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November 19, 1895 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1895-11-19

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Time Table (Revised) May .19, 1194.
Sail and Ex-..3 50 mail -9_______843
N. Y. Special... 5 00 N. Y. Special--. 7311
Eastern Ex-...10 12 N. S. Limied..-. 9 25
A. M. Pacific EX---i II7
Atlantic Es.___7 47 Y M.
D. N. Expees.... 510 Wesern Ex__.2 00
13.IR..Express ...li105 (h I. Nt.ExEs.--10 2
G REx's . .---552
0. W. RuooLES, 1i. W. HAYES,.
G. P. T. Agte Chicago. A't. Ann Arbor
'12:25p.M 1 1:3 a.m
4l1 p Olp. i,90 ,n.
Al t rains dile exscept Suna~y
sTai run belceen Ass Asrbee ad Toledo
W. It. IIFNNFTT 0. P. A. Toledc .
Titan Table, Oct. 27, 1895.
Leave Ypsilanti from Congcesos st., 7:10. :3
ad 11:00 a. m.; 12:45, 2:1,5:W, :45, 9:15 and
10:45 p. mi.
Leavse Ans Arbor Jusction, 7:1, 9:1 an cd
11310 s. o.; 1:15, 2:43, 5:30,7:15, 9.19 and 11:15
p. M.
Leave Ypsilanti frmOn 75ess st., L:30, 3;30,
:00,60:10 anid J::00 p. m
Leave Antsi Arbor Jssction,2:00,d:00,5:30,
7:00 and 9:30 p. so.
Cars essiosi city (lane fare: sissgle trips 15
cents; roundltrip tickts 25cos
Wnrs le PAsKER aSpt
lor t1:: Shsineota iCamseit Deris.
Leaeordes cii. ..
2')S. Statce 9., Sages Block.1
Hoa t (is 4;lil Lis-.. ait All iiIai ar.
Railroad + Ticket + Brokers.
Moe1 t sloa oss psp n~ popry
Sii-toodr;11.50 op; Cviscos- to
odr4:.0 up sass01 V!sc-, leolds'i 175
clsjeing Dyig1 PesngadRearn
SMen losit Taiisor, 20 S.Stale s.Asin Arbor.
Ph ot og ra piher
15 Washington Block.
lOOP CO~ ____ +
Cnall on themi for
Fine Lunchen,
Fin.3 Chocolates,
and Baked Goods.
Try Our Lunches.
Ste niliF r hav a One line
ao x"'+.3 EIlN.S"
Jrwelry stiere.
Ilot L.unches,
Chocolates and
Ilome-made Candics.
A~tverti -e Your Wants
i1 The Daily.

mlascigcent gift fcorn oar Cloask Departmti. Dinser Sct (ll isid's. ilst lDeo- T. 0. & C. By. K. & M. By.
at ~is i -l es) sill bseigivens aw1y5to0puiichaser s isl isiibCloa epae ntiss fo Slrllsss.ie~iil-sse:Tisis,0:0
7 da sNoev~o. 16 o-3 A K } ' ] J oe rul ln et (c)Tl~ ho
MACI Z & OJ.l/1F'A Y adf11 s;'. a. i cl~7bs h


