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October 16, 1893 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1893-10-16

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I 150 H. LEMNiENTr. Moo., Oct. 16-[oland Lealgor Series. Prof. 1t.
51 So.iN'unSr. 1)im totvr and Motto eL..sVillett's lecture on "'cosnarolo."
EXCELSIOR LAUNDRY Mon. Oct. 1.-Mrs. Launra OrmsontCttnt in
20 ESlittoIN STEET. Unity tintsbvCor-e; "Ansericsto seen
nte n oododeltsvereetki[. A .F. uc OVERCET, l R, adProp. rTitors.,ot. 1S--Hun. Frederick Gonelito.. in
_______________________________ S. L. A. coutter;'Tihe Raoe Problemt."
CAETOIOiI, St., Ott. ?-Freshmanotselectionof notce
i i 1 E.G nasitto:ton Street 10:0oi a. n., Rotom A.
Ftri., Oto. 00 Siley atti Sitesry it S . L. A
22 Itears!u tihe lnusinesus.10 ore
CITY LAUNDRY, I Football Games.
Im. M. Seabolt, No. 4 N. Fourth Ave. -
KEEP YOUR ACCOUNT 55ITH3 THE IGGoobalI games Saturday resolted
+$TATC $AV~l2G$ BAU2K+ an follows: Lake Forest so, U. of
Coit Main anti as~btngtn Stres. Chicago o; DePauWo 20, Butler 6;
AO.ttsntenHot tt assts.,ttts.Denser A. C. 58, Iowa o; Minneo-
The 13. & P1. Prbig Store, ta 12, Kantas 6; Chicago A. C. 22,
0- the place nl tttob tg tintestrugliste. Wisconsint o; ITareard 52, Williamon
Msedtttne-ttSponecsBtusotes',Etc tc.
G-O TOu; Yale 2f, fDartnotth o; Irince-
1R0- s . L & G .5s o 6, Crescent A. C. o; Potossyl-
5 tett yoswat;l a ttu01e..box Pine Chcte vantia034,Volotteors o; Leltiglh30,
oandett t tintttety atcosot.i'gtto-,Tlottttcot, iest on ' C rel1 no
O - ss ttt o.tot th ine t.t1st-t fip iitn i ltti ; C r el , 1> 11
LADIES' andtGENTS' LUNCH ROOM. Cleef tnplsot ~con
R. E. Jolly & Co., 26 S. State St. sol o0. _ _ tis.-
D}AN CING 'iand DELSAR TE Ileli totisThu t teUnvr
MRS. ANNIE WARD FOS T ER [.-I lltt~le Oltilift tile t'llulitiotlO
46 5. State Street.
MONDAYSv-Oe-ot lasis,,;p 10111iifuedytile factulty or sltdets of
THl'ItAll 'ro_ tttttcd CIt.-.fotntat tOtt
SrPom. satdt Gentlemte,. the [I itt ersily s 0tte hook of ad-
sATi 110 N:010etlletttsoss 10ls. it.
_Ilidtens- 5 tso, -.2. st resses retenttlis001101 by the Stut-
Privale It -ott-1)y appoitent. dnt'Chtristian Asstociationo. _
Ann Arbor Savings Bank we believe thoat this took loan not
litttAtlt. Itict. Captal cStl, Ittlll t. beett broughlt to the attentitoi of
Or.tnizetd untdert t nt.ettti ttniti, t t too ttlttuOldelitssoe give hore a nmore
il.s exchassste tttnthe pinipaotctti tes t)I*1t eetetttetl notticettf it thano we have
Unitesd StatlesDrteet. ed uponttlttttottter
idetntificationt. 5tt lety ttepl.lbotxe- totrent. beeto able iheretofore.
OsOrt t tts t itittL a uktol.Pttie s rW.It.
Hsrimtnt, Vite Ors.;t lsts. E. lltttss I., Ca- Die volunte contaitns twenty ad-
s~ter;H. . Pite Aut. uohor.ofreuses by mtemubers of the faculty,

valuable contribotton 10 general re- TtE PIToAN.
ligious literature. Rut its utotre itm- The attrttetiott at lte(GrattdfOpera1
lotuse 5on lltttttdty i'seli tngt.,sit
nmediate design, to convey sotte idea ]ticlr & CVst Ostet's Itotiti hifell
of the religious thoughst of our groat te operatie comedy "Th~e Pretty Purl-
tt." Thsis Oucopysppeared htre
University, malres it of especialin last seasont intthle opers "Gatlatea,"
terest to every student in Ann Arbor ansi gave thte best ott sattisfacotit. t.a
fact it was otte of thte tetif nost the
and to every altumni ansd friensd of very best etitertaitntetot thsat we were
Ite University. favoredl witho tutritg the settsoss. The
pla1ty itself is news, attli tasteeno writ-
- _ lt.,t ostesialfy tu sntit the te(tltits' ttlt
U. of PT. Ltei)iiean Club. fo te comspanly. Itnez AMeettoler, the
ptrima sdsonita of the comopanoy, is S fav-
A mooting of thete3. ctf 'M. Re- orite htere, as5 indeed she is everywhere,
publican Club will bte teld in tite an~d intshle purt writtetn for hser site is
letue oo o hela bili gievest antoppoilrtuntity tosdisitlay Iher
ltue ront tlt amuidsgnagnifictent voie ttt gs eatest atisa, -
Tedy, Dl 7,at7:30 p. M. tage. Mr. Fredl Dixoni, thte stage st lts

