itrti or Fsancey Dry Gosods. Macek & Sehitds.
cal laboratory,nat a cost of $fo Lo. adies' Mackin~toshies in beautifttl
varieties, jutst reeeived Sat Mack&
Ioni.' J. J. Inugalls in a etter toSO eimis's.
te corresponding secretary of S. L. $1 .9.5-800S silk umtbrellaswothi $3.50
A. ays -.t wuldto i$4.50, ntarkesd $1.95 at Maek &
A.sys: "'tsod give tme great Seitoid's.
pleasure to mteet the students of te Hot stud cold hathis 10. cenuts, at Post
F'. of sit. of wehose itntelligetnce ansd Office Barber Shop.
Fnll tine ntew style collars, 4 ply, 15c
zeal I save iheard so muchi." or 2 for 25. Maek & Schmitt.

Toledo, Ann Arbor and North
Michigan Railway.
'Fin.' Catd in oflet tDeeetru, ISil
Arttval at tratins at AntueArbtor etty.
Nut1. tailtandtExprecss........ 7.m
Ns. 3. PassgerAnnt Arbuor Acrine.),*t00iom
Nutt. StttitttPtssentger. ...... . 2 .m
Ntu. 2Sflil S'atcenger. Sttctu..-118.uu
Nut. 4. Stall Esprest .... ...... s 40p.
No. 6i. Passenger. SToledot Ar'rtt. ... t 00 a. m
Tiseeocanetd 0 ssutn betwieenAmatAruborsitu
Toledo nltuy.
C'entral StandaredTime.
All TranstcDaily exeptt lSny.
We. Ht. fENNEtr, 1V. S. otstitwosttt
Gteni.Fass. Aent. s.eat Agetu.
State Street Grocers.
Ststdeests patronage especially solicited.

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