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February 09, 1894 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1894-02-09

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t. j madie known to the senior class yes-
'I terday by Prot. Champlin. It in
necessary to an usderstasding of the
Pablished Daily (sundlays excepted) dsring objection toi say that this year's lec-
ti~ltttt ~tttt '~ tures bear a twin-like resemiblasce
THE U. OF N. INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION to those dclivered last year, swhich
__- omany studests possess. Said the
us lti priet$so50petrpesr, invariabty professor, "I won't say anytising
inia'ne ting5'aatpiesii nents. Sabscrip- now abotit the one of printed notes
Lians may be left at the aiiceeofatshe DAILY,
at Stsflet's, twtit any at the edtons sr outside thte lecture room, hot t don't
autharized solicitors. stunt thetis used drigthe lcue
Coammunicatiuns should restis the ttftice byduig lcre
o'pinek P. it. it tney are to appear the neat I can't lecture to you and bare you
tdny. Atddress ali matter intended tar publiea- holding the lecture to see whether'
ciosn to the Masaging Editor. Alt basness
communicatians should be sent so the nuni. I read it correctly or not.''
ness tesage. -.
THE U. nf X. DAILY. The Yame Shingie.
Ann Arhor, Xiich.___
Theli editors iof 1'o-Wit: '' are in-
EDITORS. diebtedl to Mr. P'ercy Finlay, of lise

punuishment for aniy person 'who
takes part in a game of football e %
wh'leu such a ganse is played in the = _-
presecorf persons swho have paid I
(atl adutissiotn fee to waitness the oL-
same, or wsho promotes the playing ' A,
of a gamie of football when monseyG"i
is chsarge(i for admission or who of- is te LEADING SCHOOL OF BUSINESS
furs or sells a ticket of admission so attd SHORTHAND. magnttietildtsting; nine-
teutcters; largeattettdance; goad dimcilinae;taper-
a gane.-ree Pess.ittettot'; wellstppiedadtingteroom; dilylecturew
game. [ re Pres.ttiuy esettintgreceptiotns; otpenthte etntieypart
,Exet tiio t'tfailitttitforplating stttdet tsttt n5 posi-
- - -- -- - - tiottns-thotd gru aes gueuttteedit the .Liv'ing
IIIeatttetses $2tot$2it5 per seek itt priate fnmilien,
Sop -Nese t'talogue, etdttess
A~l5 L~ J? 0/1 TOLEDO

I', tuA . '_lItN AI4, to 'tiAag~ui ttl
I. A. Itot: sIN, Li'tt. '4A ssiet anEii:t
. t. ccitt a, L. it-., Assisat tag
ic. A. Stitay, Lit. ':16, Ahlt]tior
Id, W. CATIatt, 's. G i. uies1liwr
Rutsiuhit . 0. ilooltiat,5
Carrtie V. Stinth, Sits'*]. ? ttttssttr_'tu'ss ti.
Al u t i i t o itite C.otb e'ct' '
A lloty aut be l tli ofic bfotttt3.a i

The b Edsits ttt notttoldti iiselttieson-
sible f teoiionstiitt auensat' tit o rs-
'lTiErDILY wc sill stupendwstllsto-
mol~rrows5issuetott accottut of ex-
amlinatioan seek. P'ubl ic'ationt sill
be resunmed Saturday.
WE. nmusttdelprecate the spairit
sthich seems tol bate taken posses-
sion of college putblications, swhichi
resutlts in grindlitig each othoer.
litos1Iitte replorts goinug the rotunds
taf the press, it wouild seeim that
football is to he considered a ctrine
in the state of Mlassacstset s. It
stenisstorse than slicer tnotnense to
attenipt 11o legislate oil this question
as the game will be nioidified itefore
another year.
THiE editors of the Castalian, al-
thoogho nonichalanit in appearance,
itn fact are soniesthat disturbed iin
moind over the fretquent disappear-
ance of their grind-boxes. We fail
to see what is to be gained by the
nmisappropriation of the property of
the Castalian, for the editors bate a
suspicion as to whbo is to blamane for
this and can extemporize "grinds''
if necessary, so that in the end the
culpable ones will be "tgrouind."~
Objected to Holding Copy.
Thrite est objection to the use of
printed lectures by thie law students
in the lecture room ws laughingly

