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October 03, 1894 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1894-10-03

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Time Table (Revised) July 1 184
Alailand Ex ___403 M uill-------S4
NY Special---5 1 N.Y. specal._ lb0
Easters Eu-- 1 I25 N. S. Lomiedbl9 5
AM. aicFads. ho I2i1.
Atluntic Eu ... 7 47P.M
. N. Epress---- 5l0 WeernEx---15
G. R. Epress ___11 0 Chi. Nt .x--- 10 2s
G. R. E _____5 7
0..it lc ILES, A. 1.AEe-
GO . '. g,,thicago .t.,AnuAbr
It iswellibefore levsng hee wheher
fo busnessrpeaueostdeel upn a
htel ad therbyavod confusoa.
Whe yuuvisi Delrot w would be
pleased ao haec you stp at the ad
"'Franiklin Haue," c. Laned
and Bate St., whore you wilhavea god
mealiand aclean bed at moderate rates.
The huse has beta reevated from tp to
bottom, and issow in fist-lasi condition.
Manis, 35. Lodgings, 50.
Pr Lay, 150.
Represents Every Deprtnileit
of the Univeisty
$2.50 PER YEAR.
Big Four Route
lEST LI\F 7.'
Through Sleeping Cars
Petoskey, Louisville and
E. . llcCt)Ri1ICf, 1D. I. IARTIN.
Poe sg e Ts-'atH lter.Ge-nst. lP. 7.Agi.
leg 1o py alitle imoe th-a the price
ehareel lee iheeorinaryScae Cgrettes,
wilihnd THIS BRAND suprior toall ohers.
The Richmond Straight Cut No, I
sre mue Sem the brghtst, mstsl eliato
in utvr. ael highest cool GOLD LEAF
grown ino3Virgina.
that he ue oS he masnfacureras
below is n every pscage.
C & x G- .so59M" s1nTOAsaCOtCo

HON. THOMAS A. BOGLE. NOTICES. Mr. A. E. Rose, trseprsnting thi
Golden Eagle Clothsing Co., of Detroit,
A Brief History of the Head of the FOOTISALL. will be at No. 30 1+. IHuroc el., (Ian-
Practice Court. The clssOfootball gamsosiill bc dsallosformler otansd)sdur ing Cishectire
Hon. ~ ~ ea o teplayed curly this ycari. Masnagerson ek 01111.Bgeha o h , . . ek Oct. I- 1-it a cup lice of
Hoc. Tsoisse A. oglecaptains arc urged to get thsour meni the nobbiest full and winter gooso for
prfactice coesrt in thse faw depasrtmset, out at on1c. tec~tliCu~.Aleiltt o
is osie of the promlinent laswsyers of (iAthlES BTAIRID, Mugr. tcrnpiutiiig the ipurchsase of inter
this city-.fMr. Bogle 10 still a younig 510510. suitings or isackinitoshcs shiosilsdsee
manO.lisaviig been bornsiniiOhio,in I sall be ini roo12, T. 11. cvery Mr. Roea1t one. Te hue ls.o afull
IS52. He ~aftcrad oe oIa-atrcooiitiseeck froms 2 to 4, foe linec of reasdy madie ciltiing Aiiicli coin
185. le atcrard nevcdto uss heicpiurpose of ceonutatieon. The be scen st the sasie ilae. r. Hose
sue, and was sueirntensdsnt of tlse ccorsecs will be givec as announicedin hsaeeds to thse issftcnivesity
shols of Marion, that state, fssr six Itse caleindar. A. A. STANLE+,Y. trade fere pashst six yeas and al-
years. Ie wisalso crety s upierisn- LATIN I. 3ways55givei ls tsestscfstiofactioc iii
tesodeist of pubtlic'iinstrssetioniorfeetssse A splecil setiess inii Ltiss, CouseeI1fit, styls'ansipsiee. Stsents ansiotli -
yessrs. Mr. Bog-Ic eon ai nameocfor for stsisirits S311 11ha-c iasd Course I, eo s 11131viedi Issilspes-t issotocik,
1111(1111-crequSired to 1-ead Lisy issteasd wheterI-they dsiere is) suy o1' iot.
lsilsclf15 1 techrat~ 310 015'ofof Cicerss, will mseet Mondsay, Wede- Forsec, 5a -eysuesssrior Blanjo st a
tile mloht 1promlinsent euaorss inIiKlls- lily 5111d1'riday, at 2 o'clock,' ill1011room 11ev11'S' i's .iiiiSS
sas. H~is lonug experience isi te'aching 20. 1t. A. StNT)IIS. Ff111 prc. eo 1.Milr,3US
W5ill be ssf tilegreatestvaue to)ii n 11 31IICtAN HO51RY. Subscribe o' 1tIls'Doily whle you1 sre
hs wo-Irksthis year. Coueirse 1imsyosbe elected asa to 30fitius, $2.20 ser coliege s-ear.