i i

I - I I

I r

__________ I7Thosompe91itigflisthue 23 cahi
Growth of Football at Mihgan 1n pize olfessl by thisCasislofo lr a1
Last Few Years. sorsT; storyiof (be n-a1:1 tse f Yle
III lii e11511-ial csiliolilenilg o te ytIl's ha- rine-ois sries lissit hive
lhirs prodtsins iu iiby .JanuarylP5A2.
growthlofhfooitball te itll e ~sAlumniii Theis li5ilsii illlliili r ods is1
Weekly 110as e foloingt11 sayi of i13 iii . I-or 3further ifiii-iii n l lul ai
3icligni dess, . THE (.09(1 LIAti.
"I0 is (easy to recal11(iel irttIil l AVE-I()011, iaeonsignmllesst ef Ie
east:ot h Anii n0 i Airbor1 lyli9r. Be-ls atiet. P. of sB. yellow 11mil blsic Ilgs
fore tbe Salte t sl 111 7cln f ht eid anill filo . . LL I li .1 15EW I.ly
iof lcsisil dyamt. liei- lu lhl ofl he Nso. 17 S. 9Staiecst. (Only tiireeiflor
fisosm Cilipls. IHiaillandilligtl ill--
1 irigl , i ent::is Stll scieedike nishei.
ch libefoeit esi t clo ne. ( t:1 as I I 9119 1 0 01 1 0 1 1, a liiit ui,:sc t tE
slsso.1a 111pity ito see tiseucs- 1 y51 2- lrlily :151 0 I i, f 3t.yellow lad i l It t1-13.
(is annsihiiiateid. Isn vl r5:11lia; ti til ~blti1:so. 11,0l IC,12 i VN112.3
(1111 Oij i~i Sliil 9 s:1::il lll(111.l
Ililie .. (::scer'lin,- it, no hale .0115 GEAT CPT IN CHICAG PAPERS
port1e.1,1er iltheie0o:bel one li tlhis Cllad get 1rict:.
sidi,"'00111. i i s-eem i it 1(t o ji: all, 111 U ivsit11 y 'News.stlns.
111ally lrms ohis-stlin s e ilt S t InlI4 E:. W illi1a1m0Sf.
SWesl's11 lyslast 151SlmaysSvl ac1re11 OORE & VETBlORE
noti war 1sii i i :i,iA. si l-i SI ii. i 51 3"n 6 S MAd ST. AND STATE ST,
5.1' Iilliloexp1essed:llya senimi90:is of CGN. - WL1M
pityorthe Grand Opera I os. 1us
T~o itrtois(tpc~i 11.tril 111 11 Lo ny's Chrl socolaes
n l ig giIt c l s i s l i' t t l s ( I t hc l l i g( 1 1 : - i thU I C10 1 . H o t L l . h
1:1'tlii '1itlt-ame t aryi I i.' 1 0 t t- its N e h1andTSecond-Eand.
lir' op1111u.it1--e lde the Ed19 itor 11of
1557l5051 111-I itt tti IX-111111 Astl~l .5.1-I Pg A R nOR. faSICH
1111 - itsii-, l-119 ietl p it:. e 151aeoe1 1511, in aisnr is -~n
1slssl~Gl 1111 1111111 ,,ldllfl 1111-ylofic111at if 5-111111 Il
-hof 'I'l (111tir s " stoiil- 011- 111 i cd '.5o
sluot, "12i ulsaon iis yet -. 0 iiI I CAT RE"
C 1' , 111 andGsesbfore11 uEhai.
I lIfs-Carl to O ery . %:1 i st filc 11
eur ig)it at1the1GrandIopera Loute;DooYoLun hhes
IoIl 25.iT1111 pei a toi h ifvesii11111
luoIf ss hiy of . til. kills .rJlis 11HnrS, igS Sae t
111111 ir lostop io l 11iii- on f' ill
ev1e1 prtodue0d. Ills-Theti t tlil 'th e 111501 ELEBRAE STA
his rd o ofi 1Iies lIleue10 AmliiiNT ii Ii IICH
(1113-ic ( ermlre)heldet o Safet y azor
hone aTInd t.IenorITh! .1011hach ST 01110AS
raieNTIIlpabovIIe;"21tCe brT. to, lyou rt of ibee $.f. Oho Sroping al
ioo (~l osaet. Te s,"iceah701 wh a zor, nting flar CoEyEti
aled bcute 1.u&a0. 2y0 'tS st f 130 a titof nc
IrtSbJurgl.ItBaaseiicueswroie lg WEWNtSMhe FM TAE
maly of(it-ket o "er a ilslOmus~it liiae
(ose fohiosenr Anthorghadd(rss; TH
toulhthey belo. PS.,TafS o etyRoit zorh

Toledo, .
Findlay, .
Kenton, .
Columbus, .
Athen, .
Mliddleport, .
Pcmery, .
Pt. Pleaat, W. Va.
Iichmcad. Va.
Peterebu~rg, Va.
Old Point Comfot, Vs.
Williamsburg, Va.
Newp ot News, Va.
1! ottitkVa.
Auni ill isusl cn n+,i ltIgaani
10 costs: gutilel-i- olI U 13 rc 11 rais
I'r ht P03 a11 ir::el. t1: o11 11s i 3sslcal
Ticlt-Agenlt o i-cl
AOilAON 1(011:N, 0e1'lIFa,,.Ags..
IV. A PIE, li3iicln ts.-A-sut
-Thc modern standcl
w lard Family Medi-
cine: Cures the
w comonevery-day
ills of humanity.
ANiDREW HURTNER, III-> liiely t.c
Ill(lit- 311 nlt illn- 0 11ix ii) it
wSith th01 U . 11f3. hDaily Ievsr1
d}'is0111- stick, sd w os- snost
situ 1 1113 futy-igh t ings idi-
tion ittti I 1p11es1intIlate of 2.319 a
leer 's. ill o i 1 (5:itlhr-
ouhlyIs11 hOs ii1 iictiil , 15p-i
eigall dOlhtil5s of110t11e
2Uivesisysaisiall lihe lsdet
Wo Go6taatco
regularstdelazserao telii ly-a t
your dootlhlriis.1tihe en sd 110 ithe
rolls-ge yerhitI'ttliriing youi
promlpt, accurte Andi Siio()11 11111
report15 sof I tiiority event011s-
faIltlly a11:11 Isa-inotics, sltil-
htii saf1111e O-lat f a11htic
game1s0, etlrtinIiistitOs, het-the
a-u-s sof youir own nd1111the1-oher
departmit15s it snsesh 111mann5e
asIo trnable3111u1:tos -i)stssed
rrgairdiriseery51thing lt3 I 1:111115(
or psilsiliig ts theo livts ity
Iheres no Cotradidi on
to thie fact that tilt U. of M.
Daiily is. the only 1115er1whith
ean maks you thi sffrr. 2t has
nll) ehseptit, r. I f y151 feel any
interest irathe Ursivrsity you
will receive mohure lhan; yori
motley's wnorthi fromr yourshb-
scrinition before tieSld of the
foothall season.

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