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October 11, 1893 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1893-10-11

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'It c. oN if we are to judge from communi-
~~ cations which are sent to us for
eubishd ail (un~aysexeptd)durngpublication. Let us reiterate once
.~alincdDaiy Suslay eceped domagain what we have so often ntated
the College year, bya
THE U. OF IN, INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION before that the DAILY aimn to ncain-
-- tain an independent and non-parti-'
Subscription peice $21.50 per year, invariably
snadnuna Single copiea 3 rents. Sabacrip- Sani position in college politicn. A
teonsmay be left at the office of the DAILY, clone sorurtiny is kept over the mat-
at Seat~r's, with asay of the editors or
authorized aolicitars. ter golig auto tile DAaLY columns
Communsiations should reach she ofcer br and anything which we deem one-
o'aclockhP.u. it they are to appear the seat ciltth betn-
jany. Addressalsmatter intendedt for pubbien- sided or 1rejUdiilt iebs n
,ion to the Managing Editor. All basnss terests of all tlhe students is ex-
eommaunications should be snt to the Baasi- dcl
neat Manager. ud .
THE U. af H. DAILY, Our auil is to represent acI anzd cut
Ann Arbor, Lich. a.aroftesuesofheUi
EDITORS. 'cru/ty . This position will be msain-
C. A. DEN.tSOtaw'a'9assSO Managing Editoar.
NORMN ss Lsutais, Lac Si, Asistant. tamned as long as the present man-
H1. A.rAs 0100 tait. 14, Assistant.
-- -,Assistantt. ageenct has control of the destinies
Athletic Editor.
a..w.CURSaS.P. G. itt, tusianess Manage'r, of the D ats.. InIIbis position, we
Is. s vases., t 5974,oAssitat.
Assistatt. thaink we are stapported by tlae bet-
LITRAR.5L.W ter class of students who desire to
R.0. Austin S
,.L.Lorie, 00 ~ tzt. - see arparsligi h lc
OV. N. Clouse Ay ct,, arpa, eutn saIs le
H1. Ba. Gfiat 1. ; .L Martsindale, 9i.t. hul of the bent men to preside over
L. F. Cooa adt, co-llege organizations.
Allspymoo beates~e ot~clte~tn ' We trust that our position is clear
o1 the tday o1 pttblititt. anad that it will not be necessary to

state it agauin.

The Editors tic not bold tesaatelvs espn
sibte fe ste opinions or statemenats of corares-
polndents, apperiyng in thelAILYa.
WVE did not think it necessary
this year to call the attention of the
freosanen to the differenace betsveen a
DsAcv box and a United Slates mail
box, as lass been done in the pant,
but we nosw see our mistake, for yes-
terday swe found in the lis.a box,
which laud not been upend before, a
number of letters stamatecd and ad-
nressed to dlear friends at home.
We soll mail thenm of couarse, but
would prefer if in the future fresh-
men or othero so ianclined, svaatld
tse the UI. S. mail box.
Iv anaothaer column of this issule
will be fotand a conmplete list of at-
tractionss offered by thue comabined
lecture association, One glance at
the course will coanvice the naost
critical, that wve will have one of the
bent courses ever offered to thse stu-
dents of tlhe University of Michigan.
With ten first class entertainmuents,
at a very resonable price, no student
can fail to paurchlase a seasota ticket.
In no othaer city, will you laave an
opportunity to listening to ten euler-
tainments almost for the price of
one. Now tlaat an amicable com-


WHtILE~t it is only nattaral and
raghtathIat see all should be very
much interested in the 'Varsity foot-'
bull team and solicitous for its suc-
cess, yet we must uot forget that
there is already work to be done in
the other branclhes of athletics.
How alike aud yet how different
are the scenes on thse fields of tlae
U. of A. and thsose of the eastern
colleges; alike, las that both are
teemaing every pleasant afternoon
wvth a large numbaer of students,
ever ready by their tpresenre and
woordls of encouragenment to spiar ou
to still greater efforts tlae struggling,
pauting athletes; different, ian that
0th oaur field there are nose scarcely
tirty training while in even thae
much smaller colleges iunIthe east
several times thautnuomber are daily
svorkinag to iuaprove their staying
luowvers and iancrease their strength
aud skill, and therein lies, to a
large extent, the secret of their sta-
periority on track and fieldl.
Only a fewe among us, ut thteumost,
could qaulify for tlhe football teamas,
while thaere are a great many, weilo,
switha proper traiuing, would make
first-class athaletes in the othaer
brauches, and every student wvould
receive nmuch lasting benefit front