Mlr. Bogle isa a nsof tinesis' rary11a. Cs-utaion C ourls 10211re i The Daily hsss bienla lsrgecd ansdis
elcio101,beinlg agradueissseof ths'te s 5Illi~t~lioturs 2to 3 us
ro 1)11111ppa Hlsl. at 11000esditiotn, bsut te subscription
Law155departmen'ht of tile V. stf M. iseor________-___price rensaiss the sam11e, $2.30 per col-
(,!g(-lt ysears ise was eingagedl ill lIsfl-tice U. OF Mi. CALENDAR. lege year.
inK~115a5O, wh 3eheA-s it H a- Privalte lescosis inlaniIgualges. 1-.┬░
35llee Ile ssssil~i Wesd..Ott.-.Websstsr literalso- hocdslsr, A. -I*., 2t Forsst site. 35
torssey tor foor ycars. IHe hit essrds siehy;, first sessioi 1la1w3buiilsdinitlWsanted-Tw~o hustlers frsothse Mcl-
11101eel tssthis city, whlere lie Isas besen 7:301 p. m" eicaldepairtmeenstto solecit for Ohio
pesletieig lis professions. WhIle hes'S, Thsrs. eve., Oet. 4.-Fleet tsoeulty tDaily.
le has m~ade 111111 friieds. 711(1 hass C'onc-et. l'riezeSe Slelhooial hail. Tostsuiseisis fromiltohe School of
beetnreceoginized as onhdeof th1ablest: IFi., (Oct i.--Adeijh c literary so- Music 1waited,1hto solicit Dsaily sesh-
Mien1lat the bsi'. Ie is byliatire cisdy mee'ts i ld01tqisartero. scriptiells inlth115scheloos.
adate t th pofssin f eaci 1- ri. es-s- c., t-.:,.-Receeptionsat New- The Dailly haiss alreadyf- imoresubt-
hitas, obinsedprofesion f eetolig.beriyHlli. scribers sisnosig ithe eo-edis tihan evecr
l15,ehhboc silsIi hi xse Ill, Oct. I.-' artsihy s. itiesigaisi beforein ius history. Co-edo, stil-
15511's a5 lrhctiehler, unlder bolsts tiioiAed1-atAt talet1iedl. scritbe, 3you1 sre repesenelld111nthe-
cess'1(111C0111101 1710fis-Ise tlS- Ssat., O(t. O.-Alse Nos liteerury so-hstd
ceesilm.akiie him especisally f11t1e(1feeo c sity mee5ts 151 roosm l, it 7:30 p . mI. Three freason. s wily yo1 shosl~d hae,
tise positlsis -il etsleis Sts fill. 'Ms. lion., (Oci. S.--ilst isseof 'In- iu110dotiour lundry3 weds: 3. We are
Esghe hots-lds ho mhakse ilh iei s hl:i lid-l. iresponsiblc if alnyirtiiclessled lost aind
thehihes snseprctial an wllwillrepch~se samei. 2. We siillrectutrn.
us hges enet~sdheiT siiwil BUSINESS LOCALS. your icons wilds peosoilsed. s;. 1211-
do all ini iis power to aid 110h'ose who fornily g(o01d sorks. Wagnecr & Co., 21
comh ulerOl ' hlis in hstruction5. [Nothides isnseredsIill this 0co)lumn)1iStie at ,
1153en~tsr isoin. Speial Iraot es oroni S.r1Stesils st., reresentoing Toedto 1ahti-
(it-. , ndetraslines ftceislisI Sey applyig hey Co. 11
Cornell's Prospects. :a1 the DILYo (liest
_________ ~if 3yo1 sissels I igas, s.boss'tllhelus. Dtiou01wsanstlboard1es? If so, III-
islell l istsvr 1560 15111(htlhl hoe 1;.(0 ()1",ILING is thehsiel. ic, etie ill hocDsaily. 1-1
sic foostbasillIs-am. anhdstill makiswesrS- Don't fillget to seubscribe for tile Stuicdnts, sans all newi coers, re-
endeavo-(r to retreve t ie sluisi isiifDsaily. memdlber thie old nieis standil, 22 N.