Speeches will be mtasde. Let all
nosy men, as wuell as the old mem-
born, be present.
Ct i -. WI. FU LIER,

tot I'ille( t ' )S~ptI 04111j19..
Daty Exptesst..-.510 DayExtress.-.0119
N. S. Limtited . -- t, S.-0 L iitd - il-5
N. Y.tLimtited 9t45 t. M
N.FlslSpseti l]112 ltsea-uEs press.. 1550
N. Y. &Cid.t nit 1 1 G(0R. &ttal,-Ext.. 6it8
A.0} ttthiN.Euprer-s... 8051
Atlattlic Ex spt .5. 33 il Its t. 1p0oo. -' 1
D. N. Expes...60
G. it. Espreso 1.104
tOW. RGGESt1.or.HAvon,
o. Y. 4.-r. A-I.,Chito1o.t Al'.. Ann Armor.
Studeut Work a Specialty.
nest Workmens tandLorost Prices in Ite ily.
$2.50 per year.

atod a hoistory of religiouts life at thoe
Utoiversity by Prof. D'Ooge. Thte
addresses note origitoally given at
Sutoday'tmortnitng chtaftel services at
Netvberry Half, and owere received
wetit stuth favor thtat the Associationo
felt it self jutstified ito giving themo a
woider tearing amtong thto utdetots
atot also amnto umtittti, anti friens
of thte sttudetits. Thse article by
IProf. lilloge wvmasprepared ospe-
cill ais010.10itotroduictioto to thte ad-
tresses. Mvr. D'Ologe's long coto-
tooctiont sith te University anotl lin
untceasing interest in te developo-
noent of thoe religious life hore, emni-
nentlfy qualified hinot for Ibis task.
Thle vork of mditing loan been nn-
dorthOfe chtarge of Ptrof. Scott, whlo
htas givetanomuchtof lis timoe to Ite
classificatioto of tihe articles and
thteir preparation for thte press. The
addresses ate grouped otoder fotur
hteadsut Iistorical Aspects of Chris-
tianity, Social Aspects of Christian-
ily, Scietoce and Religion, atod Thoe
Chtristians Life.
Stoch a ssork as this, containing
not the ideas of one man or one
sect, but comlprising thoe best
thouoghts of earnest mnr in many
different litoes of study, eaclh con-
tributing sonte idea ito the line of
advanced Chtristian thought, it a


Thoere spill be a meeting of the
Oratorical A\ssociationt in Roomt 24,
Wednesday evening, Oct. 1f, at 6:t_5
p. no., to fill vacatocies on tlte cx-
ecittive board.
fttoltird- owill be opeu tor tthe re-
set% t ,) seats for the entire S. L.
A. c . soe tWednesday noornoing at
7:too, at M\oore & Wetmore's dowto
towvs store antI at Room 2, Sototh
Wing, Lbiversity Ifall.
For Social Furposes.
Gran~ger's Acemeny caitobe renttedl
for pt-itt It lDacinlg Parties, lteeeptons, 1
(laiss Banqtt~s ete. Positively no
pubhlic ihops allosted. Spoeciad rites
madile to cltths vishintg to hold a series
of pairties. Outrelaisses f~ inlaeing n-ill
all Ite opeth lis wreekt, those thtthave
starttedl, Itave 110110s50wi than inereassed
asttendtance 1over formoer ;years poinotinsg
to a lisely socital season. Pupils leartn
withut emobarrassmntt as oto visitors
tire admltittedl. (Paorents excepted.)
Stilfy atschftool, tahll ttust fte puspils.
(ielotleoioet tmeet this s'venting tindlSit-
turdaty mnsinsg. L~adiss Sasturday7
1uifte-itoos ost 4oock. Atvlt-etl class
eveing 8lito.'c1slock.
Adr1511ietBrhiusse tfluttlttrtof iH hhc.
lli ests newo plty '"lTh uen l oetsfShte-
lus,' svhichl osill Ite Ipresentedlot thue
Grand llOluera lHotuse, F-rida~y es's., Oct.
F1ils, is fifty yeasofOhage. LikoeIsis
conttemiporaries, Geosrges Ohntet a1111
Alphtose lDaudelt, lisehelontgs eosen-
tinily to tihe literosty set sot tParis. Ile
tss as remaiorkabsle slislole to publllicity,
andt is tievotedi t1o Iis charm-Iintg famtt-
ily. hlis dusties ill bte departmtsent (If
te miisistry of linse atosiwhere ise
111101ds anenvsiabhle ptositions, permiit o~f
lis tievotinig a cetinitremount (If lei-
sture to the wsrititng of ptlays. Sine
tse comptiletiont of the "Quseent of Site-
11a" hse tasreceived Iaessommission fronm
CIIIdlelins 101 a1[ceoedy based Iuponl an
(originlal subfjectf. 5Honst. uNlit'k, thseI
sdirector of tihe (Odeson'1Teatre lParis,
after hsearinthse (Queen of Shseba reasd,
svishedi to negotialte for ai.lParisians prot-
ducetionofs the play b1111Mlle rtheoa's
enigagemlens sill.\toniet luprecllusded
her eniterCtin~intg sy offer hoosever
temsptinsg tefore lext seasu~o-whenshsie
niay possib~lybe inducedi 1olimake tsr-
ransgemnitts wsithi Mosis. Mlarck. Mean~-
wsiile hser Amnericanlitour wsith ti- e
"Quleen. of Slieba" pronoises to be bte
most sitccessul she 1101 ever hadss. Shse
svilt be suire of a cordlial reception at
Ann Arbor, where Msise has manly warm
adlmirers amtlong studlens anlos citizens
al ike.

