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October 16, 1893 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1893-10-16

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r - Dcz ' stars of great popularity witt be Two Lecture Gourses.
6 givens, as fottosws: Rhea, in "Queen
___ fSob,'tnorwn~tte The opening attractions of both r
I'utuhcdIs tsuny Sos i s eepsted) durng .,~ tse tinity Ctub and the Intandt
Boston tdeat Opera Cmanini
the College year, byreati ilompranyvein.Th
THE U. OF Mi. INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION the "Pretty Puritan." Thursday Legeb t cn ts enig. The ^lt~
letrsadentertainments prom-,i t. 4+1
e%~~2!~~tio~s ~ niht; and aturdaynight comes the ya ybt ort
Modeska, t t go n
she e lettat< c , not yet announced. Besides thisarxcpoy
at stet'o, withianyorfcthe editoms or the higth standard of previous years. Is hr LEADING SCHOOL OF BUSINESS
authoriced solcitiors. tefIcehrarray, ti ederick A. Dongtass tec- TngltMs.LurdrisoSCat H~ eORTHAN. agnieesduidingo; anie
Commsticeationsashouid reach teofc y'tares in University Halt, Ttunrsduy Eglndsnoedwoa lctr r, U well supiedrnreadiiin o cciidilTc tut cs
iselok Pru.stfthey are to appear she nx nln ' oe o a scue, anlyei, eeatton s; oenteienire year
uar. Addresa all mater intended for pablies- night, Oil''The Race Problem.'' wl pe h ty lb ors, . ti hilaitisrpaistim lncsi pi-
nu otettsga dtr t aies This series of amusements in one ewluen shec' sill.1deliverk herprlecture o ies
communaications shoiuid heseat to the tBusi-whnsewldeiehelctronPr i Caogades
nss Masoizer. sweek is certainly all that thre most "America as seen through an Eag- P. R. CLEARY, PaESs.
THE U. aofJX. DALYic.cittca could desire and proves con- lish Wonsan's eyes." At the Dra-
EDITORS.cusvythtAnAbrcnf- ciples' church the. Inland League TLD
C, A. tENIONu, Lliw''4, Mnsaging Editor. (nios audiences that can appreciate cus illeoee rf
NORMNsuoc Fsuocoas.Lit. '961 .As.istaint nt.h c ne-I y B
Ii. A. Ssi _L~ No, Lit. '94 Assist~at. an support hghe gradeen r- L W leti alet eon IS v - 1. J4 _m' y
Aslilette Edior. taimemnts as thsey should be appre- IL iilsi etuent'Svn .
A'otoi.arola." l~e will be asoistedl by §'- NORTH MICHIGAN
S. or. CURTSoS,. . 0.Lit., Bosiness manager. cratedt.AieB ailey solistassdPro. a RAILWAY. +
0,. M.Ko,. Lit. 't7, OAssistnt. Alce Baly, soloistnandmoio-.
trissvnagodefconStuanley, accomspunist. ~ inQMAK ( i
t, o.grati ' . Trii os'constant and rigid prac-
Z' .r ils'iiii
--n niiu Fo ividl.'4 thse playing of our tramt is proved e47 o fi A010 01na
tu. s'cn_1Tic. . ha~le
L. E. cuiiri:i---- by tse result of Saturday's gunse. °o1 N1 1
All cuoymuIn 1b ttheof~icclbctrvs'o li.i. Under unsfuvorable circumstances, ) tf 005
olith dayot iiblitioii 0.
-\liihian soun fronthtle D. A. C. o5 ,
'rhc Editoirs do set hiiit heinseles 'rc-iooa- .- - q t..,o -
beforeo te oioon r stranss f crfound l i ite sae ' 5
ro~udectseoapealorooainste oto oruro e wea k score ou teamwhlondlyt crsf ord's Acid Phosphate K~C
difficuslt to win from sloe same team I h sotefcieadate-~ lsesaioi
by a score of 6 t0Oo. These tonSHEY-o n50i n. s
gamies rousing so clone togetlher af- able r'emsedy in exmstetsc~e for'; aI, WSa' URN
WVE are lad to add tlseLUniver- ford a good criterion by whirlsw ore prvettimtg indigestionsantdre 4 LNIGHWL r
ity Courier ofthtle U.niversity of can judge thse improvement ins the;. r BtlC.I nia801Ly '-,
Pennsylvania to our exchrange list playin fortanudrteTeAn-tNsedsae tttl 0
again this year. It ensues to its this adrmirable coaching of arbour. If ftoassa dsorere otAsdrian__
year in a new dress, and is a credit every nmensher enters into tire rorkSot TOE.
to thse institution front whichs it owith enthusiasm and a determin- Dr. W.07 'W. Gardner, Sinfeioldi :ei~ittte'ti:tOo~vu d is
comes. ation to unfurl Mlichigan's banner Moos., says: «Itvaro tor as anitoexcelleni i tili Allon Arbo5~r 5iy Centrrii
lcvitndeindfrpitc-over usany a victorious field this 1 etotlie f tti~steosiu Itessoll liot,
tion in the'DAss'Iv colurs mnust bear year, ore cannot fear tlre result. It acidlated i k i l thes iiiroperly ilted lviso i i . 1.1:45 a. II.
e 4:1) p:011 ii. Mi.
the namer of the writer, viit oil is to be hoped that thse students Water, asit'ie etee." tnaT rguin,: \othIat 0: 1I5 a.:II
hrtetd awositeta. I o- till ito all irs their poorer to assist +_______ ,iiinlt - lrinritlist lveei p. is:.
beteaesofde taltco -!;111 il ' n_- uciona rut:. 1Leavit int ztii-
the teans by turnsi5ingot i i olasin 0 itl 5 i t isttn.car~aoon ~oi i
orbl~Swl ~lsl ihti e-5cititvp tlhctfe n pli~to c.ili:,ui ti c tlit at . Osetare ter
trhuor o11cosilyovll tisrewhlenever a pause is played on the lRumfordicChemicsralWrks7Prvrrence.Rt :ili riplonstrhs troit.
quest,tteryowill assist th e ceditors ruocsAro ctit:i i _l;i
-field ansd lenstt rncourageenrt andl n e::uieCo bSot iitur tie t ndIiit li to. I. RNCO DAgninArx.
maeralynsirtont teplayers, such as For Salle by all Druggists. 00 i. or hALET, 0.1'. ., Tledo:.
IN a feow clays season tickets '"ill GnotisiDog riseJtrill elo
be placed on sale for thre (Chural1 - GI{2DOii~~ IO S
Uinsre.Tecourse tin ar- Women's Leaffle. B$s0RS4-!
Unio seres. he ~TUESDAY EVENING, OCT. 17.

