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March 22, 1897 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-03-22

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pupil of the renowned author; and tis o "
f Z9 fart ads to the interest of the article: hr igah n eitulpr
Ps dtished Daily (Sundays excepted) daring senal remuiniscenaces are tbotih given.y 0UWH" v H A
thfiteswar t ti accordance with the recently adopt - Is rather an important subject
TENVESTOFMCIA. col customs of presenting aix editoriol ~ ~ just at present. If you
OrrXE: Ttimes buitding, 79 S. Main St. te- smlonuebr fthbadM.
twe iet adWlimSs.wn l h points of service,.
zlI-GN DTR Sunderlaiid also contributes a short sye fit and cCony we've
J. F. THOMAS, 97. reism te prospectis o itehilo-> bust the Coat you're looking
AS'°T DANAGINVG JltTOlI s'pliical departoienit.
F.S. Oxanas, '9Pofesor .
ProesorL. R. tlench ssis'clsnles theii, I'.It's nobbyneat, and satis-
H. n. SKILLMAN,' I L series on "Graduate Stoudy at MNii. J factory, and priced at a
gIUsIESS.AAEO gain University.' by preseting tie po- I j very reasonable figure.
0. 10. HANS, 'OS. sitois of the Gerimans departent ini iI~ N T
EDITORS reard Is the adlvancid couirsess stired s ________
E. L. Ounsoco,'98 L. H. H. COowIN'i , i er1ai9Poiiin at igrheI OL
F. M. Loomiso,'98. BHemon LAxistO'. li, PRICE ______ SI2 allonOO
ASSOCIATE EDITORS oilier contributiones is a thou ,Jtl and ii E1~i~~7 o
01. 0W. lxahes,9.0. S. 01. Omith,'07. eans pic of ory coted, - Plenty of other stylus at other
1+. A. FactS, 18F. O. 0. Smith,'" "b ''07 Pglat I s FP(e Dnss /- .~ 5 rc soene higher, some
01. P. Morill, '9S. G.D. ttsdnot,00. Iall-right
C. Lull, j., 99M.0. eevigtiurbl iiii(io" ~ ~lower,bhtal-ig o n price-
aia esay b Alie Fr~n Th F1 -~r-_ ... __ - right in style and quality.
asNsa yAiePovi TePiii Look ovet our stoclk of Spring Suits and Overcoats. All tastes
usfles Ifar sytiiti iliseAimerictnt tevolti- cnht.iit.W'e-vr.vrettoulrprcs
The sobscription price of the Dily is $2501 liii.iwis'otgtii, an a isshirt s(i icnbenc.Wevg.ryvrey tppla rcs
Inr thecolliege yee, wish a regular deliveegry s ci eiises iy ltizl5I' '
befoseenon echlsdae. Notices, commanioss- t0el en tr"1 a lte
lions, adotheerisatter intendedt toe pottica-
tioin mast he handed in at the Daily soice be- Ititrlst ii0 tric it sue0-nutie edasisl Of-.
fie 3 p, .,moe waited 1o She editor hbefnoreSI3
p. in., of the dingpreevious to shottsinswhich tc iIili isinhuiclss sf 0tug.lytic
theare ex epectedto oappoise.
Subscriptionsomoy be lft at The tDothy)(,Ills 01suse Ain-denic evolution for 'iuixnfun
Office, Meyers orStofhlet's Neusstuisd seor
with Bussiness tiannogee. Suseihecsilcuss- (tubshtiessay oilstho 'subhjectit'-i tedl.
leroaforneby repoeting peomptly nt this ____
office ass failure of caeries todelis-e pper5c. thu itseustiaisls il(the Ihuiuds e ,in- " I--
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Prs-f. .'lagg, of iles I'iisi'ssgity o y 10 l t' iu Iuth/i ie 5
Chnicagos, s-silt i s it 50 tl liiitic to' h1 iteusny o tsrssuliuehtseiiu (lie i/s-el I
i-onnection betwentssi' eu ii'Amaiteise A/il -I i - btt il' il-t/sucssis
ide Ouusuout1.5 Asoiei ut'u'u i slush Ilieltuoh e Ii '.1 lu ne an sI-sitN \1e \Q1Sj
legiate .\iiateiuAthletci 1-en iuis. fIt1( s is ise u nih offe t/ Its rci lutr.. i s\\h 5/b0bg
irfess'r i/ni-,tsvo1/0(0 u lbe i/j/' 110151 551' 5l I -1f1hises' il hs'op Il-e' sty. A7i5 se- - ~ m~
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hs-ts is 'uu~i'ui ilcats u iun il-ils-, April5
"letsdi.o peits- lese t"us tonisasust us s-u-5 iiO oituesIii suusess~ t
tratisusT fe on'i lf sl rii. lie sit Y 01,' O ae eueuj
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pets. flits shslilibus1 svocimhul tis sail its litesu(tto sll of '"flue T I ris a u f'('o--"
like'AVs. I. A. A. :1A .1, lut busi lossin 1~. iutui if Iss- ' sss soI' hit
sa e recseni onish i it10 u l ihi 1;10 to si t i'i . ssits sit. hits' ltfissuans --
herest i' li i e, th iituentio
of tine A. .A. h. 111 o u°IitsiI t/1C I 1m us1- lus g'ssc-us ' u
of attendsinig. S"sillut he phis!esrs
tus of this boschof gaseeris e u oe h'su 'ssuuu' 'usuusis' u us
svisle-d by the an Si-i's of auslsins'. 'ii' >., t()iututross- snonussg.
Itoasteuss hsuieeesshhsginue ,Assoiaini/ishusMWRm N
wsithsdrawssn feozthe(ii..-A . U.andl 5.si'O I-O. FORSALE. M n H N -
P~3scals operating chainussiaI.011 "
tin unavestaeuss-uis t' cuirel, inentls. ttt.ShO tus $7.0/. ss Thne 1.597 DCNJ-H R BICYCLES embody snore mica-and genuine improele1st-s-s
leaf. Stasgg sushol his'suptessld hsy lie selinal lbook,,. t'ersuuuhis'& 840110,in cous e uteueion thaonniny otlier bicycles nose beforeline pumblic.iNever betorea Is 50
etner ovestern. institsutio.s fmisgi stsTYpsilaniti.,-susecuellestuluesobeen offeresifoteitmionsey. Our neo n se, cossatmng of55 l
ohs.. m.1 ss..i,.o7 OS ,. a sO nod'; . _,3 a her 1 obe,._ e _). m_ aci-nL' es__ omuuh. c'- t . oesis i's s__ sus


