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November 04, 1892 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1892-11-04

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-~g ~ ~~Co-cols should carefully consider ' _1 = Ej 1/Z 7 7 =
-zc of0; the W'oman's League as we present
its history and its aim~s in today's N w Fr ,N w G os n o rcs
Published Daily (Sundlays essepted) durina columns. The League ought to
the collere yeartiby There is clothing like a SL'I FIGURxE, topu it in mlotion.
THE U. OF M, INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION numbier ecery co-edl in the Iiniver- t
sity in its ranks. It is pulrely a co- 'We have laid ins a very Largo Stock of Seasonable Goods. 'Wc-
SllbsI-iptomlpriets.re per' yearinneriably ed orgasi ration and cannot attain l'osglst Cheap. We Sell Cheap. Fine Footwear, Boots ansd Shoes.
inQa noeas'' Sngle copies 3 seats. Susrip~-
tions marytie left at thle otice 1of the DAstY, Iits conlii'se end suntil it has the I:>.C51- MIIL.E R.,
at Stofilet's, sethalnys~ of the ediltor's11r hearty co-opleration of each ashy 4S SOU1T1I MAIN STREET, - ANN ARBOR, MICHI.
ltslllmlltlsatinsshouillldt 55511 a itittiffceby 'Stl( et .~
i oclnek A.r. it they aseetollpneaer the aext 1 unA --a ur VTiyAdess l atritnddfrpbia Frent It Of thle newplnfre-S 1'
Lian tos the Mranaging Editor. All buinteta serving seats to the S. L. A. eater-
ssmmtsaleatillas thould lbestlt tltefluti U D R E .
nes-s Manaiger. tainusents will he awaited with
THE U. af M. DAILY, interest. 'PIle I) sttI.v has criticised watch for Omtr 50 eek- WAGNER & CO.
Ata Anas HiS. the sdefects isf the old system ansd werNtWek
EDITORS. ct only justly acknowledge that it _
i. tobvIsioutc's.Ossstiiebbls tha telecture bordis A
OTIE. . li's I', l it. 't5, Asetutit. il -ail _ 1 x jrI Michigan Railway.
C. . tltiIl5', Itit '>>,Asisnt . 15oinglil ia tT ld , A n Aro n ot
patrols. _____7~.Departiure osiTraiis at Ants 'Arbor.

I. w. 111:III:stI),sesaL ,t,it.1Pti nsritlsaltt-I
W. W.t.nllscia.'ns~f,tit. 'sit. sstnt
A. IV . FIt. bt'., Isi9,ss it n . 1
J.I.ANIL,. A.C'9.se i
IV I I. II. 0 L iit94E
WIt.EAN, aW93
i F. iisin s tIs' 't t.i'9.
MsiiiIt.sse'ss I', Lits+s,
1..K. TottisssLitStiii.
It. 5..Sow' xat Medic'ill:'i
IOMA l IiF'.Stt 9.Stl

1liii sears ago tescore otfit ___ n tfn et Sal ad tsaees 'il i
Ot .lihioss gasne was 5F tto so its N4l. PasseAssanArborAi n120 oLNo .(a e-Mi Assetiss......l4 51psem
our tfas'rr. last year Abintonsito .No. liii. Toleds atnd sinosstotSunay
onhloss...alyt. . .
to 4. Oil)accoiut iotlast year's stir-is' te LEADING SCnOOrL OFBUatNESa. Slag- No*t. '3.Tedo ansdt 5'tsoSundry
sttient biinlsg;'nisnleaches;s targeattlendance;, otly).ti . ... . . ' t' i1.ir
p isn, the gasle tomlorrow i lt eilibe itt goostiplineltseiore oresell nsaupspliedrenadisig (.01M, sliI.
rootdissly iseelnees; Satarday eveningrecesptioas;
utnutul l stereCst. sopen ttsnsieyese; commaecial grates i nagreal go."t. Tolnedo MtlilF~xprets5.......1 It
-e1t1emand; shoiithiaind rdaesiss alltseaueippsitions; Nit. I. Toledo flail Expres~s ....... l 7i l
'i-iag exenisea s 55.tt.7peesneinpiistssfami- No.il. Toledo As's.'Iitti enls.iii 00iitnl
s. F'tinSas eae.t ndsLis. nfsiilts who aNn . Oosso andTli ouldotSuist ii
111I 1etIla astetteP. R.CLEART, Pree. on})--.. Toe.
liarincOfte ts.s sc haOiefa M.iin taasI' ''iS itli No. 104. Ooso n Toil'edoistlii ni it , .
are_____kept_________onely)-_i._. .
litrtris o te . ttI'. lrekeit We Advnine Students to See C'entraslStandar'd Titme.
open oliltSundiay. Nut tht a titiIlie o r ' . I 'rasins Sansdiitrunia tee An'siSAutoie
'cie eite's ill1111 ilill sseti-sice et'~iii1 _tnitL it I _tX Y 1i I15J Pasir l nllt iiit, yol

