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October 06, 1896 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1896-10-06

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-Pblshed Daily,(Sndays excepted) due.n
- the Cllege year, at
OrFICE: Ttmes biltintg, 7S S. Mate St. be-
tween Liberty anti William Sts.
E. BZ. SoUoucLAs, '9.
. . itANS, 'lit
.. F. TootAS, 'ill, Asitant.
E. L. Getuner, '50L. R. . Udterwed, '.5
F. I. Leami, '9. . S. Status, '99.
C. M1. Gree, 9. G. B. Harrion, St') L.
W. WV.Highes, 'lS S. W. Smit, 'S.
B. B. betheany. '9. Loisle Detge, 'l.
Lla. J Dieineen. 'liii H. B. Silman, '99 L.
W.' P. Mrrill. 'i. . l',ran'9.
A. M. Smith, 'SI.
Butler Lamb. W. I. \Whitcmb.
3 S. Thayers.
Bourn at Dilityficer reat i:0t) 8:0 p.M
The subtriptin price of the Daily it0x.0
for the college yeae. with a regular delivey
beore aon ech day. Nties,. cmmutnica-
tlus and ther matter' inteded for pblica-
tiocn met be huned i at the Daialy ethere be-
foe eip m.or ma d-lto the editor beforee3
p. i., el the day Iiioleatotethat n eiok
they are e'peted t near.
There will e a hiliv of ltie Dily
Boardt omiirrow lfiri *l«iuat 5
o'clock, in Rootit9, Seutli.INI '.,Thi
will be avtry iwtlori;it 1 Gtng.
sinceeatrranigemenitsufor thit're-oe',gclil
izaiolioft11te Board ae to h'be ctt'
All prsosterefort,,hose utictts
110 'pdpear uptotit the list of tdttr',
aindilwh118)eseire' to ri'miaini outieteil
with the aier, Xwiii pecseliepresent.
Aboetre oiltie part of ayoe will le
inet'preted 'as a wish 1o reig,id
uniess a tttitale excuse is given, ile
uatine of stch persoti will e idropei'i
at once.
We lre very sry to learn 1thatlt'
negotiations for bringing Dr. Diep-
folde to Michigan Uiversity this tll,
have not eeti sccessful It is a
groat pilly tti isiit to this cotory
must be so hurried, fot' there is ino
University iii Atmerica that swold lit
be delighted to 'hear hin. tor semi
timse he has been the director of the
Getnan School of Archeology lt
Athens. He wats for years tilt'frindt
ahd assoiaite of Sctloianin. At
Olymtpia, at Troy, at Tfyrins, at Mly-
cenwc, on the Athenian Acropolis,,
and in dzes of oler historic lcali-
ties in tlfe'e, he has done extensiv
excavating addatained thenost
wonderful reslts. In the iy f
Athens at the preent tilme, extensive
remains of ancient dwelling hoses
lie unearthied arouni the bae of the
Hill of lieu Areopags, the comlelte
meiraning and value of which are still
unknown, since Dr. Dopeld, wits ex-
cavated them, has as yet been unable
to publinh the entire results of his
work. In the realm of the ever moot-
ed questions clustering about Greek
archeology, Dr. Drpfeld les esme
most prominent by his thefies re-
speting the stage of the Greek thea-
ter and while it annot e said that le