Inlandor Out Tocday.
Todilsigthe MasrchiInlanusdeusappews,
thus supltaive edition of thssyeasr.
'Thle mosts/ seriterlu'isproduusucin is
'Tine Esid of a thong Lane," a literary
and internestinsg bin of wr-itisng, ii
which thec culiar dentures ofa
povserty strickeis isroine' itsChicasgom
arc grihinulypitsured. 'fle sksetchn
is trtue to life, aintd sas ightly giveum
the inssstes'Iiece price fin tine local
sort sissy. The Irice i0 a esoilete
set of itne English Classics awhicehione
read in Professor Denisons course iss
English M~aster'pieces.
To stuts of history tine sketh of'
Ernst Curtius, the nmost famous of
nmodern Grecian iistorians, will isrove
very readable. The writer of the ar-
ticle, E. R. Sunderland, was hiniself a

Lsost--letos-euu fifths sos. uains
'ft'10rsu1 St.notn AV, illianss ., a, 1/oiabet
bosskot. isstsiising; uusuiiuS-, ideaf t unit-I
os-ner's caessi;. Rtlc ossril s omue or
sung insforuatsn., 27S. Fifith ase
Lost-Oin Sunidamy, Maclm14, a stick-
tin, a gnld haind holding a peach.Rec-
wand -at 34 tKingsley st.
Bablsn Coal is THlE BEST.
All gm-des of mord ammd noft Coot.
Camel Coal and Coke.
Telephone No. . One door East of Ameni
can House.
Bicycle Repairing!
In all br'anolen neatly and pus rptly done.
Prices reasonable. Sundries at rock-'ssttnm-
Wi. J. Wenger,

sis's-us-ieus opstionus offered, is sash that line mosS exacting puchasse cuss bo ul
Cano be scsureduiusthuRand, Mc~Nally &5, osha insll bring godureturns to
isudenutsfor tisis soilsdumni v vacatiomn. 'Onwish 1Iiepesenlsli ceo on our
Atlases, lsupsad otiher publicuntiono.
Hy Robert N. Tookter, M1 0-, of Chiaeugo Sludicusi Coulege jsust issued, is Thue
bosh foe Medicali Students. Catalogue and circulars send on applicaioni.
W~e want us few st~eeillrepresentatives in She College. For Subs position
experiemnccd look nien should write us at onose, tating pasS expeience.
RAND, McNALLY & 00., Chicago.
on ete dl~ ;;et
ter pound, 45)tm
Streiet, is Y lmn

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