Bil frteo ini, rtill'n l s I or , in~so.1 i ''r ins 101, 102, 103, and 104 run itlltt'. Ile I "s
ASAPH HALL, JR. F~~il~s-OS- sttstan al uut
TH AGU PBLSIN HUS. lilENIT', 1i4.KI~~i(?C sapil all, jr., thelniconprofes TENNIS - SHOES - IN - STOCK. i(,tn. 11155s. Ancut. Ii 'at A-et
Saeraatae afia.1-sue of astrossomy, stas horn i t'i I)1 ,TS, S I hAl 'Os 0111'MONYE AND)BUY
attoios isyou I~st aa'soh lac. ridlge, 71Mass.,tOct. 6, i85s. :\t the
Pa~y yrotr satbscriptiotantad avoidl
hav'in,.,your tatue tahkena Ia-ourt aiaatage of 5 lie entiered Colotithiuti Ciii- ~ ~ ~ ~ u"
list. leg;e, 't\asliisgtoti, wthere tie rensaiss-
-- -edI tint years. In '-8lise scent toi AT lIIE--~
WORTHY OF SUPPORT. Ilrasgalittgtosteiits~.~T'm'~T ~
Ilrvrc, rdutig rm heWrt- rJ N T( Bt K T R STATEST
Tlieorgnizaionof astuenteiatisal coturse iftthlat isnstitistions1
handl is a comnisidahle effort 111 the in 'S2. Ihe at osice hecamse assstt-
tart ofit orgna't'r'.anIat themasalsoIGreek, Laitiln, FrsetnchIlGertman and all Csdiege ineat-Bioks, e w'
lit0tsaniti'at thItesiNsuars oervatornyewsere ltanh Secotnd-Handc.
are isterested iss its pirogress unit the lie swas stationidtfor thsree years, or
enterpsrise is houisnd to succenedI.=A unstil 15 85. Next camse Itse appoint- LA W~ AND MEDICA L.. BOOKS
plat s 5nfotby'ic hesudn sment as assistant astrononmer at
catn shsowthleir itterest in she Iatti Yale obseisvatory, vhich positioss AT 'W HOLESALE PRICES.
in a practical way. It is rojt" ltd sas retained ttntil '89 Du~tring this
to raise a tfindshfrosiithle studssl for s r il'odstetas 015ensgagedl ill making co , 7'' = s-
te purptose of un~iformiing thle seinimeasurements of Saturn's satellites BUJSINESS LOCALS.
asis tltorougtwly equiippinlg tisem for with thse Yale hseionieter ansd va. GIBSO1L,
tieovr.is etlnto hs iealso emlo~hsyed intstellar parallax Fuis' di Cfettry ( ns insintuisa, i
banagreesto fu~rnishisico 011 .In'<i bcm sa Hl ist elass coniiistions. (oidtdaeasnn fur
agres sll~ie allonrk ti SititsealseAspsahi, I sellig. .1. Q.. (.sas's'.~
occasions whiens uesired, treesit comss- jr., Ph1. D., than segree coning frons 3u 7 Vsilland street. NO. p12 W.HURON 51'.
pensatioss. Yale. Fromt 'Se:to thse time of his i N bS 'tssIsheast to carIe for irs_____________________
fotr100om sesit. Ilquire sat 68ik 'ossrtls1 ,
Susch ass orgasnizatioss is steeded to call to take Prof. Harrnsgton's tplace, soenusse- a N PR 0US
give slpirit at esthsisiasmsson ltdist'sr.HPlit was assistant astronsomaer lsnelegan inise of novcelties lin hasts AGnIArbor. OewekoLA. egIninOJ
lays, asitt banaallaidsistbalsandturnshintg goodssfosr mttli telhe ssAetOntts1 1t.ienaa
aushat asebllatsdNoot all obsrnatory, Washinsgton, shswnets the CoknulsIsse, trons Nov. MlONY , OQCTOBE R3]t
gantes, as twell as at othser tissses. oorking wsiths the mserisliasa circle, 1st lii thse sths, hy C . ..htleis, thses
Thle hearty co-opteration ot these t5 sncd oseasurisig tainstisatellites withI soellhahstter atsdhsahssdsher of T'loi, Ama'sis osisi' Vestlstsar,
dentsat tae in lacig theband 0.jnoerIxchuss io'esof aovelties anussshR H 1
istsalage'ipltacinag t hs as 1 le large retractor. tmuslrioss of preasre sid toa he ill'TTm-1~f
a posistions to tihoroutghslyeqtuip thsett- MsIr. Hall comses to thse '. of _1. hiportnt eharacteristies of his linle.' UI
selveswouossd give thse leather ansiod i patclexarete Studetsts Nt1visll da ine litte of call- Ispperled by a aestig e aipaty assd.the t
shhabod rcia eprec ies, espseiall hooelsoshates, sat('. A.. sliMeesa'lssstte
players an interest in teswoerkthsat atsii oorthaily ills thse positions of Mayndstcte this State street groceer.
oould othserwvise tbe lackintg. 'lhetro.lartgo.Hscuesre - ' CHANGE OF ILL NIGHTLY.
"csief deect in all tUsiversity enter-ieosi~ ssty ~ ai vr Samples at the Two Sums.
prises is thse lads of studenst elthsusi- -ill astrononsytinder Iis guidance Messrs. Alfred Btenjamtint&h Co.'Amsins1,2,ad5Cns
asna its backing them up. Let it be seemss to lbe takitsgan advntce tmove- 1111e overeoa~t samples ca11 he sects thiss REN'TSCHLER
otherwise in thse presetst instassce. usent. and anext wseek st Thle Twso Sums.
1_-_..-. etlensdesiring 15 tolpuchadC se antlo9 e
dlte. Collins is its th~e front ranks as No is'.-Atlisetic Bioardt meets m~sake thseir selectioans. Plea150euh hoallp er
a hand eader and deserves substans- snigist at 6145 in Room g. see samp~les of overcoats anod heatveS
tial stupport. S. C. S'1tres:R, Pres.; your orders. -tTi SToSLs.i(ONT1 AASND IIURON' es.

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