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January 25, 1892 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1892-01-25

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C ~ g "~~jI~~ atmospthere of University Hall for
"I O M 'a ; t'L fully a half hsour longer. An andi-
ence shouldl show its alprieciation-of
ibibdDily (tinda ecepte)'duingan especially ine effort by one or
THE U. OF M. INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION twvo encores; after that the encores'
siinlyl seers to protong the program
and tire those who are giving it. If
subsription prine$. e vtriyeai'n', orsl thisprioriscuous alpplaurse continnes
no~nsadPositfiteewsvistarndiat 12 it will n rot lie long lbefore tectuirers
'clocki, rno. Subscriptians tsar be left at
tire ofiice(onethe tinhrs, OperaHonase binek, atO o ciet t('omrpanilies cumr ig here
, eana's, at stofifiet's, ore withi any of tirewil iicimnsidler tire encore tirrrt)ly a
Comm nicriationsshioilr leaich thfire rirrbe agyatdn ttsain fmrt
o'clock P. ui. it they sreeis appear the rent Tire oinioni of a tUniversily audi-
ray. Addtesns alt maiter intended for publics-er
tions en the Managing Editor. Ail briiness etcc shldir carry soare iieight twith
cormuniatiinssshould be test to irehBnt'- it, but thris miethodl of entcoring still
arsManarri'.sirpypoueteopst fet
THE U. of X. DAILY, rl rrlr' teottst fet
Ann Arbor,Minis. We Ihesitate cti relieve iliac this np-

*Beautiful Ghri~tmap it
A 1) F1IN. ART IllES T

-- - _
_ - ' b .,

i~ Is theiLEADING SCHOLofifsiit'-IIiE
-Fur depaimrrtis-icmn sir al. tetsIrcol:
crnarinsrtNrioi- &t guih.iririiatdianI
btudents athistdisopsiiosi.
Fo rcitalogue, nddress P.tR.I Li lit Piresideni.

S.W.'RTiss, 'i2, Mianaging Eiiitre.
G. iLi.irtiAN, 'it, Assist. Managing Eitorr.
WI'.i tic-PIrtia, '93, Asst. Manrraing Edrtoe.
liiiib'ixr ir,'93.As~tt.Biirritressi.'rir'rr.
Ct W. tciwi, '94,sist.Auinsa gr
E. J Mck'I H~;,'2. c'tr.io. ii nn.'lt.
'.E tirers, 'st.
ie r is ripinionstiriaiestatemtias ofitre
irrrdrirts, raperigill" the ILrYti.
'lire nlass of 'o; lit, being comi-
posed almrost entirely oif tInepeni-
hints, uhis dccidhed that thece is 110
rise for a tiresideterlainrl vic-presi-
lent of thre claiss. We 'egret very
tuuh thisnt;rioniiiithit'pari of the
class, for though threosices in dies-
tion are not useful, still they migirt
Ire at least conisideretd honorable,
and Ire given as a reswardl of merit to
students worthy oif theis. '9,3 lit, has
especially distinguished itself in other
things, and tre heartily hiopedI that
i wol stl moe dsigihitself by stopping tire grossing lets-
dencty in /1histUniversity of treating
class officers as niece figurre-tieads.
Sitch action is riot calciulatedl to raise
irs very ciuch in tire estinsationi of
tither 'cslleges, especially thiose of the
east. We piretenrd that ire are seeke-
ig somre tray to deceloip a c lass
pride so as to spur its otn to greater
achileveents in all tines of tivier-
sits' w'irk, but twhat helter stirsis
there to d~o it than to elect class
officers of atbility andimierit lto repre-
senst antI cellecclcredlit ipors their
respective classes at C'ommenicei' ntl

latse 'amei fromr lhe students, for
so far as routl.t le obtserv'edlthe
applause carre fronsitithise trihoiare
list frequientiers if tire camputrs. We
trust that irs the future thre studrent
auidience ray be perimittedl toiexpress
its appriobationi or rdisapptroblationsoc
thatthc erirt trill liii go abiroand
thit U t'.f\T. studrentis carttell a
gorod errtertar imentifriiimra pirrrionie.
Notiices inrs'etrtdinis columrirniat threrate'
oifil0'c'rtipertline. Special eates lirelsager
timeand extra litres furieiidiby'apiplyiaggnt
tire DAILYihetic.1
ILaieiis' 1laekiiitristes ini beauitifuit
varieties, just. receivedi nt Msackn &
'tir' sale orf ticetls for iAles' dne
Satliinistiroiippieaiiiatt thre(irandt
Ohperar lourse, ion 'lirsdaray eering
rext, ini the'Thire(Gurdirsmi'n, swill
oteri on 'Iuesdiay mrinrg at liar
stiltlib' $2100,11. 1Siand $1.00.i.All re-
serverd seasadown stairs still be $210
and seasamiay also be reservedriniitire
gallery at $t.50.
A newr tine of Neekwear just received
aind io better styles will he forunid ins
town. Your wilt say they are aore-hsalf
tire price you pay for thrns elsewhere.
Macek & Sehids.
LorSTi.-A leathrer brig containinrg a
silver -vtcns with etigrasviig, AW. N.,
1886.intrder stilt pleaise leave. at
Stewnard's ofiier and receiv'e rewardi.
Rloorn-niate twantedl. Calt att1
Frill litre new style collar's, 4 lily, lac
or 2 for 25. Mack & Sehmidt.
Ladhies of tire U. of M. still fnit it
grenatly toi their aidvanitage to call snurs
wshen iii teed of Cloaks, D~ress Goods
or aincey Dry Goods. Mhack & Sechnid.
$1.95S-8010 silk uimbtrellars worth $3.50
to $450ni, markedt $1.95 at Masec&
Sr hidn'a.
ItorirniS: Serrare omakiniglire folltow-
tig styli'siayillows' iaind ie buttons.

