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October 17, 1892 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1892-10-17

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that our men are light andi that the
line was weak at reatre before this

mishap to Harding. Hesisger nia.y
.'ssslithert taily (8unatas exceptied} drng ble all righit, perhaps, as sonte of hifs
th e Coleiee3 sear, bt
friends maintain, heceast even p lay
THE U. OF M. INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION as good a centre as Harding, hitm-
halceip~rs'rie us jir ear ireaiatyself; hat if the latter is disahledl, we
iadvein leciresa3icentse. atbscrip- are obvioasly secakened in our
tiossmay he leftaat the osticer otthe DOiLY, we Ktest s pot. I sa
at Staffirt's, rwith aerrofatshe etrs or Il 'here w n asterial
autshorizedlteicitars. for a substitute centre available.
Comamunicatiaaa shouilt reach tire efficee by Why didn't the inanagenent avail
tso'clcaa'.K. if they are toeappear the neat
'lay. Addressalal matter intenided car pubicae- itself threreof?
ro to the Managing Editor. Altlbuissa
coamniclations ahoeuldt he teat ta the Basi-
seat Dlanager. THES "Co-eds" are not giving the
THE U. of X. DAILY, DAILY the sapport that it deserves
Annm Arbor. Niah. from them. We attribute this to
/ the fart that theywere not thorough-
AN IMPORTANT APPOINTMENT. ly canvassed. Now that there are
.tresirdent Angell was right when two "co-edo'' on the DAILY staff,
he remnarkedl, irn an arddress recently, wee trnst that see may receive a large
that it is not bearitifiui buildings nunmber of subscripstions fromt the
alomne that constitute a university. ces'o h nvriy
The one thing whirch has tended tor T'he 1)AtNlX staff is rnse fully or-
giv th U ofM. tsreputation, is garrized and seehoise to lie able to
the ihigh grade of instraction which handle the college newes ina a mchcl
thse sturlents receive at thsis institti- Nter orm We ask the co-opera-
toofeeysturlernt, Ihowever, i
tioni. 'Wr'hen a vacancy iii thre far- assisting us irs getting all the newis.
ulty occurs, the hoard of Regents
are not over hasty ini appointing a irFIHarding is as badly injured as
successoremit take time to consider thse pithry accounts fromci'radisont
and chsoose tlhe best available man lead everybody to applrehtend, it's
dollars to doughnuts that Michigan
for thse place. Nor has the board loses threAMinnesota game today.
dleparterd from its usual custom in ____________
thce appointment of tProf. Abbott's
successor in thre lace repartmentt. COMMUNICATION.
After several months of consicdera- Ann Arhrrr, Mich., Oct. 1t, tst9t.
tion, :'loyd R. Mecham, of Detroit, TthetMarragingEditor ofthrU.ofAM.nAirvY:
was appointed Tapplan professor of are'
lace i plac of Irofessr Nat an I5anrr "suretly,sestryamurhrrrpriaedthat s-er
lawin lac ofPrfesor athn revoeetorsoluchspaes in year paper-wene
Abbott, resigned. roore vairrrble readrirg corrld he giera-to thrat
inrterral, gord-for-nrothrirrg" crmmuniataron
Professor Mechati is a lrolirtnent thrat wo asulished inlatuisray's 0 r'rvi,.
rmember nf thre Detroit tsar, cwhlere Orn lineg aerterri n ILY rwerfirrta tthrere
he asa aris anar'countroe teie anmd orrly'gameeyer
he hs a argearidgroritigpr~rtlc plrared ee tis sear arrrlthreei referenices to
Althcoughr a yortng itan, lie ins swon Otre teamanard ileko rlc piou s1o00hre accorrnre
a naiona reptatirs a artauthr, ras theceeradith ie liarrecghhe rlongor
a naiona reutaton s anautor, aIre tbeerr readirrg soreoyels-el-'s ppr
arnd is coinsidereil anuauthority on rerehen earr. arid hsraeerci t itisnclyri-tre
the late of''Agency.''Duhirinsg thre tiarisytoi ririoe f iridrometue ofth
lsast teen yearslire Itas beeia a lertirrc ommuiricatiorr lhin lieautririis Frecsi-vee-
rt thte Detroit Law Scirool. Ilie sill darrliyso, irrdeedi.Liee creoroe ealuablie
reaingrrl-'Perhapsiou oreuilds ceure lilas ala-
leciine a residlenrtIlofessor ant icc- urhle soret andgoodlwillt ifo-airuld
torre or thticlace of '"Wills,"' 'Amirs- elitrra the iirst calnirrrror nrceirarre ritolr
caoramnerrtiled "iniro 00armiees," anre
istration of Estates,'' and ''Domes- galeyouor readers rowirh "Reeirreo~for paci,"
tic Relations.'' In text-book work ire symposiumias o"iO'iair)viii erakelhens lay
in Januars'." No dorrhe he would he a very
he will ltaveeclasses irn 'Bills and saluahleatreer is roar sian' end 5Ithinrk iisl
Notes," and 11he "Science of Juno. s-ajsicee to himaself arrd to the puhlic, to
conceal his idenrtity' aredthor deprive yor~
prudence.'' Prof. Mechtanm will be- readersofa a rear live, hustling, college editr-
gin lecturing in about a reeck. W1 aeroeiee torirrer. MA.
weelcnme Irrof. Mechanstotnh~e U. - -*
nf M., and wish that his conitection BUSINESS LOCALS.
with tire law deipartmtenit ray be Every tutetit desising tir see thie
long and pleasarat. chaoisest line of woolens, nitrite ip to
___________measure_ at the owsest possible prices,