tiger of thse companil~y, isicosnsideroet its'
bent moatn tin histe illts te pfessont
anti masny of tile.ttot su~ccessflI
opensthait]lavbe1 brtought out int
ftle mast tell years-ca't laflthi success
Ilo hsNo rO. Thote wotten~joyta1irut-
bo peratic tetriormanctIe sisholdit
"iisseelig the lBosttouiaIIteah sest
I Thudy esestilig. Otobert1,I1
0, 5 Itit 1 .f.' I'.I tit's Ito.11andget
larsges It dh .1 t .1 - tetorc ue intohle
se1ription tfur I.ireeIPress, TibunettlI o
Nms oto hoe deltsveredh sitht F.Stoflet.
Ostert Iilituse Nesdalr.1
A. L. Rots .s, Leadintg CloCtier ati
lastter is sittis oa ine sf-ssor tmeont of
F01It SALE.--IiladsadPool.
(OperiaHottse 131k, hitonts ustaotir.
m I-5w.
A tilte'stlit of roomsosutittable fot cot-
1,-ge soit-lforIlls t 0itt ithe Masontic=
block. Aply o .1 tilut tArbout'Say-
isigs Lank11. il-G.
,I)e1 ill ttllt depatme-hnts osre en-
titledl tosnsitor rates on 1phtotographie
-work It ltuttsihtll's.
Psed Kuytet. 's Dest, Iessons It
Go o i i101155N'v )s0t xStotoN Efor asiĀ°
Lasbortatory supiesl . IDistsecting eases,
apuronts andilsleeves.-.Loute iiw
Chotice Tobiacco, Ciftirs att ip ~esot
'tlhIhttol'5 lillisrtil lt, No. tO Roritl
Moinstrit i. 1--7
l'he hoge,-t andi beshtsituek itt cigale
an ftancttty stoltiltg ttittios itslIthe city
is tiCtBrowni's 1Ivtg story.
Clo o hIlzlht \ l'too Bllitart Itil -
"'tat-'storeelt. NI-Islyrenovted. et li.-
t10111ny oattettianot.
Aotn Atle 1 De Workts illt 3 est
Unrtotlottr e't.S p ciat lttOntit gives:
Cs cheainllhg 1a11d1rfep<iling sutsb. lHtv
pottyligtshits dyetd o. 1-7
Mles. Annlie Wardl Poster's lhsslitte,
classes. 'el-tis:O Lanties tand genoth
mens, 0$5.0011fIllsIflessonso; chsildren'?
class. ,1*.1151flolt12 lesotns;Delsalrte.
$31100liot 12 hesslons. Lessosssoill con;-
0055111' i ttethtie to. 5, and11SaturdayO
Oct. 0. it
For ('11ti Io or N en- York papers go
to b.. 10fhtt. Goodsti delivesry gularan-
Neow Laundrly. TIry 010 forthie best
w5ork you ev1511sass. 'Wotrk don~e it.
eight hotur~s 111 extrti cha~rge. (Office, it,
F. Hustsott shreet. Wor~ks 471-51 CW.
1 Ht 1115. '1'elephion~e 83.
Coo to' itsls oo-is.-ffGlthddis-
lay of fill 1and5inter Woolenos at
the Cookoultse, IiTue~sy, October 17,
by CIhe Go~ldenl Iaghe CoI., of Detroit.
Mr. lose Nwilllbe plheasedI to nmeet sf1
studtoh-s of the 1T. (If AT., wvhethter they
stioshtooder or not.T'le lisle is onle
If bte ltalges5t iIllthe Staste, andtihie
lititt tase'gfied sellilpul~tation oftfu1r11-
insg ot thss'obblistotgarmsets tmade
ins ths "lost5 artistic style, at poIpularl
prnices. You canOls ys1W)save $10.00 on1
sut ItrIoverc'oalt, besisgetting te
beniefit osf selectinog frons over 1,000 pat-
ternis. All stullentssare intiedi to iso-
spect bite lute.

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