$:t:it per reek;

J. 1At. ScriorarDnrceiOtttre
7 i Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton
F INWF Thre Leader IR. Rt
ira isl ahinnrns li Li'. 'iTo liio .... . i"+' i45 J10.5 :330 n1.ii
A S u ]Lechantt Tail- iDesthler .... S. 1iii Slit 4.S 6 1i.5i I
"'o orIrag. FI tiic '-,Siney.... list47 ni.95 ,.V0 3.1
Piua .... .. II l I 'ut es 5rut
li120ne ut' I IeC i narnnrn ... 1'iii rut s to-50T a ilo
Goods inn select C nnnir.s.. 2.:35 it c lo.i
froarn. ('tll fur Indiaunanpl ._ . 4. 5 t 7.45;it 3 92
a fine fitting It iiSrnnnt- 'hny
.a.'rIhe' unrlyltru e ating 'rolsuurirathi'eciln .
Stilt. b ic h yoini-uncan seceurr Sieeinro''on~i-
rr'achinrg('isinnai rley foiiown g n10a nin1u,.
i-taruneCars on Daist' runSurar ians. hDirect
i9 S. MAIN ST., (2, 11itt cnnetriotnstwthball t ern La ines. See thin
i-ouriets nread ita-inCi. . &D., biii n -
ANNRBO. MCH A7 .1'V. sr ( . tr..n sum, CitncnnatrinIininapouisi.
A~~~~~~~n~D B.O.' n.0 eht rrhi RTRACY, N. P.A.
!) 15 5 ERtEsoN Aca. DETROIT


ruNE NIHuT tiLr.

Toledo, Ann Arbor and North
Michigan Railway.

Plithni, -nm'. a
Claiss, t5c.

'T'Ev.It In'feels imptiedectoiiagahinh
enter its pirotest againstl the psromnis-
c-uouns app~lautse so ciomimtonr intt'nii- ,
sersity hail. Last Saturdlay evening .
at the len-lure ori Nyc atn (I lhnrltanjc
a hinditred or so nu tlhe audience nit Serint ltiie tna receipt of trice.
2500 simnphy imptosed uponathte otlicr HO1 IM m&. SON, -.
2400. Sorte of thur encores wrere Detroit, liehi.
wrholly unscalledh for, and, simsply,. J.- i- i..L.... R
secured to keels the asudiensce sittintg - -
on the. hardI-esats 'i41t=they.:.ojp4ttessive Riepairinig a specialty. 46 SOUT-tI stt.

T'imt-Card in effectaDecemaber 0,189it
Thursday Eve., January 28th'. Arrntivaofrionsat AinArbonr snar.
Specain t'S-emin-t io f GOIur Ra THaru.
No. 1. M ail ad Expres - 7..., ." . in' . iin.
N.3 asrAnn rAeror Aunun -12i 00urnom;
SALV NI :~o..> ailPasengee- --........i4.5p. In.
Nun. 4. trait x r s .......... 4 .il
TheHeo o te RmaticDrma llDums'Nun.nti.-rnorrros'r, 'iTolendo ttirit -' trill a, .
C'elebrattted-;Mtepi'etrce', Trsk andturd unti btweetAitrm Aubr anui
Cenitral tanndard T'imre.
"The hree uardonen~n AlltTrnins Daily'exnept urnay,.
"TheThre (xard tr~n ni .i.ENNE'T, t.SGREtENWnOO,
Gn. Pass. Agnti. ucut Ageunt.
"Oiefo a u ntilalt aor n e.,i , _______________________________
Mr. batsvini isi tit'yongi-et 'itgreat:atnts
a~ndthege'ate'sttraitsyuni cons, untillnti
suportedtin this rengage'nttt byKh l
Andttnls CompanryufiPlayestturier rite dures £ iII
to atti.si. Wrltissun.
i'ihe P1;iCEhabse barn fixed at $2t0 r1 5il
and $1.00rndseats maybe bad at ntePontopn e'=
Nevs 'Stat aTuesndayrnmornin0g.

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