how much more important ills that-
we, wvho bave almost entirel_ un-
tried men from whlom to choose - 1lE
shtould commence at once to prepare -4
for thae contests next spring. (J0 1E6~
It is a mistake for us to think 2' "
that during the uncertain weather of ~ $
April asnd May, we can select and
thoroughly traits a team of men, the ::d SHORTHND. SCHOOL OF USa g IE
te-I-tn--argeattctntan-elgoed ds.ineitraslter-
majority of whom have never pressed bnroo; -11lwatsltutd radinoal; odaiyi5.tras-
the spikes into the cinders, for it rtOtillltt-ttlsit toiust~ettt yean
would only be after a month of 2-.5ll ~Spek narvate stft anau.
hard work that we would be able to c --teaatlPoI. R. CLEARY, Pae.
cull, from so large a number of stu -_________________
dents, a promising set of athletes TOLEDO
and it would take an organized team
of new men, conceding they are all - --
possessed of pluck, energy, and good 6 =v H IHIA
constitutions, six more moths of RAILWAY. "
fathful, regular aork to strengthena t tt, -oaat -f
and accustom their vital organs and ./aNIn
natscles to thse extra strains and cul-
tivate thteir speed, judgmet, and lv i )
stamina. So let the truck men get /
togethaer at once, and by improving ep°N '50ta R~atotumnnn
every opportunity not only triumphla / - oPstcon
over our rivals, but establisha records 94, f' c- S'yep.llg" "
of wlhicha any college might wvell be5a~o
proaad. - toaa FF. toutM^ -'AY CITY
Webster Lterary Society. - -anananatac xrae
The folloswing interesting prograna
has beeta arranged by the menbers nattEt
of Ithe Webster Lite.rary Society for n attlac, anBan
to-night: Presidents address, F. E. tann a
Chamberlain; music, Miss IMinnie ""°='s.u "' -
Da is; ebate: Resolved, "That n9 rt.,eas - hOoo altos
Congress umeetng n extraordary Tlatt rTattle attaitu tfit'-- tOadaynlaty 4,I55)5
session lass proved beneficial to the Trainstsleats-e-Ast Arbotr by Centrt
country t large.tt Affirmative J our. tCtt.
iM. Adanms and IL. Fiske; negative5 o tttt--). Iso1t1il:4al
W. P. Harvey and 1V. J. Laudmun un~nn satawes-i ~attn- a.at:5ni
} ,1Snata in, ttoat Suthat:6:45o p.atots Itrt
MuibnjM.Gillespie; essay 'ndtaltaitoe"--Jtncttn tleaeHm
Mr. Roningr; oration, C. AV. Chap-tttr I Jtttctostttnsitt,, p m. One are for
ro nttt igteon tsthtsta
maun; natsic, tiSS Minnie Davs. Trana a-ctt a-aAnn Aborl ant ledla
IR .t CIIIN55OfD AettsAtantAtbtrt
w. N1.IBENNfT, .P ATletd.
Horsford's Acid Phosphate williaper in te 'l t yle octe. ett
Is the maost effective andlagt'ee The Queen of Sheba.
able retmedy in existetnce for I. S. MIA&V an miran o Tre,
(Dctlntttt ofnia la.tt
I e a d n'~ A -i csso .-- Slantni"hl-lt ltt'o's1n"
hosving duo0se iseases aising ttelei
letrdS cale o le at 55oii,' .wet. le
fromtsa cdisocdered stomaci. I tsttore.rt. 111 ttaioit
Pilu tt t ft r115 in51111 Itti' lt tttc Cr.le,
75e naruttetleirolee bathlkofi rt otes, Sc
Dr. 'W. '. lGadner, SperiniedOtnlley 50e.
Mass., sys: "I vue it usasnesellent ___AN R O -.
iprevenatuivec of tIdigestin, and1 a plesnts -NtA B R
acidlalted dinkb swlettprpely ditd w it 1JT 7jJA J 7UiNIDJRY CO.
waler, aldsseetened." 23 SOUTH FOURTH AVE.
Doc'iait.' partuphlaitIfree sttapplicaetltintoa E. S Sasvs, - AMaager.
Rumfrd ChemiatWorks, Pevictensn.R.
Bat-c .fSttslitten tt Ieisatittt. AM~ES N, 5G.OtOttiIt.'rit. Grw~ser of
Bew~reif ubsitaesad Iitaion. JRoss, aatinsaanad tFltower of allsvtri-
For Sale by all Druggists,. ety.Flor l esgts mtade uo 11 noticaaaer


- - v - -

proanise has been effected, every a thorough, systematic course of
student irrespective of department training tinder a competent instruc-
should glvee his hearty support to tor.
the S'udeant's LectaureAssociatoau. If the eastern men, with their

I rawould seena that the position
of the DAILtY in college politics,
whetber it be in the lawe department
or othter departments of the Univer-
ally of Michigan is nisunderstood,

years of experience, seasoned ma-
terial, and nauny advantages find it
necessary to train, not only during
tlhe spring but also all the fall and
the greater lpart of thse winter, for
thse inter-collegiate chuapionships,

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