ranged for thss year is ass expensive
one and one of thse best obtainable
irs this country; therefore every lover
of good music should arraisge to at-
tend the course this year. The
concerts given by the Choral Union
are one of the features of university
life that no student can afford to
miss for it is inmprohable that the
most of irstrill ever he helter situ-
ated to enjoy thse best nrusical en-
tertainments than during our colle-
giate residence. Wait for the
announcements of tire course and he
prepared to purchsase a ticket, so
that the course may be an assured
fart, at once.
To the lover of true amusenrent,
this week is an exceptionally fine
one. At the opoera house, thsree
plays of established relputation by

The Wonmen'nsILeague had its;
opening mneetinsg last Saturday after-
isoon. (Oing to the very incleruernt
wreathser, the attentlance owas not
large, but in every other tray the
meeting owas a success. President
Angell's talk owas an interesting and
delightful as though it were not
raining and blowing a most uinpleas-
ant gale outside. Mrs. Thomas
spoke a few cordial orords of owel-
route to thre girls in behalf of the
ladies of the faculty. A statemient
of some of thre work planned by the;
League for this year wvas given by
the president, Miss Sunderland, and
the hope expresaed that an effort
might be made to get the active
membership of every girl in college.
The talks were followed by an in-
formal half hour.

tatinrly New.DICTZIONARY
.dR rain odoenter Sinoooti
ci i ucessorofe/h'
i - o Tetn years spent
II in reiig, 100 ed-
mortn i$300000
ssrF exendered.
;shul. owniiiithis
A Ial'-tyn "ieilf. ( so oioir
i c iicerig te s
tort', speilli n, rori-
sit itn i pino sairs
_ ':... n i. iolnrean bletiwords
teotnit iredIi'tormati.onloicernir-
em.net .tn jwion a sco. crin h
conti ill cti III11: ,. andEnatrala
4 ae offl' ost t, --,toill: aite Dtsconcering
nted "'0rndonspe~rns n paes ras

us1:kper nte T lesinoe fth Newi
The Queen of Sheba.
W. 'S. IHAr as 14r.m of'yre,
.53cersri o -lloatiet'tlCIis-'o at i
ReservedciiScals on ;aleat otti.' Ocu elty
1'.'riiistte tnd first: towint iPallrqurteCircle,
Stec Partete ire le bsk0 oftfitst coin , :-
E. S. SsRviss, - Alanag er.
JA EttsS W5. GOODIIEW, tlortat.(Grower sin
RooeCanantionsiaid Fttowersofoialnl vart-
ityo. Flotal designs ma~de 0uiltitshurtnotttice.
No. I Oitotrcatovy street, opp. cemertrirgate.

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