77' 17,,= 1:;VaL I=7 LJI= ,
New Firm, New Goods, and Low Prices.
'lliere is nothling liko a SLIM FIGURE to purt it ill riotion.
We'd hasvelaild irn a very ELrgo Stock of Seasotablo Goods. Wo
Bouglt Cheap. We Sol Chteap. Fine Footwear, Boots md Shoes.
W A H3 c8_- 2 L4IIER ,
IToledo, Ann Arbor and North
jgESTime Card in effect Sunaygus, 1mesa.
Y ....F ODpartre of Trains at Anti Artir.
N. . Franfort ail nd Expresat2th. m.
"", t'1. ~Na . easge Ann Arbor Aeom...tt Sesl o
No. 5. Clara Mail Passenger.. ti425p. m.
~~ No. 101. Toledo and Oroso(Srnday
onlyl.... tter.... ri2 .
It the LEADINGOStHOOL. OF BUSINESS. SMg. No. Iwt. Toedrrard Owsoso (Snder
rfleeet hildidrea c teaceerse; tinrge,,ttedce anlyl. .. ... .... . .E 5t0. M
good direr led ,ororaework; cell auppiedredirg CrINGrs lTicer.
roorr dalne reorrel acirdirteerrg rerptiroerm
ocei ire aitire year; omereroll gridner in geat No . Toledo Mail Expreso......t. e.ain.
deand shur orthand grdate ail seosre poitos; No. 'ole aoi Express...... eH47pi.
lii g rerre $. to $o.tGspreWeekis reIctfsami- No ii 'oed Aer'rnmoraiiir r . 0a. i.
.es. For'a w e oC r,andsOLilt .oentds whir No. 1l.Oorsoridoleoi nayrie
tae ostinsStn ee, P. B. rs-LEARY. Prs (ny)__... ..... . ... _9 i2a. rr.
N. lii. Ods'so irnrilToledo (Snirdy
rorry ------.. 23. m
We Advino Studentsto See CsenrirrntralSadrd imre.
d ot!!lay C& Fein 'I a nS 11)1 ilt I ulli u i'ore
.- ---ce Olir icaiso daly serclmni irnla
TiOR FT E- O c . Ii. I ENNSTT, I. S. (tiihtNNVOOrll,
TENNIS - SHOES - IN - STOCK reroirsAenrt. LocalAgern.
__AT TIfE-
Greek, Latin, French, Germlciallnid all College Text-Books, Ness
rnd Secotd-iland.
SK= =A 67,0o_., =S
Ben Franklin said : -Keep your expenditures
below your income." Simple enough in
theory, but difficult in practice.
Latest Styles ents' Fine Linen Collars, worthr goc at2 for 25c.
Fine Linen Cuffs at o5c, wortic 25c, and at t5c, sorth 35c.
V'ery Latest Tech Ties at 23c and 47c, wortha 35c and 75c.
Very Newest Four-in-Hand Ties at 23c and 47c, worth 5oc and 75c
"Bunrington" Fast Back Htose at 25c, sorthc 35c.
White Shirts at 5oc, 69c ard $.0, worth to per cent. more.
Night Shirts at 5oc and goc, sortht 75c and $.0.
Specialties in Undersear at goc, $I.oo and $.50 a garment.
Gents' id Gloves at $i.oo, "Decided Bargain.
2vf=7 S c00O,
20o ASN
Diry ((oosm, C'nci'iii, Frtls,G'ori' "Iiarnnsli qjs, Chi2)si, Co&'e, Kail(AOls,
Iaiersr' lriahin fLlidirddii.

It looks to a nman up a tree as
thcough the University of Miichigan
football managenment had put its foot
into a deep puddlle. Saturday's
gance at Madison, swhiclislhouhd have
been a swalkaway, seas clooe. Hard-
ing, says the diopatch to thcis paler,
was knocked senieless near the close
of the first half. Everybody knoss

shoauldomeet aMr. iRase, or tireGouldenr
Eagle, Detroit, at the Cookc Iouoe,
Tuesday, the t8thr inst. Yaou call al-
wvays rely an getting tireIrebbiest
styhes at a saving of fraom $li to $1D
011 ouit or overcotit. Give hMina aell.
It swill ptay you. No. 14.
To ItSNr-Very desirable roomst.
Famnished, heat, exeellenit location.
ff2.50 per week. 2t S. 12thi St.
WANtTD.-A seeonrd-hrands copy ef
Blakstonre's Commntaries, Cooey's
editionl. Mrrst be the latest edition.
14-6t 5h S. Div'isionr street.

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