has unden ably'" roved his losition,
Is. opplinis have meate nis.ittogress
ini disiot;Ing' of it. Dr. Do'pfld is ti
Compa~rtsively yotugmant-oly forty-
three yearts of age-yet ili is now
wilileotidioubt thi' very is) living
athiority ons the areltileclral history
f Gtre'tct. We esigraul'it' liii east
'ret institt.ions oct their gooil fortute,
andieyetwt'e cnntt ettirly tvodl e
feeling' of dsappiitmen itlt i ben g d'
irived of aci sit frottil).
Systematic Cheering.
'l'Daily lis rct'.'u'id tie' folltv-
lng t'otoiutiilcititt frotm '. Bill,
ytilltcsit' ou thtti'ootal gameis:
Last yeare li'sitljeci of s stmtici
len'ig t the .AtletcPit'ht w's
brouight ut antl givin consiterablie
csiii'itiot by teDily. It sas ft'n-
charctr.ws'cs niii)so eiffeetvileswas
so bei'expeced feit he ll'ge not'svI
tif lli'ge etthtusiasts-. Noise =aolle
tacit not win gatmes. Bit spirit's',
payig swill lst' gatmes fr even hlti
lust ltels. Andnth 0 icitplays15with-
ont sirit atl hatt when i is sperre
.011 by lithe'tn'ioutagitg cheers- of a
ifxpeeie'neu' ics shown that it is dt"
siraibe' 10ae regudlar liiters to tdi-
reet theceteritg. Strethgianitdhrg
tlcarit ctn e h'elst sittettinlitthis
wvay suitdt' staition lii'etriats is
mutst e'e'l'ideisribtte'i. Vi'he a gaie
is lose' andt exiitig it is not a iffithult
taskc to get a osig yell from tti
roswd. Butttwhien tliii' cnis oe-sidet
and the iee'st of tte' plyts fag,
wheni victory setms sere or wvhe'n
dfiat seems ievalit is tttn
itiat systemtiicchrteetig Awill1prov'
t-fecive. 'Tiii'players idcraw fthe i t
ttiii'ctiiltlft'siii te cowid. If te
crowvd is entihussiastic, Itll of the sirst
of vitory or stauch antid hopeful itt
thei ftace of defefact, so is fietueamicandit
thiir pltyig shows it. Anti no eitci-
iier whacit het'gimet, wie trfcrie'i'lly
ceritciti to hut a vicory or ovewi'lli-
ingly a, efea, yet 'Miligctt's teans
sholdti lwcasscys lo their tiigtis.
Ttie habit of calwvcys 1119y100hril
stcys with av tecitm.acditaill hatit is
otnly se'curedthtrougti cott eil eioss-
agi'ementandtie trest ftomi the crewe.
Aitde frotm the e'ii'etrage'tse'it give
the home teait, there is atother oh-
jet to be atanedt tn the denonstrca-
tions by liec rowsd. Tgeterwte
lie clcic thcat Mie'iigtee has strong
temls, shotlit the claitt be macdie with
equatlpidlee, acd h'l tnei'iable, that
she trets her geests corteosly andf
honorably. Every plaer os the vsi-
to's teamo is a guest of the entire
student body, Whether he is vilor
or vancquisedt, li' is still te gtest
andi he alw ays deserves thu fullest
cocrtesy. When a gmte is loe, fee-
lng runs high, but no player oc a
hocue teami ever apoved of a slight
or insult to a visiting player by rie
crowd. For he always remetbers
how such -things impress hicn whene
le is on 'a strange field and ficicg a
prejudiced crowd.
The man who shouts out a malicious
personal jest about one of the oppos-
ing team gains at laugh fromw some of
the crowd ut le does leis college It
world of harm.
Visiting teams compare ntes on the
treatment they receive at Various
places. The reputation of a place

Jy y ; °F ! 4 Fk
( a _ { 111 .
e .
- _- ! ;

w-ln tht jury of shoe buy ecs and is
ours by a heavy majority. Footivear
should he top quality. 'T'he feet can't
stacid anytineg else. Prices should ho
lowv, so ccs to keep the shoe tax within
hou'nds. You svon't feel our slice
pricees, hat they swill cmake ou3'tfeel
pleased. 'tfhoeetire no corn growers
like baid shoes. Cotuie to us tnd get
soneting that you ian svear yonrself,
insteadl of the, shoesve'aring your foot.
L. GRUNERNoSS" 5kas St.,

' C tlt S ilts
The Illustration shows you one
- of our
Tailor 'Made in every resrpect
except the prices, which are
*$12.00, $15.00 AND $18.00.
1ob!e's Star HItio ouse
PRINCTON ACK.35 S. Main Street.
Shoes Shined FP E To All !
39c Shirt Sale!I 98c.
One Week Only, October 5th to 11th, Inclusive.
Colored Bosoms Fancy and Phain, warranted not to lade,
$1.25, $150Oand $1.75 SHIRTS---------,.- 9G
A fine ine of White antd Fancy Bosom Shirts all Laundried 0 flf
were 75e, this week - - --- --- ------ --- ------- Ce
Corresponding Reduction in other White Shirts.
..Gents' Furnishers and Hatters...
44 South State St,, Ann Arbor.
Cenme in and get your Shoes Shined Free Every Day-I ?I!I
Chauncey M. Depew------------------------------- Oct. 10
Leland T.?]owers-------------------------------- Nov. 30
Boston Ladies' Symphony Orchestra---------Dec. 11
Charles A.Dana____________---------------------- Jan. 21
Ex-President Hrio-------------Feb. 1
Luther Laffin Mills, (Chicago Alumici Number) - _- -----Feb. 12
Imperial Quartet-------------------------------- March1l2
Oratorical Contest------------------------------- March 19
Lucius Perry Hls--------------Apri1W 2
John Kendrick Bag-------------April 13
Depew Number $1.00
Harrison Number 1.00
Orrtorical Conest 1 25
TICKETS 100W ON SALE-Reserved tickets en sale Thursday, Oet. Sib, at xalmer's
drugI stare, State vtreet, and WIahr's beek stare, Sale atreet.
JAMES H. PRUITT, Corresponding Secretary.

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