Y ale halt schlool, for a copy of the ''rinieTabtil w.' tit untlty. st. i, 18M1 .
al hnl, sud Horsfos'd'S Acid Phosphate 'retba na 1. Ait Aotyteictiti
"NaeSige"ats annual issed trtrc lntt i
by the senior class of that schlool. v"
"tt Shlingle'"Sa uto f Is fir te most effectiveanod agree- *7 15so.bt i 7tl, .iA '.l ttl
sages, excilusite of advertisemnents, ad eeyineitsc onlyi o a 'utatiti
and sells at $i per copy. Thle nat- t.S. o ' N\N' 0AetAAbr
ter wsnobtainled fromiianswers to prev-entitng indigestion, aod se-w. 7. LNNL 0 5,UP.1
tluestionts sent out by the editors. hivipths sieneQaisn 1 ~G S
As thse questions were comlical li I ti o~l:
their natulre, aud calculated to drast front lb diaorder'ed stoisacis. MONDAY NIGHT, FEBRUARY 12
outt light auswters, thle book is of a---
fun ol truhu at if Dr. WXV. 'W. Gardner, Spingiftield, IteI tttenoittanitl Sces
fun entruhu-qiedf sferent froml tiletluaf"lTo-Wit: "Muss,,sas-: « valsoit a s ol an ecelent 'I A a o '
Folloswing are a felt extracts: (CfIlotloei)adesi.an10to'~
tttt sle ftsn 'l ibioao ~ acidulatledldriitS whtetaproprly'Idilutetd ailh
t o younllg - fo llg ntis IS tdetttbi<t s tin toIldt fant
it saird): iiiese ttoitrottiers wrewater, asitws elete."-
reaillyn vr ntile class. tine day A Hstil t-. tptlt r rt "'it Im tro~
thley bthi reusondedt here' to theRsmnaieinnhsPaiensIa. icsaettat. titti.ott
roll1 swhereupson the astonished class F lies .r 4tttastittesatut itlittin. I'itn 1111ttti~nl fin-to w 'ttt l -''t tt 111 Cirelte,
turiiedi around ti1tt their seats and +:il ttllc tief ebzkoti-trw 1c
sniiled aloud.'' (record of Homer For Sale by all Druggists. ane v~ ~a n i i al ert'
Sbt lllltg). '"'loner Stille
Cummiings began trainitng tin lungs ' \!/
for ais orator s career us the winily ,-
cy, fiiIu ,ao, I870. 'races bins ".
ancestry to 'W' yhack.' Mlood, --
English, irenchi andKnickerbocker 0.5Comnrss$t.
Adatis and iscnguiuhudr'lutivell- om -7 wP,
Autch.nd isting~tiis Tm Tell -'-
aiid Ctiiteau.;
Yale Practice Court. I . bIHafTon~e ( 'Us.

rTe Yale Shingle says: "A consid-
erable portion of the classodeclarethie
moot1 court, 'as we hate found it,'
to be unsatisfactory as an auxiliary
means in our legal edtication. Oth-
ers are less seere, wshdile still others
thsinik it exceedingly useful in leach-
lug us the isreparation of cases.
The criticism most generally coin-"
curred in is that it would be ans
excellent thing if properly con-
In Poottalil a Crime?
iloston,Eebruary 8.-Representa-
tite ID. A. Buckley, of Cambridge,
today introduced in the legislature
a petition for legislation prohibiting
the game of football. A bill ac-
companying the psetition, protides

" reisrude ions o
i'hprod uciousef PetindInk
sid other .Orairt5~.
Ex +cQkxs ieture5
W trtralt5of thed1nUty'
g/ - roin iho bind in ouige LoPuk'Jourrala;
Call (jrd,5 XAceuu( :rd-5-RanceOrder,&
--Ar4'i5 tic Prora.rnme,5
ori-condene oClicitCd-


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