iastet ar5. Nesicll andoli-lee he11- If you wsish to hiai-e youir roomsresnt- itii ltot iisgNs oh,
- ed, advertise thncinii the Daily. 1-7 Cincihosiiansd Toledo papsiers. Thcsi-
cocli-hts. Newell Itwats Ill ntis sttlRe 1"dnses fSaes.cl ev hi
Tseo hlsties ciaon cimasike goos.dshh maonetei
for folur yeares 1a1nd 111ispicdho-s th(10rders, caiu2n S.,)goodemoneyeolhly's.t2-7
soliciting subserihtiono forle i Ic .ofoe tbus -
"Allh tAmleica" te-am Ifoe three -ears. M. Daily. Call at thc o11icc its Times 35))o :ineS' 1ties, ivery (-he'll), Firneshe
Traoininlgwis ebegoinswih ileight mIn lbocks. batlh. 3.> 01re0st15ve. I ;)
thse first sseek-: ilSepltemiber, sndhilia1I)'My113 yourc gyhhhlhasitilhioutfits of She- Noble's SI-er Clothinhg tfotise sells the
inlhum ehaus heels iicreasing eve-c11,1 Il,'the ooellerhd, they csarryChic best $,.00 tDerby is the city-. 1-12.
sitice. Inithoclhne. Ioiellli5 csolh andh segs 111best tinle. A 5splend~id inse of Lsce, Chienille,,
oIf :siowsing a good lgamhhe,but)s t noJ15or r3-ctr 1111 iwaned t lhleyadSl utisa at
act .30 stessarsd. Call at Dails offie atid - l"s.14

7:15c1i rIse shlisid10~ thiseveing tf Thc Dauily' is the 0113-lyldsstspopcr ill
lere┬░_ss cr asotentoi.g a( AtAnni Arborsevotecd exclusii-ely to the
Offer to Music Lovers. Squisihisp 5ih1idat lerns at iMsartin nvriy
II1e'. I-ol e dne'xt itoweeks ie" iill
Braillard's Mucsical 3W01111for Otto- I lS -th t51tagioiti f5Lshowsosu30t hc'larest hid best hinses;
iser contains bcsiciesthioeusuaol large fc, 711 t. iOi 'si~Il (llI i ti 1s. of Siis ot $12.00. Othlers wiltlhrge
amlhounlt of readhing matter, 'Dainhg yonu t3.50 1an1115$t.00 foe the saen
Fairies," by ('. Bohmu; "The LtisWANTEDtihing. y N()-EI. ,'S S'.sAibCLOTIIING
tGrceting," isy C. L. Keck.; 'Mly IDe-hr Studenots to ocupy three 'unefornishsed IIOULSICI. 1-1
rms lin ai 1csonviensi't andci desiraeble ,1-t
Little S li111nthec Moon" isaltz, 11-y i TilheofIhbest-. 311i-ct e1111e'ytinig55155a0s gives
Aiit Osiens, andsi"Fares-ll, haul-sh- thh1 as 11'sngl sa assie.I bhis ;1e00tes ssilisfsoction. The 11010c 0)1,
ice, ~~~~~~is hLrg's'nouhis to accohhmodecate twib iog 535Oi hsihil o si bt ('ib.I;G0,asarc thec best eand
is aloine isortll $2. ThecAWoelci is 51.5031) n.cstn oeta ifro rns
tur yearnth15tetosherscoffer to 11101 o n wtr rc 5c ah o r hm
this monthithe Worl iiier offetoed$i.2.) fssr tue thre'oomlsh. sall at'so. Wabntt & to., 'iTailors, swiltbc'
mnonhs on receittof 23 centsin ) -tfuns-.tewsshinogis ecsare-outeingChicrifaiy
stamphus. This isill incltidec Ihe beoulti- tLeav-e, your oircers for U. of lI. Deitylictshi ih3reofrugfrfoi
foil Christisan sd New Yoe's holicday ct Stotleto scws stand, generaellswet isa1.111-13
iumsbcrs, ancitile focur issue's swill coil- for daily aiid iseesly paesesanidi The Daily- isill psrint fesli accounts of
tin oboist 20 ieices of riesi'sob, be- miontly imagazoines. Give nieca ll 011 toothbOil gameshhis1110fail.
sidco a large amiou~nt of interestinig isforecplaciiig your ordcrs. 2-7 1Just receisved, a nesw lot of desks and
nshesical readinig.'No nmusic lov-cr Wsaited- A 110d5ietm heisigiht, 111111 t issbhkliassiat Martin u Slter's, wiell
shioulci fail to laccept tthis lib~ralsiffc'r. i' 3lounlgIsI afioi'light seorts 511 1' ' - Iedohrsistussects' ulse.
Address The S. Braihsoeo's Costs Co., bay afternoons11. Csill at onccc 1.4 N. W'--lh -'s & Co's U. of -'1. Collar..
Chicago. Ingaills st., 7 to to. l ) Do you iseor it? 1-i1

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